tagErotic CouplingsCross Country Flight

Cross Country Flight


I wasn't looking forward to this flight. I hate flying cross country. It's long and the planes are usually packed. I was fortunate that I had found a straight flight, no stops or layovers. As I settled in my seat, all the way in the back, I tried to relax. This was going to be a red-eye flight so I hoped to get a little rest along the way. As the plane filled, I watched the people getting on. Travelers are interesting people. I hoped I would be spared any traveling companions in my row. Just as they were closing the doors, one last passenger ran onto the plane. I watched him as he walked down the aisle. He was cute. Tall, probably about six foot. His build was lanky but definitely interesting in the tight jeans and white shirt he was wearing. I didn't realize I was staring until he looked directly in my eyes, smiled and stopped at my row. He was my row mate.

The flight crew started their preparations for take-off as my row mate settled into place. As he slipped off his jacket and stretched up to put it in the overhead compartment, I noticed a thick bulge. But this wasn't in his pants so much as around his calf. He caught me looking and smiled.

"It's all right. I have a badge and everything." He held out his hand to me and introduced himself. "I'm Rick."

I shook his hand and introduced myself. I couldn't help myself. "What kind of badge?"

As he strapped himself in, he smiled up at me. "FBI."

Ok, so I was going to be enjoying my wonderful cross country trip with a FBI agent. Great. Not only that, but he was carrying. Guess I would be safe from terrorists on this trip. As the plane started to take-off, I turned to look out the window. The sun was already down and it was dark. The lights as we took to the sky twinkled below us. As the flight attendant walked by, I asked for a blanket. My row mate had grabbed one on his way to his seat. When the attendant came back and said they were out, Rick offered to share his with me. I was chilled and figured it couldn't hurt. I was safe after all. He was an agent, right.

Rick moved over into the middle seat and tossed the blanket over both of us. In order to use it, I had to cuddle up closer to him. He may have looked lanky but all I felt was muscle as I rubbed up against him, settling my head on his shoulder. To make himself more comfortable, Rick stretched his arm back around and over my shoulders, pulling me closer to him. I couldn't help but breathe in his scent. His cologne was musky and sensual. I could hear his heartbeat and felt his slow breathing on my skin. I have to admit I was getting aroused.

Lights in the plane were dim, creating a very sensuous mood. I closed my eyes and tried to relax, thinking about anything but the stranger I was suddenly so close to and so aroused by. I must have drifted off briefly. When I woke, I could feel Rick's fingers slowly moving up and down my arm. His fingers would skim against the side of my breast every few strokes. His breathing was slow and I couldn't tell if he was asleep or not. I closed my eyes again, savoring the feel of his fingers. After a minute or so, I shifted slightly. This caused Rick's fingers to skim directly over my hardening nipple. Stifling a moan, I slowly pushed my breast up towards his fingers. Rick must have been awake because his fingers spread and his hand was now stroking my breast. My nipple was like a hard pebble. Placing his palm on the tip of my breast, Rick pressed and moved his hand in a circle. It was all I could do to keep from moaning out loud.

"Do you like that? Does that feel good?" Rick was whispering in my ear. I nodded and pressed my breast harder into his hand. So far, all the attention had been through my sweater under the blanket. Rick's hand moved down my stomach slowly. I shivered, knowing where he was going. With a gentle tug, Rick pushed his hand up under my sweater and began the slow ascent up my bare stomach to my silk-clad breasts. His fingers again stroked against my nipple, this time through my thin bra. When his fingers curved over the top of my cup and pulled it down, I closed my eyes as the tips of his fingers touched my bare breast.

"So soft. Your tit feels so good, baby." I leaned my head harder against his shoulder as his thumb and forefinger squeezed my nipple. With a quick twist, he tugged and caressed me. I was getting so unbelievably wet. It took everything I had not to moan and scream out for him to touch me. Rick's hand moved to my other breast where he pulled that cup down and turned his attentions to that hard nub. His fingers squeezed, twisted and stroked my breasts. He lifted his hand away from me briefly to bring his fingers to his mouth. I watched as he sucked on his fingers, making them wet. When his hand returned under the blanket, I arched up as his wet fingers circled over my nipple. The cool air in the plane slipped under the blanket and made my nipples even harder than before.

"I want to taste your tits so bad. I want to pull that tight little nub into my mouth and suck it hard, bite it. I bet you taste good." His whispered words were making me even wetter. I could feel an orgasm building and he hadn't done anything to me but play with my breasts. "That's it, baby. Can you cum this way? Can you cum from me playing with your soft tits?" I felt my body shiver. I bit down on my bottom lip, shutting off my moan an orgasm like no other shook my body. "Oh yeah, baby. That's it." Rick's fingers slowed over my breasts, caressing my sensitive nubs gently as my orgasm subsided.

I closed my eyes and relaxed back against him, letting my body slowly come back to earth. Rick kissed my forehead and smiled against me. His hand was on the move again, this time slowly sliding down my stomach. "Know what I want now? I want to see how wet you are. I want to taste that cum, baby." His hand reached the top of my pants. With a deft hand, he had them unhooked and open. I bit down on my lip again as his hand slid down inside my panties. His finger slipped against my wetness, making me stifle a moan. Rick drew in a deep breath as the tip of his finger drifted up and down my creamy wet slit. "You're so fucking wet, baby. So fucking wet." His finger slid inside me slowly. When he was in all the way to his hand, he curved his finger and rubbed my inner walls. My body arched up. His other hand held me as his finger continued to squirm inside me. Slowly he withdrew it. I watched as he brought his hand out from under the blanket and up to his lips. Rick sucked his finger clean. My body shivered.

"You taste amazing. Your cum is so sweet." His hand went back under the blanket and down between my legs again. Cupping my mound with his hand, Rick ground his palm against me. Every nerve in my body went on alert. I could feel my pussy literally gushing as his hand played with my pussy, rubbing me, grinding against me. When he slipped first one finger and than another deep inside my tight hole, I closed my eyes and grabbed his arm under the blanket. "That's it baby. That's it. God you're so tight. Wish it was my cock inside you instead of my fingers."

I was trying to hold back my moans. My hips were bouncing back and forth slowly, fucking his hand as his fingers dove in and out of me. When he slipped a third finger inside me, I nearly came out of my seat. "Easy baby. Just sit still and feel my fingers." As his fingers fucked me, Rick whispered in my ear, keeping me hot and wet.

"Your pussy is tight around my fingers. Can't wait to get my cock up inside you. Pumping your pussy. Filling you up. You want my cock, don't you baby? You want it in that tight little pussy. Fucking you."

God yes! That's what I wanted. I wanted his cock. I wanted to fuck him. Rick's fingers were ramming into me faster and faster. My legs were spread as far as I could get them under the blanket. Rick's hand was drilling me, scooping deep inside me. I felt my muscles tighten. My orgasm was near and I had to try and hold back the scream I wanted to let out.

"Cum for me baby. I can feel your pussy around my fingers. Cum on my fingers for me. Cum. Now. Now, baby."

That was all it took. My body shook and another orgasm ripped through me, shaking me to the core. Rick kept stroking my pussy and rubbing my clit. As my orgasm stopped, Rick kissed my temple and whispered in my ear that he loved watching me cum.

Pulling his hand out from the blanket, Rick again brought his hand to his mouth. I watched him lick my cum from each finger and from his palm. I was breathing hard and fast. I couldn't believe the orgasms I'd already had. In a plane. With a stranger. A fucking FBI agent. I'd gone this far. I had to go further.

Turning slightly in my seat, I laid my hand on his thigh. As my hand moved slowly up his thigh, I heard his quick intake of breath. His body braced. His thigh muscles contracted, tightening beneath my palm. I felt my own anticipation rising as my hand neared his groin. Under my hand, I could feel the stretching of his jeans. Finally reaching my goal, I cupped my hand over his groin and pressed down gently. Rick moaned into my ear as my hand moved slowly up and down his bulge. He felt huge and hard, rock hard. With his help, I undid his jeans and slipped my hand down the front of his fly. When my hand met his hard cock, he shivered next to me.

Wrapping my hand around his shaft, I slowly stroked him. His skin was soft but his cock was solid. Pre-cum coated my fingers as they slid over the head of his cock. Just as my hand was sliding down his length, a flight attendant stopped to check on us. Did we need anything? Rick responded that we were fine. I wanted to tell her I had everything I needed. A hard cock in my hand. Now go away.

Rick reached up and turned the overhead light off above us, darkening our little space. Everyone around us was asleep. The only sounds were the humming noises from the plane and the occasional snore. My hand continued to stroke his meaty cock. Wrapping my hand around him again, I guessed him to be nearly nearly two inches thick. He was pulsing against my palm. Up and down I stroked him, twisting my hand slightly from left to right. Rick whispered in my ear, "That feels so good, baby. Your hand is so soft against my cock." I squeezed tighter and made his cock jump. I couldn't wait any longer. I had to see how big he was.

Smiling up at Rick, I looked around. Coast was clear. Sliding down a little in the seat, I moved to lay down, my head in his lap under the blanket. Rick lifted the edge of the blanket so he could look down on me. Eye to eye, his cock was huge. Thick and long, nearly 8 inches. Holding him in my hand, I slowly licked around the head of his cock. Rick jumped. His cock jumped. With cock in hand, I licked the head and then the underside. Slow, wet licks that let me taste him. When my tongue returned to the tip of his cock, I licked the pre-cum off before pushing my mouth down around him. Rick clutched my hair in his hand and pushed himself up. I sucked his cock slowly, using my teeth to graze against his skin. I sucked on only the tip of his cock, swirling my tongue around him.

Rick's cock was amazing. It could have had something to do with us being strangers and on a plane and I was blowing him. Either way, it was amazing. My mouth closed around the head of his cock and pushed down, taking all him in. I slipped my mouth down as far as it would go, my nose pressed against his groin. I felt Rick tremble as I held him deep throated in my mouth. When I could breath anymore, I slowly pulled up and off him. Rick reached down and brought me up out of his lap. His mouth came down on mine, his tongue pushing between my lips.

"That was fucking amazing. I can't believe you took me all the way in." He kissed me again and my hand went down into his lap again. After a few more minutes of making out, I returned to slump down in his lap, taking his rigid cock back in my mouth. I sucked him harder and faster this time, trying to keep my sucking noises to a minimum. Rick was pushing his hips up, meeting my mouth as I slid down his cock again and again, sucking harder and faster. His hand was in my hair, holding on, pressing my mouth down over him. His cock was throbbing in my mouth. I wanted him to cum. I wanted him to fill my mouth. Sucking faster, I twisted my hand around the base of his cock, jacking his cock as my mouth swallowed him. I felt him twitch and then my mouth was filling with his warm, delicious cum. I kept sucking him, swallowing as I took every last drop down my throat. Spurt after spurt filled my mouth. I sucked him clean, holding him steady as I did.

When I lifted my head from under the blanket, Rick smiled at me and then lowered his mouth to mine. Gently, he laid my head against his shoulder again and told me to get some sleep. It wasn't difficult for me to drift off into a light doze. I was relaxed and satiated.

I don't know how long I slept but I woke to feel fingers dancing over my nipples again. My nubs were instantly hard and sensitive to the touch. I looked up and Rick and he smiled down at me. "We're nearly there."

I tried to move to sit up and get ready for landing but Rick stopped me. "No. Not yet. Just lay here against my shoulder." I did and couldn't help but feel my arousal building again. People were waking up around us. The plane was getting ready to descend. And here I was with my bra pulled down under my breasts and my pants open. I closed my eyes again and concentrated on Rick's fingers. As the plane started to circle for landing, Rick moved his hand down inside my panties again. I nearly jumped. This wasn't like last time. People were awake now. His fingers quickly found my warm, wet core. Three fingers were stuffed inside me as the plane started it's descent. Rick held me and kept finger fucking me as the plane angled and headed for ground. The whole situation was unreal. I felt my orgasm building all of a sudden. As the plane got closer and closer to landing, Rick whispered in my ear, "Cum for me. Cum now, baby. Cum now." His fingers pushed deeper and his thumb pressed in on my clit. I bit my bottom lip as my orgasm hit just as the wheels of the plane touched the runway. Cum ran down over Rick's fingers, gushing out of me. I closed my eyes, shivered and sighed.

In the next five minutes, Rick and I straightened our clothes and returned back to earth. As we deboarded the plane, Rick stayed close behind me. As we reached the open terminal, Rick grabbed my hand and pulled me towards him. "I'm not done with you yet." I let him guide me through the airport to the security station. Flashing his badge, he told security he needed a private room to finish questioning a witness. Evidently, I was the witness. Security led us to a room. Rick thank them, pushed me inside. As soon as the door closed, Rick had me pressed up against the door. His hands streaked under my sweater, pulling my bra back down over my breasts. Pushing my sweater up, Rick got his first look at my bare breasts.

I moaned as his mouth came down over my left nipple. His mouth was warm and his teeth sharp as he nibbled on my nipple. His other hand roughly grabbed my right breasts, squeezing and kneading it. I moaned. As his mouth devoured my nipple, his hands moved down to my pants. Undoing them, he pushed them and my panties down around my ankles. Without waiting a second more, Rick dropped to his knees in front of me and buried his face between my legs. Oh fuck! His mouth felt so amazing. His tongue pushed between my lips, licking me. Rick lifted one of my legs and held it up, opening me wider. I looked down and watched his head disappear between my legs again. Suddenly, he turned so his back was to me. He ducked his head back down under me and I moaned when I felt his tongue plunge deep inside my pussy. He was eating me with abandon. His tongue, his lips, his mouth, all over my pussy. I felt another orgasm reaching down inside me. I braced my hands on the door and cried out as my body shook. Cum literally gushed from my pussy into Rick's mouth. He swallowed it down and kept sucking on my clit. Another small orgasm shook me.

Rick stood, his face wet and red. Turning me around, he braced my hands on the door and pulled my ass out. I heard his jeans falling to the floor and then felt the tip of his cock against my pussy. He rubbed the tip just over my pussy, getting the head wet with my juices. He leaned into me and whispered in my ear, "I'm gonna fuck you so hard. I'm going to bury my cock deep in your pussy and fuck you senseless." As he said it, he slid his cock inside me and pushed hard. I moaned and braced myself harder against the door. His hands grabbed my hips and held me as he plunged his cock in and out of me. "That's it, baby. Take this cock. You want this cock fucking you. You want me to make you cum on this cock."

He wasn't wrong. I had to have his cock. I pushed back, pressing myself harder against him. His hands came round and played with my breasts as he fucked me faster and faster. Lifting my leg up, he stretched me wide, turning me slightly for a better angle. His cock was thrusting up inside me over and over again. My orgasm rocked me. The muscles in my pussy tightened around his cock and he grunted. "Oh yeah, baby. That's it. Take this cock. Cum on this cock." Rick slammed into me, his balls bouncing back and forth. I cried out again and again, my body caught in one continuous orgasm. Rick groaned, rammed harder into me and then stopped. I felt his cock exploding inside me, filling me with cum. Slowly, he started to thrust again, milking his cock.

When he pulled out, he pressed against me, holding me. We kissed, making out gently. As we righted out clothes, we agreed to dinner that night. We were both in town for the next three days. In the end, we fucked all weekend and Rick changed his flight to fly back with me. My Special Agent has a special talent. Fucking me senseless. My tax dollars at work and I couldn't be happier about it.

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