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Crossdresser's Open Room


My name is Rebecca. I'm 23 and have been cross-dressing now for 11 yrs. All my stories are true. The only things that might be different are the names to protect those who don't want to be named. Unlike a lot of cross-dressers that like to be treated like ladies, I enjoy more to be treated like a porn slut. I love outdoor sex, along with semi-public/full public sex. This is the true story from a few weeks ago.

I had been talking to a few guys on Squirt for a while but the major problem that I had always faced was not having a place to play. Having a roommate who didn't know my secret who worked an opposite work schedule I rarely had a place available, and most guys I hooked up with were married and didn't have a place either, or just didn't want a cross-dresser waiving to their neighbors as they pulled into their drive way looking like a street hooker. I finally settled the problem by having enough cock to show up on one night that it would be worth it to get a motel room.

The motel was just off the highway, five stories, with outside access to each room. I was hoping for a first floor room one in the back, where I could walk around the parking lot, or meet the guys at their cars and escort them in. No such luck. My room was on the fourth floor, and having one of the busiest interstates in the nation, I-75. I got into my room around 3:45 on a Friday, right when traffic was really starting to get heavy, and my first hook up knocked on my door promptly at 4. I opened the door meeting Paul for the first time. He was very handsome, almost forty, but looked closer to thirty. Paul had a muscular build to him and looked of Italian decent. Paul told me I looked beautiful, in my red pleated mini skirt, white thigh high stockings, a white button down shirt that was tied off mid drift. Small talk lasted all of thirty seconds before Paul and I got comfortable. For me it took all of three seconds for my skirt was Velcro attached. I got down on my knees now in my black thong, taking over and removing Paul's clothes. I was very surprised by Paul's 9+" cock and immediately took it in my mouth. I could tell after a short while that Paul was getting close, for he told me to get stomach down on the bed ass up. My fake C cup breasts pushed against the bed, as Paul began to spank my ass, and picked up my 16" black dildo. Paul began fucking my ass with the dildo telling me I was going to be a good slut and take it all. I could feel the dildo pushing up inside me as I was begging to be fucked by the real thing. I couldn't take it any longer and took over fucking myself as Paul inserted his cock back in my mouth, till I finished the job and was rewarded by stream after stream of cum. I swallowed, and opened up to show him. "Good girl" was all I got as Paul took off.

About thirty minutes later I opened up my motel room door to invite in my second visitor. A little bit older black guy who immediately took out his camera as I posed for a few pictures, before dropping to my knees to suck on his just under 8" black cock. He was much different from Paul, less with the energy and slut comments, just liked to close his eyes and appreciate a nice long blow job. We eventually took it to the bed as he took out his camera to take a few photos while sucking on his black cock, I love the taboo of a white slut sucking on a black cock. I sucked on his cock for a good twenty minutes till he finally came in my mouth, as I swallowed my second load of the day. We talked for a few minutes trying to set up a daily schedule to suck his cock.

The next guy didn't text my cell till about two hours later, right in the heart of rush hour. He texted me to see if it would be okay if his friend came up with him, I said yes. Jim and Scott came up, looking like opposite twins. Scott was small, about 5'6", 170lbs, and was naked before I could blink with a small hard on of about 5". Jim was about 6'5", 250lbs, and stayed clothed the whole time just took out his 8" cock from his fly. Scott was armed with a video camera, as Jim opened up the blinds to look out at the interstate. Go outside and fuck yourself, Jim said. I walked onto the walk way with thousands of cars no more the 100ft away four stories up sliding my 16" black dildo into my ass while being video taped. Scott came out naked and was laughing and smiling as he was grabbing my skirt and lifting it up pointing at the dildo, and spanking me. We went back inside and Scott replaced his cock with the dildo, as Jim inserted his cock in my mouth. After about ten minutes, they switched places as Scott came in my mouth as I swallowed his load, a few minutes later Jim pulled out and spun me around just in time to shoot the fourth load in my mouth as I swallowed happily.

Just at dusk, my cell phone rang and my fifth visitor told me he was waiting for me in the parking lot by the trucker spots, in a white expedition. I carefully walked across the parking lot getting stared down by two Hispanic females as I walked by the truckers who gave me a few cat calls, and climbed into the Expedition, inside was a thuggish looking black male named Donnel. About 6'0, and about 200lbs of solid muscle, he definitely looked like a football player. He immediately pulled out of the parking lot and got onto the highway, not saying a word as we drove into the city. Once downtown he pulled into a Wendy's and ordered a Frosty, and pulled into a semi-lit spot in the parking lot. Pulling his pants down he revealed my largest task of the night, well over 11+". Donnel, took some of the Frosty and poured it on his cock, and said have your desert bitch. I began eating the ice cream and his cock, while he pushed my head farther and farther down his cock, till it hit the back of my throat. Trying to catch some air, and not gag he violently began fucking my face in the parking lot, while he snapped some photos on his cell phone. After about five minutes he ripped me off his cock, and shot his load into the Frosty, and handed it to me. Eat it all or I'm kicking you out of my car. I ate the jizz filled treat to completion as I was taken back to the motel and dropped off, not before being told he was sending the picture along with my cell number the every guy he knows that would want a fuck or blow job.

My mouth and ass were getting dry and sore, so I knew I didn't have much left in me. My last task of the night came around midnight, when I invited two more guys over at the same time. I met them down by their cars as I posed for some photos on their hoods, before going up to my room. I was stripped naked except for my bra and fake breasts, and was taken outside once again. The cool nights air felt great on my ass that was easy to fuck after being used all day. Nick was young maybe too young, I never did get his age, but wasn't more then 18, and same with his friend John, but both had cocks that made up for it. Nick handed me a vibrator, as they stretched my mouth with both their cocks at the same time while high fiving each other, while looking out at the interstate and also looking down at a trucker, who had out a video camera. They took turns throat fucking me as the 7" vibrator was all the way up my ass. Nick shot a small load first in my mouth, and told me not to swallow, I held it in my mouth as John shot his load in my mouth as well, and made up for it with the largest load of the night. I eventually swallowed both and then waived as the truck driver waived back and made his way towards the stairs. He came up introducing himself to all of us as Mel, and wondered if he could have me for a little bit. Mel took me down to his cab, and as I began to climb in he buried his face into my ass and began to eat me out. I loved it and it felt great, for about five minutes. Mel then climbed on in and his cab was filled with pictures of young males and females, and porn tapes. Mel began jerking off and wanted me to strip for him like a stripper. I began to do so and once naked I plunged on Mel's small but ample cock, for all of a few minutes before getting my eighth and final load of the night.

I retired to my room and called it a night, well worth the cost of the room.

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