This is a short work of erotic fiction containing furry, or anthropomorphic, characters, which are animals that either demonstrate human intelligence or walk on two legs, for the purposes of these tales. It is a thriving and growing fandom in which creators are prevalent in art and writing especially. These stories have been public for some time, but I am slowly uploading my back catalogue of stories currently.



Gunfire called out overhead and Sur'kesh - known as Kesh by those closer to him - tucked and rolled out of danger, keeping his wolf muzzle low and belly flattened to the ground. There was the metallic taste of blood in his mouth and grit scraping his chin, but he noticed neither, wriggling on his stomach towards cover. He hissed and spat, levelling his weapon and sending a cool bullet into the shoulder of a fleeing coyote who collapsed to the ground, howling and mercilessly trampled under the feet of panicked civilians. The wounded coyote caught one last glimpse of his attacker, the dark grey timber wolf, before his vision was obscured by stampeding paws and snarled.

All in a day's work, my friend.

Once upon a time, just like a fairy tale, the police had ruled the streets with an iron fist, but now the only law was that of bullet and blood. Most civilians had deserted the area, letting the gangs remain to fight it out as they wished, but there were always some that got caught in the crossfire, innocent victims that no one really cared about. It didn't help that the remaining civilians tended to gather together, so when one was stumbled across by a leering gang, they were all under fire. It was a harsh world to live in, with furs at each others' throats, but one that Sur'kesh was wily enough to thrive in. There was only one problem.

A battle-scarred bloodhound howled and charged him, raising a flat-bladed knife over his head so that it caught the sun, flashing and blinding him for a split-second. Swearing, the wolf bodily rolled to the side, bringing his hind paws up just in time to catch the hound in the gut and send him flying. The hound snarled viciously and scrambled back to his feet, lashing out but not before Kesh caught him neatly in his blade-arm with a bullet and then his stomach. He would have fired a third time to be sure, but there was a soft 'clunk' from the gun and Kesh stepped back, keeping the firearm pointed towards the ground.

Leaving his enemy to writhe in the dirt, Kesh checked the gun over carefully and, sure enough, it had jammed. Damn it. His better gun lay in the dust somewhere, perhaps picked up by another fur who surely thought that it was his lucky day to find such a pristine weapon. Ah well, he was not in a position to be choosy. He ducked and covered his head as an explosion went off nearby, shards of glass and wood rocketing through the air, as deadly as any bullet or knife. Eardrums ringing, he stood upright and flattened himself against wall of the nearest building - it had been a convenience store at one point, but all the goods had long been pilfered and the shelves stood empty.

His gun. His gun. His ears were throbbing. He needed to fix his gun.

Shaking his head in an instinctive but useless attempt to clear it, he darted light footed around the corner, dodging unmoving bodies and pools of slick blood as he went; it wouldn't do to slip up now and leave a track of bloody boot prints in his wake. There was a clamour going up some distance away as if two better formed groups - sub clauses of the gangs - were facing off, jeering and mocking each other with crude words and gestures: he knew the drill. It would continue until one fur was thusly aggravated and fired the first round of lead. The rest would follow suit, like sheep, and even more would flock to the destruction like geese. They were nothing more than animals. And, if they were sheep, he was the wolf among the flock. He was the deadliest.

Most of the city was as good as the slums or tumbled down ghetto, respectively; he had been to too many cities and this one stank just the same. But it meant that disused houses and flats with shattered windows ran abound - he had plenty of choice with regards to a somewhat safe location where he collect himself and render his gun usable again. He hefted himself through the glassless window of a ground floor flat, snorting in distaste at the dirty but clearly feminine furniture that he found there. The window pane had been removed fully at one time so there was no broken glass on the floor, which he was thankful for as it was too easy to cut one's paws in such situations. Indeed, apart from the grime, the room was unsullied and looked as if it had merely been abandoned some weeks ago, perhaps when the conflict had first stampeded too close for safety. The woman who had lived there must have been wise to escape while she had had the chance, floral curtains and all.

He dropped to one knee, out of sight of the window, and inspected the gun. It was a feed jam - two live bullets trying to occupy the same space - and he cursed the fact that he was forced to use an auto-loader. He missed his other gun, the comforting feel of the metal against his paw. This one was no good, no good at all. Meticulously, Kesh dropped the mag, pulled the slide back and let those two bullets fall to the floor.

There, he thought grimly, checking the bullets left in his leather belt, which was designed to hold bullets, firearms and the ever-present knife at his hip. Problem solved. Though it would be a right damn thing if it had happened when some bastard was coming towards me. A right damn thing indeed. Must be my lucky day.

Something rustled outside the building and he jerked his muzzle up, freezing as if he had suddenly become as lifeless as a statue. His eyes darted between the window and the door, slightly ajar, which he supposed led into a hallway if it was anything like a normal apartment, though one could never be completely sure without investigating. Someone was coming, making no effort to be quiet as Kesh stealthily tracked their progress around the edge of the building, knowing instinctively that this fur was keeping to the shadows: they didn't want to be seen.

Light of foot. Feline.

Broken glass crunched under the strange fur's boots inside the building - the kitchen, perhaps? - and Kesh angled his body towards the door, making sure that he had plenty of room to manoeuvre. They were closer, treading cautiously down the hall or through the desolation of the next room over. Either way they were getting uncomfortably close and Kesh steadied himself to take them out. A part of his mind wished he could run. Another on his 'list' would be no joy to him.

"Fancy meeting you out here," a sultry voice purred as a silver-furred snow leopard pushed open the door with one paw and leaning against it, a smirk fluttering across her lips. Kesh's jaw dropped and he fell back, out of line with the window that seemed to draw the eye of any passing fur like a beacon. He couldn't be seen chatting with a member of the opposing gang.

"Krystal!" He hissed, resisting the urge to drag her back from the doorframe - any fur could come up behind her at any moment. What the hell did she think she was doing? "You can't be in here!"

"It's surely safer than being under that lead hail," she drawled, flicking her fluffy tail tip at the faint echo of carnage.

"Oh, sure, certainly," he growled sarcastically. "Please, why don't you have a seat? I was just about to put the kettle on."

"Oh, don't mind if I do."

To his disbelief, she did just that and, after brushing the dust off the sofa, she casually lowered herself into the seat, curling her tail around her left leg. She wore basic clothes, muddy green cargo pants and a cream tank top - or it used to be cream, Kesh supposed. The leopard's fur was touched with dust from the street and she looked exhausted, though not in body. There was something in how she held herself, defiant and rigid, that made Kesh pause and seat himself beside her, his arm slowly going around her waist.

"They giving you a hard time, hon?" He murmured, encouraging her to lean her head against his shoulder. She sighed and closed her eyes, nodding quietly.

"They know I'm sneaking off, Kesh," she said softly, as if afraid that 'they' would hear her. "Ray's been worse than ever. He wants to keep me under his paw."

"Still thinks you're with him, huh?"

"Yeah, maybe one too many hooves to the head, I think," she said, peeking cheekily up at Kesh to see his reaction.

They laughed; it felt good to laugh even in the worst of situations.

"He's as thick as they come," Kesh confirmed regaining his breath with a stitch aggravating his side. "Not like you've done anything with him in...what is it...a year? What a fool. And if it wasn't for the bloody gang, you'd be continents away from him by now. Bloody fool. They're all power mad, they are."

Krystal murmured softly, something unintelligible, while Kesh stroked her short, silvery hair. Unlike him, she had beautiful headfur while he just had his natural grey coat - another difference between them. Sometimes Kesh wondered if there were too many differences to make things work.

"Speaking of that..." she purred all of sudden, sitting up and moving to straddle his lap on the little sofa. Her expression was less wary now and she tilted her head to the side questioningly, wanting something.

"What? Speaking of what?" Kesh looked up, misunderstanding her intentions. "Off already?"

"No... Speaking of 'not doing anything' with a certain someone..." She winked at him and took his paw in hers, placing it deliberately upon the swell of her breast. "We have time."

"We do..." Kesh said cautiously, not moving his paw, even squeezing a little. "What about Ray?"

"Oh, screw him," she muttered, standing up and unceremoniously yanking her cargo pants down, her boots still on her hind paws.

"I'd rather screw you."

"Har-de-har," she mocked, hooking the tips of her claws under the edges of her pink panties and pulling those down more sensually, the fabric caressing her long, athletic legs. "Looks like you'll get that wish granted, wolfie. Must be your lucky day."

It must be indeed, he silently agreed with her, putting his paws around her waist and nuzzling her stomach gently. The snow leopard was all muscle and he nuzzled under the hem of her top to run his tongue lightly over her fur, though she giggled whenever he hit a ticklish spot. Krystal swung her fluffy tail around to tickle his nose and he sneezed, the pair of lovers chuckling quietly in their illicit embrace.

The knowledge of what was to come made Kesh hasty to slip his paw between her thighs, his fingers stroking tenderly over the wetness he found there. His loose trousers tented up over his crotch, making his arousal and eagerness evident, but he was constantly aware of how little time they had, so little time. Krystal fumbled with the button and zip on his pants, yowling as he sunk two and then three fingers into her slick sex.

"Ah...come on, Kesh," she pleaded. "Don't leave a girl hanging."

"I would never," he murmured, allowing Krystal to free his canine cock from his pants and boxers, the red member springing free and erect. There was a damp patch of pre cum at the very end, betraying the effect his lover had upon him, something that she knew all too well.

Mewing wantonly, Krystal sat cross-legged on the floor and nuzzled the tip of his member, flicking out her raspy feline tongue to caress the underside. Clenching his paws into fists, Kesh moaned and pushed his hips forward, wordlessly begging her for more - it had just been too long since they were last together. He wanted to feel her, touch her, know her again. Purring faintly, the snow leopard lapped his cock as if it was a rare treat that she got to enjoy, bathing it in warm saliva and endless strokes of her rough, stimulating tongue, never brushing against the same spot twice in a row. The sensitive tip she nibbled on gently, drawing a moan from Kesh's lips.

"Do you want me yet, darling?" She giggled, stroking his cock with the palm of one paw, the other rubbing where his knot would duly form. He nodded fervently, passion compelling him to lean forward and kiss her deeply, their tongues battling each other for possession and dominance.

"I always want you, Krystal," he panted when they broke the kiss, heat radiating from their furred bodies.

With that, he playfully backed Krystal against the wall, pinning her there with his chest so that her breasts rubbed delightfully against him, the peaks of her nipples poking through her top. She raised one leg up so that it touched his hip and, following suit, he grabbed hold of both her legs, lifting them up until she was able to wrap them around his waist, holding on tightly to her wolf. Poised above his cock, between the wolf and the wall, Krystal purred and licked her lips, her little pink tongue flicking out and back again. Kesh touched his moist nose to hers and lowered her gently on to the pointed tip of his dick, bumping it against her vaginal lips in haste and then sliding smoothly in.

Krystal squeezed her eyes shut, delighting in the sensation of Kesh's full cock spreading out her tight folds - it was always a small struggle to take him and a pleasant one at that. As he thrust gently up into her snatch, she cried out, wary of being discovered although she was not going to stop even if Ray himself trotted into the room, blue eyes lightning struck. The horse could trot on, she thought, her breath catching in her throat as Kesh sunk another inch into her, nuzzling her neck.

"I love you, Kesh," Krystal whispered, almost too quietly for the wolf to hear, but he heard her. His ears pricked and she swore that there was a light blush colouring the skin beneath the lighter grey fur of his muzzle. All the same, he leaned in to place a carefully, gentle kiss upon her lips, holding it until the full length of his dick was buried in her delicious warmth.

"I love you too, Krystal."

The snow leopard's purrs grew louder. Kesh kissed her lips more passionately, locking his jaw with hers as he drove his cock deeply into her cunt, feeling and wanting more from their quick liaison. Flicking her tail against the wolf's legs, though his trousers were making their way down to the ground, Krystal panted into the kiss, giving a muffled yowl of pleasure when Kesh adjusted his angle enough to hit that patch of nerves clustered within her cunny. With sparks of pleasure assaulting her nervous system and a deep heat rising in the fire of her belly, Krystal rolled her eyes back in ecstasy.

Kesh knew that he was not going to last very long with such a hot, writhing feline in his arms, though that was probably a good thing, when he thought about it in hindsight. Gunfire exploded nearby - too close for comfort - and Kesh parted their kiss to bury his muzzle against Krystal's neck, hiding from the outside world in her warmth. The snow leopard, understanding how he felt, wrapped her arms around his neck, clinging on to him as if her life depended on it. Kesh did not know what he would do without her.

His half-formed knot bumped ever more insistently against her cunny lips, half-spreading them before drawing back to make the attempt again. She wanted to feel that knot inside her so badly and she bit her pink, lower lip hard enough to draw a trickle of blood, a pleasant wound. Arching her back painfully, she snarled under her breath and drove her hips back at Sur'kesh, who grinned in reply, thrusting harder into her snatch. He knew what she wanted, though this one thing he could not give to her yet.

"Please, Kesh," she whispered, hearing voices outside, too close, far too close. "Please knot me."

"I can't, Krystal," he replied sadly, his ears drooping sadly to the sides. "It's take too long to shrink. We'll be caught for sure. Next time, kitty, next time. I promise."

Though she understood his refusal, Krystal scowled and nipped his muzzle, making the wolf flinch but accept her annoyance. He wanted it just as badly as she did and it was only their circumstances that dictated otherwise.

The voices outside faded and Kesh breathed a sigh of relief, fucking Krystal with a sense of purpose while his muzzle nuzzled and licked lovingly where it would. Feral instinct bade him part his lips and he lightly took Krystal's throat between his teeth, bearing down with enough of his tamed strength for her to feel his teeth but not be harmed by them. Squirming, Krystal mewed compliantly, stilling and submitting to his hold as his swollen knot knocked painfully into her sore lips. Groaning deep in his throat, Kesh let go of one of Krystal's legs to squeeze his knot with one paw, spurting a heavy load of his seed into her already dripping cunt. Standing as they were, the creamy, viscous fluid leaked out of her pussy, staining her lips and trickling over her fur.

They panted together for a while, both striving to regain breath that they had lost in their frantic coupling. Releasing the leopard's neck, Kesh kissed her muzzle and held her close to him, their bodies still linked together and fluids mixing. But times such as that could not last forever.

"We should dress," Krystal finally suggested reluctantly, not truly wanting to move, wanting to make the moment last longer.

Shrugging as if to say 'I don't really mind', Kesh lowered her legs to the floor but surprised Krystal by continuing his downward descent until his nose was level with her crotch. His long tongue lashed out over her protruding clit, which showed between her pussy lips like a ringed target, and circled the nub of flesh, tasting his cum and her juices. Krystal shook her head as if to ward off the inevitable and Kesh dipped his muzzle gracefully lower to scoop up the leaked cum that marked her thighs, tickling and teasing his feline with relish. He was too kind and they were too close to discovery for him to deny her very long and he swiftly returned to her clit, stroking and massaging it with the flat of his tongue under she squealed and shuddered in climax.

Krystal clapped a paw over her muzzle to stifle her orgasmic groans, glaring down at the grinning wolf.

"What?" He growled sweetly. "I had to clean you up first."

"Yeah, sure you did, wolfie, sure you did," she muttered, though she felt a surge of warmth within her for his 'taking care of her' like that. He was always looking out for her.

Knowing that their interlude was well and truly at an end, the two furs silently dressed themselves and cleaned their fur the best that they could, Krystal brushing her short hair back from her muzzle. Kesh winked at the femfur and blew her a kiss, helping her to tug her clothes out of line so that it would appear that she had been fighting at the while; no one would be any wiser, or he hoped so. His paw brushed over a dried blood stain on the side of her top - another furs blood. His eyes met Krystal's and they nuzzled close to one another again, that blood stain taking away any comforting words that could have been said. Afraid of the ever-present edge of death that surrounded them, Krystal hugged Kesh tightly and then placed her paws on his shoulders, looking up at the wolf who was a couple of inches taller than her. She leaned in close, whispering words that only he could hear.

"Get out of this day alive, Kesh," she said in his ear, her claws lightly digging into his shoulders.

"I always aim to," he said, poker-faced until she batted his nose good-naturedly.

"No," she started, seeming to gather her courage. "I mean... Let's go. Let's leave - like we talked about. I can't do this anymore."

Sur'kesh looked at her in shock, certain that she was tricking him and about to flash a smile to prove her joke.

"But we can't!" He gasped out when words returned to him. "You can't be serious, Krystal, it would be a death wish. We'd be dead in the hour, you know that. You know what they've done to others."

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