tagNonHumanCrossing Moon Ch. 13

Crossing Moon Ch. 13


Hi there!
All thanks goes to Izabella and Angelika for editing the series!


From Aveline Erickana Ruben's diary:

6th December 2008, 10.45 PM, Carrie's bed

Sigh. It has been a while. I have to admit that I've been neglectful towards you, dear diary but I couldn't help it. I've been so busy lately.

I guess, for starters, I have to say that Carrie looked happy. I've met Samuel a few days ago at the Thorn Manor for dinner. He seemed like a very charming wolf and he really does care for her (that's a plus!) - so I have to give Carrie some credit for that.

Alven seemed to think the same way too but he hadn't spoken with Carrie ever since she blew up at him. I just – well, as a friend, I have to be supportive of her. She's right though, I can't judge her when my own life is in the ruins – literally.

I have to move on. Carrie is right – duh (when was she ever wrong? like really?). Max is just a human and I can't afford to fall in love or even stay in love with a human. She's nervous. I mean, I would be too, if my mating ceremony is exactly tomorrow. She showed me some of her new lingerie collection which she had discreetly bought via express online. They were hot and sexy. Of course and I find it rather bold of her to want to wear such skimpy things.

"It's for him," she said, almost blushing.

Well, each to her own, that's what I can say. She even told me on how they had made out so passionately last time that if she hadn't stop, she'd be a mated wolf right now.

"Just like Aunt Gracie," she grinned. I, however, found the extra piece of information as disturbing. I really did not need to know that she had almost lost her virginity that time.

Well, truth to be told, I had always thought that I'd be the first one – not her. Carrie's always this shy and unsure girl that I was amazed to realize that she's actually going to get mated first.

And not me – the bold, bubbly and definitely not shy girl – oh well, I guess it all boils down to fate.

Speaking of which, I really need to find a new boarding school. I really don't want to go back to Aliaxia. Alven agreed with me on this and together, we have decided to go to the States. Maybe we'd go to New York.

Or even maybe some random Asian countries like Japan, but then, I can't really speak the language so that's going to be quite difficult.

However, I've always wanted to go to Italy....

Oh well, Alven and I will decide more after the whole mating ceremony's done.

I really can't see myself in Carrie's shoes. I mean, I can't see myself tied to a man – well, a wolf, for that matter, for an eternity at such a young age. Oh poo, sure, my Mum lived happily and in love with Dad but they are a whole different thing. Like a different time and generation. I value my freedom and honestly, I really want to explore the world.

But then, I remember how that one time, my priority seemed to waver when I met Max. Sigh. Seriously! I really need to get over him! Maybe I'd be lucky and meet the perfect wolf tomorrow!


From Carinelle Hynes Thorn's diary:

7th December 2008, 4.30 AM, my bathtub

I'm nervous. Really and truly am terrified. I really don't know what to expect later. Oh my Moon! I'm going to be mated soon! In just a few hours really!!

I hope it won't hurt. I mean, I've seen a few mating ceremony and they all seemed to enjoy it especially the girl even if... well, even if her face had this scrunched pain look at the first moment when the guy mounted her.

Oh GOD! I'm just eighteen!!

But... but... Samuel... well, that time, when we almost mated. He had awoken this unknown side of me. Aveline called me a tease for making him all hard up and then, deciding to not continue.

Samuel had just called me earlier. He said he loved me and he's so eager for the mating ceremony to happen.

"We'll be together forever," he had told me, well, almost a whisper – a seductive whisper, "I'll show you how I can make you writhe and moan in pleasure..."

Ok, I blushed when he said that. He's really old (well, not that old, he's only in his twenties but he definitely had gotten a fair share of experiences and I don't even have any reliable ones!)

How am I going to know what I'm doing is right or not? I really don't want to humiliate myself!


Mom's goanna come later around 7 am with the other low ranks, they're goanna prep me up for the mating ceremony.

My mating ceremony... sigh... it sounded weird and surreal but it really is happening. I won't be Carinelle Hynes Thorn anymore after lunch, I'd be Carinelle Hynes Thorn-Nyca.

Come to think of it, I've just realized that Nyca and Thorn Pack will be merged together indirectly. Whoa...



Thorn Estate was crowded. Wolves were roaming here and there, scurrying around the area. The low ranks were busy preparing for the mating ceremony with the Betas and the In-Commands. Aveline watched them wordlessly as she walked around and then she found the round circular altar which was put in the middle of the huge hall.

It was the altar where Carrie will mate with Samuel. The altar was beautiful. The edge was lined with satin ribbon and dotted with jewels.

She knelt down and picked up the basket of roses and then started scattering them around the edge. That was the least she could do for Carrie.

It wasn't until she bent down to scatter the roses a bit that at the corner of her eye, she thought she saw something. A familiar face walking past but it was too fast. She whipped up, her forehead curt.

"It's impossible," she laughed to herself, dismissing her thoughts as she went down on her knees and arranged the roses neatly.

I must be crazy, she thought to herself. "Yes, crazy in love," she admitted quietly. She really needed to move on from the whole Max thing.

Desperately! If she wasn't sane, she'd be going and believing that she had just saw Max walking by, carrying boxes.

She was totally screwed.


Max put the boxes on the counter. "What else?" he asked the good doctor.

Danny grinned at him, he shoved his hands into his jeans pockets, "Well, our job's done actually," he told him, "I have to go back to the clinic in an hour."

"When's the ceremony again?" Max asked curiously.

"The Alpha Princess's going to be mated exactly at noon, right after the clock strike twelve," Danny answered back as the two wolves walked down the corridor to the hall where the ceremony will be held.

"So, who's the lucky guy?" Max asked, just to keep the conversation flowing.

"He's the Alpha of Nyca Pack," Danny told him, "Samuelson Charleston Nyca."

"Go figures," Max scoffed.

"Excuse me?" Danny asked back.

"It's just so typical of a princess mating with a prince. It's all the same with the humans. I just didn't expect that it would be the same around here." Max admitted.

"Well, we're just like humans you know, in a way, but we are wolves," Danny said, "You ought to have realized that by now."

"I've left some things behind in my old home," Max admitted suddenly after a few minutes of silence. The two wolves were now walking past the circular altar.

"You can always buy new ones," Danny offered, not realizing what Max had really meant.

Max smiled, "What I've lost," he said, "I cannot find a replacement. It's not sold in the shops,"

"Really?" Danny asked sceptically.

"Yes," Max chuckled, "I've left the girl I loved and I didn't tell her how I feel,"

"Why didn't you do it before you left?" Danny asked with confusion, "Surely you had time..."

Max nodded, "I can't drag her into the wolf world, Danny, I don't want her to end up like my Mom."

"Your mother?"

"Yes, my mother," Max sighed, "I was a late bloomer when I was a kid and when I had first phased... well, you know..."

Danny was silent for a moment, pondering, and then he said, "Then you would know by now that it was just an accident, Maxwell,"

Max sighed, "Can you please stop doing that? You and the rest of the world that seemed intent on making me feel better," he paused, his hands clenched into a fist, "If I hadn't phased, my mother would have still been alive..."

"You have to face the facts, Max, it is not your fault," Danny replied, "You were just a kid back then, you did not know your own strengths. My Moon! You didn't even know how to control your wolf!"

Max sighed. "Regardless, I am still the one to blame," he said, "You can't change the fact."

"Indeed and you should know that blaming yourself won't give you inner peace either," Danny told him, "You need to move on, Max, can't you give that chance to yourself?"

"I don't know," Max admitted woefully.

Danny sighed, "Perhaps time will let you see."

Max smiled wanly.


The mating hour seemed to come close – closer and closer, she was nervous but she really wanted to get through today's event as soon as possible. The Thorn Manor was packed with wolves. Carrie stared at her reflection on the mirror, sighing. She was alone now. Her mother and the other low ranks had left her a few minutes ago.

"We'll call you when the time comes, ok, honey?" her mother had said happily, she bent down and kissed her daughter's forehead, "you looked beautiful, Carrie."

And Carinelle could only smile when her mother had said that. Indeed she looked lovely. She wore this white creamy robe and her hair was long and curly at the end, lying softly on her shoulders. A crown made of white roses held neatly on her hair.

This wasn't how she dreamed it to be; if she was truly honest to herself, she'd want Alven to be the one who she spent her life with. She still loved him despite everything but she cared for Samuel.

Samuel loved her, and personally, she believed in the concept of being with a guy who loved her more than she can ever love him. She wouldn't get hurt. At least, that was what she believed in anyway. It would be heaven to be with the guy she'd wanted to be but she had to face reality, Alven would probably never see her as more than just his sister's friend. She just needed to move on just like how she had spat out to Avvie.

She brushed her hair gently, as if the act could reduce her anxiety and doubt. Mating was truly a big step for her and one that she had never thought would happen as she was still young.

"Carrie?" her mother called out suddenly, her head popped into the door. Carinelle looked at her, her heart thumped faster knowing the inevitable had come.

"Mom?" she squeaked.

"It's time."

Carrie turned back to her reflection, giving one final look to who she was now and who she will be. Her eyes glazed and tears were threatening to give her emotions away. She closed her eyes, taking a deep breath.

"Carrie?" Fiorelle called again. "Are you sure?"

This time, she went into the room and touched her daughter's shoulders; both mother and daughter stared into their reflections on the mirror. Carrie's tears flow down, rolling like pearls.

Call it a mother's instinct. Fiorelle could see what was going on in her daughter's distraught mind. She quickly took a tissue and lightly dab her daughter's eyes.

Carrie gave a fake laugh and took the tissue from her mother's hand. She stood up and dabbed the tissue all over her eyes gently. "Tears of happiness, Mom," she said.

"Carrie..." her mother said disapprovingly.

She shook her head, "No Mom, don't say a word," she said, "I don't want to hear it."

"If you are not sure, honey, you can just say it, no harm will come." Fiorelle said to her reassuringly, "I can call your father -,"

"Mom! Please! I know... I know you meant well but -,"

"Why are you doing this?" Fiorelle asked.


"What are you trying to prove?"

But before Carrie could even utter a reply – an excuse of some sort to justify her actions and at least to let her mother's heart at ease, somebody knocked on the door.

"My Alpha Queen, it's getting late." the low rank said.

Fiorelle looked at her daughter, "Mating is a very serious matter, Carrie,"

Carrie's tears rolled down again, she sighed, "I love you Mom," she stood up, she took a deep breath and hurried out. Her groom was waiting for her.

"Carrie!" Fiorelle called out but she was long gone.


Jerry smiled at her, "You're going to go to a new life, Carrie," he said as he held his hand out and then she smiled at him.

"I love you Dad," Carrie said as she accepted his hand and then he tucked it to his elbow just like how the human fathers send their daughters down the aisle.

Fiorelle looked at her, obviously wanting to say something but Carrie shook her head and said, "I'll be OK, Mom, I'm just having the bride's jitters."

"Oh love, relax," Jerry said happily.

Carrie looked up ahead; the aisle was long and decorated with beautiful flowers. The aisle expanded into the round circular altar.

And Samuel was waiting there for her in a white robe. He smiled at her, his eyes glinting with anticipation and lust. She swallowed, her thoughts started to scramble inside her mind. Her doubt and her anxiety started to overwhelm her but she braced herself and let her father walk her down the aisle.

Time felt so slow and tormenting her. She wanted to finish all of this and get on with her life.

She closed her eyes when she saw Alven and Aveline's face with the other Alphas.

Stay focus! Carrie scolded herself as tears started to well up in her eyes. She had this strong urge to turn into the other direction and run but she glued her feet on her destination.

"She's making a big mistake," Alven whispered suddenly, Aveline looked up, unsure if her brother was talking to her or talking to himself.

"Alven?" she asked.

He looked at her, "What?"

"What are you saying?"

He bit his lips, "You heard me?"

"Crystal clear,"

He pulled his sister's hand and together they walked through the sea of wolves, closer to the altar.

"She's crying," Aveline said in a whisper. "Or rather, she's trying hard not to."

"Carrie..." Alven whispered back, everything inside him started to rock and rebel. This insane desire of pulling her out from the altar was overwhelmingly strong.


She put a final step to the altar and suddenly, the desire of running away was growing stronger and stronger. She hung on to her last safe support, her father, but then, even he released her.

"Dad!" her voice rose, panicked.

Her Dad smiled, thinking that she was just nervous. "Just breathe and relax, honey," he kissed her cheeks, "It'll be all right."

"Dad..." she whispered, her voice croaked.

Samuel smiled at her. Her eyes glazed but she looked down and closed her eyes, feeling so alone. She could hear her father saying the same old stuff of the mating rites and then Samuel's confident reply.

Abruptly, she heard the wolves around her howled, signalling the anticipation of mating was here. She felt somebody gave her an abrupt push forward. She opened her eyes and her Dad was already down the altar with her mother who was crying in his arms. She was alone on the altar with Samuel.

Fear started to grip on her soul. She took a step back. The wolves howled and howled, eager to witness such erotic ritual.

"My Princess," a low rank bowed at her, his hands held up, wanting the robe. She looked up and noticed that Samuel had taken his robe off and was now standing in his glorious nakedness. He was beautiful. She had to admit that. His chest was strong and perfectly sculpted. She quickly closed her eyes when she noticed the partial hard-on.

She slowly untied her robe's ribbon and then, slowly started to take it off. Samuel gave an impatient growl, his wolf inside him unable to hold on anymore. He went to her and ripped her robe off, leaving her naked. She blushed as he pulled her to his arms and started kissing her neck.


"Stop the mating ceremony," Fiorelle cried softly in her mate's arms.

Jerry smiled, "Let it be Fiorelle, love, she's all grown up now."


"Shh," Jerry said, "Don't spoil the moment for her."


The wolves howled and howled. Alven felt this strong urge to pull Samuel off her. "Alven, don't!" Aveline cried to him, hugging him, wanting to stop Alven from climbing up the altar and kick the hell out of Samuelson.

"Avvie!" Alven growled.

"Stop all of this nonsense, Alven!" Avvie screeched, it was a miracle that he could even hear her above all of the howling. "This is her choice! Why are you against it?"

That stopped him completely. He closed his eyes, unable to witness the altar. Why was he so compelled to protect her? To whisk Carrie off the altar and – and... Surprisingly, he noticed, into his arms?

He growled, pushing Aveline off him. He ripped his clothes off and turned to the other direction and phased.

"Alven!" she shouted. She sighed, tears formed in her eyes. Carrie, what have you done?


Samuel growled, his desire was building high within him. He sensed the hesitation and reluctance in her but he just ignored it, taking it all as Carrie's first-time experience. Oh, he'll change all that. He'll make her writhe and moan. He'll make her his.

His tongue probed opened her lips, wanting to dominate her. His hands ran down her back. Carrie closed her eyes, her hands held on to him, dead.

"Relax," he whispered to her, "I won't hurt you, much," he laughed, trailing kisses down her neck. He nibbled lightly on her neck, focusing more on the area where he would make the final bite.

In her mind, she focused on the sound surrounding them – she could hear wolves howling and then the sound of their clothes ripping. She tuned out the fact that Samuel was ravishing her body as he pleased. She could feel him pushing her down the altar floor but he was gentle enough to not startle her. He pushed her legs open and she automatically wanted to close it back. He chuckled, pushing her legs wider and then dipped his head down.

She could feel his sand-papery wolf tongue on her. She tensed, refusing to acknowledge the pleasure he was giving her. His hands on her thighs, he pulled her closer to him, breathing in her scent. Her hands clawed on the floor, too stubborn to follow in her instinct, much less her building desires. He kept on licking her, toying with her little button. He growled, not wanting to wait anymore. She was too stubborn. Or rather, too shy in his mind, perhaps the knowledge of hundreds of wolves watching them mate was making her edgy.

He pulled her, she gasped, and her eyes popped wide open. He grinned at her and then he saw the tears on her face but he was in too much lust and need that he couldn't think why she was crying.

Fear, he thought to himself in that split second, she's just a virgin.

He kissed her neck as he pushed her back on the floor, her legs spread wide open. She could feel his hardness on her, slowly wanting to push in. She tensed, but he pushed in gently and then he stopped when he felt a barrier within her. He was inside of her now, he licked her neck, bracing himself.

He pulled out of her and then, he speared inside her. She moaned in pain but he clamped her mouth shut with his kisses. The wolves howled happily and then they could hear the sound of the other wolves rutting.

She panted, she was quite wet but she wasn't wet enough to ease the pain of his entry. He trailed kisses down her throat, letting her to adjust to his size and then slowly pumping in and out of her.

All she could ever focus on was closing her eyes and feeling the pleasure that was starting to course within her. As he went in and out of her, she could feel him grow inside of her, thicker at the base. The time was coming close; the point of where she could never return to was getting nearer and nearer. He gained speed, the pleasure coursing between them accelerated. She clung on to him, forgetting the hundreds of wolves surrounding them. Samuelson roared, he phased into his wolf form. She winced, feeling the weight on top of her. She cried in fear when he trailed his sharp teeth on her neck, he continued to pump inside her. He growled at her, telling her to phase, wanting to get the mating done but she stayed put. Frozen under him, he snapped his jaws at her, a harmless growl, telling her to phase again but she continued to be stubborn.

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