tagNonHumanCrossing Moon Ch. 15

Crossing Moon Ch. 15


All thanks goes to Izabella for editing this series!

20th December 2008, 9.30 PM, living room.

I must be strong. I must not give in to this whole crap thing called MARKING. I've... well, I have to admit that I've gotten dreams of us becoming one and each time, the dreams become much more addictive and seductive.

My wolf was in pure agony. I could feel it. Burning right into my deepest core but I'm sorry, wolf, I will not give in my remaining free will.
I will not surrender.

Whenever the call become close for me to lose it, I broke into a run and phase into my wolf form. I sprinted as far as I can go. I filled my mind with a lot of unrelated things like how I'm going to catch that bird flying above the sky or even how I'm going to leap from one boulder to another.

All those random thoughts.

Alven helped me by running by my side. He needed the run as well. He was confused with himself already. He had this fear that he might have lost what was there waiting for him all along and he was afraid to admit or even find out what he had lost.

Which I must say, make sense, in a weird way.

Because, if the situation was reversed, I'd want to save myself the regret of losing something that was important to me but I had failed to see it in the first place. So, I totally understood why Alven was behaving like this.

Mom and Dad are a bit upset with me, I suppose. They didn't like my being too stubborn. "You brought this problem to yourself," Dad had told me earlier, Mom just looked at me, knowing that Dad will surely bring whatever things she'd wanted to say in full blast, "When that boy come for dinner tomorrow night, you will come and join us."

THAT BOY! Ugh, so Dad's goanna try and play matchmaker is it? Well, two can play the same game! I don't want to stand so close to Maxwell!
I'm afraid that I might lose it. I mean, what if I can't hold my desires when he's standing so seductively close??

Sigh. I'm such a coward. I keep on using the MARKING excuse to get away from him. I just... Sigh, what if seeing him again will make me fall in love with him all over again and at the same time, my heart would break?

I just don't know how I'm going to do this. I guess, running is probably the safest and most coward choice ever. Mom and Dad can force me as much as they want and I'll play along but when that DINNER come and THAT BOY is here, I'll go out from the back door and RUN!

Who says I should play fair?


From Carinelle Hynes Thorn's diary:

20th December 2008, 11.30 PM, balcony.

I haven't seen Samuel for five days now. Sigh. How am I going to make up for this? Is there any other way than to surrender and bite him?

Is that my only choice? Give in and bite?


I know that I'm being stupid, reckless and selfish. The only victim here is just Samuel. I'm the one who dragged him into this mess in the first place.

It's kind of sad really. I mean, the situation I am in now. I feel so lonely and alone. The other wolves that have mated didn't have this kind of problem. They are so in love and peaceful with one another that it made my heart bled to think that I won't probably ever going to have a chance of ever feeling that.

Mom and Dad, for example, they've gone through such a huge obstacle and tests in their lives but at least they have each other. The love they felt for one another was enough to last them.

I want a love like that. I want to wake up every morning and stare into the eyes of the man I love.


Sadly that can never happen now.

It was entirely my fault. I was just too rash in making the decision of agreeing to mate with Samuel in the first place. I was hurt. I was lost.

And oh, I really should stop making excuses for myself.

Bottom line is that, this was my fault to begin with and so, I shall suffer for life but that doesn't mean that I'd want Samuel to suffer with me... Forgive me...

Forgive me, my dear mate, for breaking your heart. I promise you, I will love you. I will learn. I will complete the ritual...

Just bear with me. Give me time. Forgive me...



Gracielle looked at her daughter, she patted her shoulder and gave a little smile, "You do know that your father and I love you very much..." she paused, "If there is any other way, we wouldn't have agreed to this dinner."

Aveline sighed, "I know, Mom," she paused, "There IS another way..."

"Is that so?" Gracielle's forehead creased.

"I'm sure I can have a few wolves lined up and ready to fight for me..." she said solemnly.

Gracielle shook her head, "Don't be silly," she chastised her daughter, "You love that boy."

Aveline pouted, "Mom, I won't give in that easily..."

"Shh," Gracielle shushed her, "Your dad's coming with Malcolm, Adrian and THAT BOY..."

"Mom, please.... stop calling him that way..." Aveline sighed.

"You said you hate the boy and yet you want me to address him by his name," Gracielle grinned, feeling amused with the whole situation abruptly. "Well, Jerry said that Maxwell is a good boy. Quiet but he certainly has a good heart..."

But before Aveline could even utter a single reply; the majestic double door pulled open and then, her father, along with Malcolm, Adrian and – her heart stabbed at the sight – Maxwell. Aveline bit her lips and her hands felt so empty all of the sudden. She clenched it tight on her sides and just looked at them – trying hard to not to divert her attention to Maxwell.

Her wolf rebelled inside her, recognizing the delicious seductive aura that was wafting out from Maxwell. It took all of her strength to not burst and leaped into his arms. Maxwell seemed to feel the pull too as he quickly bent his head down and focused his gaze on his steps.

Damn the Marking! Aveline cursed in her mind.
The next following event felt like a blur to Aveline. Gracielle sauntered gracefully to her mate's side and had her arm linked to his. James continued to talk about random stuff but clearly was important as it was relating to the pack's development. Honestly, Aveline didn't really give any attention to what her father was saying. Her feet felt frozen on the floor and it wasn't until Malcolm gave her an evil eye that she broke out from her trance but she kept a good distance from walking next to Maxwell.

She walked by Adrian's side instead, but it felt so awkward but she thought that it was better than walking side by side to a wolf whose pull was simply irresistible.

"How are you, my Alpha Princess?" Adrian asked as the group walked down the hall and then turned to the private dining area.

"I'm good," Aveline replied quickly. She didn't trust herself to be strong enough to overcome the pull. She needed to calm herself first so she kept quiet and she was thankful that Adrian didn't have the urgent need to be so friendly.
Once again, it felt like time had flew past her. Except her and her attention to the annoying pull that was getting really hard to contain. Was this what her parents and Uncle Jerry had schemed about? Put her and Maxwell in one room and expect them to blow up?

She didn't like that thought one bit!

So she let herself be carried with the flow of the situation. When one of the low pack members pulled a dining chair for her in respect, she sat down and murmured her thank-you; and when they started to serve appetizers, she just took her spoon and numbly ate her portion.

She didn't know what she was eating but it tasted good – in a numb way, she could still register the fact that she was eating something sweet and tangy. She could hear the others talking, trying to liven up the situation and perhaps they really were enjoying their time.

But honestly, she knew that both Maxwell and she were probably the only ones who felt like they were undergoing some kind of sadistic punishment.

It felt like punishment because her wolf was howling inside her, begging her, pleading her to give in and feel the pleasure that was sure to be hers for the taking. It was then she looked up from her plate, as one of the low ranks took her plate and prepared to serve their dinner.

What a big mistake it was! The moment she lifted her eyes, she noticed that Maxwell hadn't touched his appetiser at all! And all this time, he was staring at her. His eyes filled with – she was thrilled to see and yet annoyed at the same time – love and longing. She bit her lips, she was so tempted to look away but she was the Alpha Princess here! She was supposed to be more DOMINANT than him!

So she kept her gaze and looked at him, challenging him but her pride gave her a bit of a problem. Her longing felt too much for her to bear, all of the sudden, it felt like everything had vanished and only the two of them were left in her own eyes. She could numbly hear what the others were saying – they were talking about all kind of stuff, like how the packs' economy status was improved over the years.

She closed her eyes, sighing a heavy breath. She stood up, her hands slammed on the table and everything went silent. She opened her eyes and saw all eyes were on to her. Tears flow down her eyes, "I'm sorry," she mumbled, taking a step back from her seat, "This dinner is a mistake!" and then she ran out from the room.

James cursed. Jerry shook his head. Gracielle looked at Fiorelle with her sad eyes. Adrian looked at the door where Aveline had run, "Go to her, son," he whispered.

"I – I don't think that would be a good idea, Dad..." Max said reluctantly, "The – um, the pull was so strong. I – I don't think I can stop myself from -,"

James's eyes flared up angrily, "For once, you got that right, boy!" he said angrily, he stood up, "I don't even know why I agreed to have this dinner set up in the first place!"

Jerry stood up, "It was our idea, remember, James?" Jerry said, trying to calm his friend down, "Aveline will be fine, she just needs some time alone to cool down."

"Yes my love," Gracielle nodded, "Aveline needs to forgive and accept the inevitable," she paused, "we all know that the Marking will be too much for them to bear, sooner or later, they will have to complete the bond. We had this dinner in hopes that Aveline will at least be friendly to that idea, remember?"

James growled and then plopped back down on his seat, "All of this can be easily prevented if..."

Fiorelle cut his words and gently said, "If only Aveline had learnt to control her temper... Her wolf is just too rebellious to be contained yet... Let her be, James, she needs this to happen, all of this things happened for one good reason. One that we might not see now but I am certain that Aveline will grow up and gain something good from all of this..."

Max looked at the door; he could only hope that she would accept him – he didn't want her to mate with him because of the pull which had felt so strong earlier, but he wanted her to accept him because they loved each other...

Oh wow, he sounded like a hopeless romantic person. He sighed. He knew that they would mate sooner or later and he was running against the time itself but he didn't want to use the Marking as an excuse to bind her to him forever. No. He was not that type of man who would cowardly use that excuse to have the girl who he loved truly.

No. He was the man who would woo her and make her legs fall limp under him.


Aveline ran through the corridor, running past the low ranks that all seemed like a blur to her. The pull was just too much! She needed to get away before her wolf rebelled through and gained control of her body and – she feared – her heart.

Running made her feel good. It felt like she was releasing a whole lot of burden off her shoulders. She guessed that it was probably a good idea that Alven was out hunting tonight, maybe she'd bump into him once she ripped her clothes off and phase.

She wanted to run under the moonlight!

She pushed open the main door, ran down the steps and then, just a few metres away from her haven. She froze. What was she doing?

Why was she running out from her own HOUSE?

She took a deep breath. "I'm stronger than this. No freaky wolf ties are going to bring me down!" she vowed, her eyes closed, and then she opened her eyes. She looked up to the dark sky above and then whispered to the half-hidden moon, "I'm stronger..." her tone challenged the moon.

She looked back to her home and then walked slowly back inside. She gained speed gradually and then broke into a run. She ran up the grand staircase and then sprinted straight to her bedroom. She locked the door and then slammed open her balcony door. She had her hands on the rail and then took a deep breath. She felt strangely at peace, so she took a step back and then slumped down on her beanie chair. She yanked her collar down and traced her finger gingerly on the bite mark and sighed, "I love you Max but I don't want to be with you..."

And her wolf howled, protesting inside her, wanting her to let her pride wash away and surrender to her desires...

But Aveline was one stubborn girl and she won't give in that easily.


"You're home..." Carinelle said, trying to sound cheerful to her mate. Samuel scowled at her. She bit her lips but she smiled at him anyway, knowing full well that it was her fault to begin with. Samuel walked past her and then placed his coat in their closet. He unbuttoned his shirt and shrugged it out. He put it into the laundry basket next to the closet.

She sighed but she kept on a happy face. Samuel turned his back at her as he looked out through the floor-length window. She bit her lips again; she wanted to make amends with her mate – her husband, so she knew what she needed to do.
What she should have done ages ago...

She pulled her spaghetti strap top off and then, took her lacy black bra off. She let her clothes pooled on the floor. She knew that Samuel heard what she was doing but he didn't look at her. She swallowed as she took a step forward and then another towards him. She leaned her head on his warm back and then wrapped her arms around his strong waist. He tensed but he didn't push her away, so she took that as a good sign. She started to kiss his back tentatively, making an invisible line with her soft seductive kisses. She released her hold on him and then softly caressed the top of his shoulders and then down on his arms. She entwined her hands to his and he let her do whatever she wanted.

"What do you want Carinelle?" he asked softly, his voice filled with desires - desires which he was trying to deny.

She smiled, she knew his desires all too well, "Why the formality, my dear?" she asked in a hushed seductive whisper. Then, she pressed herself on his back, feeling his warmth enveloping hers. Her breasts flattened against his back.

He growled, "What are you playing at?"

"Nothing but to make you feel pleasure..." she whispered back, running her hand on his body.

"Pleasure?" he growled, "I'll show you pleasure!" with that, he whipped her up into his arms and then threw her into their bed.

He then quickly went on top of her and he held both of her arms high above her. He stared at her, anger coursed in his soul. He didn't quite forgive her with her behaviour last time. She smiled under him. "Will you kiss me?" she asked him playfully.

He scowled at her, "Why are you teasing me?"

"Why, I thought you're going to show me pleasure..." she smiled as she lifted her head and then kissed his lips gently but that simple gesture was enough to break his wall against her. She lay back on the bed and smiled at him. He quickly released her hands and then he traced the planes of her face with his fingers. He kissed the tip of her nose and then down to meet her full lips. She responded with such passion that he pulled her closer to him, wanting her to be one with him. She pulled away from him for a moment, trying to catch her breath. She smiled at him, and then pushed him on his back. She straddled him, and caressed his chest with her hands. She bent down and kissed him again. His hands tugged at the button of her jeans and she helped him taking off her jeans and her panties along the way. She was naked and then she pouted at him, "You're half dressed..." she complained.

He smiled at her, "You noticed..." he teased her.
She gave a little impatient growl and then bent down to his pants. She used her teeth to pull open the button of his pants off and then she pulled his pants swiftly off him.

His hard-on stood proudly and all for her. She quickly gave his hardness a little kiss on the head. She cooed and then started to give his hard-on an appreciative kiss. Then, she gave it a little lick, "Tasty..." she whispered.

He gave a little chuckle as she started to envelop his hardness like a big delicious lollipop. He moaned in ecstasy as she increased her speed and then just as he was about to burst out in pleasure, she stopped.

"No..." he groaned, protesting. His wife had become such a tease! She chuckled as she climbed on top of him and then positioned herself on him. She sank down slowly, feeling him inside her – so warm and so full. She gave a little coo of appreciation, and she just looked at him, not moving. She wanted to feel him fully inside her. He touched her face gently, her hair falling behind her. She looked so beautiful to him. "Kiss me..." he whispered to her, still caressing her cheeks. She put his hand to her lips and then bent down to kiss the tip of his nose. He groaned but she chuckled again and this time, she kissed his lips. Desires overwhelmed him; his wolf wanted to be the one dominating her, so he flipped her onto her back and nibbled at her neck. Her hands caressed his back and then she held on as he pushed in deeper inside her and then pulled out, giving her alternating strokes of sensual speed.

His wolf howled inside him, as he gained on more speed. He could hear her moan under him, writhing under sweet pleasure. He felt an instantaneous pride as he was the one making her moan. He bit her neck, the same spot where his bite mark scar was. Somehow, he expected her to not bite back, as it was her norm to do so but he was so surprised when she bit him back even if he could sense her hesitation. Oh the sweet pain. Her bite made his wolf gained control, and pure wolf instincts overwhelmed him. He tightened his bite on her, and so does she, as he continued to pound into her, faster and then, she felt very warm as he filled her with his seed.

Carinelle felt sleepy abruptly and drained. She released her bite on him, tasting his blood in her mouth. Regret and a whole lot of mixed emotions were fighting inside her as her eyes rolled back as she slowly fell asleep. He was still deep inside her, so he gathered her to him, holding her close.

He smiled, just as he started to fall asleep too, his original plan was back in motion...


When Carinelle opened her eyes, it took her a full minute to realize that she was staring to the ceiling. Her heart felt empty as she slowly pushed Samuel's hand off her waist. He grumbled a bit in his sleep but he didn't wake up. Good, she thought to herself as she carefully got out from the bed and then she stretched a bit, feeling the soreness all over her body.

She went to the bathroom, wanting to lock the door but then, she remembered that Samuel had broken the lock off. She closed the door and then rested her back on the door, sighing. She looked up, straight into her reflection and saw a very sad looking girl staring back at her. Tears were pooling in her eyes. "Oh, don't cry..." she whispered to her reflection. "Don't cry..." she paused as she went forward to the bathroom counter and touched her reflection on the vanity mirror. "I did what I should have done ages ago...This is my responsibility." her eyes trailed to the healed bite mark reflection. There were traces of blood on her neck, she bit her lips, as she turned on the tap and quickly splashed water on to it but the dried blood won't come off.

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