tagMind ControlCruise Ship Hypnosis Pt. 02 Ch. 03

Cruise Ship Hypnosis Pt. 02 Ch. 03


They found Tony sitting in the sports bar, idly holding an alcoholic drink of some kind and staring blankly at a screen on which some kind of game was being played. Certainly, he would have been totally incapable of describing either the drink or the game. He jumped when Katie touched his shoulder and he came back to earth. His blank stare gave way to a harried and conflicted look as he realized that his wait was over.

"Everything is fine, Tony. Jane is asleep down in your room, waiting for you to wake her up."

With a grimace on his face, he turned to Matt and, hesitantly asked, "Did...did everything go ok. Did you...did you...damn it, did you screw her?"

Matt, very uncomfortably replied, "Yes, but she thought it was you. As Katie planned, she's sleeping and will wake up knowing that you might have gotten her pregnant." Then, lying in a good cause, "Remember, it was just a physical act for me, no real excitement, just enough involvement so that I could put the sperm where it needed to be,"

It was apparent that that little lie had the desired effect and Tony's face brightened. "Well, it seems weird, but, thank you. Now, I'll go and see her."

Katie gave some final instructions. "She's asleep and you sliding in bed with her will waken her. She won't be aware of any time having past, so be prepared to act as if you had finished having sex with her just a few minutes before. Nothing was said between them and nothing different was done, so there will be no problems there. Just act in the way you always have after sex. Try to remember anything she says that might be significant, particularly if she remembers anything she shouldn't. I doubt that there will be anything, but we'll go over it all tomorrow. Frankly, I'm pleased and, I'll admit, surprised and relieved, that there seemed to be no questions in her mind that Matt was you."

Tony left to join Jane while Matt and Katie continued ruminating about their very successful experience. As she watched Tony leave, she commented, "You know, that went much better than I feared. I half expected that Jane would, at least partially, come out of her trance enough for me to have to intervene, but it didn't happen. She accepted you as Tony right from the start and never wavered. It may have been that she was so concentrated on getting pregnant that you not being him was not an issue. You did everything just right – just as she expected – so there was nothing to trigger an alarm. In addition, you worked her so well that being fucked drove everything else out of her mind. That's why I had her go to sleep immediately – so no awkward inconsistences would come up when she was not 'in heat.' Anyway, you certainly had a good time!"

"That is the understatement of this year! I was really startled when I saw her come out of the bathroom! I knew that she had a nice enough figure, but it was much better than I had expected. Very nice tits and that neat parch of hair was the topper – very feminine and intimate. You know, I understand why women shave part, maybe most, of their pubic hair off because of their minimal bikinis, but I'll never understand why some men like to see a grown woman look like a little girl by having it all shaved off. Matter of taste, I guess. Anyway, when I got on the bed with her and started feeling her, I was as hard as I've ever been. Then, when she went down and took my cock in her mouth, it was all I could do not to come immediately. If she had stayed there sucking for much longer, I don't think that I could have held back!

"Boy, she was hot, too! When I felt her cunt and went down on her, I was shocked at how wet she was! There was absolutely no need for foreplay and, when I entered her, I slid in to my balls with no difficulty. That was one slick pussy!"

"Well, she's been building up to this all week and my removing any tension from her probably left her completely free to enjoy being fucked. Most important, though, she obviously never had a moment's doubt that you were Tony. In terms of controlling her perceptions, this was a complete success. Just think, you'll be able to fuck her for the next three days trying to knock her up – with her husband's approval! Reluctant but approving!"

"This is hard to believe! You know, that may have been the wildest sex I've ever had. It was just that – pure sex with no real personal involvement. I like Jane, but, up to now, she has been nothing more than a casual friend, so, when I was in her, I really wasn't, mentally, at least, fucking her, herself. She was just a willing cunt that I could use and enjoy. I was just totally lost in the physical pleasure. Maybe the realization that she was a married woman and that I might be making her pregnant was in the back of my mind, somewhere, but it wasn't a conscious motivation. I know one thing, though. I came as hard as I ever had and I was as deep into her as I could be, so right now she has active sperm waiting for that egg to appear!"

"It certainly looked that way! Still, for me at this moment, the most important thing is that my control worked and, when she's really fertile, there should be no problem giving them what they want." Looking at him with a big grin, she added, "As I just said, you can look forward to at least three more times with her – maybe more!"

"I can't wait after tonight! I had some of the same qualms that you did when we started. Now I can enjoy anticipating the next time. What about you? You don't seem to be uptight about me having her – even as hot as I got with her. How do you really feel? This certainly was not a normal situation. Did it bother you at all?"

"Surprisingly, no. Actually, I'm not surprised that I feel nothing bad about all of this. I didn't expect to feel any jealousy, and I don't. After working with Jane the last several days, I saw the whole thing as a professional challenge – getting her to accept you as Tony and having you fuck her. I saw this as a non-personal thing in which we were doing something to help them with their goal of getting her pregnant and I assumed that you would enjoy your part of the effort. Why on earth wouldn't you? The fact that you would physically be inside of her wasn't an issue – it certainly wasn't a threat to me or our relationship. That's just the way it worked out and I have absolutely no negative feelings about it.

"However, there is one major, actually unbelievable, surprise that did occur. Rather than standing back in my professional 'above-the-fray' attitude, I was shocked to find that I got extremely excited in what was happening and, mentally, at least, I was part of the entire affair. When she came out of the bathroom, completely naked, I had the same startled realization about her figure that you did and, instead of just admiring her, I got really, really hot! Unbelievably, it flashed through my mind that I wanted to feel her! I didn't think of having sex with her, but I had this urge to feel her!"

"Wow, that is something! I remember, of course, that we speculated at first about how wild it would be to feel Janice Johnson's tits – which it was – but this sounds like a lot more!"

"Oh, it was a lot more. When you were in the shower and she was walking around the room naked, getting the bed ready, and then lying down waiting for you, I couldn't take my eyes off her and it wasn't casual admiration of her body. Damn it, I had a real sexual desire to go over and lie down with her! Then, when you came out and lay down beside her and the two of you started kissing and you feeling her breasts, my pussy probably was as wet as hers."

"My god, this is unreal! You never thought of doing anything with Janice other than feeling her, just saying how nice her tits were and commenting about how firm they were. This sounds like a lot more than that!"

"No there wasn't anything serious with Janine, but I was really into it this time. I just stared, almost hypnotized myself as she sucked you, mentally urging her on. I had the funniest feeling as you went down on her. I can't say that I wanted to be doing that instead of you, but I certainly wasn't repelled by the idea as I would have expected. Then, when you prepared to get on her, I moved in right beside you – I knew that she couldn't see me – and looked at her pussy and your cock. I watched as she took your cock and placed it at her hole and helped you get into her. I was there the whole time you were fucking her and, occasionally when you pulled out, I could see your cock wet from her cunt. It's hard to admit this – I actually wasn't going to admit it – but I took my pants and panties down and played with myself while you were fucking her! I had a tremendous orgasm at almost the same time you did!"

Matt just sat there staring at Katie, his mouth literally hanging open, his mind frozen, as he tried to absorb her shocking statement. Finally, the gears engaged again and he was able to exclaim, "Wow, talk about surprises! You've never expressed the slightest interest in sex of any kind with another woman! I just can't picture you acting like that! You came right up to the bed and watched me fuck her? And went off? This is almost beyond belief!"

"Tell me about it! If you're shocked, think about me! Now, this may well be a one-time thing and won't happen again. The situation was unique – watching my husband, with my help, fucking another woman right in front of me. Maybe it was seeing the sex act live a few feet away that caused my reaction, like seeing a live porn show. I just don't know. However, I've studied enough psychology that I accept that sexual urges and desires are involuntary and can surprise and shock us when they unexpectedly emerge. What we do about those urges and desires is something else, however.

"Self-control, our ideas of morality, etc. can cause us to restrain ourselves, but the desire will still be there and people often feel guilt because they 'shouldn't' have those feelings. I have no feeling of guilt and I am very curious as to why I was so unbelievably aroused this evening. To the best of my recollections, I never have had any bisexual urges before and this may just be an aberration that won't reappear. Tonight was, obviously, a very different circumstance, and, frankly, I won't be bothered either way. I will tell you, however, I that I never remember being more aroused that I was tonight!"

"Well, this certainly makes tomorrow night's activities even more interesting. I can fuck Jane without any real concern that she will wake up and scream when she realizes that it's not her husband in her and we may discover that my very straight wife is at least somewhat bisexual! I can't wait!"

The following day was a busy one, leaving little time to ponder the questions raised last night. The ship was "at sea," meaning that all passengers were on board. Katie and Matt had two group sessions scheduled plus several private appointments which kept them busy. Nonetheless, they had an encounter with Jane and Tony who joined them while they were having breakfast. Jane hurried up to them, effervescent and eager to talk about her experience last night.

"Oh, Katie, you're wonderful! I wasn't the least up tight or nervous last night!" Glancing slyly toward Tony, she blurted out that, "We had a wonderful time and I'm sure that Tony put a lot of stuff in me to wait for my egg!" She giggled and continued, "Every time I say my 'egg,' I feel like a chicken!" Giggling again, she added, "This egg will take nine months to hatch! Tony will have to crow like a real rooster! Won't you, honey?"

Tony, obviously flustered – understandable considering the situation – replied, a bit ruefully, "I think handing out cigars is the classic way of announcing a birth for men. I don't smoke, so I may use email or something."

Jane, on a high that was destined to last the rest of the cruise, never even noted her husband's less than animated response to her enthusiastic account of the previous night's activities. "Katie, I know that I'm being a nuisance, but everything worked so well for me last night. Would you be willing to come down and...well, I guess, reinforce my non-nervous state? I felt absolutely no tension after you left last night and it just made everything perfect."

"Don't worry, honey, I'll reinforce it every night. Tension free guaranteed!" Then, leaning over to her ear, pseudo-conspiratorially she whispered, deliberately loud enough for the men to hear, "And, if you decide to have any afternoon rendezvous, I'll be of service then, too! Now, we have to go – I have a group session in a half-hour."

As Matt and Katie left the other couple, they talked about how weird the situation had been at the table. As Matt said, "All I could think of as they walked up was that I had fucked her last night! I looked at what she was wearing and thought that I knew exactly what she looked like under her clothes. I didn't exactly gape at her, but it was hard to react to her the way I had before!"

"I know just what you mean! When I looked up and saw them coming, I pictured her coming out of the bathroom naked and how sexy she looked! I'll admit that my reaction...no, to be honest, my physical attraction to her last night caused me to have a very different feeling about her as we were talking. I think that we acted naturally enough and she was so high that she wouldn't have noticed anyway! On the other hand, Tony obviously was very uncomfortable although he tried to hide it."

"Yeah, that was pretty obvious. Not as enthusiastic as Jane probably expected. Is there anything you can do to make it easier for him?"

"I've been thinking about that, and I may give it a try. If I can be alone with him a few minutes this evening, I may suggest something."

The conversation ended there as they had to concentrate of their other obligations, but Jane and Tony were in their thoughts throughout the day. They had arranged to meet later that evening and around 11:00, they sat talking in one of the many bar lounges before getting to the night's real entertainment. With the previous night's success, there was considerably less urgency and concern. It was more a feeling of postponing something to anticipate and savor it more. Even Jane didn't feel the pressure to get started since she was now certain the Katie could wipe away the tension that kept her childless. Katie, herself, was more relaxed since her "suggestion" that Matt was Tony had worked so well. Matt was enjoying the moment, relishing what was coming.

The only one not anticipating the coming event was, of course, Tony. He tried his best, particularly when with Jane, but his normal buoyant good humor had a cloud over it. He was sitting there, having a casual conversation while in his mind, torturing him, was the realization that, in a short time, his wife would be taken away to be fucked and bred while he waited, impotently, to join her when the deed was done. No matter how he tried to console himself that it was best for her, it was not a good feeling.

Fortunately, that gloomy feeling that depressed him was about to be eased, somewhat. Matt was able to steer Jane over to a railing overlooking the deck below where a dance contest was taking place. Meantime, Katie, while talking to Tony, was able to trigger his post-hypnotic state and ease his mind. As she told Matt later, "I really didn't say anything new. I just repeated over and over that it was just like a medical procedure with no personal relationship. I even stressed the idea that for you it was as if you were masturbating, hardly even aware of her as a woman. I added that it was like a prostitute who had no interest in the 'john' who was fucking her. I drummed those ideas into his mind, suggesting that he shouldn't be concerned any more than he would be when she had a pelvic exam from a doctor. When I brought him out of it, he clearly was less morose and actually smiled a bit – not really cheerful, but not miserable."

"Gods, you think that he bought all of that? If so, you're even better than I thought!"

"Well, part of it comes from him really wanting to believe it. He would like it to be that way and I merely strengthened the ideas that were already in his mind."

"Whatever, he certainly didn't seem as depressed. He actually half smiled and said 'good luck' when we left. That makes me feel better."

"Me too."

The three of them, Jane, her ersatz husband "Tony" and her therapist, Katie, entered her stateroom and Katie gave her the same instructions as the previous night, but added one new item, "You are all alone with Tony and any touches on your body will be by him. You will react the same way to all touches and feel no difference among them." This was repeated several times with Jane's vocal acquiescence. Her "suggestions" firmly embedded in Jane's mind, Katie presumably left the husband and wife alone.

Obviously, that was not the case and Katie merely stepped back as Jane began to undress. Matt looked at his wife with a surprised questioning look on his face, enquiring about her additions to Jane's instructions. Nothing had been said about doing anything different and he was, naturally, curious about what it meant. As Jane went into the bathroom, Katie gave him a wry grin in response to his quizzical expression and said quietly, "I know. I should have said something, but I hadn't made up my mind. I think that I want to feel her boobs! And, damn, maybe her pussy! I don't really understand myself, but I really want to! I won't get in the way and she shouldn't notice a thing."

"Ok, that's fine with me as long as you are sure that she's under deep enough."

"She certainly should be and I'll be there – obviously – if she reacts wrong. Damn it, the idea excites me and I want to know if I actually get anything out of touching her. Feeling her may do nothing for me sexually, but this is a good time to find out!"

"Fine, go for it! Now, let me get my clothes off – I know that fucking her will do something for me!" He quickly stripped his clothes off and just before Jane came out, he made an offer to Katie. "When she comes back up after sucking me, I'll kiss her but instead of feeling her tits, I'll hold my hands off of them and, if you want to, you can feel them. The same thing with her cunt if..."

Before he could finish his sentence, the bathroom door opened and a smiling, eager Jane came out. Seeing "Tony" standing there, but blind to Katie, she embraced her "husband," wiggled her lower body against his semi-hard cock, and enticed him to bed with, "Let's make a baby, honey! I'm really ready tonight!" Reaching down, she grasped his cock, which was now no longer "semi" anything, and playfully pulled him toward the bed. Matt dutifully followed!

Katie had the most unusual reaction to the whole situation. When Jane had appeared, she had that same sexual urge toward her, something she never had had for another woman. The lights were still on full, so Jane's "charms" were blatantly displayed as she came into the room. Her tits, probably a firm B-cup, quivered as she walked, their pink nipples standing erect, demonstrating her excitement. Down below, the neat patch of hair covering her pubic mound emphasized her nudity and her femininity. That wave of sexual curiosity that had flowed over Katie yesterday returned and she felt urge to touch her.

However, when she watched Jane embrace Matt and seductively writhe against him and hold his cock, she felt a totally unexpected flash of what could only be jealousy! That was odd after she had watched the complete act of sexual intercourse in which they had been as intimate as possible, but, afterwards, she concluded that the difference was the casual intimacy with which Jane acted. Even so, it was a surprising reaction.

At almost the same time, she felt a somewhat less surprising feeling of embarrassment as she heard Jane's very personal appeal to the man she thought was her husband. It was the type of moment that should be private, one that showed affection and intimacy that should not be spied upon. As a therapist, Jane was trained to hear intimate secrets and not be affected by them, but this was personal and really made her uneasy as she watched and listened. However, like the flash of jealousy, this feeling was soon banished by the sexual activities that followed, but Jane had a much greater feeling of guilt from hearing those brief words than she did from those more immoral activities. She could ruminate about those issues later, but now she would watch Jane and Matt in the basic act of fucking.

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