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Cruise Ship Sex


My wife and I host business workshops on cruise ships so we are able to combine business with pleasure. We are in our mid-fifties. Ani is a very attractive redhead, 5'6" and has never shown any inclination to playing around. She has been married several times and had a number of earlier affairs. "I am a one man woman, and you are that man," she says. She is totally uninhibited when we are alone and gradually has gotten into light exhibitionism.

When we are working on the cruises she is the most conservative person you could find. I have been trying to interest her in a three-some. Her fantasy that she will not act out is to have sex with a black stud – a remembrance of one of her 'single' periods.

It was warm on this Caribbean cruise and we had some delightful sex before dinner. Our cabin had a balcony that was attached to a little used public area of the ship It was to be a formal night and I dressed quickly as I had to meet one of the 30 workshop guests in the lounge. Generally the workshop attendees bring a partner, friend or significant other so there are about 60 people in our group. Ani said she would meet me at dinner.

The woman I was meeting was with a major pharmaceutical company (actually a competitor of Pfizer) and we were being asked to consider them as a client in a marketing program for something better than Viagra. You know, quicker acting, longer response, fast recovery, more ejaculate and cheaper. She intimated that I could try out the samples with her. I thought I would try them out with Ani.

I went to the dining room – everyone looked so elegant and the women looked so sexy in their log dresses, (many with almost to the waist slit skirts) high heels and jewelry. Ani was already seated at our table and we had four other couples from our party with us. I had already ordered wine and everyone was just exuberant. The conversation flowed nicely and maybe, I thought, provocatively.

Ani was in a very animated conversation with Keith a very handsome black man who coincidentally was married to Marie the woman I had met with earlier. Ani and I headed up to the top deck where there was some great dance music. Several others from our party were also there. Ani looked quite conservative. Long black dress, heels, and a choker. No low cut, no slit skirt. Oh, well.

We danced a slow number and as I held her in my arms, I realized that she wasn't wearing a bra or panties. I slid my hands down a bit further and felt the top of her thigh hi's. I was getting hard. I kissed her and whispered that I really wanted to take her back to the cabin and bend her over the balcony railing, flip her dress up and fuck her. She said that she was all for it but knew I had to check on the meeting rooms and materials for the next days workshops. I kissed her while kneading her well shaped ass through her dress and said that I would be back in about one half hour.

Just as I was leaving Keith came over and said that Marie wasn't feeling well and had gone back to their cabin. I said that I had to go and that Ani wanted to dance some more. I left her in good, safe hands, I thought.

The music started playing again as I left and I looked back and saw Ani and Keith dancing. They looked very comfortable. In Ani's words, here is what happened.

Adam left me with Keith and the little wine I had, the music and dancing left me feeling a little less conservative. About five years before I met Adam I had had a relationship with a black guy and I found it to be quite satisfying. However, I doubted this dance with Keith would lead to anything and I knew he was concerned with Marie.

We danced a few fast numbers and then a real slow one. Keith was quite light on his feet. He held me quite closely. I cuddled into him and he started stroking my back through my dress. He could not find a bra, as there was none. He moved his hand lower to my waist and when he didn't find a panty-line, pulled me closer to him. I could feel his cock getting hard through his pants. Knowing that I could get this hunk hard even if I was an 'old broad' had a scintillating effect on me.

It was getting late and our workshop attendees had already left the disco. I was exhilarated. The next few numbers were fast and Keith would spin me out and then pull me back in so that my back was pushed into his crotch. His cock would fit nicely in my crack. He lets his hands roam the front of my body, stroking my breasts, squeezing my nipples and then dropping to my pussy. I was breathing quite hard. I turned to him and brought my lips to his and kissed him, opening my mouth to accept his probing tongue. I thought of his tongue licking my clit and shuddered. I slipped my hand between us and squeezed his cock.

Could I turn back? Did I want to, was more the question.

I told Keith that I was hot – he said that that was an understatement.

We went outside and walked down a ladder to be able to look out on the ocean, at the twinkling stars and the moon. I leaned on the railing Keith stood behind me with his cock nestled between my cheeks. I pictured what Adam had suggested and was waiting for my skirt to be lifted and Keith's chunky cock to slip into my super wet over-heated cunt. That was not to be. Keith turned me around to face him; he kissed me passionately while he unzipped my dress. He sliped the straps off my shoulder and my gown fell to the deck. I was naked, save my choker; black thigh hi's and heels.

As I reached for his trouser zipper, Keith kneeled down, spread my legs and started licking my clit. I was in heaven. The warm soft breeze blowing me while Keith was doing the same. I had several orgasms. Keith stood up and shared my cunt juice with me. I unzipped his pants and dropped to my knees to suck his cock. While sucking that tool I slipped his shoes off and finished removing his pants. I felt his sac tighten and stopped sucking him. I stood up and he had thrown his jacket off and was wearing a white shirt.

I turned around and bent over the railing. My breasts hanging over the ship's railing. Keith slipped his saliva-wet cock in me and he started pumping. I came several more times. I realized that someone-else was close by. My heart started to speed up and I realized that we were next to Adam's and my cabin and the lights just went on.

Adam leaned out from the cabin balcony and saw me, my head and breasts at least. He leaned into me and kissed me while he squeezed my nipple – something that is guaranteed to get me off. Meanwhile Keith was filling my cunt with his seed.

Adam suggested we collect our things and come to bed.

Stayed tuned for the rest of the voyage.

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