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Cruise Ship Wild Gym Sex


Fuck it I thought and I gave in to Rachel as she lifted my ass to ease my yoga pants off the hips exposing my newly trimmed pussy. Instead of a large black bush, I was now sporting a landing strip about 4 inches long and directing anyone that wants to the sweet spot above my clit.

Well I've veered out of control on this Caribbean cruise. On Day two I had sex with a married Italian man in the sauna. Well I didn't fuck him but that is only because we were interrupted just as I was ready to mount him after he made me cum twice with his finger and tongue. I'm still looking for him to ride his hard dick somewhere on this ship, so far without success.

The next day I had sex in the hot tub with one of the servers and then I gave myself a day off before I fucked a few folks in the gym on the boat today. That is a lot of sex for a woman that has been married 25 years and never had sex with another man during that time.

I did not expect to turn into a middle aged slut on this cruise but I've been loving it ever since I boarded. So this morning I put on my tight black yoga pants over a red thong, I struggled to get my 36DD's into a bright peach, spandex halter top with no bra. I sprayed a tiny bit of perfume on my neck and pussy and headed for the gym at 7 am.

I have figured out that the best time for action on the boat is early in the morning as everyone sleeps late. And suddenly I'm addicted to action despite my long time marriage. So I waltzed my 55 year old ass into the bright gym on the bow of the ship. I looked good for my age with medium length black hair, a huge rack, nice hips, and a pretty good ass for my age.

There were treadmills across much of the bow of the ship looking out on the water. There were some free weight benches there too with a gorgeous view of the water. And there were very few people there. I saw about six people on the treadmill and one couple that was pushing the free weights. There were 3 hot women on the treadmills and a couple hard body guys hitting it hard, not the ladies but the treadmills.

I recognized the lady lifting on the bench and went over to say hello. We had met at the hot tub but I don't remember meeting her boyfriend. She introduced me to Matt and reminded me that her name was Rachel, Hot Rachel I thought and I wondered how Matt was when he fucked her.

I asked her why they were up so early this morning and she said they retired early last night to a private party in their stateroom, so they could get a workout this morning. Damn, I missed the party I thought.

Rachel and Matt were both in their 40's with tight bodies and dressed provocatively for the gym. In fact, when she laid back to hit a few dumbbell presses I'm pretty sure I saw the outline of her pussy pushing back in her tight black yoga shorts. Damn, that was hot, I've never had sex with another woman but that was enticing.

Matt wasn't much taller than either me or Rachel but he had a chiseled body with a nice tan he was showing off with his tank top. His tight shorts couldn't hide his junk and he caught me staring at his package a couple times. I looked away embarrassed and he gave me a sly smile.

I jumped in with Rachel to share the bench and I was trying my best to get a decent workout while showing off my goods. Two of the ladies hopped off the treadmills and left the gym and two of the guys still on the treadmill were hurting their necks checking us out with the dumbbells.

At one point I asked Matt to spot me and when he took the dumbbells from me he intentionally brushed my tits. I didn't complain at all. I warned him to be careful with the merchandise or he'd have to unwrap it and Rachel laughed and said he loves to do just that.

I sat up on the bench and Matt put the dumbbells down and came up behind me and started rubbing my shoulders with his strong hands. Yum, that felt so good. His hands worked up to my neck and I could feel my pussy telling me that it was game on with this couple in the gym.

"Don't stop Matt," I warned him as be started to back off.

At that point Rachel sat on the bench inches from me and started rubbing my tits over my tight top. My nipples instantly jumped to attention. And then I felt Matt's hands back on my upper back. Oh this is nice. A four hand massage in the gym.

As I started to moan in pleasure, Rachel eased my body down on the bench and her face went down to my shorts. She simply started licking my slit right over the fabric. Oh that is sooo nice.

Matt, not to be outdone, reached up and pulled my top off my tits and right over my head. My big tits went sideways on the bench but I must say I did not complain even though I knew there were a couple guys and gals on the treadmills. Ooh, Rachel's tongue was making its mark down there and I rolled my head back on the bench with the new found pleasure.

Matt had stepped to my side and was now working over my tits with his mouth. I noticed that several of the guys had slowed to a walk on the treadmills and were now staring at the three of us on the bench. Matt was swirling his tongue around my nipples and they were so hard. I laughed and asked if this is what I missed last night at their private party in the stateroom.

Rachel wasted little time pushing my legs apart and gently placed her tongue on my clit. Oh shit that felt so good. I had lost all abandon and didn't care that they were working me over as several guys watched. I was now quietly moaning with Rachel on my pussy and Matt sucking my tits.

I reached down to spread my lips wide and noticed just how wet my pussy was at this point. I also noticed two of the guys from the treadmill were now just a couple feet away from me and they were stroking their dicks in front of us all. I also noticed a good looking 50 year old woman smiling at me from the lat pull down machine.

Matt was working over the girls when I suggested he get naked. He didn't need to be asked twice as he slipped off his shorts to highlight a nice thick, eight inch spear at full attention. I simply reached up and grabbed it and started stroking it hard. And it was really hard, like a piece of steel. Oh I was going to fuck that thing for sure and sooner than later.

So there I was, laying completely naked, spread eagle on the bench, Rachel sucking my pussy, Matt's dick in hand while he worked over my nipples, and a couple guys stroking a few feet away. As I considered my predicament, I noticed the very pretty woman on the lat machine had slipped her hand down into her shorts.

One of the guys stroking his dick commented that he loved my red painted toenails so I ordered him to rub my feet and suck my toes. I had no idea who he was but he had a nice, long, slender penis, good abs, and a large shock of hair on his now bare chest.

He wasted little time getting into position to suck my toes and the other guy that was stroking his short, extremely thick manhood simply walked over to the other side of the bench and started sucking the tit that Matt could not.

I was still stroking Matt's rod of steel and I pulled his chest right down to mine and kissed him hard and long. Rachel's tongue was working it's magic down below and my hips were rising to meet her tongue. I had a guy sucking my toes and two tongues on my tits. Hell, I would have paid for all this attention but this was free for the taking, I thought as my tongue met Matt's.

I couldn't take it anymore and I simply eased Matt's body over the top of me. I grabbed his hips and ass and pulled him up so he could mount me. His hardness brushed against my hips and it felt amazing. He lifted his leg over the bench while I grabbed eight inches of thick, hard cock, and eased it into my dripping wet pussy that Rachel had prepared so well.

He was thick and it was tight despite my wet pussy that had birthed three children. Oh damn. I can't believe how tight his dick felt in me and I started to moan with pleasure. He plunged in deep and I could feel my juices flowing down my leg. He was moving slowly up and down and stretching me to the delight of the group. I'm not sure where Rachel went but honestly I didn't care. I was riding her man's cock and it was good.

I was building to a big eruption and I could still feel a tongue on my tits and one on my toes. At that point Matt lifted his chest up, locked his arms in a pushup position and started slamming his cock into me hard, and at a feverish pace. OMG I couldn't take much more. His position had knocked my tit-licker out of the way. He now sat on the floor right next to me stroking his short, hard dick to completion and I watched as his jism went flying two feet into the air.

It made me laugh but Matt's dick brought me back to the moment. His straight ahead pounding had switched to a side-to-side motion and he was stretching me even more. But the damage was done. I started to meet every one of his strokes with my hips so I was now fucking his steel rod, that was harder than anything I can ever remember mounting.

"I'm fucking your brains out Mattie boy," I said as I squeezed my pussy muscles around his shaft.

"Don't you come yet, I'm not done fucking you." I commanded.

I noticed my feet were now on the floor and I was pushing my whole body up to meet him with everyone of his pushes. We were fucking each other and it was amazing. He was now moaning wildly as my pussy was doing some damage to his cock.

And just like that there was a naked Rachel reaching her left hand down to my clit. She reached her right hand behind Matt to fondle his balls as they were slamming into me. I remember thinking that she had a hot ass but I was so focused on fucking Matt and meeting everyone of his strokes that it felt like a dream.

As Rachel's finger found my enraged clit I knew I was about to cum. Matt moaned with pleasure and warned her against touching his balls but she was not going to listen to him. I could feel the waves of pleasure building from my pussy and stretching down to my toes as they started to curl in ecstasy.

And off I went. A hard long cum.

"Oh fuck Matt, don't stop," I begged. He responded with pleasureful groans.

And Matt kept fucking me and I came again. And then I felt the hot cream in my pussy as he shot a stream of cum deep into my pussy. He pulled out and covered my stomach and tits with more streams of cum. Umm, umm, umm is all I could muster. I grabbed his fading dick and stroked the last drops of cream from it and onto my horny tits.

At this point I noticed that not only were we a cream covered mess but we were covered in sweat. Matt rolled off me and onto the floor. Rachel was clapping and congratulating both of us on a great performance and an amazing workout and we all laughed.

I told them I was headed for the shower and as I left the gym, Rachel was bent over the bench taking the long, thin dick of the toe-sucker into her pussy from behind. She was trying to bring Matt's rod back to life with her mouth so she was getting a good workout too. The pretty woman from the lat machine was spread eagle on the floor, legs high in the air, taking in the short, fat dick of the tit-sucker and she seemed to be enjoying herself.

As I headed to the shower I thought this cruise was completely out of control and I loved every minute of it. My cum covered pussy was tingling. My legs were weak, but I wanted more cock. What I slut I am is all I thought of as I turned the hot water on in the locker room shower.

The Captains Ball is tomorrow night and I am planning to go out with a bang.

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Never done much cruising, but maybe

Never really have been into cruising, but it apparently has some appeal xoxoxoxoxo Annette

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