Cruise to The Stars


"Attention passengers this is the captain of the Getaway speaking." The captains voice said over the loud speakers. "I would like to take a moment to welcome you all aboard. We have just now crossed into international waters so the bar is now open to those over the age of 18. Once again welcome aboard."

There was a small roar of applause from the younger people in the casino area and even a few orders for stiff drinks. Lisa finished her drink rather fast and was already feeling the effects of the first strong drink. Rio came back a few minutes later with a fresh one for her and also took their orders for their meals before hurrying off.

"Its so nice to be spending time with you again." Katie said taking a sip from her drink.

"Yeah things between us have been a little awkward since we broke up."

"I know. But now we are here on a ship practically alone having a romantic meal."

"So you did invite me here to get back with me?" Lisa asked feeling very hopeful.

"Lisa I never stopped loving you. Things just got a little too real for me."

Lisa felt like she was going to cry as she reached across the table and took Katie's hand in hers. She was trying to think of something really romantic to say when Rio came back over with their meals. Lisa reluctantly took her hands out of Katie's so Rio could place her meal down on the table. Lisa almost never took her eyes off of Katie the whole time she ate. By the time they were done with their meals and paid the tab they were both stumbling slightly from the drinks Rio kept bringing them. Katie was a little more wobbly than Lisa was and needed to lean against her for support as they walked. Soon they were back at their room and trying to slide the card key into the lock. After several tries they managed to succeed and all but toppled to the floor.

"And you said you are not drunk." Katie said laughing as she tried to keep her balance.

"I am fine. You are the one throwing me off balance." Lisa argued.

Katie pushed Lisa up against the wall and placed her hands on both sides of her head. She leaned in and pressed her lips to Lisa's. Lisa wanted this more than she knew because when Lisa's lips touched hers her knees buckled.

"Graceful." Katie said as she started to slip out of her dress.

Lisa watched as Katie wiggled her ass as she slid the dress off of her hips and tossed the dress across the room. When she turned back to Lisa she had her hands covering her breasts and a look a seduction on her face.

"Come help me with my panties my hands are full." She said.

"Katie there is no way your tits could possibly keep both of your hands full." Lisa laughed getting off the floor.

"They always seemed to keep your hands busy."

They both laughed as Lisa crossed the room and kneeled in front of Katie. She ran her hands slowly up Lisa's legs exploring every part of her legs as if it was the first time she ever felt them. When she reached her thighs Lisa began kissing her way along both legs making Katie bow her back in pleasure. When Lisa's hands found the thin cloth of Katie's panties she hooked her fingers along the band and slowly started to slide them down. When her pussy came into view Lisa's own pussy started to tingle. As fast as she could she removed Katie's panties and tossed them aside and slid her hands back up her legs. She could see her lips through the thick hair covering her pussy and could also see the moisture of her arousal.

"I missed your pussy so much." Lisa said before diving face first into her.

Whatever words Katie was going to saw were lost in the scream of ecstasy. Lisa grabbed onto Katie's hips and plunged her tongue as deep into Katie's pussy as she could reach. She knew how to work her up to some powerful orgasms. Somewhere among the endless screams and moans Lisa understood when Katie told her that she loved her. Her lips and tongue were too busy to reply to her and was not about to stop what she was doing. After several minutes of tongue fucking her Lisa slid one hand down from her thigh and plunged two fingers into her sopping hole. That proved to be the final straw for her, she exploded in a gush of fluid and screams of pleasure as her orgasm cascaded over her.

Lisa held on to her lover as she bucked and gushed for several seconds before she collapsed on the bed. Lisa kissed her way up Katie's body until she was straddling her hips. They started kissing and caressing each others bodies but Katie was getting more and more sleepy as time went on. It seemed like the combination of alcohol, food and sex was more than her body could handle. Lisa finally slid off the bed and pulled the covers out from under Katie and replaced them over her nude body before heading for the shower.

The temptation to masturbate was extreme but she suppressed it because she knew she had 7 more days and night to cum as many times as Katie could make her. Things had happened much faster than she would have thought possible but she was thrilled none the less by the outcome of the evening. Once she was out of the shower she dried off and walked back into the main room still nude and climbed into the bed with Katie who was already fast asleep.

"I love you Katie." She whispered into her ear. "Tomorrow we are going to watch the sun rise and then I am going to prove to you just how much I love you."

She clicked off the lights and cuddled up next to her sleeping lover and the last thing she thought before she fell asleep was rather or not there was a store on the ship that sold rings.

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