tagIncest/TabooCrumbling Boundaries: The Deal

Crumbling Boundaries: The Deal


This is part two of a two part story. Part one was Crumbling Boundaries.

After the events of the past week, I had to put my thoughts in order and give some serious consideration to what my 'boundaries' were. My dad and I without any discussion thus far had gradually slipped into an unspoken pattern which gave him pretty unfettered access to my body, though I had drawn a clear line against our activities of one week ago. But he still liked to touch me as I napped in the study, with his hands now roaming along my body and under my clothes as I 'slept' without limits. And I was conflicted about this. On the one hand it had to stop, on the other I didn't really want it to. The devotion and reverence of my dad now was delicious and intoxicating. My one line drawn in the sand now was related to the area of the house that was mine, where my bedroom was and my bathroom. It was off limits!

Even then, my own internal dialogue played with this line in the sand. This line in fact felt like the sand that was continually moved by each random wave - of desire, or memory, or emotion and its shifting motion washed over me from moment to moment. In fact, tonight here I was laying on my bed with the door closed reliving in my mind the morning that I let dad take a shower with me. I could feel my stomach rise and fall with his touches and pressed my thighs together as I remembered his mouth tonguing my pink center as his fingers worked inside me, and I would slip my fingers back inside myself to that place where he was, and try recreate the orgasm that had washed over me. Who knew what he could do to me, what I wanted, what I could want. I looked into the mirror and watched myself, legs spread on the covers.

Dad was having a hard time with the new 'rules,' and his sullen and surly nature began to emerge again; for while he could hold and touch me I know that now he wanted more. He became outright depressed, and I could not help but feel that it was my fault. I sat down with dad and explained that he needed to see other women, get out in the world and to stop depending on me for his 'outlet.' He explained that it was so difficult, that he was aware of how much things changed in the world of dating and that it scared him, he wasn't ready, etc. etc.

"You're a wonderful, gentle, attractive man," I smiled at him.

"You have to say that, you're my little girl, look at me."

In that moment I did. He was about thirty pounds overweight, out of shape, thinning hair; but nice gentle eyes. He could really look great.

I had inspiration, "I'll help you!" And I leaned toward him took his hand in mine and batted my eyes at him adding, "and I will motivate you."

He looked at me expectantly.

"For every ten pounds you lose, you can, we can . . . you know - do what we did before," I blushed and putting my head down looked up at him as I spoke to him. "And when you lose all those thirty pounds," I poked his belly, "we can go out on a date. A proper date. I'll be your teacher, I'll teach you everything you need to know to get back out there in the dating world and find yourself a woman. What do you think?"

I could see the wheels rolling in his brain, he had a half smile, and I also could not miss the outright lust in his eyes. He reached out with his hands now and lay them in my lap, reaching under my skirt and gently began to caress me through my panties. I didn't move and generally ignored his touch, which was a violation of my rules at this moment, but I wanted to be 'encouraging.'

"That certainly would be motivation. I would do anything to - lay with you again," he lowered his voice at the last part and looked me in the eyes.

I blushed. "Exactly, see! We can work through this." I was teasing him now with my puss, sliding it along his hand. Though again he was getting to me and I added, "of course little indiscretions along the way might be ok, sort of as reminders."

"Of the goal," he finished what I was thinking. I felt his fingers pull my panties aside as he slid his fingers into me. It was delicious, fed right into my hunger (which he did not entirely realize) and I could feel myself spreading my legs letting the skirt slide up to my crotch and pushing, pressing my now hungry pussy into his hands.

Shit, I need Control, I thought and I said, "Ah. Ah. Ah. Little indiscretions only," as I - reluctantly- pulled his wet fingers away from me, though my legs were splayed and my skirt remained up around my waist. "I'm trying to motivate."

This was a good plan I kept convincing myself. Dad went out and bought some workout equipment and dieting books. He really did hit the program with gusto, and I knew that the first ten pounds would be the easiest to come off, so within the first month he had me accompany him to the scale one morning and sure enough he had lost ten pounds!

"Congratulations," I cooed to him as I felt myself going wet. I went up on my tippie toes with him still on the scale, and put my nose up to his and gave him a lovely slow sensual kiss, wrapping my arms around his middle, letting my breasts brush against his chest, thinking to myself, damn he HAS lost some weight. We tongued for a little while that morning in the bathroom, me standing there in my bra and panties, while he had on just a pair of boxers. I laughed as that penis of his sprung to attention.

I took it in my hand through his boxers and played with it as I spoke, "Lets you and me have a nice dinner this evening, and then your motivational reward," and I walked out of the bathroom to finish getting ready in my room.

But he followed me into my room (a violation of the rules), "I don't want to wait honey."

I looked at dad standing there and just motioned him over to my bed.

"This will be it then. What, you want a quickie huh? I don't have a lot of time," I checked the clock.

"Sweetie, I've been going crazy. I just want you so bad right now. It's been . . . " That feeling of lust and need and devotion continued to draw me in. I could feel myself melting.

"Come here," I patted the bed and rolled myself onto my back, "undress me."

He so gently slid my panties off as I lifted my hips to him. Then my bra.

"And those," I said pointing at his boxers and tugging at the waistband. We were naked and I pulled him up beside me on my bed where there was only a light coming through from the bathroom, and we lay in the low light looking and touching each other. He leaned into me and kissed me so softly. God he was good I thought.

"Women are crazy not to fall for you," I said.

I felt his hands slide down into me and let my legs open wider.

"I don't know what you do to me. I feel like it has been forever since I had you - like last time," he whispered.

And I could feel his heart pounding in his chest as his face mottled as his eyes drank me in with pure lust and desire. Feeling so wanted brought out a girlishness in me and I felt a femininity, a wanting to please that was new to me.

"You want me? You have me, at least for this morning." I could feel his fingers insinuating themselves inside my cunt, that luscious feeling of being filled pressed into, but then I felt this hunger rising in me for much much more. <I can't let him know this.>

I curled myself around him, letting my bottom settle solidly in his hand. He kissed me again, and whispered to me, "God you are wet, you really do like this don't you?"

I just looked at him and said, "I'm wet for you, no one else."

"How far can I go?"

I played the flirt, his little girl flirt. I bit my lower lip, like I was thinking about it. He was working my clit furiously and it was certainly muddling my brain but I really wanted this to last - to last and last. Give in now and the game is over. I rubbed my bottom hard into his hand and pressed and arched my back along his skin. What a decision as we let our bodies rub into each other. "You can eat me dad, that was the deal. I want more too. I really do, but you've got more to do." He just looked at me, and then began to kiss his way down my front and in the way I had grown accustomed, opened me right up and settled his mouth on me.

"I'll make you crazy then. You're going to want ME."

He had no idea.

And I could feel that little tongue of his pushing into me like a cock would, teasing along my labia, Oh my god it was making me crazy. I was sliding hard along his mouth, so hungry. He was licking me and saying things like this could me my cock, does my little girl want to be fucked.

"You're terrible," I purred, but then he stopped for a little while just at the point where I was feeling myself rise to orgasm. And he rose back up to me, kissing me again as I could taste myself on his lips. "I can wait too," and he touched me on the nose.

"I want to come. Make me come."

He said, "And I want to fuck you, let me fuck you."

"Nu-uh." I said pouting. He still had his hand between my legs stroking me lightly and I was twitching with desire. My body was liquid against him.

"Well, I'll eat you then," I said. "At least I can fill myself up, the other end up." And I started to suck hard on his cock, as he continued fingering me. I kept trying to position myself on his hand to work myself up to an orgasm, but somehow he knew my body and could keep me right at the edge. It was becoming almost painful. I could not stand it anymore, and was sucking on him furiously until his cock was spraying into me, I could feel the cum rising in my throat and took him all inside. He was spent, but still I had not come. He lay back on the bed, satisfied. I was bouncing on the bed over him, my pussy positioned above his limp cock. You could see my wetness glistening at the bottom of my bush, I was nearly dripping on him now.

"Daddy. You have to finish. I can't stand it. Finish what you started."

But he just reached up and pulled me down on top of him, I could feel his soft cock touching me at my abdomen. "We can both wait," he said.

I rolled onto my back and let him watch me masturbate myself to a full orgasm, he kissed my breasts as I cried out arching my back with my hands between my legs. It felt great, but not the same from what I remembered before. He was still kissing my breasts so tenderly as I looked down at him and wrapped my hands around his head. I loved this attention, and then I looked at the clock. "Oh my God,"I said, "I have to go, I'm late - again." He hopped off the bed left my room and I got ready, but the entire day I was so hot, so horney. My middle just hurt with desire, during one class I was literally rubbing my thighs together. My body needed to be released in the way I remembered, and he held back. God damn him I thought.

That evening, I wore the sheerest little nightgown I had. It fell just below my pubes and I wore no panties. I laid on the floor in front of dad as he was watching tv, with him in his little easy chair directly behind. He had a perfect view of my ass and puss. At one point he came over and straddled my thighs leaning down on me and began to rub my ass cheeks. Two can play this game I thought. "What are you doing?" I said.

"Spending some quality time with my little girl."

"Well, not tonight." I might have sounded a little cross, but I was sending a pretty obvious mixed message here.

"Are you mad at me?" he asked.

"No. Not really anyway." He was still rubbing my ass and I let him now. I continued, "Maybe a little. I thought you would make me come this morning, like last time. That was the deal. You held back."

"So did you."

"That was our agreement, those were the rules."

"Rules. Rules. Rules." He said as he let his fingers slide into my cleft, and I could feel my legs involuntarily open putting my head down and moaning. I couldn't stand it, god it felt so good. I was so hungry. But I willed my legs together, and rolled over now facing dad, showing him my perfect little bush and my titties hard beneath my yellow nightie.

I just said, "I'm trying to help you." He just nodded as he looked at me. "You'll see. You really will. You need to find someone else other than me dad. There's no other way. I have boyfriends you know. I have a sex life you know."

"Like what you feel with me?" He asked.

I had no answer.

I paused and just said, "This conversation is over," and I got up and left with him sitting on the floor looking after me.

We kept our distance for a few days, but after awhile things began to cool off and go back to normal. Normal for us that is. On Sunday evenings, I would spoon with my 'daddy,' playing this very feminine flirty little girl which I had really drifted toward lately, and he would play along perfectly. I would lay and watch TV with him and whisper back at him, "rub my tummy." And he would, but only my tummy. Then after awhile I would add, "Now my breasts."

Then at some point he would ask, "what about your pussy?"

"Ummm, just for a little minute." He complied perfectly as I would move my hips letting myself slide along the length of his hard cock which I could feel along my ass as he lightly fingered me, and he would snuggle his mouth between my shoulder and neck and kiss me there softly - my favorite spot. We would drink wine and watch shows like this for hours. It smoothed over our conflict nicely and did it make me hot. I would go to bed with my cheeks burning and could only sleep after masturbating furiously in the mirror, putting my hands exactly where his had been.

My evenings home after dates were similar to all other evenings with dad sitting near me asking how it went. Only now the stories I would tell were no longer the R Version, they were definitely X and he loved knowing every detail, smells, everything. I complied but tended to exaggerate for effect lately and found myself completely disheveled, with my dress up around my waist masturbating with my legs splayed open and dad sitting between my legs watching my dark bush in the low light, asking intimate questions of his little girl. Little did he know I was actually doing far less than what I shared after I got home. In fact, it had gotten to the point where coming home from evenings out was making me hotter than going out in the first place.

And yet as the weeks passed the inexorable surliness rose in him. This second ten pounds was harder to lose and he knew it, it was taking longer and the wait was difficult. He could touch me, look at me, kiss me sometimes, but nothing more. Somehow I was maintaining this boundary. I was holding up the motivation and it was working, he was working out all the time now. I realized that he was working much harder than before, and it was producing a noticeable change. Dad was building muscle at the same he was losing fat, and muscle is heavier than fat. So while the weight came off agonizingly slow, he was actually becoming more trim than one would think could be the case from the loss of eight pounds. I don't think he knew that. Dad was becoming a hunk. He'd lost eighteen pounds but I bet he converted another ten pounds of fat to fifteen pounds of muscle, though I sure noticed and I was getting ready to bend the rules a little bit.

One evening he came home in a fantastic mood. Completely different than his recent surliness. He was grocery shopping and when he came in the door he said, "some woman - at least ten years younger - needed help picking out fruit. I told her I didn't know the first thing about it. She looked disappointed, but nonetheless she took up with me and said she did not like shopping by herself. I was her shopping partner for the day. We went through the store together. I got her phone number. Look."

I blinked at him. Was I jealous? He looked great this evening, color in his cheeks, broad shouldered.

I just said, "that's great. See you can do this," with a little less than enthusiasm.

He didn't seem to notice my reticence, and holding the piece of paper in the air with her number on it walked out of the room as he said, "I sure can't lose this."

And he stayed in his room. Was he going to call her? I found myself hovering and listening for a phone, but there was no way to hear. This was an unexpected turn and I was reflecting on the feelings I had just now, and I had to decide . . .

It was me now sneaking along a hallway of the house which is essentially off limits. It was near midnight as I entered my dads room, I could see him there sleeping and I stood a moment in my robe.

"Daddy." I sing songed in a little girl voice, and it trilled just a little. God I could feel my heart fluttering, I was nervous.

He rolled on his back, and groggily called out, "Yes. Sweetie, what is it?"

"I was wondering. Could I just crawl into bed with you tonight? I just feel like I want to be close, like when I was little."

I couldn't believe I said that. It sounded lame.

I added, "Please daddy," in my little girl voice.

"Uh, sure sweet. Uh. Just a sec." He was moving around a little and before he could reach the light at the side of the bed I dropped my robe and slipped into his bed.

"Thanks. I was feeling a little lonely tonight," and I scootched to the center of the bed and sort of wrapped myself around my dads back, who was still reaching for the light. He looked around at me under the sheet and settled back against me, keeping his back to me. I knew he could tell I was naked, and I had a surprise myself realizing that so was he. As I wrapped my arms around him I realized once again how toned he had become, and I let my hand brush his stomach and just noticed a brief touch of his cockhead on my hand. He was already hard!

Then I squeezed my daddy, and rolled over. "Hold me. I want you to hold me," I cooed at him. He complied, rolled over and settled his broad chest against my back letting his cock rest right against my backside. That was brave of him I thought.

"There, that feels nice. Just like old times." And as I said that I pushed my ass back against his cock.

"Maybe a little different than I remember," he corrected as he let his hands slide down and find the top of my bush.

"Mmmm, that feels nice daddy." I was his. He might not know it just yet, but he could do whatever he wanted to me. I decided that tonight. I was going to be his first, not someone he'd met in some fucking grocery store. My body was so soft and supple against him. I mewed like a kitten in his arms, felt so feminine. His little girl. I could feel his breath in my dark long hair. And I lay still in his arms. He could do anything, but I wanted him to find that out for himself.

He let his hand lay on my bush for awhile, and I could feel the slightest undulation of his hip as he let his cock move along my bottom. Because he was so wet it quickly became slippery down there, and I just know how worked up he was getting now. I could feel both our heartbeats as we pressed together. He kissed my neck (in my favorite spot), and at the same time began to slip his fingers down between my legs. I moved a leg forward and to his pleasure he could feel me opening up, no conditions. When I slid my hips forward I could feel his fingers sliding on me and when I slid my hips backward I could feel his cock sliding along my ass working its way in until I could feel his tip brushing over my anus. Our warmth and breathing continued rising as our skin to skin contact was working it magic and we steadily became more aroused. I felt such a hunger inside of me and I just wanted to be receptive, to be filled, desired, fucked.

"What are you doing daddy?" I whispered.

"Just helping you fall asleep."

"Oh, ok."

He kept rubbing his fingers against me with a firmness that I could push against as I guided his fingers deep inside of me and then back up through my wetness. My clit was hard, so sensitive now, and he could wrap his fingers around my clit and turn it in his fingers before descending once again and filling me inside. God I was wet, and I literally could feel myself sighing and moaning against his hand.

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