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Crusader Found



Michael was hazy in the dessert heat; the blow to his head during the battle had done its damage. He stumbled towards the spot of green, hoping that he wasn't imagining it... If he hadn't been so dry in his throat he would have shouted the Lord's praises as he reached the green bushes, seeing a house in the interior. Perhaps it would belong to one of the infidels, one of the Muslims that he had come to fight in order to win back the Holy Land... but at this point he didn't care. At least they would be human... and maybe they wouldn't hate him. He fell to the ground, hearing shouts and wondering if he was dying... if so, where were the trumpets and the light? All he saw was running feet and flying sand... and then darkness.

He awoke much later with a cool clothe on his head and a wet sponge in his mouth, keeping it moist; female voices murmured around him and with a jerk he sat up. The most beautiful woman he'd ever seen in his life was at the door, shooing away another younger woman. She was about his age, dark-haired with golden skin, dressed very modestly.

Smiling with open hands she stepped forward, showing that she was unarmed. Michael wondered how she could smile at him... he remembered with sudden shame the women and children who had died when the cities were razed. Although he hadn't taken any part in the atrocities, he had done nothing to stop the ones that raged on around him. Still, there was nothing in her smile but welcome, and he wondered if she even knew what he was... although she must, the English style of armor was quite distinctive.

"Hello," she said, her voice soft and accented, "You are awake. My name is Hannah."

"You're Jewish," he gasped, recognizing the root of the name.

She smiled again, "There is Jewish blood in my ancestry, but no I am Arab and Christian. My family converted a long time ago."

Michael relaxed, knowing now that there was no danger. A Muslim might turn him over to be tortured or executed, the same went for a Jewish person who was happy under Muslim rule (and there were plenty of those at the moment, the Muslim yoke lay lightly on their necks as they were People of the Book; perhaps one day that would change but for the moment it held true.). But as an Arab Christian, she would be suspected of harboring a Christian knight, she would be a suspected enemy... it would be better for her to actually do so rather than be innocent and be accused.

"Where is your husband?" he asked, "I would like to greet him and thank him."

Again that soft smile, he thought that he could watch her smile all day... lucky husband whoever he was. But she informed him, "He his dead these past two years, killed by bandits in a sheep raid."

"I'm sorry for your loss," he said, truly regretful at any pain that he might have caused her. For some reason, he was determined to keep that smile on her face; and was rewarded for his words when it stayed.

"It is fine... now get some rest, I will send someone to check your bandages." It was only then that he realized all his armor, clothes and weapons were gone; but he immediately spotted them propped up against the wall. Smiling at him she turned and went, her footsteps light... he couldn't help but feel that the room seemed much less bright without her.


A few days passed, and then a week. He found that he enjoyed her company greatly, and even though he was getting better he didn't want to think about leaving. There was one thing that he was uncomfortable with, and that was the shocking amount of ethnic groups and religions that mingled in her household. Without trading with these people she wouldn't be able to live, but he still felt strange whenever he was introduced to them... and he didn't like how they regarded him with suspicion and fear. Not that he could blame them, but when he saw just regular merchants and families regarding a good Christian knight that way... it brought back memories of cities after they'd been sacked and the atrocities against innocents. He was starting to wonder if the Crusades was even a good venture... here in this household people didn't mind mingling with others of different religions... why couldn't people just share the Holy Land? Somehow, here it seemed possible.

But those were deep thoughts, thoughts that he didn't want to be bothered with so much anymore. As long as he could stay here anyway... here where Hannah was. She was beautiful in every way, a truly good woman and obviously much respected by everyone who came to her house. No one ever snubbed her or said anything harsh about her; many men came to court her but she turned all of them away with a smile... he only met one such man but he knew from her servants that many more came.

As for himself, he just felt lucky to be able to look upon her; seeing her lustrous black hair and tanned skin, the dusky rose of her lips and the dark pools that were her eyes. There was something infinitely sad about her, perhaps the loss of her husband when she was so young, and he made it his daily duty to make her smile as often as possible. When she smiled, everything sad seemed to lift and the room was filled with brilliance.

Then, one day, he walked in on her when she was bathing... she was standing with her back turned in the tub, water glistening over her tan form... he could feel his groin tightening under his tunic. It had been a very long time since he'd been with a woman, and he knew that he was already having feelings for her anyway. Those emotions that roiled through him made his arousal that much worse as she turned and her eyes widened; her entire body was on display before him. Rounded breasts and hips, dark brown nipples and a patch of black hair on her mound... long slender legs and her bright startled eyes.

Realizing that he was just standing there, staring, he let out a low moan and turned, practically running as he retreated.

A few moments later he was in his room, standing next to the bed and sweating... his head was filled with the vision of her naked beauty and also his shame at walking in on her. Not only walking in on her but standing there and staring like he had! It was absolutely shameful... and so was the tightness in his trousers that refused to go away. Closing his eyes he swallowed hard, but he still saw her in his head, naked and glistening with wetness...

"Michael?" her soft voice made him start and turn to where she was in the doorway, wrapped only in a soft robe. Whatever was in his expression made her eyes go wide and she stepped forward slowly, one step at a time... he just stood there, completely numb and not really sure of what was happening. When she was standing right in front of him she laid one hand on his chest and looked up into his eyes.

All his control broke and his arms reached out, crushing her against his body as his lips descended... for a moment he was afraid that she would reject him, but then her lips parted and his tongue delved into her mouth. They kissed, deeply and passionately, her hands running along his clothes and undoing his belt frantically...

Pulling away it only took him a few moments to rid himself of his clothing, and then he returned to her, sweeping the robe from her shoulders and picking her up in his arms. With both of them finally naked he laid her on the bed, black hair spreading across the sheets. His arms looked so pale next to her dusky skin, his body so white against her tan... he thought it looked beautiful. Everything about her was soft and pleasing, even the soft moans that she issued as he mouthed her breasts, sucking each dark nipple into his mouth. Covering her body with kisses he thought that she was so beautiful, dark and exotic... he loved the way his pale hand looked covering her golden breasts, and pinching her brownish nipple.

Placing himself at the entrance of her tan pussy, he looked at the three contrats between his skin, her skin and the dark thatch of hair. Looking up into her eyes he saw her desire, and she nodded, her lips slightly parted. As he began to press into her body they both moaned, she was so exquisitely tight and he realized that he was probably the first man to be with her since her late husband. So he tried to go slowly, despite the fact that his own desires were urging him to move quickly and pleasure himself.

Instead he went carefully and gently, stroking her body and slowly spreading her open before him. And it did mean that he got to fully enjoy just how tight she was, as inch after inch opened up before his questing dick. Her body moved underneath him, pressing her hips against him as he finally hit home, their groins pressing together and she cried out with pleasure as he rubbed against her clit. His lips engulfed hers, muffling her cry and they kissed deeply as he began to thrust slowly in and out of her wetness. They moved in unison, pleasuring each other and greedily kissing and touching, trying to run their hands over every reachable part of the other.

Michael's thrusts became harder as his passion grew, he was unable to keep from it although he wanted to make sure that she was enjoying herself as well. But Hannah went right along with him, moving faster against his body, her lips whispering soundlessly against his ear, sending shivers straight to his groin. Wrapping her legs around him, her pussy splayed open against his body, allowing him to grind against her clit with every thrust.

Suddenly shuddering, her head fell back and she let out a wordless cry of pleasure; her tightness convulsed around him and he gasped. Feeling the inevitable, he thrust as hard as he wanted to, spurring her orgasm to greater heights, as his own began to make his muscles clench. Groaning he clasped her tightly to his chest, everything about him hard both on top of her and inside her as he released into her wetness. Her arms wrapped around his shoulders as she felt him pulsing inside of her, holding him tightly as her breasts were pressed flat against his chest and he moaned into her dark hair.

They made love three times that night... once more with him on top, and another time she showed him something new as she rode him. It was the first time he'd ever tried unconventional positions, and while he didn't know what his priest back home would think of it, well he was already making love to a woman he wasn't married to anyway. And as she bounced on top of him he got to watch her dark hair flying and see the contrasting skin tones as his hands ran up her body to cup her bouncing breasts. Late in the night they spooned, moving slowly and languidly with the round curves of her ass pressing against them.

As they slowed, sighing in completion he held her against him, his dick still inside her body.

"I love you..." he whispered, "I think I've loved you since the first moment I saw you."

Hannah kissed his fingertips, "Me too... I was so afraid when that man came by to ask for my hand in marriage... I thought you would never be interested in me."

"Very untrue," he chuckled a little and she giggled, her body shaking against his. Wrapping her securely in his arms, they both fell asleep.


Seven months later they were married, the blushing bride's voluminous robes weren't quite enough to hide the bulge that was growing at her waistline. It didn't help that the happy groom kept running his hands over it either, feeling the baby kicking inside.

"I think he's excited," Michael grinned, his hand on her belly as he lead his bride back to their rooms for their "consummation". The wedding guests had all politely refrained from noticing that the consummation had obviously happened greatly in advance of the wedding.

"I'm excited too." she pulled his head down for a kiss... Michael wondered just what unconventional position they'd be trying today... although their love-making had been somewhat curtailed by her condition, they'd been finding some ways around it. His dick twitched at the thought of the one they'd tried last week, when she'd been on all fours and he'd been able to caress her rounded ass and reach around to feel her belly and breasts.

Although his time in the desert had made his skin more tanned, he still wasn't nearly as dark as her and he loved to watch his pale hands gripping her golden shoulders and hips as she pressed back against him. Instead she led him over to a stool that she had set up in front of a large mirror. Undressing, he sat down on the stool and she squatted over his lap, lowering herself onto his hard dick so that he could look over her shoulder and into the mirror.

As she began to move up and down on his dick, he watched as she moved... finally above to really see their bodies against each other, and able to watch her ecstatic face at the same time. Reaching up he cupped her breasts, feeling the slick wetness as milk leaked from her breasts... and he just watched her bounce up and down on him in the mirror.

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