Cry Little Sister Ch. 05


He suggested telling her brother a few times, but Jill refused and wouldn't give him a satisfying answer when he asked her why. Did she feel the same for him as he did her? Rory thought so, but couldn't be sure when she was being so stubborn as far as Jason was concerned.

Despite that, though, Rory was absolutely elated with every moment he could steal with Jill. But because of her reluctance to tell Jason, he still couldn't find the courage to tell her he loved her. He was scared she didn't feel the same.

Sure, he knew she was happy too, but sometimes it felt like he was walking on eggshells, and not just with the situation with her brother. Rory got the feeling that if things got too overwhelming for Jill again, she would disappear.

Jill's mid-terms approached. She seemed to get more easily irritated the closer her exams loomed. And she just couldn't seem to study enough, coming to bed later and later each night. The eve before her tests started, she didn't come to bed at all.

Rory came out of the bedroom that morning to find her curled up on the couch and reading Machiavelli.

"'The Prince' again?" Rory asked with a yawn which Jill returned before giving him a weak smile.

"I've been promised at least two essay questions on it." She fought off another yawn before continuing. "I figured it couldn't hurt to read it again.

Rory scratched at his hair and chin stubble as he made his way to the kitchen for caffeine. A couple of minutes later, he was sipping out of his own mug as he handed Jill a full cup of coffee.

"Thanks," she yawned out.

"Jesus, beautiful, did you sleep at all last night?"

"I nodded off around five, I think."

Rory eyed her warily. She looked like hell; beautiful still, but exhausted. He wanted to plead with her, to beg her to take it easy, but he had learned weeks ago to let it go. Any suggestion on his part that she relax just pissed her off and further stressed her.

So instead he set his coffee aside, sat on the opposite end of the couch from Jill and pulled her feet into his lap. His fingers dug into her arches and she let out a low moan. "God, that feels good."

"Need some stress relief, beautiful?"

Jill laughed wearily as she shook her head. "I'm too nervous."

"All the more reason to let me ease some tension." Rory shot her a grin while he started a slow crawl across the sectional. A few seconds later and he was hovering over her, nudging Jill's legs open with his knee.

"Rory ..." she half warned, half gasped as he kissed her with a growl. His sudden erection throbbed insistently on her inner thigh, eliciting a moan from the angel beneath him.

Her cell phone rang.

"Fuck," she muttered as Rory moved his lips down her neck, flicking his tongue across or sucking at the spots he knew she liked.

"You get that, and I'll keep myself occupied." He waited until she had answered before he tugged off her pajama pants. No panties, again. He had to bite back a groan. It was always a surprise with her.

"Rory!" she hissed. He looked up to see her hand cupped over the receiver of the phone. "It's Jason, knock it off!"

He knew he shouldn't. He knew it was a really, really bad idea. He knew she might kill him. But he just couldn't help himself.

Rory's finger slid easily into her. He watched Jill's face as he crooked his finger just so before easing another into her slippery opening. Her eyes were wide, her mouth agape in either shock or anger or passion, he couldn't tell which. But she made no move to stop him. Rory's smile grew as he felt her start to clinch around his fingers.

He watched as her head lolled back in pleasure, fascinated by her attempts to keep quiet as he rubbed her just right. Her breathing started to gradually quicken and she bit her lip as he kept his pace steady. She desperately needed the release, he could tell by the way her hips were starting to move in time with his hand.

He had to bite back a laugh when she finally relented and rushed her brother off the phone. Jill tossed her cell aside to direct her full attention back to him.

"Rory Michael O'Brian, you are in so much fucking trouble," she growled.

Before he had much of a chance to react, Jill pushed him away with her bare feet. He lifted his hips and she quickly jerked his sweatpants down before straddling his lap. Jill hovered for a moment before easing herself down onto him, a guttural sound escaping her throat once she was completely filled.

Rory wrapped his arms around her and pulled her in for a long kiss. Her hips ground into him, angling him even deeper into her blazing center, moving back and forth on his lap. Jill's fingernails grazed his shoulders and biceps as he held her close. It never felt like it was close enough with her.

Jill broke their kiss to cry out. As always, the sounds of her pleasure hastened Rory towards the edge, towards his release. He grit his teeth in his effort not to grab her shoulders and drive up and into her, opting instead to lift her tank top roughly and lave her nipples with his tongue.

He could feel her fiery core start to flutter and clench around him; she was close. Rory nudged his hand between them to rub her slick, sensitive button. Jill groaned and started her usual religious chants.

Rory couldn't hold back. Desperate to get both her and himself over the edge quickly, he finally gave in to his primal urges and pulled her down roughly by her shoulder with one hand as he lifted his hips to meet hers. He rolled the hard pearl of a nipple between his thumb and forefinger. "Come for me, beautiful," he growled as the pressure became too much to bear.

"Oh God, Rory, ohGodohGodohGod I'm coming," she screamed as the dam broke. He pumped into her roughly as she pulsed around him, milking his own orgasm out with her own, grunting as he thrust into her one last time.

Jill all but collapsed around him, resting her forehead against his as she fought to gain control of her breathing.

"Still nervous?" he couldn't help but ask.

She gave a breathless laugh before leaning in to give him a gentle kiss. "Yes, but not so much anymore."

"Do we need to do that again? Because I'm more than willing to sacrifice myself as many times as necessary for you."

Jill chuckled as she untangled her body from his. "Sorry hon, I've gotta shower and get to campus." She leaned in to give him another kiss. "Stay as long as you'd like."

Rory couldn't help but swat her lightly on the ass as she bent over to retrieve her cell phone. He knew something was wrong when she didn't do her usual jump and shriek at the contact.

"Oh my God, Rory," she whispered before turning to face him again, her face pale.

"What's wrong, beautiful?"

Jill didn't respond. Instead, she held out her cell phone to show him two text messages from her brother.

You didn't hang up.

Tell O'Brian that he's fucking dead.


Hopefully it's not as big of a tease this time, now that some lustiness has returned. Comments and ratings, as always, are appreciated.

Chapter six is going to take a while, so I'm going to apologize in advance and beg for your patience. My laptop has to go through some repairs. But I'll be hand writing; that's right, hand writing, the next chapter while my computer is in the shop. So hopefully the wait won't be too long.

To help you keep up with me during the process, I'm launching a twitter account! Rushetteonlit is the username, and I solemnly swear not to flood your feed with uselessness.

Hope to see you guys there, and if not, then here again soon.

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I am begging you to please finish this. It was so good and then just left hanging. SOMEONE PLEASE FINISH THIS STORY!!!!

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by KarensClit199010/24/18

Loved the story hated that you didn’t finish it

7yrs later & chapter 6 not completed.

This is why I stopped reading multi-chapter stories. ☹️

Otherwise it was great.

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by Anonymous10/21/18


It's been awhile since your last chapter. Please continue. I found this story on the site and couldn't stop until I read all of it. 5* Thanks for your time and efforts.

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by Ellienora3504/09/18

I hope your computer is fixed by now

Seriously, it’s time for that next chapter. At least one more if not two. I loved this!

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