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Crystal Ch. 18


*****Hey everyone, I'm sorry for these unannounced hiatuses that I'm taking. I'm back with another chapter. Like I said in the last chapter, these next three chapters are going to involve a very long and continuous battle due to Dr. Genie's plan for unrestricted chaos. And don't worry about the quality of the sex scenes, I'll make sure they're top notch for of your perverted minds. Don't forget to criticize wherever you think I need to improve! DM23*****

Heroes/Heroines mentioned

Commander Shinobay -- Force fields, Eye vision

Osprey -- Bird-like abilities

Ghost -- Invisibility, Intangibility

Zipper -- Enhanced Speed

Shell -- Bulletproof, Enhanced strength

Jasper -- Pyrokinetic, Flight (Temporarily Suspended)

Dark Matter -- Dark Matter Manipulation

Dr. Walton -- Multitasking


Villains/Villainesses mentioned

Dr. Genie -- evil genetic scientist

Silver Static -- Electricity, Super Speed

Silver Steel -- Super Strength, Magnetism

Silver Shriek -- Sound Emitter, Stealth

Mistress -- Telekinesis

C4 -- Explosive Expert, Ninja

Acrobat -- Flight, Echolocation

Ruthless -- Mixed Martial artist, Super Strength

Giggles -- Invisibility

One-Eye -- Intangibility

Asphalt -- Rock skin, Super Strength

Pterror -- Monster

Pollen -- Plant Manipulation

"Do I want to know the reason why you scared the hell out of me?" Dr. Walton asked as she watched Dark Matter drink half a bottle of Rapid Recovery Medicine.

"I got cocky," was his only reply.

"Right, cockiness," Dr. Walton smirked. "Well, your scratches are healing up, so you can go ahead and get to the Meeting Room. I have no doubt the Commander has something new to tell all of you guys."

"One more thing, do you have any adrenaline or stamina boosters that I can take?" Dark Matter asked. "I'm still sleepy."

"Of course, it's called chocolate and coffee," Dr. Walton smiled as she pointed to a basket on a coffee table. "Take as many as you need."

"Thanks," Dark Matter said as he took the whole basket. "I'll fill it up before I bring it back."

Munching on chocolate, he made his way to his room, where he found it empty. After doing quick check, he noticed a note on his pillow left by Crystal. It read: "Dear Honey, the girls wanted to start on the vacation earlier than I thought so they forced me to write this note to let you know why I'm not there with you right now. If you hadn't been so damn cocky, we might've gotten some real sleep, but like always, we ended up going overboard again. I look forward to seeing you when I get back. I love you and always will. -- Crystal

He read it a few more times to fully understand the note, and also to wake himself up. A little drowsy, he showered quickly and put on his uniform, then took the basket with him as he went to the Meeting Room. Of course, he was late.

"Dark Matter, we were waiting," Commander Shinobay notified.

"Can I make up for this mistake with some chocolate?" Dark Matter requested.

"Definitely!" every hero but Jasper accepted.

"Um, Commander, you're going to let him get away with that?" Jasper asked shocked.

"I don't know what you or anybody else did last night," the Commander stated as he grabbed his favorite brand of chocolate, "but I was up all night reliving the glory days of my favorite sport teams."

"And the rest of you?" Jasper inquired. The only response he got was a bunch of coughs, whistles, and sputtering noises as nobody wanted to say what they did last night. "I guess that's all you're going to say if one of the villains attack and you're late to the battle, right?"

"Then what would you say?" Osprey frowned.

"At least they would see me trying to be of some help," Jasper glared.

"No, the question is what would you say?" Osprey repeated. "I would say that Cherry and I got drunk last. In our drunkenness, we wrestled without powers or equipment. It was fun too. It got even better when it turned into some mind-blowing sex. And the best thing about it was that she was teleporting us around the room like crazy."

Everyone just stared at him wide eyed as he finished his tale of last night's activities.

"What? I just told him what I would say," Osprey shrugged. "And since we're guys, I didn't see a problem saying it."

"I'm next," Shell grinned wildly. "What I would say is that my cute little feline and I were just sitting around on the couch watching one of our favorite movies. In the middle of it, I became enchanted by her tail and began to play with it, and accidentally rubbed against her tight ass. That sparked the fire in her and her claws came out. That sparked the fire in me and I went to grab my lion's mane and we had some realistic animal sex."

"That sounds awesome, Shell," Ghost smiled. "If anyone wants to know, I was getting introduced to a new level of pain, one in which required acupuncture, whips, and her favorite taser. And it wasn't one at a time, no, it was everything all at once. It was so good because Olivia lit me up inside, outside, right side up, and upside down. And when she got horny, we had sex on broken glass; I was on the bottom of course."

"That sounds about right for you Ghost," Zipper nodded his head. "The only thing I've been doing is having sex with Hyper. While I love the missionary position, she likes every other position and wants to try them out as much as possible. And she wants to try them out before she fell unconscious . . . which happens quite a lot. In the end, we ended up having sex in the air; she doing her best to keep us up while I try to 'convince' her otherwise."

"I'm going to try that next time, Zipper," Dark Matter told him. "But what were Crystal and I doing? Just about the same thing as Zipper and Hyper. I let Crystal do whatever she wanted with me and all she did was make me suffer. So I took my frustration out on her body and ended up getting cocky, which made her vow to get back at me if she withstood my 'actions'. She did, and I got a back full of scratches and more as a result."

"So Jasper, what did YOU do last night?" Osprey asked.

"I had two girls at once," Jasper answered. "One was short and cute, while the other one was tall and sexy. Both wanted me that night and both got me last night. And still I'm up and ready to start my day, ready to defend the world from any threat."

"Like when Sorceress came back?" Shell snickered.

"Or when Dictator Jones attacked the world leaders?" Ghost snorted.

"I had no powers, so that's an unfair comparison," Jasper claimed.

"What about when Pollen attacked?" Dark Matter asked. "Everything I've asked of you to do was done in a way that made the situation worse."

"I was trying to provide whatever support I can," Jasper seethed.

"Do you ever?" Zipper asked. "Does anybody want to recall why you answered the door at Crystal's party yesterday?"

"Guys, guys, settle down," Commander Shinobay interrupted. "I think Jasper has a point. I say we let him explain himself."

"If no one had realized, I was already up here before anyone else," Jasper pointed out, "and I'm mostly the last one here."

"It doesn't feel good waiting on others, does it?" the Commander asked as he took a bite of a chocolate bar.

"Commander, that's not the point," Jasper argued. "We don't know if something happened until we find out about it and then we'll end up responding to it late."

"Come on, Jasper. I'm almost the fastest man alive," Zipper told him, "and even I can't find out about something the second it happens."

"But if we don't respond to it as soon as possible, then the situation could get even worse!" Jasper exclaimed.

"I think we all know that," Dark Matter said. "If you don't mind me saying, I think everyone here knows that. It's why we have these meetings in the morning, so that we can stay up to date and coordinate our strategies to deal with any and every problem thrown at us. But Jasper, you have to understand, we're human. We may have abilities that make us carry responsibilities, but we're still human. We're going to make mistakes, we're going to lose sometimes, and we're not going to make everyone happy. All we can do is give it our best every chance we get and make sure everyone knows it."

"Then should they know about this?" Jasper questioned. "That on this day, most of the heroes wake up late?"

"And the only one on time is a depowered hero?" Shell snickered, causing Jasper to glare at him.

"You got something you want to say?" Jasper yelled.

"As a matter of fact I do," Osprey answered instead of Shell, getting everybody's attention. "I'm sorry for using my nights however the fuck I want whenever the fuck I want because I fucking believe I fucking deserve it. I just thought I'd get that off my chest."

"I'm also sorry," Shell said after Osprey finished, "for staying in late because I wanted to fucking cuddle with my girlfriend before I fucking let her go wherever the girls were fucking taking her on Crystal's vacation for three fucking days instead of keeping her in my fucking arms. I'm just telling the truth."

"I'm sorry too," Ghost joined in, "for not asking for your fucking permission as if you were the fucking Commander around here even though you're fucking not. No disrespect."

"And yeah, I'm sorry too," Zipper added. "But I'm only sorry that the only reason why you have a fucking attitude in the first place is because Dark Matter has the girl you fucking want and she fucking wants him instead of you. That's all I have to say."

The whole room was silent as he finished, letting Jasper go over every word they said.

"Osprey, Shell, Ghost, and Zipper, I want a written assessment over your extensive vocabulary," the Commander ordered as he drummed his fingers on the table. "Zipper, I want you to include why what you said was unnecessary."

"Yes, Commander," they nodded with a straight face.

"That's it? A written assessment?" Jasper crossed his arms.

"Yes, Jasper only a written assessment," Commander Shinobay answered. "The reason is because you have to take into account that they only voiced, what I believe, a small percentage of their frustration, not the entire one hundred percent. Not Dark Matter's and especially not mines."

"I'll write you one too, Commander," Dark Matter acknowledged, "because if what Zipper said was fucking true about Jasper being upset about my fucking relationship with Crystal, then I'm sorry that everyone has put up with his fucking complaining in the first place. You guys should be fucking mad at me instead."

"Be sure to insert why what you said was unnecessary as well," Commander Shinobay sighed.

"Of course, Commander," Dark Matter nodded.

"Although, with the headache I'm getting from all this," the Commander groaned, "I might not fucking read any of it. Damn, now I have to write one."

Except for Jasper, everyone snickered at the Commander's joke.

"Now, back to work," Commander Shinobay said, getting everyone's undivided attention. "First things first, Zipper, you and Ghost will be guarding Dictator Jones today."

"Yes Commander," both the heroes acknowledged.

"Second, I want the rest of you to be extremely cautious," the Commander urged. "With the girls off on vacation, that means we are short staffed and vulnerable. To make up for the lack of heroes, there will units of agents coming out to assist you, but only when you deem the situation necessary and I agree with you. Be cautious and watch your backs, because until then, no one will be able to come to your aid."

"If you give me my powers back, then I could be of some help," Jasper muttered.

"I'll give you your powers when I feel like you deserve them," the Commander denied. "And lastly, late last night, which is really early this morning, a video was taken depicting a building lifting off in the middle of nowhere."

"A building?" Zipper asked confused.

"Yeah, I got the video right here," Commander Shinobay replied, searching through his files. Once he found it, he spread it out on the holographic table so that the heroes could see it in 3D. "As you can see, it's a fifteen to twenty storied building with enough rocket fuel to not only send the whole thing into the sky, but beyond the multiple atmospheres, out of the Earth's gravitational pull, and into space."

"What did NASA say about it?" Osprey inquired.

"They're going nuts," Commander Shinobay stated. "From what I can expect, they're waiting for the International Space Station to send some pictures back."

"And until then?" Dark Matter wanted to know.

"We just hope that someone DESPRERATELY wants to go the moon," the Commander guessed.


Unfortunately, unbeknownst to anyone, the International Space Station was currently drifting off into space after the aforementioned building exited Earth's atmosphere. The reason being was because the Eradicator, obviously hidden within the building, hacked into the station's software and set it to drift off to an unknown destination outside the Solar System. Then, it used the same frequency to send a video it created of the building falling apart in space and floating harmlessly past the International Space Station.

"Dr. Genie, this is Silver Shriek," Shriek announced on a different frequency.

"I hear you, Shriek," Dr. Genie replied.

"The Eradicator is in position," he informed.

"Good, maintain the frequency of the International Space Station," Dr. Genie ordered. "The Eradicator needs to replenish its supply of power with the solar rays before we can move on to the next plan. It shouldn't take more than a few days to get it done though, so sit tight and don't tip off what we're doing."

"Yes Dr. Genie," Shriek replied before ending the call.

"What did the doctor say?" Static asked.

"Sit tight and don't let anyone know the plan," Shriek shrugged.

"Great, that's just perfect," Steel huffed as he looked out the window.

"You have a problem with the doctor's orders?" Shriek asked.

"Yeah, she treats us like a bunch of construction workers," Steel said annoyed.

"Oh boy, here we go again," Shriek rolled his eyes.

"What do you mean, here we go again?" Steel frowned.

"You're going to say the same thing like you did last time," Shriek sighed. "And the time before that and the time before that. It's really irritating."

"But he has a point," Static agreed. "We haven't fought one person much less a hero."

"Well that's the whole point," Shriek groaned. "We're supposed to be guarding the Eradicator and to make sure it stays in functional form."

"Guarding the Eradicator?" Static scoffed. "In space? No one's going to come up here, so what's the point?"

"I will admit," Shriek relented, "it does seem a little weird to send us up here when there's very little chance of a counterattack that can reach us, but we have our orders."

"Yeah, die in solitude," Steel grumbled.

"Stop looking at this in a negative light," Shriek chastised. "Once people know that we're the ones who're operating this thing, they'll fear us and give us anything we want."

"I can't get it if I'm in space," Steel reasoned.

"Give it time," Shriek reassured. "We'll have all the money we could ever want real soon."

"Dude, that's not the point," Static realized. "He just doesn't want to be here. As a matter of fact, I think he wants to go back to doing our old thing and just robbing people of their jewels."

"But this is the big league," Shriek emphasized. "If we go back, then nobody will know who we are and nobody will take us seriously."

"Yeah, and how many times did we get caught?" Static asked. "I'll tell you: zero. But compared to the other villains, who get caught half as many times as they commit a crime, we had the better end of the bargain. Now we're just like them."

"Yeah, we have powers, soon to be rivals, and a temporary headquarter to delegate our plans," Shriek smiled. "What more could you ask for?"

"I don't know," Steel mocked him. "How about being on Earth, with a penthouse, a Lamborghini, a smoking hot babe, all the fucking money I want, and nobody bothering me?"

"Is that all you think about?" Shriek sighed again.

"We were promised a better way of making money," Steel replied, "not a better way of wasting our time."

To be honest, Static agreed with Shriek. The thought of going toe to toe with one of the heroes brought such an excitement on her that he wished one of the heroes found a way to come up to space to fight him. But it was only a halfhearted agreement because she agreed with Steel too.

She wanted to be back on Earth, where the heroes currently are and use her powers for the reason they were given and not like some common laborer. Not to mention, it's not like anyone's going to come up to disable the Eradicator anyways.


"Damn it," Shell muttered.

The Commander was right, he should've been cautious. Or at least he should've been more cautious than he already was. Just one sight of Asphalt was all it took to make him forget his orders, charging full steam ahead to put the villain down again.

This time though, Asphalt wasn't there when Shell rounded the corner. No, this time it was C4, Acrobat, and Mistress standing there menacingly as Shell realized he'd ran right into a trap.

"Commander, I might need those agents sooner than I thought," Shell gulped into his earpiece.

"Why?" Commander Shinobay requested.

"I have three villains standing before me," Shell explained, "and they look like they're ready to send me to hell."

"Hold them off for as long as you can," the Commander instructed. "I'll have one sent your way shortly."

"What's up, bug brain?" Acrobat taunted.

Shell ignored him, focusing his attention on the more important person: Mistress. She was the furthest from him, but he knew he was still in her telekinetic grasp if she desired to use her abilities. But that was only in her line of sight, so if Shell timed it perfectly, he might be able to leap away and draw one of the villains to him while he stayed out of her sight.

A simple shake of the head told him his plan was already seen through, and to prove it, he could feel himself being lightly grabbed although no one was near him. The next thing he knew, Shell had gone through a wall, a brick wall to be precise. It didn't break his durable skin, or come close, but that didn't mean it hurt any less. Unfortunately, he couldn't focus on the present and growing headache.

"Is that all you got?" Shell smiled, grimacing slightly from his headache. "Asphalt hits harder than that on his weakest day."

Out of nowhere, a lamp post came straight at him and smashed itself into him. As much as he tried, he couldn't get away from Mistress' telekinetic grip and suffered a beating from the post.

"Is that all you got?" Mistress mocked, throwing the bent and useless post away. "Hyper takes much more damage on her weakest day."

Now angry, Shell charged at the villainess, but she simply used her power to brush him aside. In a split second, Shell changed plans as he maneuvered his body to land on his feet and threw a car at her unsuspecting back.

It would have hit her too . . . if Acrobat hadn't caught it. He flew high in the air with it, right over Shell's head too, before letting gravity have the reigns. Instinctively, Shell jumped to the side before the car could do a small margin of real damage. As he climbed to his feet, he saw a round object being thrown in his direction . . .

. . . and a blast of smoke obstructing his vision. Blind, he couldn't defend himself from C4's sharp blades, stabbing and slicing in an attempt to draw blood. It didn't work though. However, using the swords as a means of locating the villain, Shell was able to grab a hold of C4 and drive his fist point blank in his face a couple times before the villain tried to stab him in the eye.

He wrench the knife out of C4's hands and threw him against the car, but that left him open to Acrobat, allowing the villain to force him to the ground and make him eat dirt.

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