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She stands there in front of him, in her grey, satin nightie and nothing else, raising an eyebrow, looking in his eyes, waiting to see what he'll do or say. She knows what she wants him to do and say and, more importantly, she knows that *he* knows.

"On your knees, Alya," he says without breaking the eye contact. His desire for her rages in his mind and his cock but he'll not let her see either... yet.

With a slight smile, still looking deep in his eyes she slides down till her knees touch the floor.

"Arms behind your back."

She straightens her back with her tits pointing up as she moves her arms behind her back, holding hand in hand. She is anxious but excited, not knowing exactly what is in store for her.

He fetches a 6 foot length of soft hemp rope and begins tying her arms tightly together, pulling her shoulders even further back.

She spreads her legs wider so her knees are further away one from another, adjusting her position as she feels him tying her up. Her nightie is hiking up a bit as she looks back at him.

He thinks how lovely she looks, kneeling and submissive, as he picks out a belt and swishes it through the air a few times walking behind her.

She keeps looking back into his eyes keeping very still.

"Are you ready, Alya?"

"Yes, you can check it out how much," she says pointing to her crotch with her eyes then looking back in his eyes. He decides against it, not wanting her to feel his touch there yet.

He swings the belt, landing a blow on her right butt cheek over her nightie.

She jumps with the slap and moans out loud and biting her lip looking up at him still.

He stands just to her side, one hand on her shoulder, swinging the belt, letting it land on alternate sides of her barely covered ass.

She continues looking up into his eyes moaning, still kneeling, feeling a shiver going down her spine each time he hits her.

He stops and bends down to hike up her nightie and see how it's going.

She feels cold air on her ass which has turned pink at places he slapped.

He touches, rubs, and gropes her ass, leering at the beautiful round flesh.

She breathes harder, feeling his touch, wondering if he will touch her where she wants to be touched.

"Let's try the other side."

He stands on the other side of her and lets the belt land between her legs... not gently, but not as hard... this time.

"Awhh," she moans out loud jumping a little as she can't move a lot in her position.

He can see first signs of her pain in her eyes, making him smile and brings the belt down again harder.

"Awwwwwwwwwwwwww," she screams, tears rolling in her eyes but she doesn't stop looking in his eyes. She feels her juices flowing down her inner thigh.

He lands three quick strokes with the belt between her legs.

She screams out, large tears are dripping down her cheeks, feeling her pussy burning, tossing her head back, and biting her lip.

He lifts up the front of her nightie to see how it looks now as she breathes hard biting her lips. He sees the reddened flesh and the wetness dripping down her legs and breathes heavily, filled with lust.

Her chest moves up and down heavily, her body starting to shiver.

As he turns, she can feel his throbbing cock against her bare shoulder through his jeans.

She looks into his eyes as he exposes her, moaning out as she feels his fingertips brushing against her sensitive places. She lets out another moan, feeling his touch, looking at his face with her wet eyes.

He pulls up her nightie and tucks it under her bound arms, reaching down to grope and caress her ass again, licking his lips.

"Count the strokes for me, Alya. Are you ready?"

She nods, breathing in hard.

He begins to bring down the belt in a steady rhythm.

* SLAP! * 1 * SLAP! * 2 * SLAP! * 3 * SLAP! * 4 * SLAP! * 5 * SLAP! * 6 * SLAP! * 7 * SLAP! * 8 * SLAP! * 9 * SLAP! * 10

The thick leather belt smacks against the bare skin of her exposed ass, the cheeks growing from pink to red as the strokes continue.

* SLAP! * 11 * SLAP! * 12 * SLAP! * 13 * SLAP! * 14 * SLAP! * 15 * SLAP! * 16 * SLAP! * 17 * SLAP! * 18 * SLAP! * 19 * SLAP! * 20

His breathing becomes heavier and louder as his desire for her builds.

She moans louder and louder, finally screaming each time he hits her before gasping out the number, as her body starts to shiver.

He grabs her hair and bends her over so he can reach different parts of her better

She breathes sharply, moaning out loud as he yanks her hair.

He begins to slap the belt against her inner thighs, getting as close as he can to her, literally, dripping pussy.

* SLAP! * * SLAP! * * SLAP! * * SLAP! * * SLAP! * * SLAP! * * SLAP! * * SLAP! * * SLAP! * * SLAP! *

"Awwww! Awwwhhh! Awww," she screams, tears rolling down her face as she feels her skin burning and the pain sends shivers down her spine.

He stops and moves around to the front, roughly pulling her nightie up and holding it up, exposing her pussy and breasts. He winds the belt around his hand a few times and begins to use it against her breasts.

* SLAP! * * SLAP! * * SLAP! * * SLAP! * * SLAP! * * SLAP! * * SLAP! * * SLAP! * * SLAP! * * SLAP! * * SLAP! * * SLAP! * * SLAP! * * SLAP! * * SLAP! * * SLAP! * * SLAP! * * SLAP! * * SLAP! * * SLAP! * * SLAP! * * SLAP! *

"Awwwww," she yells in pain now, tossing her head and arching her back. "Aawhh! It hurts you fucking bastard," she sobs.

He drops the loops from his hand again and goes back to slapping her pussy with the belt.

* SLAP! * * SLAP! * * SLAP! * * SLAP! * * SLAP! * * SLAP! * * SLAP! * * SLAP! * * SLAP! * * SLAP! *

She jumps up with each hit, sobbing in pain, making her arch her back as he hits her harder. Her pussy is so wet that it makes each hit hurt even more.

He crouches down in front of her.

"Enjoying this, despite the cries of pain, aren't you, you dirty slut."

He can see tears rolling down her eyes, and pain on her face but he sees desire there too, lust and passion.

He shoves his hand between her legs and pushes three fingers roughly into her dripping pussy.

She moans out loud, arching her back as he pushes his fingers inside her, moaning as he moves them inside her and panting looking at his face close to hers.

He pulls his fingers out and holds them in front of her.

"Suck them clean, slut.... do it."

She leans in and licks over the border of his fingers looking in his eyes then wraps her lips around them, sucking on them, moving her head slightly back and forth as she does.

"Mmm, you're good at that, I wonder how you'll be at sucking something bigger and thicker than fingers."

He pulls his fingers out of her mouth and stands up.

She moans as she hears him talking to her like that, feeling her pussy just dripping more.

"Yes, you really are. Kneeling there with your legs spread wide practically begging to be fucked. Letting me beat you like this... and loving it... you're a naughty little whore. Well, you can show me how good a whore you are now."

He stands up directly in front of her, his crotch right in her face, his cock straining against his jeans.

"Well, you dirty whore... you can tell how much I'm enjoying this too. What do I want, Alya?"

She looks at him and the tent in his pants then back into his eyes and says, "you are perverted little bastard. Beating helpless, tied up girls make you harder than anything, doesn't it?" She raises an eyebrow.

"Oh, there are other things that make me hard... but this is a favorite. Now, tell me what I want, Alya, since you can read minds."

Kneeling there, face covered with trails of her tears, hair messed, body red and bruised, nightie hanging around her hips exposing most of her body, kneeling with legs wide apart, making her unable to move away, and hands tied her back tightly, making her shoulders stretch painfully, not giving any support, she looks up into her eyes bravely and says "to do, what I owe you, sir" with slightly evil grin in the corner of her lip.

"Oh, a dirty, filthy, whore like you can do better than that. Say it Alya, since I know you're longing to do it anyway."

"Say what?" she raises an eyebrow, teasing. "I thought it's you who give orders and me to follow them."

"I guess you need more beating then..."

"I'd love some"

He gets a wider, stiffer belt and gets it good and wet.

She looks at him biting her lip.

He gives the nightie a good pull to make sure it stays up and starts in again on her ass.

* SLAP!!! * * SLAP!!! * * SLAP!!! * * SLAP!!! * * SLAP!!! * * SLAP!!! * * SLAP!!! * * SLAP!!! * * SLAP!!! *

"Aaaaawww! Awwwww! Awww! Awww!" she screamed loud squeezing her eyes in pain.

He swings his arm back around to the front in one motion, starting back on her pussy.

* SLAP!!! * * SLAP!!! * * SLAP!!! * * SLAP!!! * * SLAP!!! * * SLAP!!! * * SLAP!!! * * SLAP!!! * * SLAP!!! * * SLAP!!! * * SLAP!!! * * SLAP!!! * * SLAP!!! * * SLAP!!! * * SLAP!!! * * SLAP!!! * * SLAP!!! *

"Awhhhhhhh! Awwww!" she screams really loudly, jumping up and arching her back, sobbing as her tears flow down her face continuously.

"It hurtssss awwwww youuuuu ahhh fuckkkkinnnng bastard awwhhhhhhh," she screams out, her pussy burning, pain taking control over her as her body shivers heavily. Looking up at him through her tears, the belt aimed at the most delicate parts of her body, making sure she'll suffer, and drinking every sight of her pain with lust in his eyes, his cock almost tearing his pants as he does.

He stops and steps in front of her again.

"Ready to say it now, Alya?"

She feels pain sending shivers up her spine once more and her burning pussy producing more juices than ever. She looks up at him, trying to read what's in his mind, not answering, breathing heavily.

"Come on, it's right in front of you, Alya... and you're in the perfect position..."

She leans in and struggles to get his zipper opened with her teeth, slowly pulling it down.

He reaches back and slaps her face.

"You have to say it first, Alya."

"Say what?" She raises an eyebrow. "It's you who should say what you're craving for and what you want me to do. I know what I've promised, and I can show you," she says looking at his half opened jeans then at him.

"And you will... but you'll say it first....NOW SAY IT!"

"If you tell me to do it, I'll give you best blowjob of your life," she says, smiling evilly.

He grabs her nipples and twists them hard, making her moan out loud.

"Say, 'I want to suck your fat, hard cock, Sir.' Say it NOW!"

She looks deep into his eyes for a longer while as he twists her nipples.

He releases her nipples after giving them a hard squeeze.

"This is how it's going to be, huh? OK," he sighs.

He pulls up a padded stool and bends her over it, her ass sticking out and her face hanging over the other end.

Looking into his eyes she says, "I want you to rip my nightie off me, tell me what a bad girl I am and tell me to open your pants and pleasure your big hard cock with my mouth, lips, tongue, and teeth as well as I can, while you tell me how you like it and when you slap my ass and pussy to increase the pleasure am going to give you till I make you cum harder than you've ever had, Sir." She smiles evilly.

He straightens her back up.

"That's better."

He reaches down and tears her nightie down the front, exposing her breasts and still red pussy. Staring at her exposed body, he feels the deep want stirring within him and fights to control his voice as he speaks.

"You are, Alya, a very, Very, VERY bad girl. A dirty, little slut. A fucking whore. Good for nothing other than my pleasure. Now get my cock out and start sucking, bitch."

She closes her eyes and revels in the words she longed to hear. She leans in and pulls his zipper all the way down with her teeth. She sees his gray boxer briefs exposed as she moves her head up to struggle with the button. Desperate for his cock, she pulls at her bonds, trying to free her hands. Finally able to undo it after some minutes, she slowly tugs on his pants so they go bit down and grabs the upper hem of his underwear with her mouth and teeth. Looking up at him with her eyes, she slowly, inch by inch, pulls them down, moving her head to each side, grabbing them at different places until his cock jumps out slapping her cheek.

She kneels there looking in his eyes for a little while as his throbbing cock rests on her cheek. She wants it and wants it badly but she won't let him know this. Still keeping eye contact, she sticks out her tongue and moves the tip of it from the base of his cock up to the head, circling her tongue around the tip and down to the base of it, moving back a little so it points at her, she licks all over it with slow circles then leans down licking along his balls, swirling her tongue around them and covering them with her warm saliva. Suddenly wrapping her mouth around them, she sucks and swallows as much as she can. Sucking harder and harder then slowly releasing them, she licks over them several more times. With slow wet kisses and licks, she proceeds along all length of his cock back up to its head, circling her tongue around it and wrapping her lips around it, stretching them wide. She bobs her head back and forth on it, swaying back and forth as she does.

His cock moves away from her at times as she can't hold it with her hands but she quickly returns to it, knowing both how she has him needing her and how much she needs this. Circling her tongue around his cock, slowly, inch by inch, she swallows it, pressing her mouth around and sucking at every inch of it, stopping halfway and sucking a little harder then moving, swallowing more and more, as much as she can, sucking and licking all over it with all her strength. He moans loudly and grabs her hair, pulling her mouth onto his cock, slowly forcing it down her throat, unable to stop himself from the desire.

Filled with ecstasy at finally having his cock in her mouth and moaning around it, she moves back, releasing it inch by inch, sucking her way back, stopping at the cock's head, and sucking it hard while looking in his eyes as she swallows his cock faster now. Greedily pushing it deeper into her mouth until it hits her throat, she sucks as hard as she can, feeling her saliva dripping down her chin and imagining it flowing down over his balls. Moving her head back and forth with slow steady rhythm, she sucks and lightly chews on his throbbing dick, suddenly swallowing it all the way in again and holding for some while, sucking really hard at the base of it. Moving quickly back to catch some air and licking up and down his shaft again, she keeps her eyes fixed on his as much as she can.

Dropping his dick, she leans in and swallows his balls again, sucking them roughly now, greedily squeezing them with her mouth and rolling her tongue around them as his cock rubs her face. She looks up to see the reaction on his face, feeling her inner thighs covered almost half of their length with her juices and joyful at the pleasure she sees there. Her back and arms hurt as they are squeezed behind her all the time and her pussy, ass, and tits burning like hell from the beating. Her body shivers with cold air and waves of heat wander down her spine, as she releases his balls and licks the length of his cock up and down like a hungry cat then swallows it again, sucking even harder than before. Looking into his eyes as she rides her mouth up and down his cock faster and faster, sucking and licking along it until her mouth muscles begin to ache, some drops of saliva dripping down her cleavage.

He watches and admires her technique and desire until he cannot hold back his lust anymore. Grabbing her head and holding it still, he thrusts his cock into her mouth, grunting and moaning loudly as he pushes the thick, hard, shaft deep into her throat.

"Oooohhhh FUCK... OOOHH GOD... Fuck fuck fuck fuck. God you suck good cock, you dirty, fucking whore. Fucking God." She begins moaning around his cock squeezing her mouth around it.

"I'm going to cum down your throat you filthy slut... drink my cum...."

"Mmmm," she moans, sucking harder as he says so.

He moans loudly and holds her head still as his cock twitches and swells and erupts, spilling thick, hot streams of cum into her waiting mouth. She looks into his eyes, sucking hard, swallowing his cum. He wants to thank her, to hold her. But he knows it is not time for that yet.

"Keep sucking bitch... suck it until it's dry you cum guzzling whore." He feels his knees going weak as the wave of pleasure pours through him as she sucks greedily on his dick, eating him up. He pulls her head back by her hair, kissing her deeply, his tongue twisting around hers, tasting his cum. "That's a good little slut. Now, let's see what else we can do with you."

He picks her up and sets her sore ass down on the bed, as she kisses him back letting him taste his cum. She sits on bed, leans in, and sucks his cock bit more, licking it clean. He unties her hands and then, quickly but firmly, ties her arms back and her legs up so her knees are up and apart and her pussy and ass are severely exposed. He traces his fingers along the pink and swollen flesh of her breasts, pussy, and ass and she moans loudly as she feels his touch.

"Tsk, tsk, tsk, the red is fading. We can't have that." She looks into his eyes, laying helpless and exposed for him as he gets a deerskin flogger and whips it through the air. She tenses up at the sound and flinches as he brings it down across her breasts.

* WHAP! *

He looks down upon her, naked and exposed and helpless.... and breathes deeply enjoying the thrill of his control. "Awhhhhhhhh," she screams out, arching her back, tears rolling down her face. "It hurts you fucking bastard," she sobs.

"Interesting, tell me how this feels."

* WHAP! * * WHAP! * * WHAP! * * WHAP! * * WHAP! * * WHAP! * * WHAP! * * WHAP! *

He swings the flogger rapidly alternating breasts.

"Aaaaaaawww! Noooooo, not my tits," she cries.

He moves down to her legs, letting the flogger fall on her open thighs.

* WHAP! * * WHAP! * * WHAP! * * WHAP! * * WHAP! * * WHAP! * * WHAP! * * WHAP! * * WHAP! * * WHAP! * * WHAP! * * WHAP! * * WHAP! * * WHAP! * * WHAP! * * WHAP! * * WHAP! * * WHAP! * * WHAP! * * WHAP! *

He swings the flogger hard and fast as she screams loudly, squirming in her bonds, and tossing her head side to side and sobbing but loving every lash. He dangles the flogger and lets it fall over the reddened flesh, teasing and tickling it, then raises it again and flogs her wide open pussy.

WHAP! * * WHAP! * * WHAP! * * WHAP! * * WHAP! * * WHAP! * * WHAP! * * WHAP! *

"Aww! Awww!"

"Look at you, you dirty whore, already getting wet again."

* WHAP! * * WHAP! * * WHAP! * * WHAP! * * WHAP! * * WHAP! * * WHAP! * * WHAP! * * WHAP! * * WHAP! * * WHAP! * * WHAP! * * WHAP! * * WHAP! * * WHAP! *

She yells each time he hits her there, tears flowing down her face.

"Your face is almost as wet as your pussy, you slut."

She feels the burning pain overwhelming her like a flame, sobbing, thighs shivering like leaves. He brings the strokes down so they hit the exposed areas of her lower ass.

WHAP! * * WHAP! * * WHAP! * * WHAP! * * WHAP! * * WHAP! * * WHAP! * * WHAP! * * WHAP! * * WHAP! * * WHAP! * * WHAP! * * WHAP! * * WHAP! * * WHAP! * * WHAP! *

"Uhhh, uhhh uhhhhhh. Awwww," she moans louder and louder, squeezing her eyes in pain and pleasure and arching her back.

"Now, let's go with something with more of a sting."

He gets a rubber flogger with dozens of thin strands and teases them over her sensitive breasts and then moves them down across her stomach to her reddened legs, ass, and pussy.

She moans as every touch activates the burning sensation even more. She looks at him standing over her and secretly finds peace in the submission.

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