She was a big woman, not fat mind you, but big none the less. She was about 5'11" and probably weighed a muscular 180lbs. Her height garnered attention but not as much as the way she dressed and how she carried herself.

She was dressed in a short black leather skirt when I first saw her. A black and red leather corset was tightly laced over her torso to accentuate her small waist and enormous natural 36dd tits. Her long black hair was tied back in a pony tail that reached her big curvaceous ass. Despite her natural height she wore 4 inch heals that brought her to a shocking 6'3", the same height as me. Her shoulders were broad and her arms muscular and defined, no doubt the result of hours in the gym. In short, she was a physical specimen and I was more than intrigued when our eyes met across a crowded bar.

I made my way across the room and introduced myself to her. Up close she was even more striking with high full cheek bones, smooth alabaster skin and pretty dark eyes that sparkled like precious gem stones. Her voice was feminine yet strong and commanding and she had a cool confidence that captured me.

I felt her eyes travel over my body as she appraised me and I was startled when her big yet manicured hand reached out and touched my flaccid cock through my jeans. Blood rushed to my crotch as my cock stiffened under her soft touch and hard gaze.

"Very nice," she said as she sized me up. "You respond quickly, I like that in a slave. I wonder what you are willing to do to please me."

"Anything," I said softly as I looked into her mesmerizing dark eyes.

Two hours later I sat in just my boxer briefs on her couch. Her cuckold husband was sitting across from me naked except for a black leather studded cock ring that caused his big eight inch cock to jut straight out from his taught muscular body.

April sat beside me and stroked my hair as she explained the rules to me.

"You will do whatever I tell you to do without hesitation, do you understand my pet," she asked.

"Yes mistress, I understand."

"Very good, your safe word is asphalt. If you feel in danger say that word and the session will end, do you understand piggy?" she continued.

"Yes mistress, I understand. I am yours to do with me as you please."

"Very good slave, now strip and take your place, on your knees before me."

I quickly pulled off my boxer briefs and knelt in front of my big beautiful mistress. She pulled my hair and slapped my face playfully as she signaled to her cuckold to go retrieve some items she had waiting for me. He scurried off as Mistress April commanded me to remove her boots.

I unzipped her tall leather boots and placed them neatly beside me as she sat on the couch in front of me she lifted her big pedicure foot to my face and pushed her sweaty toes into my mouth. I sucked greedily on her toes and ran my tongue over them tasting her primal essence. I savored her salty sweat as my tongue slithered between her toes. She pushed her whole foot into my mouth and slowly fucked my mouth with it as her toes tickled the back of my throat. When I had adequately cleaned one foot she pulled it from my reluctant mouth and brought her other sweat covered foot to my mouth. I lovingly sucked her toes and licked her big beautiful feet clean as her cuckold laid the items he had retrieved on the couch beside Mistress April.

"Enough pig," she said when her feet were sufficiently worshipped. She stood over me and grabbed my hair hard. She pulled my face into her soaking wet pussy and violently ground her smooth hairless lips against my face.

"Make me cum slave," she commanded as I sucked her thick meaty pussy lips into my mouth. I slid my hand up her powerful leg and inserted two fingers into her wet cunt as I licked her hard engorged clit. My fingers quickly found her g spot and I rubbed it rhythmically as my tongue strummed her clit like fingers on a guitar. Her body responded quickly and I felt her shutter as the first wave of her climax washed over her sexy quivering body. I was startled as a clear viscous liquid shot from her delicious pussy and filled my mouth as she squirted and came hard.

"Very good slave," she said as she reached onto the couch and picked up a big black strap on. She buckled it around her waist and ordered me onto all fours as she lubed up her big strap on.

"Get over here you disgusting pig," she said to her cuckold. He walked behind me and bent over per Mistress April's instruction.

I groaned with pleasure and disgust as mistress April's cuckold husband started to lick my sensitive asshole. My cock throbbed as his tongue plunged deep into my sensitive hole and it twitched when he rose up and spit on my asshole.

He spit into his hand and wrapped it around my throbbing cock as he lowered his mouth back to my ass and resumed licking it. He began slowly stroking my hard cock as he eased two then three fingers from his other hand up my tight ass. He continued to lick around his fingers drooling saliva on my hole as he violently fingered me.

"Enough you two faggots," Mistress April yelled as she pushed her cuckold husband out of the way and eased her big ten inch strap on up my virgin asshole.

I groaned loudly as Mistress April grabbed hold of my hips and started to fuck my asshole with long steady strokes. She ordered her cuckold to move in front of me and offer his big hard cock to my sissy lips.

I looked at the swollen head of his big dick, mere inches from my mouth and I wondered what it would feel like in my mouth. I had never before entertained bisexual thoughts but as pre-cum leaked from the head of his cock I found myself wanting to taste it.

Mistress April ordered him to rub his leaking dick on my waiting lips as she continued to fuck my sissy asshole with long smooth strokes.

"Open wide slave," she ordered as her cuckold husband forced his big throbbing cock into my mouth.

I moaned around his warm hard cock as his delicious precum hit my taste buds. My tongue stroked the underside of his throbbing manhood as it tickled the back of my throat.

Supporting myself with one hand I ran the other up his smooth chiseled abs and played with his hard nipples before raking my finger nails down his hard muscular chest. Saliva ran down his balls as I cupped them in my hand and allowed him to slowly fuck my mouth.

My eyes watered as his monstrous cock tickled the back of my throat making me gag. My throat opened and he slid in deeper until my nose pressed firmly against the neatly trimmed patch of fur above his big dick.

Mistress April continued to fuck my gaping asshole with long pleasurable strokes. Her big plastic cock rubbed deliciously against my prostate and I could feel my orgasm starting to build despite the lack of contact with my throbbing cock.

Mistress April ordered her husband onto his back under me. He immediately slid under me in a tight 69 as his wife continued to fuck me with her girl cock. I groaned as his warm mouth closed around my 6 inch dick. Mistress April began fucking me harder as her cuckold husband fellated me. I reached down and took his big throbbing dick into my mouth and sucked it deep into my mouth. Saliva ran down his turgid shaft and I used my hand on the slippery shaft to milk his cock while I sucked on his delicious head.

His balls tightened and I was rewarded with gobs of his delicious warm creamy cum. I swallowed it down greedily as I savored my first taste of another mans cum. My big sexy mistress continued to fuck my ass with a ferocious pace as her husband deep throated my cock like a pro. My climax was unlike anything I had ever felt before. It began deep in my belly and shook my entire body as I spilled copious amounts of warm seed down his throat.

Mistress April pulled her strap on from my ass and ordered me to clean my filth from it. She forced it into my mouth and I sucked my mess from her big plastic cock as her cuckold husband continued to suckle my now flaccid cock. She then turned around and commanded me to lick her delectable ass. I looked at her big round ass and parted her soft round cheeks before sinking my face between them. I stuck my tongue out and licked her puckered asshole as she moaned with pleasure. My long tongue snaked up her hole and my face slapped her cheeks as I tongue fucked her sweet round ass. I felt my cock stiffen as I licked and sucked Mistress April's beautiful ass. Her soft hand closed around my hard cock and she sighed softly. She guided my dick into her dripping wet hole and ordered me fuck her hard but not to cum. Her pussy was divine with the perfect amount of lubrication and tightness and I rammed my dick into her with surprising force. She ordered her husband to get under her and suck her hard swollen clit. I felt his tongue on my cock and balls as he licked everywhere Mistress April's juices were. He was rewarded with a steady flow of her clear flavorful juices when she came again. She covered my cock and balls with the slick warm fluid and it felt incredible.

Mistress April ordered her cuckold husband onto all fours. My stomach tightened with fear as I awaited her next command. She ordered me to lick his asshole. My stomach recoiled at the though and I hesitated long enough for Mistress April to grab my hair in her hand and pull my head up. She slapped my face hard and shoved my face into the soft valley between his cheeks. My tongue slipped into the shaved crack of his ass and slithered into his tight puckered hole. He groaned loudly and pushed his ass back to meet my long wet tongue. I spit on his asshole and licked it up before tongue fucking it just as I had done earlier to his sexy wife.

Mistress April lubed up my hard dick as I licked her cuckold husbands asshole.

"Enough faggot," she yelled at me as she grabbed me by the hair and forced me in position behind her husband. "Fuck him good you filthy queer."

I eased my cock up his tight greased ass and started to fuck him. I was surprised at how good it felt to fuck his smooth lubed asshole and how erotic it felt as our balls rubbed together each time I buried my cock all the way inside him. I fell into a steady rhythm as I slid my cock in and out of his slippery asshole.

Mistress April lay down in front of her husband and ordered him to lick her soaking wet pussy as I fucked him harder and harder. Soon my balls were slapping against his and the sound of slapping flesh echoed through the room. He grunted with each powerful stroke as I fucked him hard and fast while his tongue attacked his domme wife's delicious cunt.

"Give him a reach around you fucking worthless queer," Mistress April commanded. I spit in my hand and reached around and grabbed his cock. My hand stroked his cock in perfect time to my cock sliding in and out of his asshole.

Mistress April slid under her husband and guided his cock into her wet waiting pussy. Her hips thrust up in time with me as I fucked his ass. Harder and faster we thrust together as all of our pulses quickened.

"The first one to cum cleans my wet cunt with his tongue," Mistress April exclaimed as I buried my cock into her husband asshole and shot ribbons of cum deep inside him. He followed my lead a few strokes later and came buckets both inside and all over the outside of his wife's pussy.

Mistress April pushed him off her and commanded me to lick up every drop of his cum from her well fucked cunt.

I settled between her thick muscular thighs and slurped up his creamy delicious cum from her succulent pussy. When all of his seed was gone I attacked her clit as I fingered her gspot until she came again. She didn't squirt this time and she sensed my disappointment so she stood up and dragged me into the bathroom where she threw me into the tube and strattled my face. She held my face to her pussy as she released a hot spray of pee into my waiting mouth. I drank down her yellow treat until her stream ran dry.

She pulled me to my feet and kissed me deeply, tasting the combination of her husbands cum, her pussy and her pee on my lips. Our tongues entwined in a deep passionate kiss. She broke off the kiss and dragged me out of the bathroom by my hair.

"You were a good fuck slave. I have your number and I will call you when I need a fuck toy," she said as she tossed me my clothes and pushed me out onto the porch naked and dripping with her sweet piss.

She never called and I never saw her again. I have not had another D/s or bi experience since that night but my big beautiful mistress still fills my dreams and I always wake up hard as a rock and dripping precum.

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