tagLoving WivesCuckold Husband Ch. 01

Cuckold Husband Ch. 01


This story contains cuckold, bisexual, interracial and female domination themes; if this is not your thing then please do not read on. I welcome comments but if criticising, please do so constructively - this is my first attempt at writing a story on Literotica. Abusive comments or emails will be deleted without being read. Otherwise, I hope you enjoy and let me know how you would like to see the story progress.

Part 1 - The Beginning

"Are you serious, you'd honestly want me to do that to you?"

Katrina sounded shocked but to my surprise, not completely against the idea. "I just think it'd be quite exciting, and you know how that sort of thing really gets me going," I replied.

By 'that sort of thing', I was referring to an ever increasing fantasy of mine to be humiliated by my wife, to have her compare me to another lover, someone who satisfied her more than I ever could and who I was forced to share her with.

We had been married for 12 years and had often shared fantasies of bringing others into our bed, but more often just lately I had been getting off on Katrina having a permanent lover, who she would fuck regularly and share the details with me when she got home, sliding her used pussy onto my cock as she described what they had done together and how much she had enjoyed his cock filling her up. I had learnt that this was not as rare a fantasy as I had first thought and had even been given a name, 'cuckolding'.

I read stories on the internet about the subject and my fantasy developed to where Katrina would put me into chastity, making me wear a CB 6000 cock cage for weeks at a time, only letting me use my tongue or fingers on her, while getting fucked on a regular basis by her lover and making me clean her of his cum when she got home, covered in love bites and smelling of sex. This was the fantasy that I had just shared with her, although in the heat of the moment I had made one more revelation - that I would love her to make me wear feminine panties over the cage, keeping me in complete orgasm denial as I experienced the feeling of the lace and satin panties against my balls and ass.

Katrina looked at me as she slowly caressed my now softening cock. "I don't know what to think, part of me thinks it could be fun, but another part of me worries why you would want to be denied having actual sex with me; you do still fancy me don't you?"

"Of course I do," I reassured her. Katrina was a knockout, at 34 years old she still looked in her twenties and was forever getting attention from other men, she would often come home from work and tell me how she had been chatted up by male colleagues or clients. I would feel small pangs of jealousy, especially if she admitted that the guy was good looking, but these jealous feelings were overridden by my submissive nature and I would become aroused thinking of my gorgeous wife being hit on by someone else that she found attractive.

I reached over to the bedside table and grabbed my iPad, where I found one of the cuckolding and chastity websites that I had been regularly visiting. Opening up a page giving women advice on the benefits of cuckolding their husband and keeping them in chastity, I handed the iPad to Katrina and told her to have a look, while I got out of bed and went for a shower. Returning to the bedroom about 15 minutes later, I found Katrina still surfing the site and after a while she closed the cover and put the iPad back onto the bedside table.

"Well?" I asked, "Did you read it?"

Katrina said she had, but changed the subject quickly. I attempted to reopen the subject but she just told me to let her think about it, that she wanted to give the whole idea some thought. I didn't want to put her off by being too pushy so I dropped the matter and decided I would just wait and see if she brought it back up herself. We had sex most days that week but whenever I went to speak, she would 'shhh' me, her eyes closed as if enjoying her own thoughts.

Nothing further was said on the topic for the next few days and I thought that Katrina had probably dismissed the idea. It wasn't until I got home on the Friday afternoon that Katrina met me at the front door with a wicked smile on her face and handing me a beer, told me to come and sit with her in the lounge.

"What's going on?" I asked.

Katrina reached over and rubbed my thigh as she moved closer to me. My eyes were drawn to her smooth legs as her skirt rode up slightly, feeling myself get aroused in anticipation; I knew the look in her eyes and was certain that she was in a horny mood.

"Remember what we talked about at the weekend, what it was you wanted me to do?"

Of course I did, it had been on my mind almost permanently since!

"Well, I have some surprises for you," she said, her hand moving from my thigh to my groin and rubbing my hardening cock over the material of my trousers.

"You said you wanted me to take a lover, to offer myself to another man? Well all week I've been thinking about it and I think, no, I know I have someone."

My cock was now solid. "Who?" I asked, my mind reeling as to who the man could be. "Do I know him, are you serious?"

"Well, his name is Steve and no, you don't know him, but I did tell you about him a few weeks ago, he was the one who asked me out for a drink after work. The black guy, remember?"

Now I remembered, Katrina had told me how this Steve guy had hit on her over lunch and even though she had declined, explaining she was married, he had still continued his efforts to seduce her. I had loved hearing about this, it was made even more exciting because he was black, my mind working overtime as I imagined her beautiful pussy being stretched wide by a well hung black guy.

"Okay, I remember now. So how do you know he's up for it; you told him no the last time, didn't you?"

"Because," Katrina replied, a wicked smile on her face, "I'm meeting him in town in about.." checking her watch, "3 hours."

I checked mine, it was 6pm now. I couldn't believe what I had just heard, my heart was racing as I tried to make sense of everything she had just told me. That meant she would be meeting him at 9pm, on a Friday night, in a busy town - and more importantly, a town that would no doubt be filled with people we both knew. I was split between concern at her being seen on the arm of someone else, and arousal at the thought of her being so willing to potentially humiliate me in front of our friends. Damn, even a handful of family members on my side could possibly bump into her too; how could I explain it if asked?

"That's okay isn't it babe?" she asked, her hand squeezing my shaft, which was giving away my true feelings about what she was telling me, "This was what you wanted wasn't it?"

The manner in which she asked this was more teasing than concern for my feelings, and it worked. Despite my misgivings about the timing and location, I could not deny that in 2 minutes Katrina had managed to get me hornier than ever before.

I asked what had happened between them that week and which had led to this meeting being organised; Katrina told me how she had began to flirt with Steve early that week and he had immediately shown interest in her. One thing had led to another and after meeting him for lunch on the Thursday, she had finally agreed to his repeated offers of a drink, though making out to him that it was completely behind my back and the need for discretion. This wasn't exactly reflected in overtly going into town together but he hadn't seemed to care - I suppose he was single anyway and them being compromised would not adversely effect him.

By now I was gagging for release and Katrina knew it. Taking my hand she led me upstairs and told me to go for a shower, she would wait in the bedroom. I wanted her there and then but she just said that I'd had my first surprise, if I wanted the second then to do as I was told.

Back in the bedroom 10 minutes later I found Katrina lying on top of the bed in just a pair of lace underwear and a bra. My cock was still semi erect as my mind had raced in the shower, but the sight of her tanned size 10 body, waiting there just for me, had me spring back to full attention.

Katrina told me drop the towel and to lay on the bed, on my back. She then straddled me and taking hold of my hands, placed them above my head. Before I barely realised what she was doing, she had deftly tied them to the top bedposts. I didn't complain though, I was quite willing to be at her mercy.

She kissed me passionately on the lips, her tongue darting into my mouth and across my lips. Leaning to the side, she whispered in my ear, "I forgot to mention, after the lunch on Thursday Steve tried to kiss me at the table and well, I kissed him back. I hope you don't mind but I couldn't resist, especially when I felt his hand on my thigh, just inches from my pussy."

As she said this she began to kiss down my body and after biting gently on both of my nipples, she worked her way down to my groin and I groaned in pleasure as I felt her tongue flick at the head of my cock, before taking it completely into her mouth. Using her other hand, she caressed my shaven balls (we always kept ourselves shaved down there and Katrina insisted that my body hair was always trimmed short), while she slowly wanked and sucked me off. Every now and then she would stop what she was doing and ask if I minded that later that night she might be doing the same thing to Steve, or tease me by asking if I thought she would even be able to take his cock in her mouth, after what everyone said about how well endowed black men were.

All of this just fed my lust and my hips bucked as probably in the quickest time ever, she managed to bring me to orgasm orally. I desperately wanted to grab her head and force it down onto me, but the restraints held tight and as frustrating as it was, the denial heightened my pleasure. My cum rushed through the length of my shaft and at first I thought she was going to swallow it but at the last second, she whipped her head away and I spurted my thick cum all over my own stomach. Katrina sat back on her heels and watched as she kept wanking me, ensuring that every last drop was out of me.

"There, good boy," she said, smiling, "Now for your second surprise."

I had thought that this spectacular blow job was my second surprise but apparently not. Katrina reached down to a bag on the floor and brought out a dark coloured case. I kept watching as she opened it and couldn't believe my eyes when she pulled out the parts of what I recognised as one of the CB design chastity devices.

"I hope this is what you meant," she asked, "I went to the sex shop in town today and bought it for you and trust me, at over £100, you are definitely going to get use out of it."

"Fine by me," I said, still out of breath from my orgasm.

"Did I ask for your agreement?" Katrina said back to me, with mock severity in her voice. "That's why you got the BJ, to make sure your cock was nice and soft to put this on you. I hope you enjoyed your orgasm as I'm not sure when I am going to allow you to have another...I suppose it depends on how good you are for me."

Katrina slipped the holding ring behind my sack and after fitting the spacers, slipped the main cage, made of transparent plastic, over my cock. Ensuring it was a good fit and that my slit was placed correctly at the end so I could still urinate, she took out a tiny brass padlock from the case and secured the device in place.

"No more using the urinals at work or standing up to pee in the house," she pointed out to me, as she tapped the plastic with her nails, "You can look forward to having to pee like a girl from now on and I can look forward to not having to put the toilet seat down every time I use it after you."

I didn't care, looking at restrained cock awoke feelings in me that had been deep inside for years, to have my sexy wife do this to me, on the same day she had revealed to me that she was at long last going to fuck someone else; I felt like I was going to explode with love for her. "I love you Katrina," I said, looking up at her.

"I love you too babe, but don't think you're getting out of this. I'm going to put the key for this in a safe place and you are going to experience what it feels like to be celibate for...how long shall we say to start off with? A week is fair I think."

"As long as you decide honey," I replied, I didn't care at that moment, the feeling of the device on my cock and tight around my balls was heavenly, and as I looked up at my wife, she leant over and kissed me again.

"Now for your last surprise," she said, and after reaching back down to her bag, pulled out a small La Senza bag. She opened it and pulled out a pair of electric pink coloured satin and lace knickers. "I think these should look good on you, I got a bigger size than my own, so they will fit over the cage."

I couldn't believe that she had done so much in just a few days and mentally kicked myself for not bringing up the topic of cuckolding sooner! I lifted my hips and Katrina slid the panties over my legs until they covered me completely, the feeling of the smooth satin and rougher lace causing my cock to twitch uselessly, and a little painfully, in the CB 6000.

"Katrina, they feel perfect," I told her.

"Hmmm, they do look nice actually, better than I imagined," she agreed. "They'll do for now but tomorrow I want you to completely shave your legs and if your a good little cuckold I will maybe buy you some tights or stockings."

Being called a cuckold by her was sensational, it was what I had always wanted and yet, we still had the whole night to get through, it was now less than 2 hours until she would have to go out, leaving me alone and wondering what she was up to. I just couldn't believe how she had embraced this so quickly, though in hindsight it was a pretty good deal for her; a compliant husband and as much cock as she wanted, when she wanted, whether it was mine (if she released me) or someone else's.

Katrina went to untie me, saying that she needed to get get ready now, but then stopped. "One last thing," she said and using her mobile phone, she took two pictures of me, one full length and one a close up of my restrained cock underneath the pink girly panties. "You never know," she giggled, though I had no idea what she meant or why she would need those pictures.

Katrina untied me and I immediately reached up and pulled her to me, whispering,"Thank you" into her ear.

Katrina laughed and just said, "Let's see if you feel as grateful in a weeks time, or even later on when you are sat alone, thinking of me and Steve and unable to touch yourself."

True enough, I realised then it was going to be tough but still this was what I knew I wanted, and that even the denial would ultimately be a pleasure for me, in a twisted way. Katrina told me to get dressed, as she needed time to get ready and I obediently slipped on a pair of jeans and a t-shirt and went downstairs, experiencing some discomfort from the CB 6000 but determined to get used to it, to satisfy my new 'mistress'.

I sat downstairs for the next hour as Katrina busied herself in the bedroom. Eventually she called to me and I went up to her. "What do you think?" she asked.

She looked stunning, wearing a summer dress which stopped just above her knee, strappy sandals and with her hair and make up perfect. She done a twirl for me and I gazed adoringly at her perfect figure, suddenly experiencing some jealousy at the knowledge that a stranger would have his hands on her tonight, and probably more.

In keeping with her teasing mood, Katrina lifted up her dress and I saw that she was wearing a pair of panties exactly the same as she had got me and which were under my jeans, just in her own size. "And of course, the matching bra," she said, "I thought you would like that and to know that Steve might get to see me in them tonight, before you even have."

I did indeed like it, the dull pain as my cock tried to stiffen certainly reminded me of the fact. I pulled her close to me and kissed her deeply on the lips. she pushed her groin against me and giggled at the feeling of the hard plastic pushing against her. "Now, you're certain you are up for this?" I asked.

"Of course I am, silly. Why wouldn't I be; I should be asking you the same thing shouldn't I? It's you that has to deal with what might happen tonight, or maybe even every weekend," she added. "Anyway, I need to call a taxi and get going, I don't want to be late."

Kissing me quickly on the lips she went past me and downstairs and called a taxi, surprising me when I heard that she had booked it to take her to one of the most popular bars in the town centre.

"What are we going to do if someone sees you with him?" I asked.

"You should've thought about that before asking me to do this," Katrina laughed, "Not my problem really is it, if any of my friends see me I'll just ask them to keep quiet. The question is, what if any of your friends see us?" Katrina looked at me and added, "Oh I see, maybe that's what you want isn't it? For your friends to see me and to know that I've cuckolded you. If that's the case, I'll make sure we go to all the popular places and that if I see anyone who knows us, that they get an eyeful of me sucking on Steve's tongue!"

She was right, while I had no idea how I would explain this away to anyone who saw her, the thought of it turned me on, there was no doubt about it. It was then that something popped into my mind which I hadn't even considered earlier. "You have got condoms haven't you?"

Katrina was on the pill but with a stranger I thought she should be better safe than sorry. But I didn't expect the response she gave, "Why would I use condoms?" She pulled me close to her again and rubbed my sensitive balls over my jeans. "When I get home later, or maybe tomorrow morning, you are going to be licking me and it wouldn't be any fun if I had used a condom would it? You want to be kept in chastity, wear girly panties, well you can look forward to eating cum like a girl too. You had better just keep your fingers crossed I haven't forgotten to take my pill recently..."

My pain in my groin was unbearable as my cock fought to become erect against the hard plastic of the CB 6000; it was her last comment about getting pregnant which had done it, I had read stories of cuckold husbands whose wives had gotten pregnant by their lovers and found the whole idea extremely erotic, yet had chosen to not to share those thoughts with Katrina as I had thought she might have thought that a bit too over the top. It would seem that I was wrong.

A horn beeped outside the house and leaving me to ponder the matter, Katrina kissed me on the lips, "Wish me luck," she said and disappeared out of the front door.

I watched out of the window as Katrina climbed into the back of the taxi, shifting uncomfortably in the chastity device and wondering what else this weekend would have to bring. Three hours ago I was a normal guy, and here I was, in a cock cage, pink panties and waiting at home while my wife dated a strange black guy.

I knew then that I was the luckiest guy in the world.

To be continued...as detailed at the start of the story, please let me know if you have any preferences as to how this all develops; however filthy those ideas might be ;)

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