tagLoving WivesCuckold Wedding Ch. 2

Cuckold Wedding Ch. 2


My thanks to for feedback which has given me ideas for the first part of this story

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After the cuckold wedding (see part 1) we all adjourned to the garden where a buffet and drinks were served. I stood on the patio watching my wife hand in hand with her lover Bob go from group to group. They were laughing and chatting away and often heard various guests congratulating them on having an open relationship. To my embarrassment I also heard a number of times my wife being told how wonderful it was that I publicly accepted Bob as being superior to myself.

As the evening started to wind down Bob and my wife Sarah came over to me. Bob pulled me aside. Before everyone departs, I have some presents for us to give each other – I want to exchange them now so play along and make a good speech at the end.

Bob got everyone's attention. Before the party ends, the three of us have gifts we wish to exchange and want you to share in the final part of today's ceremonies. I noticed a pile of presents to the side of the Patio. I had a big fear as to what they contained. Here Bob said giving a parcel to Sarah, this one is for you from Keith. Quickly opening the wrapped box my wife lifted out a white transparent full-length nightgown. Split from floor to waist. Sarah beamed and said, thank you darling, you certainly want to make sure I have Bob's attention tonight. Everyone laughed and clapped. Sarah then gave me a small box. I opened it and inside was the wedding ring I gave her when we had got married. Before I could say anything Sarah said I know I told you I would wear this on my right hand, having given it more thought I felt I would not be showing the right respect to Bob if I continued with it on my finger – as a sign of your commitment today I have arranged for you to have your penis and balls pierced.

This ring will then be enlarged and fitted to the base of your penis. You will then not be able to get an erection without immense pain. Bob then handed me a package which when opened revealed a dozen pairs of pink frilly panties. To everyone's amusement Bob added, as you are not the man in Sarah's life then you must be a sissy – sissies only wear panties. Make sure you do in future. I was also given another package from them both which turned out to be birth control pills. My wife looking at Bob said I give myself totally to my lover; I want him to ride me bareback and if he wishes gladly have his children. Now make your speech.

I turned to the gathered guests. As the cuckold Husband, may I first of all wish my wife and her lover every happiness? I know Bob satisfies Sarah in ways that I could never. He has a much bigger cock than me. If fact probably most men would achieve that. Whilst we are still legally married I want everyone to consider Bob and Sarah as a couple. I openly accept I am a cuckold and am happy in that role. I will assist Bob and Sarah in any way that I can to make them happy. Everyone clapped and cheered.

The guests quickly drifted away and soon the three of us were on our own. Wanting to stay part of the night's proceedings I ask Bob if I could prepare Sarah for him. Be my guest sissy. This barb made me wince but I did not respond. After all, was I not going to have my cock ringed and pierced and wear panties from now on.

I followed Sarah to the master bedroom. She quickly disrobed, touched up her Hair and makeup and then asked me to bring her the nightdress I had presented to her only a short while ago. She her up her arms whilst I put it over her head. It was so light and filmy it just floated down her body caressing the places it touched. She looked wonderful. Her body was totally visible. Her nipples stuck out like bullets and between her legs her moist cunt was damp and puffed in excitement for her masterful lover. Oh dear she said, I think I am to excited and very wet. Be a dear and come and lick my cunt clean. I dutifully dropped to my knees. At that point Bob came into the room. Seeing me down in front of my wife he said this gives me a great idea. Lick Sarah to get her ready for me and afterwards clean my cum from her cunt.

Sarah turned to Bob and they kissed a deep French kiss, Bob' hands freely roamed over Sarah's body squeezing her buttocks one minute then caressing a breast the next. At the same time Sarah had undone his trousers and freed his throbbing organ. Bob lay back on the bed positioning my wife over his erect cock. It was gently rubbing the lips of her cunt. He turned to me saying, do you want this Keith. Do you want me fucking your wife, do you want me flooding her unprotected cunt with my sperm. All I could say was yes yes yes. Sarah then slowly sank down on his shaft. He held her by the waist lifting her and lowering her on his rod. It was the most erotic thing to see his glistening cock appear as she was on the up stroke wet with her cunt juice. Wet from the joy of having her lovers cock thrusting into her. Oh yes she cried fuck me harder, your prick is so good and big. My cunt is your and only yours. Fill me with your spunk. His thrusts became more vigorous and then as true lovers should they both came at the same time.

Sarah collapsed over his body nibbling his ear she whispered to Bob I love you darling. As for me, by this point I had cum in my trousers and yet again had a little stiffy. Once I had cleaned Sarah up I was banished to the spare room. I did not sleep much that night, partly from the noise of love making down the hall but also thinking where will our unusual relationship go from her.

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