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This is a story I wrote some time ago. I have adapted it to appeal to a different audience in a different category. I welcome constructive feedback and invite you to rate it 5 stars if you enjoy it.


A few days ago, I had a phone call from Anna. She was obviously very embarrassed and hesitant as she told me that she needed help as she had never had an orgasm. I readily agreed to help and invited her round that very evening.

The doorbell rang at exactly 7.30 as arranged and I was surprised to usher in not only Anna but her husband Martin too. I was utterly confused and more than a little worried that Martin might become aggressive because his wife had made an appointment for sex with another man, especially a black dude like me. However, he appeared calm so I offered them both a drink which they accepted. Martin seemed just as hesitant and embarrassed as his wife and, when I asked them what the problem was, neither wanted to begin. Finally, after a long silence Anna blurted out that they had been married for two months and they had had sex several times but she had never had an orgasm. She seemed to think that it was her fault but she told me that Martin believed that it was his fault because he had a very small member.

I listened carefully to what they had to say then I tried to put them both at their ease.

"Firstly, don't blame yourselves. Good sex doesn't always come naturally, sometimes it has to be learned. Secondly, the size of a man's member isn't the only factor that will ensure a woman's satisfaction."

The couple looked very relieved to hear this and Anna asked:

"Will you be able to teach us? I think we would both be much happier if we could both enjoy lovemaking."

"Yes, I'm sure I can help," I replied. "I can teach you how to pleasure each other and, if there is no medical reason, you should both be able to have satisfactory orgasms."

"Wonderful!" Anna enthused. "You've given me hope that everything is going to be OK. I love Martin so much and I really want our marriage to work out."

"OK," I said, "but before we start, I need to make it clear that I won't be embarrassed whatever you say and do, so you can ask me anything and I will give you an answer to the best of my ability. You can get naked in front of me and I will never say anything to put you down or make you feel bad. I believe that all bodies are wonderful, whether they might be black or white and we should all be proud of what we've got."

"How much do you charge?" Anna asked.

"Nothing at all," said I. "I've had so much pleasure in my life from sex that I'm happy to spread the word and enable others to share my knowledge so they can enjoy it as much as I do."

"That's fantastic," Martin said quickly, "Can we get started?"

"All right," said I, "Can you both strip down to your underwear while I go to the kitchen and refresh our drinks, then I'll show you how you can begin to turn each other on and pleasure each other."

When I returned a few minutes later Anna and Martin were sitting demurely on the couch with their legs together and their arms folded looking very defensive. Martin was wearing a pair of striped, fitted boxer/briefs. His body was tanned and toned but not excessively muscular. Anna was wearing a pink matching bra and pantie set with lacy edges. Her body was slim but curvy with well-developed breasts and rounded hips.

I began, "Let's start slowly so you can put each other at ease. Men are usually like a light switch that can be switched on and off. Women are like a fire that needs to be kindled and nurtured before the flame can flare up. Martin I would like you to ask Anna if she would like a massage of some kind. It doesn't matter where. It can be her feet, her head or her back. Somewhere safe and non-sexual. If she doesn't like massage, offer to fix her a drink or offer a snack. Never ever ask her directly for sex because she will very likely say no. Make her a small offer and she is much more likely to accept. Better still, offer her a small menu and ask which she would like. It's hard for a woman to refuse everything."

Martin looked his wife in the eyes and asked, "Would you like a back or a foot massage darling?"

"Oh yes," she replied, "I'd like both. You can start with my feet."

Martin smiled and accepted the foot massage balm that I offered. He grabbed Anna's foot and began to knead it vigorously.

"Start slowly," I urged. "Remember that this is the first course and your aim will be to arouse her. To turn her on."

Martin responded and was pleased to see his wife relaxing as he massaged her feet as slowly and erotically as he could. Anna was soon purring with pleasure and it was obvious that she was enjoying the foot massage. When he was done with her feet Martin took the offered body massage oil and was about to squirt it onto Anna's back.

I interrupted with some quiet advice. "Squirt it onto your hand a leave it there for a few seconds to warm before you drip it onto her skin. Then slowly and sensuously smooth it over her back. Talk to her and ask if she would like a light smooth massage or a deep firm one. People have different preferences and you always need to connect with her and learn what she likes."

I followed my advice and quietly asked Anna what she would like.

She replied, "I'd like the gentle touch please."

As Martin began to massage her shoulders Anna reached behind and released her bra strap so he had access to the whole of her back.

I intervened. "See how she's warming to you, now reward her by whispering how much you love her in her ear. Try nibbling her ear lobe gently but stop immediately if she doesn't like it. Kiss the side of her neck while you are massaging her back. The feet, the back, the earlobes and the nape of the neck, these are all erogenous zones and will turn most women on, if you pay attention to them."

Martin followed my advice and was pleased to see his wife looking happy and relaxed.

"Good, you're both doing really well," I enthused. "Continue with the back massage for a little while Martin, then ask her to turn over. Don't beg, just tell her to turn over in a deep masculine voice. When she turns over tell her that she has great breasts and they really turn you on. Drip some more massage oil into your hand then drip it onto the middle of her chest. You are going to massage her tits but you have to start in a very subtle way. Start by touching her gently in the middle of her chest and underneath the breasts and smooth the oil into her skin around the outsides and into the armpits. Keep well away from the areolae and the nipples. They are extremely sensitive for most women and they need some preparation before you can touch them. Spend some time gently massaging around the outsides and you will be rewarded.

Anna smiled and nodded at this advice. She turned over and I was able to gaze for the first time on her milk white tits. They were full and firm and stood proudly on her chest, the areolae only slightly darker than their surrounds and crowned by the tiny pink nipples. A look of intense concentration came on her face as Martin began to massage her breasts. He gently massaged around the outsides of the pert rounded globes enjoying the feeling of her firm, soft young flesh. I watched her carefully for signs that she was becoming aroused and when she closed her eyes and sighed contentedly, I nodded to Martin that it was OK to proceed.

Martin had learned the lesson well and carefully circled the pink areolae before moving toward the nipples. I signalled to him to brush them gently to begin with before gently grasping the whole of the breast. Martin immediately felt the nipples harden under his fingers and moved on to rub and pinch them to make them harden further. Anna reacted as if she had received a small electric shock and arched her back. He immediately backed off and massaged the whole breast for a while before moving back to stimulate the nipples and areolae. This time she sighed with pleasure and opened her eyes to look deep into her husband's eyes and whispered that she loved him. I noticed with some satisfaction a small wet patch appearing on the front of her panties.

She sat up and held her husband's head firmly in both hands as she planted a kiss on his lips. He responded by kissing her passionately and soon their mouths parted and their tongues were intertwined. As they kissed, Anna's hands roamed across his shoulders and down the front of his chest. He too jolted with pleasure as she rubbed and tweaked his nipples.

"Good, that's really good," said I. "Now it's time to lose the rest of your clothes and get naked."

Bashfully, they both removed their final items of clothing. She revealed a neat little cleft topped by a narrow landing strip of pubic hair. Her bottom was rounded and tight with two little dimples above. His ass was tight and firm with more muscle definition. His pubic hair was trimmed but not shaved and his intact, uncircumcised penis was rather small, but certainly not a micro penis. His normal sized balls hung below.

"How much do you know about the vulva?" I asked Martin.

"The vul... what?" he asked.

"The external female genitals are called the 'vulva'." replied I.

"Oh, I thought it was called the 'vagina'" said Martin, still a little confused.

"No, the vagina is internal -- the love tunnel, if you like" continued I. "The vulva is what you can see on the outside and it's more complicated than many men think. If Anna is willing, I'll give you a tour."

Anna nodded her consent and laid back on the couch with her legs instinctively pressed together to preserve her modesty.

"So, what you can see here are the outer lips -- her labia" I instructed. "Above that, under her pubic hair is her mound. Many women enjoy it if you press gently on the mound. Try it now.

Martin complied and Anna moaned her approval so Martin repeated it once or twice to adjust the amount of pressure that Anna enjoyed. She relaxed and her legs parted slightly to reveal the slit.

"Yes, that's it." I continued, "Feedback is good. Always tell each other what you like and don't like. If you do something your partner doesn't like, don't waste time apologising, just remember it and move on. Now, the outer lips are sensitive but not as sensitive as what's inside. Try stroking across her outer lips with the flat of your hand Martin. Then, if she's enjoying it, you can slip one or two fingers between the lips and slide them up and down. She should be getting wet and slick down there by now if you've been doing it right. Have you taken the time to really look at her genitals?"

"No, I haven't." replied Martin. "I think she's been too shy to let me have a good look."

"Yes, that's right, it's not his fault." Anna agreed. "In fact, I've never had a good look down there myself. It's hard to see without a mirror and I've felt it wasn't right to inspect myself too closely."

"OK, then I'll give you both a tour." said I. "It's very important that you understand each other's body if you are going to give and receive the maximum pleasure."

The couple nodded their acceptance of this logic and I fetched a small hand mirror from the bathroom.

He started with: "We all start out the same in the early days of development in the womb before the testosterone kicks in and makes the males change direction. Because of this, just about every feature of Anna's body has its parallel in Martin's. They just take different forms because they developed differently."

"What do you mean, I don't understand?" asked Martin.

"Well, I'll show you." I replied. "Do you see these outer lips on Anna's pussy?" I angled the mirror so she could see too. "Well they joined together to make Martin's scrotum and you can still see the join right down Martin's penis through his scrotum and down the perineum underneath. "

They both inspected Martin's genitals with great interest to verify what I was saying.

I continued. "Let's start our tour at the top. I've already mentioned her mound and below that is the clitoris. Most of the time it's hidden under its little hood. The hood is the equivalent of the foreskin and it's just as sensitive. In fact the clitoris has more nerve endings and it's often so sensitive that women can't bear for it to be touched until they are fully turned on. That's a big difference between men and women. Below the clitoris are the two inner lips or labia. They too are very sensitive and they can take many forms. Some women have very small thin ones. Others have thick, fleshy ones that hang outside their outer lips. Sometimes they are symmetrical, often one is bigger than the other, sometimes they are pink, others are deep red or brown but all of them are normal. Let's have a look at Anna's."

Martin leaned in as I gently parted Anna's outer labia to reveal the delicate thin pink lips inside. As we watched they flushed a deeper red with brown tip. As I parted the inner lips Anna became even more sexually excited. Inside the inner lips Anna's pussy was smooth and glossy and I pointed out a tiny hole in its surface.

"That's the opening to the urethra or the 'pee-hole'." I pointed out.

"Oh, I've always wondered how women pee." Martin blurted out. Then he stopped abruptly to hide his embarrassment.

"It's OK" said I. "Remember that this is a learning opportunity for both of you. There's no need to be embarrassed."

"Yes, that's right." Said Anna softly, "We're both learning here and it's important that we both feel at ease and understand each other's body. There are things I don't know yet about your body but I'm hoping to learn."

I smiled, then I continued: "Below the urethra is the opening to the vagina, 'the love tunnel'. Many virgins, but not all, have a membrane partially covering the opening. I see you don't have a hymen Anna which is what I expected as you told me that you two have made love many times. The vagina is like a stretchy tube so it can accommodate just about any size of penis. Another thing you need to know about it is that, on the roof of the vagina there is a slightly rougher, spongy spot called the G-spot."

Neither Martin nor Anna had heard of this so they looked at me quizzically, waiting for me to explain.

"The G-spot isn't all that well understood, but many people think it's the female equivalent of the prostate. What I do know from personal experience is that, when most women are really turned on, massaging the G-spot often drives them wild and can trigger an even deeper orgasm."

"Massaging, what do you mean?" asked Martin.

"Sometimes it can be done by the penis during intercourse if you can hit the right spot. But many women need direct stimulation of the clitoris and the G-spot with the tongue, fingers or a toy."

Anna nodded her understanding. "Is that why I haven't been able to have an orgasm?", she asked.

"I don't know," I admitted. "There could be many reasons, maybe you weren't turned on for long enough, maybe your clitoris didn't get enough stimulation during intercourse and needs some direct stimulation. If you've never had an orgasm, maybe your body just needs to learn what it's like. What I can tell you is that I'm just about 100% sure that you can and will have amazing orgasms."

"That's terrific." enthused Martin as he noticed Anna's lip tremble and a tear in her eye.

I continued: "You may be surprised to learn that women have erections too. It's just that theirs are mostly inside. I've noticed that Anna is aroused now so we should be able to feel hers, if we know where to look." I took Martin's fingertip and placed it on the hood of her clitoris. "Can you feel the hard shaft under there? It's just like your penis erection but smaller. In fact, there is lots of tissue that fills with blood when she is aroused. The clitoris gets bigger and often pops out from beneath its hood and it has two 'legs' that extend down inside beside the inner lips."

"Oh, that felt good." exclaimed Anna. "Can you do it again please?"

"We're working up to it." I teased. "We need to get you really aroused first. Martin, lube the tip of your finger with this coconut oil and massage on both sides of her clit but don't touch the shaft or the clit itself yet. Take it slowly and, when she starts to respond, tease the inner lips with your fingers too before you go back to the sides of the clit."

Martin willingly complied and Anna angled the mirror so she could watch her genitals being pleasured for the first time ever. This foreplay was obviously a huge turn on for both of them as her vulva turned a deeper shade and Martin's erection began to fill his penis with blood. He squirmed with embarrassment and tried to hide it.

"It's OK sweetie," Anna whispered to him as she wrapped her fingers around his hardening shaft.

"Yes, it's OK," encouraged I, "You're both having an erection and it feels good doesn't it? Anna, you can encourage him by pleasuring his cock while he is pleasuring your pussy. If it feels good, do it"

As Martin continued his delicate massage Anna began to breathe more deeply and moaned with pleasure. Observing this I indicated to Martin that it was time to stimulate the clit directly.

"Oh my God, that feels so good," squeaked Anna. "Don't stop. Yes, yes, just there, keep going."

She dropped the mirror as the first waves of her climax began to wash over her. Martin looked at her lovingly as he watched her have the first orgasm of her life. As the orgasm began to die away, I quietly told him to carefully insert a lubed finger and find the G-spot on the roof of her vagina. He found it almost immediately and Anna bucked and squirmed as she felt the intensity of her orgasm reaching a new peak. I indicated to Martin to rub her G-spot with the tip of his middle finger with a 'come hither' motion while he massaged her clit with a finger on his other hand. Anna squealed in ecstasy at the intensity of the renewed waves of pleasure racking her body.

"OOOOOOOH! That's so good, Oh, oh, oh!" She stopped abruptly as a massive full body orgasm hit her like a huge wave. Martin stopped too, stunned by the effect his ministrations were having on his wife. As the climax began to die away, Anna began to sob and Martin looked very concerned.

"It's OK." I said soothingly, "It's normal to feel overwhelmed the first time. Just give each other a big hug. I'll go and fix us some more drinks."

I took my time over the drinks to give the couple time to relax and come to terms with their experience. When I returned, they were looking happy and relaxed.

"That was amazing, thank you so much." gushed Anna.

Martin, already pleased, beamed as his wife asked, "Now I'd like to give him some pleasure too. Can you teach me?"

"Of course," I replied. "You'll need to get him hard again first and I know the way to do it. Let's both have a look at his cock and you can learn how to handle it. First, take hold of it and slide your hand down the shaft to pull back the foreskin."

As the skin slid smoothly down the shaft Anna gasped as the purple mushroom head was revealed. It swelled visibly under her gaze and the shaft began to harden in her hand.

I instructed Anna to take some coconut oil to lubricate Martin's genitals. She started at the tip gently massaging the eye then she applied the oil all over the head paying special attention to the inverted V-shaped frenulum which I pointed out on the underneath. The head ended in a coronal ridge then the shaft continued below this as a mucus membrane similar to that around Anna's pee-hole. Under my direction Anna used her tiny hands to slide the foreskin up and down the shaft to repeatedly reveal and cover the head. Anna was pleased to see that Martin groaned with pleasure as she did this.

I commented: "You're a lucky man Martin. Many men had their sensitive foreskin surgically removed soon after birth. Unthinking parents often give their consent for this mutilation and the boy never has a say in it. In my opinion it should be a criminal offence like female genital mutilation."

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