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This is my first published story and isn't in a genre I have much interest in. I wasn't able to find a beta reader or editor on the forum to help me, so I welcome any constructive criticism and advice in a private message.


Ashley tapped the keyboard with her long, red nails and slid the mouse out of the way as she stood up. She watched the screen blink off, just to be sure it went all the way.

"Enjoy your night, hon," Toni cheerily said, giving her a bright smile and little wave.

Ash flashed her own dazzling smile back, gathering up her handbag and keys. "I always have a good night."

Toni smiled back, watching Ash walk out with a swagger. There was something going on there. Never a mention of a boyfriend, girlfriend, or party lifestyle. Yet, every week she came in with a big smile like she had the most pleasurable weekend ever and the glow of a woman in love.

She swore every couple months it looked like Ash was pregnant, early stage of course. The swell of her tummy, and there was definitely breast size increase and some leakage going on. Definitely not spilt coffee. And then wham, in a week she was back to normal size. Nothing added up. Maybe she needed some of whatever Ash was getting.

Toni scooped up her own keys and bag and went home. Weekends. Is there anything better?


Ash grabbed two trays of steak from the deli, mushrooms, lots of vegetables and lastly threw in a bottle of very fine red that she had acquired a sweet tooth for. It tickled her tastebuds in just the right way while making her a little giddy and happy. It matched the steak perfectly too.

She could never remember being this content and settled in life. Always happy, eating well, hair lush and bouncy and her body fresh and firm. Not even a sick day in the last eighteen months. There was still a corporate ladder to climb, but as the lead receptionist for the company and the director's favourite meeting minute taker, she was in a pretty good position earning a bonus wage for her efforts.

Always on time, sharp as a tack, almost supernaturally able to read clients minds and needs, she had become a valuable asset to have around the corporate table. Mingled well, loved by all the company's clients, got on with all the staff, never made any troubles with anyone, didn't bring troubles to work, had a knack for soothing client issues before they became issues, and all round made the whole organisation work like a money making machine. Corporate wanted to clone her, they said so on many occasions. With two more Ashleys, they often said, they could conquer the world market and make a fortune.

She smiled inwardly, proud of where her life had turned.

Movement coiled in her tummy, little pulses as something shifted and relaxed, a surge of warmth flowing with the movement. A feeling of fulfillment and contentment raced over her, her breasts tightening in response, her face flushed.

Down the toiletries row. Two packs of pregnancy pads, breast pads, toothpaste and another pack of disposable razors. Another bottle of dishwashing liquid, garbage bags and then to the checkout to pay.

The cashier girl ran the items through.

"Your life must be hell, Ash," she said, as she did every time Ash bought the maternity items.

"Cursed." She rolled her eyes. "Someone up there doesn't like me."

The topic dropped into silence, the same as always. Ash paid the total, gathered the cluster of plastic bags and walked out into the cool, evening air.

A Friday night, an open weekend with no firm plans but to relax, curl up at home and watch new movies. Her body told her it was the weekend to stay in and avoid people's prying eyes and do her own thing.


She turned into her street and cruised the last few hundred metres to her door. Everyday it was hard to drag herself away from home, almost like a longing which lasted the journey down the street and mellowed into a gentle, magnetic pull to get home in the evening. The only time of day that home didn't play pleasant in her thoughts was this last drive down the street. Past the last few neighbours houses her stomach fell into a pit of apprehension and doubt. She didn't want to go home, but then she did, and the desire to walk into her home and close the door behind her and hide away from the world always grew stronger and won, intensifying the longer the negative feeling tried to resist.

She collected the plastic bags from the back seat like a brood of children held tight in her arms and walked to her door.

"Let me help you," called her neighbour. For a seventy year old man, he very sprightly jumped the small intervening garden and tried to grab the bags from her arms.

"Oh, thank you," she smiled. "Could you get the door instead?"

He took the keys from her fingers and walked ahead of her to unlock the door. Ash placed the bags on the double seat on the porch and took her keys back.

"Thank you so much."

"Dinner for two?" he said, indicating the bags.

"Oh, no. If only..." She broke into a giggle, and he smiled.

Ever the gentleman, he pushed no further. As much as he wanted to carry her bags into the house and see where she lived, she demurred and thanked him for his old fashioned ways of always helping a woman.

"Till next time, pretty lady."

She laughed inside, gathering up the bags and walking inside, pushing the door closed behind her with a swing of her hip. Her neighbour watched her go, the ordinary girl in the ordinary house, in an ordinary street at the end of another ordinary day.


She breathed deeply and peacefully. Home at last. The house sat quiet except the gentle rattle and hum of the fridge doing its thing. The bags went down on the kitchen counter with a thump and rustle as she began unpacking for dinner.

She poured a deep glass of the red wine and set about slicing and dicing vegetables to roast in the oven while she ran a luxurious bubble bath.

Setting the wine glass down on the small side table she kept next to the bath, her clothes fell to the tiled floor in quick succession revealing her smooth, porcelain skin. She was glad her bra had come off, her recently swollen breasts were far more comfortable running free. She left the maternity pads from the bra to soak in the sink, glad they were reusable. Her leakage the last two days was very heavy.

Piling her long, champagne blonde hair on top of her head, she pinned it in place so it wouldn't get wet while she soaked. Slipping one long leg after the other into the steaming water, she relaxed back into the bath, her skin tingling with heat. She sighed. Peace at last. A sip of wine, and her eyes closed. Her senses focused on the heat and then drifted into the void. Her mind going blank until she was thinking of nothing, not even the minutes ticking by.

A cold drop from the faucet fell onto her unsuspecting toe, shattering her vacant mind. Giggling she ran her foot back into the hot water. Sipping more wine, her crystal blue eyes surveyed her steaming, bubbly kingdom of white. She was so happy, tonight would be special, she should prepare and not delay the evening too long.

With a burst of energy she pulled her body from the hot water and sat on the edge of the bath facing in, spreading her legs into the water. Her hands ran protectively over her tummy, it stuck out like she had just had an extremely large meal. Her enlarged breasts gave away the clue she was carrying something special growing inside.

She rinsed the bubbles off, lathered her pubic area with lotion and set about shaving into the water. With the patient skill of an expert, she razored off every stray hair she could find until her fingers felt smoothness everywhere. Tonight would be easier to clean up when she was totally bare. She slid back down into the warmth, resuming her wine before shaving her legs too.

Happy she was presentable and clean, and mellow from the wine and the heat, she toweled off and threw on her black bath robe, let their long hair fall loose again over one shoulder and put on a hint of eyeliner and bright red lipstick. It was all unnecessary, she knew that, but it made her feel feminine and desirable. She still wanted to impress and please, hoping it was appreciated. She flicked the bathroom light off.


The house was in darkness. With the heavy curtains drawn, no one would see in. She could hear a light scraping of metal on a cooking pan and the sizzle and smell of steak cooking. Dinner might soon be ready. She walked into the kitchen.

By the light of the clock on the microwave and phone charger she could see a dark shape fussing over the hotplates. Two insect like arms moved the pans around over the heat while two others rested casually on its hips. It's round reptilian body stood erect with a thick stubby tail happily wagging behind it, clearly enjoying itself. Its soft, sweet scent was familiar and comforting.

She smiled happily as it turned its flat head toward her, a blush colouring her cheek and making her feel like a teenager all over again. A thrill ran through her stomach up her spine. It hummed in a soft, happy way, reaching one limb toward her. She held its three fingered hand in her own and stood next to it. Taking the tongs from one of its other hands she pushed the steak around a little and gave a hmmmm of her own.

"Smells nice."

It moved around behind her, wrapping its four upper limbs around her body in a tender cuddle. Its warm breath blew heavenly across her bare neck. She melted into its touch and giggled while finishing the steaks, flicking on the rangehood light to give her a little light to see better.

One limb slipped below her robe, ripples of lightning spreading across her skin from its touch. Its body was naturally just a bit warmer than her own and always brought out new sensations on her skin, like it was experimenting with different techniques every time they were together. She felt its fingers tracing up and down her tummy bump. It was testing her timing. She knew tonight was the right time. A mother knows.

It flicked the range light off, pulling away to grab the plates and a knife and take charge of the meal serving. Ash sat down and let it take care of everything; laying the meal out and pouring her a new wine.

Together they ate like a young married couple with little wistful stares and hand holding. When it had done eating, it sat beside her cutting her steak and feeding her slowly. She felt loved and wanted and a little extra pampered. Later while she slept it would come back and wash up and leave the kitchen in perfect condition. The meal done, it took her hand and lead her back through the house to its room.

Yes, it had its room, separate to hers. But it wasn't the room where it lived, it normally lived in her bed with her. Tonight the first part of their evening would be spent in its bed for the first climax of the evening before they would retire to her room for the second.

It smelled just a little different tonight, like it did whenever this happened every couple of months when her tummy was big enough. The scent it released was affecting her involuntarily, increasing her heart rate, making her feel euphoric and weak. The heat of its fingers in her hand increased.

It laid her back easily on the king sized bed, opening her robe and sliding on next to her, the bed dipping with the extra weight. She stared back into its big, dark eyes. Its long tongue flickered down her neck leaving little kisses of heat on her skin. Fingers trailed across her nipples while others rubbed insistently and firmly over her tummy.

Little arcs of electricity jolted through her body from its touches. Her body locked in ecstasy, she tried to moan, scream, anything, but all she could manage were little pants of breath. Fingers slipped down over her mound, into her body, opening her up and exploring their way deep inside, bringing her passions flowing to the surface.

The heat inside her tummy coiled and shifted, letting loose a burst of hot liquid from between her thighs that squirted around the fingers inside her. Her fever raced, breaths strained, hips bucking back up against the fingers, trying to swallow them whole. Sparks exploded behind her eyes as she went into overload.

The ball of fire inside coalesced into a solid form, the fingers withdrew. Warmth flowed from inside her, washing down her ass onto the robe leaving a wetness below. Her tummy rippled with the uncoiling infant inside searching for its way out. The rounded head firmly nudged her insides hunting for the way out until it found it. It wriggled trying to force its way along against her tightness, her abdominal muscles pushing down on it.

Its black head emerged from her opening, taking its first gasping breath of air. Alien fingers explored around it, opening her body to allow it to wriggle free easily.

Her breathing pitched and collapsed. She felt empty, the hot liquid still leaking. The creature holding her let go and moved down between her legs, holding one of her hands in its, their fingers laced in tenderness. It was touching and feeling down there, taking care of her. It's tongue flickered over her thighs lapping the liquids, down across her ass, and then she felt the long muscle of heat slither inside her in search of everything left behind from the birth.

Ash lay panting, her control returning. Her breaths came back in heavy gasps, her budy buzzed and electric, her muscles weak. Its tongue explored her, cleaned her, enjoyed her, excited her all over again. It was humming between her legs, lapping her opening gently like a kitten, like a tender lover. Her clit flared like an electric jolt, fingers involuntarily clutching the sheets as she pushed an orgasm out. Her thighs wet again, the tongue flickered her clean.


Dizzy and trailing through semi consciousness, she felt herself carried effortlessly back to her room; their room. It lay back on the bed, cradling her naked body in its arms. Tenderly it brushed the hair from her face, licked the sweat from her forehead. It hummed with a loving, tender sound. Ash rested her head into the crook of its neck and let herself go. It held her like a mother with child.

A finger ran across one of her breasts, softly pinching her nipple, massaging it in the pale light until a small drop of white milk glistened on it. She watched one of its hands slip into a pouch of skin and withdraw, watched it move back to her breast and cup it gently. She felt the thing in its hand wriggle and push against her breast, baby fingers clinging to her luminous white skin.

The hand withdrew leaving the black object about six inches long with tiny limbs and a big lamprey like head silhouetted against her whiteness. It lifted its head whimpering, swinging side to side sensing the air. The thin arms lifted it further up the curve of her breast, pinching her skin. Its head poked toward the milk, sniffing closer, its body heaving further up onto her breast while the head sniffed around the droplet.

With a lightning strike it latched onto her nipple, it's fingers pinching tightly into her skin for grip. Its rasping mouth teased her, slowly working a rhythm that began drawing the milk out to feast on.

Ash relaxed and watched it feed, running her own fingers on it, sharing her motherly tenderness. It stayed latched in place, humming in response as she cradled it. The creature next to her held her close and soothed her in return. One of its hands held hers over the baby in a sign of mutual parenthood.

They lay together for a couple hours while the baby fed and rested. It let go of her nipple and whimpered, its head searching for new scent. She picked it up, it's little fingers letting go, and placed it on her other breast, the baby's head next to the nipple. It needed no teaching, latching on immediately to continue feeding.

Ash fell asleep in the creature's arms, its warmth pressed soothingly against her. It stroked her hair and face, nuzzling against her and giving her every tenderness it could show.


Next door was mowing. She didn't know what the time was, but that was not how any person should have to wake up. Light spilled in around the drapes, giving the room a little diffused glow.

Her limbs were tired and heavy. She snuggled into the firm warmth holding her and sighed. The infant was gone, it had left little bruises on the white skin around her nipples where it had learned to feed.

Her hand ran down the smooth, dark skin of the creature. She knew where the baby was, and reached into the pouch where it was hidden. Her fingers fumbled through the warm folds feeling for it until she had it in her grasp. Its mouth rasped on her skin, it was hungry. She softly pulled it out into the dim light. It looked a little bigger and more energetic. Tiny eyes blinked at her.

Love filled her heart, it was so cute. With a little cry it leapt from her hand onto her breast, latching on immediately and settling in. It was gentler on her skin than the night before, having learned how to milk her without rough effort.

Her lover shifted a little under her, massaging her other nipple briefly with a spare hand to express some milk. It leant over and flicked its tongue across to taste it. It hummed approvingly. Her senses filled with an earthy, musky scent. She was in no doubt what was to happen next.

An opening formed between her lover's legs, an appendage slowly growing out to feel its way along her body. It was like a cock, maybe two feet long and two inches across, but not like a cock. It ended with a sphincter that shaped into a hard, tapered, pointy end. Mobile like a snake, it pulsed as it moved along her skin.

She breathed its scent in deep, the pheromones having a quick effect on her body. She already knew what to do. Her thighs rolled open to allow it access as it pushed down her tummy across her bare mound. The tip nuzzled and teased her opening. It wasn't trying to force its way in, it was preparing her enjoyment with play. Her body lubricated and opened in reply. She closed her eyes and breathed deeply.

The heat of its body was unfair, it drove her crazy having the hard tip push in and explore her arousal. It pulsed and shuffled its way in deeper, like a caterpillar with little undulating movements, expanding one end to lock into her wall and shrinking the other end to inch forward deeper. Every expansion took her arousal to its height, drawing a breath with every flex inside.

Her eyes stared wide, pupils huge in the low light. She wasn't focused on anything but the sensations running inside her of heat, fullness and the wet sucking sound as it wriggled around inside. It was an experienced lover, it had been here many times and knew where her body's sweetest spots were.

Inside the tapered ends flared out pushing hard against her walls, holding her open inside. Little tendrils explored out of the open mouth inside her, flicking across her sensitive places. It knew the location and taste of her g-spot better than any lover ever would. Her chest heaved as her body danced around the tendrils. All her tension flared inside her abdomen, her eyes shut tight against the fireworks exploding in her mind.

It took her to an edge, and raced her up and down along it. Time froze and all that existed was her body shaking in orgasm in long deep echoes that reverberated through her soul. She let out a high, keening wail that was thankfully drowned out by the sound of the mower. She panted and groaned, panted again and released her inner tensions all over again. Her heart raced, her mind spun out of control, her thighs clamped shut around the intrusion that was electrifying her body in endless racking orgasms.

The thing pulsed and shifted again as she calmed, making more wet sounds as it snuggled in deeper. Her hand ran down to touch it, her fingers lovingly caressing the thing that brought her so much ecstasy.

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