tagInterracial LoveCultural Diffusion Ch. 05

Cultural Diffusion Ch. 05


Kat sat in the chair behind her desk and looked at her students. They were working hard but the heat was distracting. It was probably slightly over 100 degrees and it was only 11 in the morning. The weather would be sure to escalate a little more before school was over. Kat's water bottle that typically held its place in her drawer was bone dry and she barely ate anything for breakfast.

But class still needed to continue so Kat stood unsteadily and cautiously walked around to the front of her desk. The kids' eyes gravitated toward her when she began to speak. But their ears strained to hear her.

"Who can tell me the answer to number one?" Kat asked faintly. She gripped the side of her desk to help secure herself while she was on her feet. At the back of the room Luis quickly came into view but only for a second. He dropped a big cardboard box by the door and there was a note on the side that read it was cold water. Kat sighed heavily and then spoke again.

"Everyone get a bottle of water from that box, just 1." Kat said. She felt so drained and exhausted. Every action she did felt like it took so much out of her; even her eyelids felt lazy. The kids scrambled to the back of the room as if there were gold hidden around the area. But it was probably the equivalent to them.

Kat took her time getting to the box. She wanted to make sure everyone got one first. Just holding the bottle snug enough for it not to hit the ground was difficult. But the condensation felt wonderful against her skin. She took her place at the head of the room. As soon as she turned herself to face the class, Delora came back from the bathroom. Kat knew she had taken the last water bottle from the box. She unselfishly put the bottle on Delora's desk.

Delora took her seat in front of Kat and opened her water. Kat watched her class sip on the cold, partially frozen drink and felt like she had been in the canyon for 2 days and was a few feet away from civilization. She fought to keep her mind focused on teaching but it kept shooting blanks. Her brain was drifting toward darkness and within a few seconds, she could feel gravity pulling her toward the floor.

"Mr. Luis!" Delora called. And the last thing Kat could make out was small feet running on the way to the back of the room and out the door in search for help.


Alejandro was sitting in his paramedic truck eating his lunch with his partner. The truck was running and the air conditioner was making his job enjoyable. His partner was fast asleep in the passenger seat with his feet on the dashboard. His intercom rang loudly in the space. Alejandro's heart sped up when he finally pieced together that there was a pass out at the school.

He wondered if it was Kat. More than likely it was; she was probably the only one in the school not accustomed to the heat. Alejandro woke up his partner Fernando when he threw the truck in reverse and revved out onto the street. He drove quickly toward the nearby school and his partner barely had any time to ask questions. Alejandro walked fiercely to the back of the truck and grabbed his bag.

"We're doing it inside. No gurney." Alejandro told his partner. He didn't need to rush her to the emergency room or anything. Worse come to worse, he take her home and finish treating her there.

Alejandro found himself jogging up the steps of the entrance and immediately checked her classroom. When he looked inside to see a woman with short, brown hair at the start of the room instead of Kat, he grew a little panicked.

"The office is up here." Fernando said, pointing down the hall. Alejandro followed his lead and entered the cool office.

Alejandro's face tensed and his jaw went jagged. Luis was knelt beside fainted Kat and he gently brushed her hair away from her face. The movement was so sensual and tender, it made Alejandro furious. Fernando took his place beside Kat and without delay hooked her up to an I.V from his bag. Although Alejandro couldn't take his eyes off of Luis. Luis stood to give Fernando more space to work on Kat and took a deep sigh of relief. When he turned around, he was startled to see Alejandro's intimidating stare before him. Luis changed his expression just as fast as it had come.

"Shouldn't you be doing something?" Alejandro asked him coldly. Luis chuckled stiffly and crossed his arms over his chest. Luis fed off of Alejandro's jealousy and territory demeanor.

"I was. In fact I was taking care of Kat here." He replied, taking a glance back at the sleeping woman.

"Well I hope you enjoyed the little contact you had with her while she was unconscious, because it won't be happening again. I promise." Alejandro said while walking around him and kneeling over Kat to help with getting her healthy again. Alejandro was almost a little upset with Kat. He recalled their conversation in the car about setting him straight and figured it must not have happened. Now he was dealing with the green monster within himself that could've easily been avoided.


When Kat woke up, she felt like she was dreaming. 3 gorgeous men sat around her face. Everywhere she looked, there was beauty even though one of them was a complete stranger. But the most beautiful of them all was the man above her. His soft curls nowhere in sight but his concerned eyes were shooting into hers. However he flashed a momentary look to Luis who was positioned near her hips.

"Let go of her hand. I'm asking nicely." Alejandro said through grinded teeth. Kat hadn't noticed the stroking inside her palm that Luis was providing.

"You didn't ask at all. Is it bothering you?" Luis taunted. Kat's brow furrowed at the unwelcomed tension. It was nerve racking to see the two men most active in her life obviously not getting along. They looked like they would start brawling on the ground at any minute.

"Where are the kids?" Kat asked, attempting to sit up and slyly moving her hand out of Luis'.

"Take it easy Kat." Luis urged, guiding with a hand behind her back. "Marlennys is with them. They're okay. You don't have to go back to teaching, school is almost over."

Alejandro hated the sight before his eyes. He should be comforting her and making sure she was okay. But Luis was her friend and he held his tongue—his real rage, with fears of upsetting her.

"Take me home Alejandro?" Kat murmured, standing to her feet. Alejandro stepped in and coiled an arm around her hip.

"Yes baby, we can go home." Alejandro garbled back to her. Kat let him support her weight into his side. Luis stuffed his hands in his pants pocket and stepped to the side. Alejandro on the other hand was basking in his discomfort. Luis could continue to stay in the friend zone all he wanted, but Alejandro was the one making love to her at night and they both knew it pretty well.



"Maribel, if you want me to do your hair you need to come on." Kat stated from the living room. Her recital was tonight and she needed a bun of some sort in her hair. Kat was extremely excited to see her dance on stage and was probably more nervous than she was.

Maribel emerged from her room and she looked adorable in her outfit. Her leotard clung to her little round belly and the tutu fanned around her hips. Her ballet slippers were untied and Kat knew she'd have to tie them before they left.

"10 minutes and we have to go." Alejandro said from the bedroom. Kat sat Maribel on the edge of the couch and brought over the hair tools she had with her. She gelled her curly edges into a ponytail, braided it to the end and wrapped the braid around as many times as she could. Kat didn't even have time to admire her work before she bent down to tie the straps of her ballet slippers.

"Ready?" Alejandro asked with Diego in his arms. Maribel jumped off the couch and twirled happily, an indication she was complete. Kat chuckled, grabbed her purse and followed Maribel to the door.


When the 4 walked into the theatre, a woman at the door directly spoke to them. She was lean and young, and dressed in dance clothes.

"Maribel, go ahead to the green room." The woman started. She turned around and pointed toward a small door around the corner with a pink balloon around the handle to indicate its purpose. Maribel turned to Kat and she knelt down to her level.

"Good luck Bel, you look so pretty." Kat said with a big hug. Alejandro gave her a quick kiss on her forehead.

"Proud of you baby." He said right before she pranced toward the room she needed to be in. Alejandro led Kat to the theatre's entrance and picked out their seats. The theatre was remarkably designed and had a high dome ceiling with downhill seats. The lights were still on and everyone talked loudly.


Diego sat in Kat's arms, twirling her hair in his fingers while she rubbed his clad back, coaxing him to sleep. The lights in the auditorium were still on and the show hadn't started yet. They were two rows away from the stage and almost every seat was filled.

"Do you think C-a-r-m-e-n will come?" Kat asked wearily. There were some things, such as names, that still sounded the same in every language. Carmen was of course invited to her daughter's performance, but she was 20 minutes passed the time Alejandro had given her to arrive.

"Probably not." Alejandro said dully. He honestly had given up with Carmen, and had no intentions of concerning himself with her any longer. It was Kat's urging that had forced him to invite her in the first place. But they both agreed not to tell Maribel or Diego that their mother was invited, so when she didn't show up, no one would be upset. But Kat would have loved for her to come. Just for the sake of the kids.

"That's really a shame." She mumbled to herself.

"We're going out this weekend." Alejandro said with a smile. His khaki covered legs were spread wide in his seat and she wondered how he was comfortable. Even though he was on the end, his knees still pressed firmly into the seat ahead on him.

Kat wondered why this information would be something special; considering they go out almost every weekend. "Without the kids. A date basically." He continued.

Kat was thrilled. She loved hanging out with the kids, but sometimes it was nice to be with just Alejandro. Especially if it was a romantic type of thing. The only time they really spent together was Saturday nights, and Sunday mornings because Carmen always took the kids late and dropped them off early. So most of their time was spent having well needed sex, where they both could be as loud as they desired.

"Oh." She said with a toothy smile. "Where are we going?" She asked.

"You'll find out." He laughed. He glanced at her face and her expression must have been comical because he threw his head back and continued his hefty chuckle. Kat was paralyzed by his sex appeal. His long hair reached a couple inches past his shoulders now and she questioned how anyone would give him up. Let it be an ex girlfriend or a mother. He was an overall amazing person.

"What?" He whispered. Kat gleamed in response and he pecked her quickly on the lips before the lights dimmed to silence the audience. Alejandro slipped his huge hand into Kat's and held on tightly while they waited for Maribel to appear.

When the show ended, all of the dancers came out one by one and took a bow in front of the audience. Kat awaited the moment that Maribel walked across the stage. When she finally did, Kat and Alejandro stood from their seats and cheered loudly for the little girl. Alejandro pressed his fingers to his lips and did the loudest whistle Kat had ever heard. But she forgot about the ringing in her ears.

Maribel found them in the crowd and waved like the perfect angel she was. Kat returned her smile with her own. And when Maribel took her place beside the dancers who had already bowed, Kat realized just how much attention she and Alejandro drew. But for once in her life she didn't care about being low key, and keeping notice off of herself.



Alejandro was called in to work for a couple of hours that morning. Kat was home with the kids, getting them ready for their weekend with their mother. Kat had redone the bun Maribel seemed to love so much and was now helping her pick out clothes for her stay. She had flashbacks on the first night she spent with Maribel and smiled to herself, the déjà vu seeming too unreal. She sat on the edge of her bed and watched her pick out her clothing.

When they all had their bags packed, and were just about ready to go a hard knock sounded in the room. Kat casually strolled to the door and didn't even think to check the peep hole. But when she opened the door, she wished she had.

A tall, buff man stood on the other side and a chill went down Kat's spine.

"I'm Javier—Carmen's boyfriend." He explained in a deep bass voice, that was very unwelcoming. He obviously wasn't expecting to see Kat at the door. Kat on the other hand was wary about handing the kids over to him.

"Mari, baby." Kat called for her. She wandered toward the door and Kat didn't let her eyes leave the man. "Do you know him?" She asked. She didn't even try to hide her suspicion.

"Yes." She replied. That was all the clarification Kat needed. If Maribel knew him, than she honestly did. She wouldn't lie.

"Okay, well get your stuff." Kat told her. Diego and Maribel both came back to the door with their things and Kat gave them a quick kiss on the cheek before they headed down the hall. Kat watched them leave until they were no longer in view.


The front door opened around 7 o'clock that night and Kat was glad she wasn't alone anymore. She had done everything there was to do, and she had even gone grocery shopping. She sat in the bed, reading a book she had found on Alejandro's dresser. It was moderately interesting and had done its job of passing time.

"Kat?" Alejandro called. She nearly sprang from the bed and ran out the room to meet him. His back was turned but when the bedroom door opened, he faced her. He smiled lightly and Kat's insides fluttered.

"Come here." He grumbled. Kat shyly padded over to him and as soon as she was in reach, his hands extended for her hips. His rough hands pressed her body against his securely. Alejandro placed sweet kisses along her cheek and on her earlobe.

"I missed you. I thought about you all day." When he spoke those words, his hands reached into her lounging shorts and into her panties. Kat whined into his chest when his fingers sat between her moistening pussy lips. "To the bed." He growled. Kat's eyes unwillingly opened when his hands were no longer in her underwear. She moved her feet toward the bedroom and could feel Alejandro following her.

Alejandro left the bedroom door open and began ripping his uniform off his body to let them fall to the floor. Kat sat on the bed and enjoyed her free show. She smiled at his naked form and felt empowered. But it was ruined when Alejandro gave her an expectant look. Kat raised an eyebrow.

"You are not finished... hair please." Kat said. Alejandro tore the band from his hair and let his tresses fall freely. Only then did Kat begin to take off the few clothes that she wore. They stood before one another, completely nude and confident. Alejandro traveled his few steps of distance and slipped his finger right back in between her lips. Kat let one hand sit behind his neck while he let one finger enter and reenter her core.

"Spread your legs." Alejandro said with a big smile. Kat rolled her eyes playfully while she recalled him using the same phrase when lotioning her at the beach. But nevertheless she did as he asked.

Alejandro sat in front of Kat and came level with her folds. Kat purred sweetly when he nursed on her juices. He let his tongue trail her slit back to front countless amounts of times before the feeling of his tongue probing at her entrance set Kat reaching for his scalp.

"Say something dirty Kat." Alejandro asked. His brown pupils looked up at her over the mound of her pussy.

"What?" She asked irritated. His decision to stop his ministrations and ask questions was one that had Kat a little angry.

"Talk dirty to me." He grumbled. The wispy air on her wet lips made her legs buckle. Kat didn't have time for his games. She was ready to release her orgasm that was just around the corner. Kat bucked her hips toward his lips but Alejandro wasn't agreeing.

"Not until you say something dirty." Alejandro just wanted to hear something truly out of the ordinary exit her mouth. Kat wasn't uptight... exactly, she was just really secluded. She kept her feelings and thoughts bottled up inside but Alejandro didn't want that for their bedroom life.

"Eat my fucking pussy. Now." Kat said quietly. Her sweet voice saying such dirty words had Alejandro rock hard. He pursed his lips and raised his eyebrows in an attempt to look impressed but found himself buried deep within her folds. Kat came almost at once and harshly pulled on Alejandro's hair. Alejandro stood and laid on the bed. His dick reached for the ceiling and his eyes stayed on Kat.

"Sit." He grumbled. Kat climbed onto the bed and sat both legs beside him. She put his tip inside and took her time taking his entire length. With each inch she descended, her moaning grew in intensity. Alejandro found his hands cupping her breasts and Kat let out a quick sigh when she was finally sitting entirely.

She bounced at a pace that drove Alejandro crazy; it was much too slow. He placed his hands on her hips and forcefully found the rate he liked. It was rapid and resulted in the clapping sound that filled their ears. Kat was practically screaming as his dick rammed her pussy. Her tits were jumping wildly and hurt when they fell back onto her chest from the velocity of their pace. But Kat was definitely on the brink of cuming although she couldn't keep up with him. His hammering was bringing a sharp pain of stimulation that had her streaming cum down his rod. When she did orgasm, he continued his torturous poundings on her poor cunt. And when his own balls began to clench was when he let go of her hips, came on his stomach and groaned out her name.


"So can you tell me where we're going now?" Kat asked. It was Saturday night and they were on their way to this special date destination. Kat decided to wear something casual; shorts, sandals and a blue tank. Alejandro told her what she had on was fine, and ushered her out the door.

"Nope. Baby we're almost there, just wait." He said, trying to reason with her questions. Kat decided to relax in her seat and hopefully learn how to enjoy obliviousness. Alejandro pulled into a packed drive way full of cars. The small house was busy and the sound of music was heard from the car. Alejandro opened the door and Kat followed his lead.

The pulsating resonance of reggaeton had Kat remembering her life in New York. She had spent most of her years around the urban boroughs of New York where cultures varied tremendously. She had friends from the West Indies who could gyrate in ways she took note of. But she also had Spanish friends that could move to music such as reggaeton and do the Brazilian Samba as if it were nothing.

Alejandro captured her hand and led her to an open gate behind the cars. The noticeable difference between the lighting from the driveway in comparison to the backyard was blinding. Kat took in the scene of middle aged people dancing freely to their own beat. It resembled the scene in Dirty Dancing where everyone was so focused on their partner while they danced, but the speed was much quicker and the explicitness not so graphic. Alejandro led Kat through the busy people and led her past a couple who she noticed. Eduardo looked handsome while he twirled and danced against some long haired woman, who was clearly enjoying herself.

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