tagInterracial LoveCultural Diffusion Ch. 06

Cultural Diffusion Ch. 06


Hi guys! I was just too hurt about you comments regarding Alejandro's hair :( Lol, but I love it so nevertheless, it shall stay long and beautiful. So this is just a jump in continuation, if you forgot what happened by any chance, I suggest you read the ending of the last chapter.


"Alright." He said with a shrug. He backed away from her and began walking toward the door, keeping his eyes straight on it.

"Why—Do you love me?" She whispered just before he could girp the knob. Kat held her breath.

"Nope. We're just... fucking." He lied as well. Kat had no idea why she felt so broken, considering she had said basically the same thing to him a few seconds prior. But Alejandro was being hurtful, and felt like she deserved to be damaged a little.

"Okay." She managed to say. He opened the door and closed it back behind him. Kat sat on the edge of the bed wearily, and placed her hands in her palms.

The room seemed crowded and her head was spinning from confusion. She expected him to say he didn't love her, didn't she? Or maybe it was the fact that she knew she was deeply in love with him that had her questioning her sanity.

Before Kat knew what she was doing, she was up and out of the front door. She stood in the hallway for a moment, just pondering what had just transpired between Alejandro and herself. Kat closed her eyes and leaned against the wall.

"You okay sweetie?" Abella, Alejandro's neighbor and elderly babysitter asked. Kat didn't realize she was walking in from checking her mail down the hall. She waddled toward her door across from Alejandro's and opened it carefully.

"Uh yes, I'm fine. Thank you." Kat replied exasperatedly. The woman pushed her big glasses up on her nose before she gave Kat a hard stare.

"Come on in here girl. You look like you need somewhere to escape." She said perkily. Abella turned to open her front door and Kat spared a glance back at Alejandro's apartment door. She needed a moment away.

Abella's house was modest and very tidy. A large white cat pranced off the couch and onto the floor, racing for the nearby bedroom.

"Sit baby. You want some tea?" She asked, gesturing toward the dining room table and heading to the kitchen. Kat sighed before she answered.

"Yes, that would be great." She said. Abella was soon joining Kat at the table. Her hands clasped together snugly in front of her.

"I don't want to know what's going on, because it isn't my business. I'm just offering you a moment to jump away from whatever it is, physically, and hopefully mentally as well." Abella said, waving her hands around to fit her words. Kat propped her head up with one hand and smirked.

"Thanks, I appreciate it." Kat said quietly.

"No problem." She started. "You still teaching at the school?" She asked Kat with a warm smile.

"Yep, I'm still there." Kat said, remembering her students.

"That's good. I'm sure they love you. I know my granddaughter Delora can't stop talking about you." She laughed. Kat's eyes widened and then she returned her smile. The tea kettle started whistling from the kitchen and Abella went to tend to it.

"She is one of my best students. Plus she's so sweet." Kat said to her. Abella chuckled.

"Yes, she is a very innocent girl."

For another 45 minutes, the two drank lemon tea and talked about everything it seemed. Kat had almost forgotten the reason why she decided to visit in the first place.


Kat entered the apartment an hour later and there was silence throughout the walls. Which could only mean the kids were taking a nap. Kat didn't really feel in the mood to talk to Alejandro so she waited for any hints on where he was. There was a small noise coming from the kitchen and Kat hastily and silently strolled to the bedroom. But before Kat was even halfway there, he spoke.

"Where you been? I was getting a little worried." He said. Kat turned around and saw him in the doorway of the kitchen, staring back at her.

"Oh, sorry. I just stepped out." She mumbled. Alejandro sighed deeply.

"Kat, don't let what happened earlier make things different for us." He said in a pleading way. Alejandro hated how distant she seemed and wondered how much longer it would last.

"What? If you didn't want things to change than you shouldn't have asked me that question." Kat said, turning to face him head on.

"So what did you plan on doing—avoiding the subject?" Alejandro asked in disbelief.

"No. I told you my situation when I first got here. It's selfish of you to think I'd change all my plans after one month." Kat said.

"Do you really expect me to believe you have absolutely no feelings for me, yet you love my kids?" He laughed. Kat didn't realize how unbelievable it was until it was said aloud. Alejandro knew she loved him—he wasn't convinced by her words at all. If she wasn't entirely sold on the idea of staying in Argentina, she would be soon.

"Okay Kat. Whatever you say." Alejandro whispered, closing the distance between their bodies. Alejandro wrapped his arms around Kat's shoulders and kissed her tenderly. Kat relaxed her muscles once she was back in his arms and all her worries seemed unimportant. There was some hope that things could still be the same for them and that discovery was uplifting.

Alejandro slipped his tongue through Kat's lips and caressed everything inside, she tasted like the lemon tea she had just drank. Kat ventured into his as well and stroked his lips. Alejandro parted their kiss loudly to clasp hands with Kat and walk her toward the bedroom. Soon Kat was once again suppressed by his lips and arms. He backed her into the nearby wall and she rested her weight against it. Alejandro's fingers lingered over the hem of her bottoms while Kat was trying to slide his down.

Alejandro followed Kat's bottoms to the ground and gently lifted her pussy lips. He spread them away from each other to uncover the tiny treasure buried inside and drowning in her juices. Alejandro kept his eyes on Kat while he slipped his thick finger deep inside. Kat purred out quietly.

"Soaked." He said almost entirely unheard. Kat raised her shirt over her head; needing her tits to grab on. Alejandro looked up over mound and at the large globes above him and his already stiff rod twitched. He licked his lips in preparation and latched onto her pink clit. His finger movements turned into something jagged and Kat was weakening from the climax she felt building. Kat's juices ran down his forearm and dripped from his elbow, the sight stole his breath.

When Alejandro figured she was close to an orgasm, he stood and released his fingers from her death grip. He used his wet index and middle finger to swipe against her clit roughly. He kissed her hard to muffle her cries of pleasure. Her legs shook when she finally came down from her high. Alejandro stroked himself a few times and lifted Kat's legs around his hips.

"You need a condom." Kat said breathlessly, still trying to recover from her orgasm. She was trying to be stern but it wasn't working out well.

"No I don't." He said, trying to guide himself at her opening. But Kat stopped him with a hand between her legs.

"You do. You can't pull out." She argued. Alejandro swore, seeing there was no way to convince her that his slip up was a onetime thing. He threw her arms around his neck and carried her to the dresser. Alejandro sat her on the surface while he rummaged through a nearby drawer.

They hadn't used a condom in awhile, and Alejandro wasn't sure if he even had any let alone where they were. Watching his long, curved dick sit idle before Kat was torturous. It bobbed and swayed with each moving action he made. Kat couldn't take it anymore.

"Just fuck me." She said, spreading her legs and essentially inviting him in. Alejandro didn't waste another minute and slid her toward the edge. He guided himself deep inside and groaned at her tightness. Alejandro closed his eyes momentarily and basked in Kat's soft moans of approval.

Her hands were tightly embedded into his shoulder blades while he bruised her hips with his fingers. Alejandro's grunts became more severe and Kat was nearing her next orgasm. He released one hand from her thigh to place his thumb over her clit. He pressed on it with hard circular motions. Kat's toes were curling in a matter of seconds and her release accompanied. Following her lead, he slipped out of her and instantly spurred his milk all over her legs.



"Alejandro, can I use the car to pick up Patricia?" Kat asked, stepping out the bedroom dressed in an emerald strapless sun dress with her hair curled loosely. Alejandro was surprised to see her looking so done up and beautiful. He sat the kid's breakfast on the table in front of them, without removing his eyes from Kat.

"Yeah... Are you sure that's the only place your going?" He asked playfully. Kat looked down on herself.

"Is it too much? I wanted to look somewhat—" She started. But Alejandro cut her off.

"You look beautiful Kat, keys are on the table." He said, nodding at the stand nestled in the corner. Kat grabbed them and headed for the front door.

"Kat! Where are you going?" Maribel asked from the dining room table. Kat was about to respond, but Alejandro answered first.

"She's going to get her mommy. Remember, I told you she was visiting?" He explained, for the second time. Maribel didn't say anything else about it, so Kat took her opportunity to leave the apartment.


Kat stood outside Pat's terminal exit and anxiously awaited her arrival. The plane should've landed over 10 minutes ago, but she probably needed time to get her bags. She leaned against the car and twiddled her fingers nervously in front of her. She still hadn't explained her living circumstances yet, and would have to do it almost immediately. Alejandro wanted to meet Pat and take them all out to dinner later that day.

Patricia would be staying in Kat's free, unused hotel room close to the house. So Patricia's entire fare cost Kat a little over 800 dollars, which was better than she expected. But of course Kat would treat her to meals and shopping. She was just excited to see her. And when she stepped out the airport door, Kat knew she was happy to see her as well. Just like in the movies, they hastily met each other halfway. The journey was followed by a long, heartfelt bear hug. Kat took in her long blonde hair, ginger smell and small, plump frame. She had missed her too much.

"Kat! Aw sweetheart you look so beautiful! Your skin is so rich—a nice tan." Patricia said, eyeing Kat over. Kat hadn't listened to a word she said. She was just too caught up in the thought of having her best friend here with her.

"I missed you so much." Kat said, gathering her up in a hug one more time. Pat gave her a smile and stroked a hair out of her eyes delicately.

"I missed you too Katty Pooh." She said. Kat took her bags out of her hands to load them into the trunk of the car. Kat sat in the driver's seat and started the car up.

"So Pat, I have something to tell you." Kat said carefully, giving her a quick glance. Patricia was skeptical and her expression said so. They got caught at a light and Kat used that moment to center her thoughts.

"When I got here, I met a guy. He was really cute, we started hanging out—"

"Oy vey! You're pregnant! I told you to be careful out here, not run around like a... cockamamie kurva."She said fiercely. Kat rolled her eyes; she had almost forgotten how she was.

"No I'm not pregnant. And stop using the Yiddish, I hate that." Kat said seriously. "Anyway, something happened where I needed to stay the night over at his a few days and couldn't go back to the hotel. So I ended up just staying at his apartment permanently. I spend time with him and his two kids, go out sometimes and I go to work." Kat finished, waiting for her response. They were almost at the hotel.

"Well, is that what you want to do? You don't have to play wife if you don't want to." Patricia said.

"I do. I love his kids, they're great." Kat said, defending them.

"Your only 25 Kat, you didn't come here to fill any roles. Make sure you enjoy yourself—alright?" Pat said as they pulled up to the hotel entrance.

"Alright." She replied and opened her door. She popped the trunk and gathered Pat's bags in her hands.


Her hotel room was pretty nice. It consisted of a full kitchenette, living room area and bedroom. It was completely different from the room Kat had when she first arrived. Kat sat her bags by the door and took a seat on the couch.

"Alejandro is taking us out for dinner tonight, so we can do something until then." Kat said, reclining in the chair.

"I actually want to take a nap honey." Patricia said, taking off her shoes and peeling back the covers on the bed. Kat stood up, sensing her welcome no longer needed.

"Alright... well I'll be back later. Around 7." Kat told her. She stood and walked to the door to let herself out. She sighed in relief as she realized the damage that would've be done, had already passed. Pat had taken the information well, and there were no more secrets to hide.


"Kat where's your mommy?" Maribel asked, her pixie cut bob swaying around freely. Kat gave her a quizzical look before she turned to close the door.

"She's taking a nap at the hotel—Look baby," Kat started, scooping Maribel off the ground and into her hip. She carried her to the couch and sat. They were face to face and Kat gently stroked her brow bone.

"Pat isn't my real mommy. We have different skin colors and everything. She just took care of me when I was younger, so I think of her as my mommy." Kat explained cautiously. She furrowed her brow, waiting for her to show some understanding in her features. But Kat was beginning to think that was a little too complex for her adolescent mind.

"Like what you do?" Maribel asked, running a hand across Kat's face aimlessly. Kat's heart accelerated and pumped blood over her body feverishly. She gulped hard and tried to think of something to reply.

"I just hang out with you guys, I don't take care of you." She replied. Alejandro stepped out of Diego's room and looked surprised to see Kat back.

"Where is she?" Alejandro asked, scanning the room quickly.

"She was tired, but I have to get her later for dinner." Kat replied. Alejandro joined Kat on the couch and slouched down into the chair, his legs spread sexily.

"Well, do you want to do something now? It's only 10." He said in a hushed voice. Maribel climbed down from Kat's lap and strolled into her room.

"Yeah, sure." She said, shrugging her shoulders. She wasn't going to waste her dress, hair and makeup on just one dinner.

"Can we have sex?" Alejandro grumbled. Kat turned her head down on him fiercely and his dark brown eyes hinted a little humor but much more passion.

"Absolutely not. I like my hair today." She said back. Alejandro's rough hands trailed circles around her knee, and Kat could feel goose bumps developing over her body. His fingers dangled over the sensitive patch on her inner thighs and disappeared under her dress.

"Do you want it here, or in the bedroom?" He growled. Kat pondered how her 'no' turned into a certain 'yes'. But as he prodded around the nub of her clit through her panties, she suddenly understood. Kat answered his question when she stood up and led the way to the bedroom. Alejandro closed and locked the door behind them, and ravenously headed for Kat. But she held her hand out to stop him in his tracks.

"Quick." Was all she said. Alejandro ignored her hand and lifted the hem of her dress. His calloused palms rubbed her down while he pulled off her panties. Alejandro placed tender wet, open lipped kisses over her neck and Kat gasped inaudibly. The couple eventually found their way against a wall, and Kat reached for the button on his jeans. Once the zipper was down, she slid them down just enough to let his cock pop out. The blue and purple veins were especially visible then, more than she had ever seen them.

Alejandro was feeling a little impatient, and he gently stole himself from her grip. He placed Kat's right leg over his hip, lifting her off the ground a little. This position had her pussy, and his dick level with one another. Kat put one hand on his muscled back, and let the other grip his soft curls firmly. Alejandro was content with sucking and nipping at Kat's neck while her pant-like moans filled his ear.

In one stroking movement, he was sliding right into Kat's awaiting cunt. Her eyes shut tight at the feeling of being so filled, and she buried herself in his neck to muffle her cry. Alejandro tighten his grip on her leg and hip, supporting her. Alejandro began pounding her deep, making sure his entire shaft was consumed by her plush walls.

"Fuck, you're so tight." Alejandro snarled in disbelief. He was hammering into Kat by then, and her curls were bouncing wildly around her face. His shoulder was repeatedly brushing her lips and she shut her eyes tight in preparation for her orgasm. Alejandro was definitely holding out for her, but it was getting difficult. He was fucking her hard with hopes she'd cum before him, but he was only bringing himself closer to the edge.

"How do I feel baby? Am I fucking you good?" He panted, trying to coax her to orgasm. His speech was jagged because of his brutal thrusting. He leaned away a little and her expression had his balls yearning to burst its contents all inside her pretty pussy. Her eyes crinkled from being shut so tightly, and her full lips hung lifelessly yet quivered a little.

"Mhm." She squeaked out. Alejandro put himself back into the crook of her neck and continued his assault.

"Are you going to cum for me beautiful?" He asked. He took a moment to acknowledge her signs of orgasm; no more breathing in his ear, her nails scraping his skin aimlessly and her tunnel convulsing around his member. Feeling like it was his turn, he pounded her just a few more times before he was pulling out and cumming in her hands.


Alejandro, Kat, Diego and Maribel were walking through trails in a nearby park. A thin amount of trees lined the path on both sides, and it sort of felt like they were walking through the jungle. Birds chirped above them and the sun shined through the leaves. Carmen didn't take the kids this weekend for some reason, and Kat was kind of glad.

"What are you thinking about?" Alejandro asked, strolling with his hands in his pockets. Kat looked over at him and he was staring straight ahead at the kids.

"Nothing in particular." Kat replied, watching the ground for any rocks or big branches.

"You really look nice today." He said, stealing one more glance at her ensemble. Her collar bone poked lightly through the deep brown skin and her hair was full. Kat laughed aloud, holding a hand to her chest lightly. Alejandro watched her in amusement.

"Did I really look that bad before? You complimented me like 5 times already—and it's not even 2 o'clock." She said, beginning to laugh again. Alejandro smirked.

"Of course not. You just look nice, with the dress and all..." He said with a shrug, feeling a little embarrassed for seeming like such a nerd. He hadn't even realized he was praising her appearance excessively.

"Well I'm flattered; thank you." Kat said with a seductive smile that wasn't meant to be that way at all. Alejandro couldn't resist the urge to kiss her. He put an arm in front of her path and she walked right into it. He gripped her hip and turned her body. Kat tilted her head to see him, but the glare from the sun was stopping her vision. So it was a pleasant surprise when his lips met hers passionately.

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