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So there I was, a hot and horny 19 year old with a hot sister named Jackie. Jackie was one year younger than I, but had the fully developed body of a girl in her 20s. She was about 5'5" and 120lbs, dirty blonde with dark brown eyes and on the cheer squad. I used to masturbate all of the time and smear my cum all over her Barbie dolls and in porno mags right on the mouths and pussies of the girls. This however wasn't enough any more.

School had let out for the year and Jackie was home a lot. When I wasn't working I would jack off into a lotion bottle and watch with satisfaction as my sister would use the lotion on her hands and face. I would get worked up watching her, knowing that she's rubbing my cum deep into her skin. I would try to get the bottle when it was relatively new, same thing with a conditioner bottle. I figured that if I got it while it was new and started putting my cum in it, she wouldn't know the difference. So this went on for a while, me cumming into lotion and conditioner bottles. From there I started rubbing my cum onto her toothbrush, it was such a rush knowing that she was brushing with my cum.

Eventually I started my cum to her food, little by little. It started out with broth soups, minestrone, chicken noodle etc....I would jack my cock while making the soup and would catch all of the pre-cum on a spoon (as a teen there was quite a lot of it!) and then I'd stir the pre-cum into her soup. I could certainly tell it was in there, you lifted the spoon out you could see the stringy precum hanging on to the spoon. She always ate it without hesitation, usually ate it to the last drop and would lick her lips when done. I enjoyed watching her eat my precum. That couldn't be enough though, I had to escalate it.

I enjoyed eating ice cream with some milk on it. Pour some milk over the top of the ice cream after it'd melted a little and the milk would freeze and form a shell over the ice cream or create mini-ice milk chunks on the ice cream. One time she asked me to get her some ice cream for dessert, I decided she'd definitely get "dessert". I had been jacking my cock all day off and on and hadn't cum, I was saving that for the lotion bottle, but this opportunity arose and I couldn't let it pass. I jacked off all over her ice cream, it was chocolate ice cream. I milked all of my cum from my cock, all the way from my balls and out, I wanted to make sure she got every last drop.

When I looked at what I had done, I had covered the two scoops of ice cream with my cum. It had developed a cum shell all over the ice cream, no matter where she put her spoon she was going to get a mouth full of cum in every bite. I topped it off with some milk and served it to her. As she was eating it she was telling me how good it was, how nice and creamy with the addition of the "milk". Even though I'd just cum, after watching her I had to jack off into the lotion bottle.

This kept going on for a few weeks, her eating my cum in soup and on ice cream. I needed more. Jackie had a sleep over during this time, and who was I not to share? I came all over Jackie's ice cream. Because I knew that Jackie was having the sleepover I jacked off a couple of times into a cup and kept it in the back of the fridge. I pulled out my cum from earlier in the week and poured it all over Sabrina's ice cream as well as gave a little extra to Jackie. Jackie and Sabrina ate the ice cream with a lot of giggling, whispering and glances over at me where I was watching TV on the couch.

It was working for me so well with my sister that I started cumming on ice cream for my friend's mom, Cathy. Cathy was a divorcee in her late thirties, brunette, glasses, shapely "mom" figure, long before I'd heard the term MILF she was one. In her own kitchen, as she waited for the ice cream I jacked off as quickly as I could. I couldn't "milk" all of the drops out of my dick as I was worried she might come check on me. As she ate it she kept making humming noises and after every bite she would lick the spoon. My cock twitched back to life and was at attention again and I had to hide it as best as I could. She also told me at the end that it was so good and creamy that way. I wonder if she suspected, she licked her lips a lot when she was done and was watching me as she did so.

Eventually school started back up and Jackie was coming home from school so beat down from cheer practice that she'd sleep on the couch, laying down. I was afraid at first, I could see her mouth open slightly, wet and inviting. I started out touching the tip of my cock to her fingers, letting the precum collect on her finger tips. Watching her the whole while, she didn't stir. Did I go for it? You bet I did. I leaned over her head, I was careful to be sure I expressed all of the pre-cum I had to the tip of my cock and I touched the tip of it to her lips. In her sleep her tongue went to where I touched her lips and licked up the pre-cum. As she lay there I kept jacking my cock and looking at her face, her eyelids fluttered, but that was because of REM sleep right? I ended up circling her mouth, outlining her lips with my precum. At some point she had turned her head so that now it was flat on the couch, facing the ceiling. I leaned in even more, my cock at this time was like a faucet, the precum was just oozing non-stop. I milked as much of the precum out of my cock as I could, I watched as it fell down, straight into her still partly open mouth. I needed to cum so badly, I was just about to go find the lotion bottle to cum into when I felt something warm and wet on the head of my dick.

I looked down and saw my sisters brown eyes looking up at me from below my balls, her tongue was on the tip of my cockhead. I started to back away but as I did she wrapped her lips around my cockhead. That's all it took, I unloaded. My dick erupted geyser after geyser of hot cum into my own sister's mouth. Her eyes widened with the shock of it and she attempted to swallow as much as she could, cum collected in the corners of her mouth and ran down her cheeks. My dick continued convulsing into her mouth as she reached up and grabbed my balls with one hand and with the other milked my dick of all the cum it had. Once satisfied she kissed the head of my dick and looked up at me. She told me that it was about time I got up the nerve to get some physical contact, she'd been waiting for months. She'd been suspecting something fishy was going on with how intently I'd watch her eat soup and ice cream. She didn't remember soup being so "stringy and clingy". Also, Sabrina had commented on the ice cream, she was a rather fast girl at school and thusly knew the taste of cum. She thought the ice cream had a "cummy" taste to it. Jackie was on the lookout for weeks, she kept finding that when she'd awaken her fingers had some kind of residue on the tips and that her lips felt like they'd been coated in something and when she licked them they were slimy.

Jackie'd eventually figured it out and after waking up from her naps and after having ice cream, she'd go finger herself to a nice climax. She liked that as she rubbed her "brother cum" covered fingers into her snatch that she could lick my precum off of her lips. She'd decided that she wanted to taste it straight from the tap. Thus when she "took her nap" on the couch today, I noticed her eyes moving behind her eyelids and she'd miraculously turned her head up towards my cock. She figured that I'd back down if I knew she was awake but she wanted to taste my cum without the flavors of milk and ice cream getting in the way. That's how it kept going until I left home. She liked it when my cum was in her food and would allow my to jack off into her mouth. Not every brother was as lucky as I to have a sister that would readily guzzle down his cum. As much as I wanted to stick my dick into my sister's sweet pussy and deposit my brotherly seed, she was worried about that. As much as we wanted to she didn't want to get pregnant by me, her brother or to have our relationship take such a wild detour. I haven't seen her in years, she now has three children and has been through men like she changes pants. I should see her, see if I can't relight something, hey at the least I could maybe jack off down her throat again.

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by Anonymous03/02/18

Hey, I liked it!

This was a really fun story about a cum-eating sister. We should get more stories like this!

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