tagIncest/TabooCum Fly With Me

Cum Fly With Me


It all started because my mom's brother Paul married a sexy beautiful and fun woman named Janie. He then took her for granted, and well that's where my story begins.

My Aunt is a flight attendant and home for days at a time. Her husband a hunting fanatic often left for days at a time with their two German Shorthairs to go Pheasant hunting.

I always enjoyed our time together she would ask me over to spend the night when Paul was away. I always felt comfortable with her, just like home. As I grew older I started to take interest in her beautiful body. She was thirty-one, tall and tight, she was very conscience of her figure and looks. Stunning is the best word to describe it.

She called on that summer day to ask if I might want to spend a few days with her helping around the house while Paul was away again.

At this point I wanted to conceal my feelings about Janie. To do so I acted like it would be an inconvenience and put up a fuss. She quickly reprimanded me telling me I need to help her out and be a good boy. I relented with a strong inner smile and accepted. After all, my hormones were now in full force and I had been mercifully stroking myself using her as my imaginary sex partner.

Janie picked me up in her classic Porsche 356 convertible. I loved that car, wow, so cool and she looked overly sexy driving it. My pants began to tighten as I saw her. As we drove to her home I watched her, her hair was flowing and her skin looked radiant. The wind was kissing her skin and her nipples were erect. Oh my God, I was turned on.

When we arrived at her house I quickly went to the guest room dropped my bag and locked the door to fell my stiffness and relieve my tension.

In my mind I was showering with her, feeling her wet tight skin in my hands. Kissing those lips with deep emotion filled passion. My fingers dancing over her body, finding her wet love and penetrating into her sex. I winced as she groaned with pleasure while my fingers slid deeply into her sex. Her nipples grew in my mouth while three fingers were now stroking her clit and sex as the water rushed over us. Ohhhhh it felt good. I exploded all over myself in a strong orgasm while I daydreamed about my beautiful Aunt.

I had to change my shirt, and Janie noticed as I came back into the gathering room. She mentioned it and I had to come up with some lame excuse as I blushed in front of her. I think I said that it felt dirty or something.

The rest of the evening passed as it normally did, we talked about girls I was dating and played around laughing and joking. We went for an evening jog together. I loved to watch her as she ran, sweating and working her tight butt and legs. When was this going to stop I thought as I shook myself back into reality.

Still in our workout gear we decided grab a quick bite from a local taco joint, good stuff. When we returned home she asked if I wanted to shower first I told her she could go first she thanked me and went into her bedroom to freshen up.

I couldn't stand it; the thought of her in her shower drove me crazy. I was inquisitive and snuck into her room. Just being in her room while she was in the shower was enough to make me loose it. I was so nervous.

I walked around quietly and opened her nightstand drawer poking around. It was her panty drawer I couldn't believe how sexy this stuff was. I felt the soft lace; they were very small and sheer. I buried my nose in them; they were clean and defiantly had her sexy scent to them.

As I put them back I felt something hard in the middle of the soft material. I pulled it out it was a dildo about seven inched long. It looked just like my cock when it got stiff. The veins were all full of blood and the head was swollen. I went wild imagining what she did to herself with it. I closed my eyes and felt my cock swell in my running shorts.

I was so nervous I had to put it back and quick. I did and closed the drawer. I slowly stepped over to her bathroom door and could hear the water in the shower. I was as quiet as a mouse and my senses were alert because I would die if she caught me.

My mouth became dry as the desert when I began to hear the moans and sounds of sex coming from her shower. She was in there wet and wonderful, intently fucking herself, I had to see this, I slid closer to the door and listened intently as the grunts and groans of sex filled the air. The sounds were just like my fantasy I could not believe it. This was far too much for a young man to take. A big moan and a muttered "fuckkkkkk" came from her shower and then silence. I was waiting for more and then the shower turned off. Oh shit I had to get out of there, but now I didn't have the noise of the water to muffle my movements. I started to step backwards and heard the floor creek under me. Shittttttt keep moving slowly I thought. I made it to the bedroom door, turned and walked out closing it behind me. I hoped I hadn't been caught.

My nerves were shaken when she came out of her room. She was wearing a tight tank and some shorts. Did she not know I was a young man with new urges, what was she doing dressing like that? Janie let out a slight moan and let me know how refreshing the shower was. Ill bet I thought. She told me it was my turn and I agreed. While I showered I tried to get her out of my head and thought of football starting in a few weeks and anything else to keep me occupied.

When I finished I put on my boxers and a tee shirt and returned to the great room. The sun was down and the sky was turning dark on the horizon. Janie noticed me and told me I was growing up nice and strong. I blushed as I looked away. She said I was becoming quite a handsome and a very athletic man.

I assumed my normal position sitting on the floor near Janie's head as she lay on the couch. I leaned back against the couch and my head was just a few inched from hers. We watched TV and talked about girls again. She began to ask me all sorts of questions about girls. She really wanted to know if I had kissed any yet. I told her I had. She asked if I liked it, I obliged and told her I guessed I did. She was shocked and wanted to know why I wasn't sure if I did. I guess it was because I didn't really know how. She said I would learn and it would get better she promised.

As we sat there watching TV I thought to myself that I really just wanted to kiss her, not the immature girls at school, Janie was a woman and the sexiest one I had ever seen. After what seemed to be an eternity I mustered up the courage, turned my head to her and swallowed as I asked her if she would teach me how to kiss. She was taken back a little, but to my surprise she said she would try.

She told me that when you kiss a woman the best way to do it is not to be strong and forceful but to let your mouth mimic the woman's mouth, move and touch the way she is moving and touching. She will let you know how much pressure she likes and how much lip or tongue to include. Pay attention and you will become one with her if you can do that she will fall in love with you on the spot. I was amazed at her description even her words were sexy. I asked a few more questions and went back to watching TV.

I couldn't take it anymore and I turned to her, she turned to me and I asked her if I could kiss her to try it that way. She pulled her head back from me and looked a little astonished. Slowly however she began to move into me, my heart was pounding and my mouth was dry as my lips met hers for the first time in a sexual manner.

I did what she said and applied just the right amount of pressure. I opened my mouth a little and she followed I felt my mouth begin to moisten as her wetness dripped into mine. She moved slowly from one side of my lips to the other and her mouth opened a little more. I followed along and opened my mouth with hers. I felt her hand begin to caress my head as we kissed. Her tongue gently grazed my lower lip and I obliged allowing mine to touch hers. We were moving in unison as her pressure increased slightly. I placed my hand on her neck as our mouths opened a little more, as they did she let out a gentle moan of approval.

We met again this time with more passion and our tongues were now touching like hands rubbing one another. My lips began to tingle as my mouth danced with hers. It was amazing, and then it was over. She pulled away and blinked as if she was lost and had regained consciousness. She licked her lip and said with a smile that I had nothing to worry about. If I were kissing like that I would have them falling all over me. I blushed and said thank you. I noticed her chest was flushed and her breathing was quicker than before. I told Janie that I really enjoyed kissing her that it felt very good. To my shock she said she to enjoyed it very much.

I knew it was time to get to bed; I wanted to touch myself I needed to after that. Forget about distractions I was going to fuck her in my mind. As I got up she could clearly see my bulging cock in my boxers I leaned into her and gave her a quick open-mouthed kiss and told her I was heading to bed. She said good night and told me to have sweet dreams. That tease, she knew exactly what I was going to dream about.

As I lay there in my bed stroking myself, dreaming of Janie and her body, I heard Janie tell me good night from the hallway and shut her door. Knowing there was two doors between us now I began to play in earnest. Grabbing my cock in force, feeling my veins pulsate, imagining I was the dildo she was playing with sliding in and outttttt of her wet dripping pussy calling my name as she climaxed in delight. It was more than I could handle and for the second time that day my cum exploded with pleasure thinking of my Aunt.

I awoke later that night and slipped out of bed to get a drink. The clock on the microwave read 2:00 AM I had been out for a while now. The house was quiet; I finished my drink and slowly walked down the hall to the guest room. As I approached my room I noticed that Janie's door wasn't shut all the way. As I snuck closer I could hear her.

Her skin was rubbing against the sheets, her sounds were muffled, and I leaned into her door to get better access and could clearly hear the sounds of sex filling the room. Gentle moans of passion filled the night air, my mind began to wonder into a state of half consciousness. I must see this, so I got down on my hands and knees and slowly pushed the door open with my shoulder. One crawl at a time I entered her room. As my head got inside the sounds were louder and more euphoric. I was low like a big cat stalking its pre and was sure she thought the door opened because of the night breeze.

The moonlight shone through the window and exposed her body to me, she was lying on the sheets caressing her swollen nipples and pleasuring herself with her dildo to deepness I could only imagine. Tingling with excitement I slowly crawled across the room towards the bed. The scent of her body was intense as she moaned with desire. Hearing wet slurping sounds of her pussy contracting around the dildo as she was driving in and out of her sent me spinning.

My cock was now at full capacity pulsating with desire as I made it to the foot of her bed when I heard my name. Shit I had been caught! But then I realized that she hadn't recognized me, she was dreaming of me.

I watched as she plunged her toy into her clinching her legs together. She squeezed, grinding her legs together devouring the plastic cock. With her hands free she began to caress her body moving them up to her swollen areoles and erect nipple pinching them.

"Ohhhhhh yes", she groaned tilting her head back and arching in delight. I heard my name again as she fell deeper into her pleasure, "Jeff fuck me deeper baby ohhhhhhhhhh please make me cummm". Did my Aunt just tell me to fuck her while she was masturbating? Yes she did.

That was it. It was time to experience something else for the first time. I began to crawl over next to her. Slowly I moved, listing to her have sex with me in here mind, I wanted it for real and was intent on getting it.

I made it near her head and slowly rose up onto my knees next to her. Her eyes were shut and her mouth was open. She was panting and breathing deeply as she ground her play cock into her wet pink sex. Her body surged upward and she gasped, her breasts heaved forward in ecstasy. She was a true woman not like the little girls I had dated. In and outtttt the glistening cock drove into her wet pussy, her mouth was now open wide as she panted and moaned my name, this was my chance I had to take it. She cried out my name as she reached her peak exploding her cum all over the cock in ecstasy. I seized the moment lowering my mouth to hers just as it happened. Without skipping a beat she grabbed my face and began to kiss me, reality had merged into fantasy as she began to kiss me deeply while she climaxed.

I placed my hand up onto her heaving breast while she devoured my lips and tongue. She groaned with pleasure losing herself in our moment. I stood up and placed one knee on the bed and then the other, my legs were now touching hers as she began to come down from her apex. I had to act now and not let her slip into reality.

I slid my boxers off as we kissed, her legs were spread wide and willing me to enter. One knee went over and my body shuttered in delight as my throbbing head traced over her soft thigh. She gave a groan of approval as her kiss deepened into me. My other knee slid over, and now I was kneeling between her legs. I tasted my angel as our kiss intensified ohhh she was a goddess. My hand lowered to her heaving soaked pussy and I let my fingers dance on her skin before pulling out the now intruding dildo.

"OOOOOhhhh Fuckkkkk" she groaned.

Her smell was intoxicating and her sexual attraction could not have been higher. Instinctively I lubricated my full and erect cock with her juices, placed my hand at it's base, and leaned into her.

She let out a gasp of deep pleasure as my head touched her exposed clit. OHHHHHHHHHH I was in heaven. I was going to make love to the most beautiful women I have ever seen. I released my hand and my head rested against her wet and glistening sex. It throbbed as I began to push.

I felt both of her hands firmly grab my face as our kiss intensified. My head was just spreading her pussy apart when she pulled away from my mouth and opened her eyes. We froze there for a half second. It was a half a second that seemed like an hour. Her steely glaze struck right through me as she said in a deep throaty voice,

"Jeffrey, Fuckkkkkkkk Meeeeeeeeeeee, make love to your Aunt Janie"

With that she returned to my mouth, this time with more desire and lust than before. She truly wanted me, ohhhh myyyy Godddd. Janie reached back and pulled my tee shirt over my head breaking our kiss to toss it away. Our mouths reunited and I began to inch my now pulsating shaft into my Aunts sex. Little by little her wet silky walls spread for my intruding love.

"Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Yessssssssss!" she groaned as she came to life.

I felt every inch of her soft dripping pussy pulling me in slowly inch-by-inch, she wrapped her legs around me, and her sex around my pulsating shaft. My breathing fell deeper and deeper as I drove into her. I have never felt sensations such as these; surly they were heightened by the circumstances that have brought me there.

Our wet mouths broke and Janie moved her lips to my ear, in that same lustful voice she whispered deeply to me. "That's it baby, fuck your Aunt like you have been in your dreams, UHHHHHH that's it Jeff I'm yours, ravage my pussy like you did in you mind earlier tonight."

My lips found her earlobe accepting her wish. 'I will', I moaned as I slid the length of my shaft deep into her wanting and willing love.

She slowly and deliberately began to grind against my shaft, holy shit this is incredible I thought as my shaft became even stiffer. Innnnnnnnnnnnnnn and outttttttttttttttt, I slowly began to drive. She moved with me in the same manner she described to give a kiss. Together innnnnnnnnnnn and outttttttttttttttt our bodies worked. Sweat began to build and glisten on her chest shining bright in the moonlight, innnnn and outtttttttttt we worked

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh yeeeeeeesssssssssssssssssssssssss Jefffffffffff, donttttttt stopppppp!"

She howled, pulling me closer to her, hugging me close as we fucked. Closer than I had ever been to another person in my life. I was working my way deeper into her pussy as she groaned with excitement. I could feel myself building and building with every thrust, She continued to grind into me as our sexual embrace tightened.

"Ohhhhhh Jeffffff IIII am gggoing toooooooo..."

'Ohhhhhhhhhhhh me toooooooooo!' I screamed.

I could not hold it any longer; I pulled her up off the bed and we sat up in our embrace as my cock blasted its milky love deep into Janie's quivering tunnel. Now sitting on me she dropped further onto me and screamed with joy as she came all over my throbbing cock.

"Ngggggggggggggggggggggg ohhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!" she groaned into my ear as we held each other even tighter. Our sweaty bodies clung to each other not wanting to let go. My throbbing shaft and her clutched love were one. My mouth slowly kissed her neck making its way to her red swollen earlobes. I nibbled some expressing my emotions, 'you are my love'.

I gently laid her back down onto the bed as our sex organs continued to pulsate with one another. Slowly our breathing began to return to normal. And I slid my now weakening shaft out of her soaking love, paying close attention to kiss her while I did so. Now free from her sex I laid my young head on her bosom and she began to stroke my hair with love. I couldn't believe I just made love to my Aunt and it was better than I had ever imagined.

I held her close knowing this was going to be something to count on for a long time to come.

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by Anonymous11/06/17

Kind of short

It was kind of short I guess it was long enough and hot enough to make me Nut so I rate a 7/10

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good 4 3 stars

too fast and shallow. put more into it with chapter 2. lick her pussy suck her clit amd tits

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