tagSci-Fi & FantasyCum For Santa

Cum For Santa


From the Ashley Cooper Series.


I'll be the first to admit, I've been a bad girl the last couple of years and Santa has made exceptions for me that he probably shouldn't have. Well, it all came to a head (ha... ha...) one evening before Christmas, when Santa paid me a visit. While I'm sure he meant to persuade me into being a good girl, he taught me that being bad can also be very rewarding. Needless to say, I met the North Pole that night and it was more exciting than I could have possibly imagined. To this day, I'm still not sure if it was a dream because it felt so real, and my pussy smelled like a peppermint candy cane the next morning. Regardless, it was the most amazing Christmas gift I'd ever received.

The night in question happened shortly after I'd fallen asleep one cold night in December. Before I could comprehend what was happening, someone grabbed my leg and pulled me to the edge of my mattress.

"Ho..ho..ho...! Ashley, wake up!"

"Santa?" I asked turning to look at him. I rubbed my eyes. "What's going on?"

He wagged his white glove at me. "Ashley, you've been a very bad girl. You're on Santa's naughty list."

I sighed and thought about all the sexual encounters I'd had over the past year. "I know. I'm sorry, I just couldn't help myself."

"You didn't leave me any cookies either Ashley. I'm very disappointed," said Santa, shaking his head. He removed his velvety red cap and put it on my nightstand. "I've got to teach you a lesson Ashley."

I sat up. "What do you mean?"

With a twinkle in his blue eyes he touched the top of my pajamas. "You need a good old fashioned spanking. Apparently, it's been a long time coming."

I shook my head. "Oh, I don't think so Santa. I'll just take the coal this year."

Santa picked me up off the bed, he was surprisingly very strong for a jolly old elf, and sat down on a big red chair, that magically appeared out of nowhere. I'd worn a long white t-shirt to bed and a red lacy thong, so when he bent me over on his lap he had an easy access to my rear. He moved my shirt away from my ass cheeks and I could feel his warm breath on my skin.

"I didn't know you dished out spankings, Santa," I said.

He chuckled. "In your case, it's needed." He removed one of his gloves. "Believe me Ashley, this is going to hurt me more than it hurts you."

I rolled my eyes. Right.

Then he raised his hand and slapped me hard on the ass.

"Oh! Santa," I pleaded. "Please don't spank me!"

"You've been a bad...bad...girl," he said, raising his hand. He slapped my ass again, this time even harder.

"Oh...no...please. I'll be good!" I cried. Having Santa spank me was sending mixed vibes. Part of me enjoyed it, the other part was mortified.

He slapped me again. "You didn't even leave me any cookies. Santa needs to eat!"

"I'm sorry...I forgot!"

"Ashley," he said, now rubbing my sore red cheeks. He chuckled. "I bet you didn't know that Santa likes to eat more than cookies..."

I raised my eyebrows as his hand slipped under my thong.

I looked back at him. "Santa?"

"Oh, yes..." he licked his lips, his breath coming faster. "Santa likes his pie, too."

His fingers slipped inside of my pussy and I became instantly wet. "Oh, Santa..." I whispered.

His eyes glowed with lust. "I like all kinds of pie, but my favorite...do you know what my favorite is Ashley?"

"What?" I moaned as his fingers strummed my swollen clit.

"I love cherry pie. Oh, yes...I love cherry pie..." he growled, thrusting a finger into my slippery wet pussy.

I could now feel Santa's hard cock poking me in the stomach as I lie across his lap. I couldn't help myself, I had to see it. So I slipped my hand inside of his velvety pants. "Oh," I gasped, pulling it out. It was huge, so big I had no idea. "Oh, Santa you're cock is so thick," I whispered, licking my lips.

"Ashley," he growled. "I'm very hungry..."

Then he lifted me up and threw me down on the over-sized chair. He kneeled down, wrapping my legs around his neck and began eating.

"Oh, tastes so good," he announced, licking my labia.

"Oh, Santa," I moaned, touching my nipples through my thin t-shirt.

He sucked my clit and stuffed one of his fat fingers deep into my hole, then began fucking me.

"Sweet pie," he groaned, pushing his nose deep into my snatch. He inhaled. "Delicious."

"Oh...oh..." I moaned. "Santa...I...oh..."

He reached up and tore off my t-shirt, exposing my breasts. "Yes..." he said, squeezing one of my boobs with the other gloved hand. "Santa loves these kinds of toys..." He then pinched the tip of my nipple, sending spasms of pleasure all the way down to my clit.

I closed my eyes. "Fuck... yeah."

He scowled and pinched my clit. "No...bad language, young lady. No swearing!"

"Sorry," I gasped.

"Are you going to be good?" he growled, thrusting his plump fingers deeper into my hole.

"Yes!" I yelled.

"Promise... Santa!" he demanded.

I threw my head back, thrashing it from side to side, I cried out. "I...promise...Santa!"

He sucked my clit hard, his white moustache tickling my inner thighs. "Naughty girl," he growled, wiggling his finger inside of me. "Santa... teach you... a hard lesson."

And oh how hard Santa was! With my hand I pumped his jolly big cock as he devoured my cherry pie. It was such an amazing turn-on seeing his white head and pink cheeks shoved against my snatch that an intense pressure began to build in my pussy. "Oh...Santa..." I groaned.

"Going to be good? Promise me Ashley and I'll keep eating your pie. Santa will clean his plate!"

"Yes, Santa...I'll be good!"

He thrust his fingers in and out, wiggling and sucking like a starving reindeer devouring a delicious apple.

"Oh....yes...." he groaned against my cunt as I pumped his cock. "Hoooo..."

My hips began bucking against his face and I grabbed Santa's white hair, shoving him deeper into my cunt. "Yes!" I screamed as my juices exploded all over his cheeks. "Yes! Oh God...Santa!"

"Good..." he nodded, licking up my slick pussy, apparently very pleased. "Good girl..."

After he was finished with his pie, he stood up and grabbed his cock. "Now... it's time to visit the North Pole. Bend over Ashley."

I got on my knees and with one thrust, his super huge cock squeezed into my tight pussy. "Yes, Santa. Oh it feels so good..."

He tightened his grip on my hips and pumped his shaft inside of me, in and out, faster and faster. "Ashley, good girl..." he growled as he reached around and grabbed my tits. "Very nice..."

"Harder Santa," I moaned as he squeezed my boobs. "Don't stop..."

He began thrusting again, much harder. "Tell Santa what you want for Christmas," he demanded.

"You," I groaned. "Inside of me."

He was breathing so hard. He leaned on me with his weight squeezing my tits and smashing them together "Are you going to cum for Santa?" he grunted.

"Yes," I panted.

He moved one of his hands and began strumming my clit as he banged the shit out of me. "Good," he growled into my ear. "That makes Santa very happy."

His words were so kinky, it didn't take me long to keep my promise. "Oh!" I yelled as another orgasm began to build up in my pussy. "I'm going to cum again!"

He chuckled, slamming into me harder and faster. "Cum for Santa," he demanded. "Cum for me. Be a good girl now."

And I did. I came so hard that my pussy clenched around Santa's cock and he hollered out loud. "Oh!"

"Yes!" I cried, relishing the feel of him, touching and thrusting into me.

"Santa's going to cum," he declared, grabbing my red hair. He pumped and pumped into my pulsating pussy.

"Wait," I said, moving away. I turned around and took his cock. "Cum into my mouth," I said licking his smooth round head.

"Yes," he growled. "Suck it."

I stuffed his hard rod into my mouth and began sucking as he watched me.

But, then, he pushed me away and bent over my boobs. "First things first...give me these titties," he said, grabbing my giant globes. He began licking my nipples, sending tingles all the way down to my pussy again. "Now these are gifts," he growled, burying his face into them. "Yes...so big and tasty. Nipples like candy..."

I slid his cock in and out of my hands. He closed his eyes, sucking my tits and grunting with pleasure.

"Let me suck your pole, please Santa," I begged.

He opened his eyes. "You've been good so far. Time to reward you," he said, his blue eyes twinkling. He stood up and began thrusting his cock into my mouth. "Suck it," he growled. "Suck it."

I sucked it and pumped it with my fist, watching his hips buck while I worked him.

"Yes!" he hollered, closing his eyes again, his face turning red.

"Cum for me Santa," I demanded.

He grabbed the top of my head and held on as I devoured his cock. "Keep going, suck Santa. Good girl."

"So good, Santa!" I hollered between sucks.

He was hitting the back of my throat with the tip of his cock and groaning loudly.

I took him out of my mouth. "Come on," I demanded, pumping his cock. "Let me taste you Santa."

Well, that apparently did it because he yelled loudly and then shot his load as soon as I stuck him back in my mouth.

"Ho!" he hollered as he came in my mouth.


I licked my lips and swallowed his cum down. It was yummy and sweet, tasting like sugar cookies.

"Thank you, Santa," I said as he put his cock away and got ready to leave.

He grabbed his hat from my nightstand. "You're welcome. Now, remember to be a good girl or I'll have to come and visit you again next year."

"Okay," I said, lying my ass off. If this was what awaited me next year for being bad, there was no way in hell I was going to be good.

With a twinkle in is eye, the Jolly Old Elf grabbed his sack of presents and placed it over his shoulder. "Ho...ho...ho...Merry Christmas Ashley!"

Then he disappeared and I fell back to sleep with a trace of cookies still lingering in my mouth.


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