tagIncest/TabooCum Inside Me Cousin

Cum Inside Me Cousin


Cum inside me cousin.

Her nipples grew hard and Robert covered her body with his. It had been a year-and-a-half since she had felt her cousin cum inside of her. Normally chatty and bold, she was now reduced to nervous awe of the power he held over her: sexually, emotionally and physically.

They kissed briefly, then Robert spread Ashley’s legs and glancing briefly at her clit ring he hadn’t seen yet licked her. Normally she didn’t like being eaten out, normally she didn’t like sex. It was different with Robert. Everything was different with Robert. His tongue wasn’t warm and wet, it didn’t make her feel slimy instead it was rock hard and barely moist as he fucked her cunt with it. It was strong. Everything about him was strong.

She didn’t even remember the last time she allowed anybody to do this to her. Ashley had just had a baby three-and-a-half months previous, even her husband hadn’t been allowed to see her naked yet. She had to stop thinking about that, ‘Just enjoy every second, let it go,’ she told her self.

His mouth came up and found a nipple and Ashley closed her eyes. He was kneeling between her thighs and she lifted her hips to him. This was going to be no friendly fuck, the tension between the two of them had mounted for nearly two years since their last tryst, he thrust deep and with momentum. Ashley inhaled and took it. Pleasure and pain, a phone call here, an e-mail there, an invitation to his wedding; whatever he gave her, she took however pleasurable or painful.

She didn’t leave her body but, for a moment she went somewhere deep inside, deeper than Robert was trying to bury his perfect cock. Ashley was remembering every moment, every ecstatic fleeting moment spent touching him, tasting him, his hands, his body possessing her. The Universe she felt, had fashioned her cousin’s physique specifically for her. She was only 5’ 2” and couldn’t take a long cock but they had always joked that he had good girth. Ashley had been in love with him for 14 years which equaled half of her life. Neither of them ever would have guessed that going into Junior High they would have a crush on each other only to find out later they were first cousins, grow up, and fuck each other through two of her marriages and one of his own.

They had never tried to live with the other, never pretended hope to live out the whole fantasy that they knew would ultimately ruin lives and families as well as their social status. They would have to remain a secret and every time Ashley’s naïve fantastical ideal of “Let love prevail,” would rise, Robert would calmly quell the social rebellion. He loved her but, he also loved his family, friends and lifestyle. It didn’t really matter, after all, he knew she would always be there.

Her legs spread, her hands pushing on his chest watching his face while he fucked her she relaxed for the first time in months. She inhaled and exhaled deeply. With each fast-paced stroke she squeezed his cock with her pussy. Watching him pump, watching him get off, knowing that as much power as he had over her, she actually held over him, the wetter she got.

Wetter and the pace gaining, she knew he was close. She wanted him to explode inside of her. Ashley wanted to feel the hot cum hit the walls of her pussy. She wanted to feel his cum ooze out her cunt lips. She wanted what his wife got, she wanted all of him and on days when insanity or love prevailed she wanted the world to know that he was hers, not Kayla’s, hers…Ashley felt his breathing change…he pulled out and came on her stomach.

He wiped her stomach with a towel and laid down beside her on the bed. Ashley rolled toward him and they embraced.

“You’re so soft and smooth.”

She replied with, “You’re so big.” Her hand went down to his soft spot and coaxed his cock home.

Robert rolled her over on to her belly and kissed her tattoo of the Celtic cross she had inked down her spine and entered her from behind. This time her hands were pushing against the headboard and her thoughts wandered, her husband’s face flashed and she looked at her wedding ring then Robert’s wife’s wedding band flashed behind her eyes. There her thoughts remained on her cousin’s wife.

“How did Robert fuck her? Does she swallow? Does he tit fuck her? Do they have to use lubricant? Can she get him off twice in a row? Does she make him laugh? Who’s funnier, me or her? Who’s better in bed, me or her? Would she take it up the ass if he asked her nicely? Would she fuck him up the ass if he asked her nicely?” Would she-Ashley fuck him up the ass if he asked her nicely? She hadn’t thought of that before. The questions in her mind stopped forming as she had to brace herself a little better for the pounding she was taking, Ashley knew she would be feeling this one for a few days.

It wasn’t that she hated her cousin’s wife, on the contrary, under different circumstances they could have been friends…not that they weren’t friendly, Ashley lived on a diet of “keep your friends close and your enemies closer,” when it came to the women in Robert’s life. She just didn’t think Kayla challenged him. In fact none of his choices in women had ever challenged him. In her opinion (and she could be wrong but this is a story where Ashley is the protagonist heroine) nobody intellectually stimulated him but her. None of them tossed new and exciting ideas around, argued, discussed, rationalized…

Again she inhaled deep, she felt that one! She heard his breathing change again, braced herself with one hand and rubbed her clit with the other. Again he pulled out, this time cumming on her ass.

She wanted to scream at him, she wanted to yell, to slap him, to cry, to beg him not to leave her, beg him to find a way to see her again while he was in town. She swallowed and put on her bra. She inhaled and re-applied her lipstick. She looked into the mirror and lied to herself. They went and laughed over some lunch.

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