tagTransgender & CrossdressersCum On Your Sister's Face!

Cum On Your Sister's Face!


My younger sister, Jane, has a booming body. Her tits hang from her chest like a couple of overfilled milk bags. But she has a tight ass and a waist that puts Dolly Parton to shame. And when Jane flips her wavy blonde hair over her smooth, creamy shoulders, no man can resist her.

I have to admit that I wanted to fuck her. As soon as Jane turned 18, I started dropping hints: "Lookin' good, lil' sis'," I'd say. She'd laugh and blow me off. So, I did the next best thing.

I became her.

I started sneaking into her bedroom and trying on her lingerie. It didn't take me long to graduate to her sundresses and make-up. Before long, I was scouring online chatrooms for guys who would watch me dress up in my sister's clothes and then let me suck their cocks. I asked them to call me Jane. "Oh, Jane," they'd moan, while I was on my knees between their legs. We always had fun. The only thing my lovers wanted was to cum in my mouth. I was happy to oblige.

This went on for about a year. I didn't think Jane knew about my invasion of her privacy.

But she did, and she told me in her own special way.

I was downloading cum-shot videos on the computer in my bedroom one Saturday afternoon when our parents were off on vacation. Jane yelled, "Tommy, can you come here?"

I found Jane in her bedroom with her boyfriend, Mike. He was sitting on Jane's neatly made bed with his tattooed arms folded. The sleeves on his black T-shirt barely contained his bulging biceps.

But Jane was the one who really caught my attention. She stood with her arms on her hips, wearing nothing but a corset, panties, stockings and six-inch heels.

"Mike says I look like a whore," she said with a fake pout. "Do you think I look like a whore?"

I froze. I didn't know what to say. Jane and Mike glanced at each other.

"It's OK," Mike said. "Admit it: Your sister looks like a whore."

I shrugged.

"Well," I said. "It's not necessarily a bad thing. I kind of like it."

Jane feigned shock, flipping her hair over her shoulder.

"Well," she said. "I think anyone wearing this outfit would look like a whore, don't you, Mike?"

Mike nodded. "Probably so," he said.

"And since Tommy has such a strong opinion about it, don't you think he should have to try it on?" Jane asked.

"Yup," Mike said with a sideways smile.

I couldn't believe my ears. I didn't want to protest, but even if I did, I wouldn't have been able to find the words.

Jane backed herself up to the edge of the bed as Mike scooted forward. She tilted her head and held her hair out of the way as Mike unhooked the dozen clasps on the back of the corset. I stood there in disbelief as Jane smiled.

When Mike finished, he slid back against the wall. The corset clung to Jane's body only by the shoulder straps. Jane unhooked the garter clasps at the stocking tops and let the corset fall to the pink carpet. I'd never seen her topless. She was beautiful. My shock began to wear off and steadily turned to unbridled lust.

Jane fixed me with a stern glare.

"Take off my panties," she said. "And eat my ass."

I looked over at Mike. He nodded solemnly. His arms were folded and he was rolling his nipples between his fingertips.

They'd made it clear that Jane had given me an order. Everything before had been kidding around. No more of that. They never said what would happen if I refused. But it didn't matter. I was down for whatever kind of kinkiness they had in store. And I think they knew it.

Jane leaned over and put her hands on the bed. Her face was inches from Mike's face. He unzipped his jeans and started beating his cock.

I kneeled behind Jane, close enough to see the light, blonde hair in her ass crack. I hooked my forefingers around the thong by her hips and slowly pulled it down, past her thighs, past her knees, past her ankles. Her skin felt so warm, so smooth against my hand. When the thong arrived at the heels, Jane elegantly lifted one foot at a time so I could free her from the garment.

She spread her legs, just beyond the width of her shoulders. I returned my face to the seam between her two, lovely pillows of flesh. With my fingertips, I gently spread open her ass crack, revealing her puckered pleasure button. I leaned in with my tongue out. Jane's French perfume and a pleasant must infiltrated my nostrils.

Jane's bunghole flinched when my mouth muscle hit it but quickly eased into my oral caress. My licks became progressively harder and quicker. Jane moaned. When I came up for breath, I saw juices dripping down Jane's thighs.

She wouldn't let me go back in.

"I'm ready," she gasped.

I didn't know for what, but she didn't keep me guessing.

Jane flopped on the bed and said, "Strip naked."

While I tore off my T-shirt and jeans, Jane slipped off her heels and unrolled her stockings, throwing them on the floor in front of me.

"Put on my clothes," Jane said.

Even after eating my own sister's ass, I was stunned.

"What?" I asked.

Mike let go of his dick and pointed at me sternly.

"Do it, Fuck Face," he said. "And make sure you put on the panties last. I want to fuck you with the corset on and I'm going to need quick access to your asshole."

I started with the stockings, sitting on the edge of the bed and carefully unrolling them up my legs. They came up to my things and made my legs feel like a couple of sausages. Next, I stood up and slid on the corset arm straps and backed up to Jane, who fastened the hooks. Each clasp drew the corset tighter. It was like getting a big hug. The under wire cups dug into my chest like a strong pair of hands. Jane hooked the garter straps to the stockings for me. Completing the outfit, I sat on the bed and slipped my feet into the black, six-inch heels.

I stood up, took a few steps and nearly broke my ankle. But I quickly righted myself and faced Mike and Jane with my arms akimbo.

"I knew it," Jane said with a smile. "She looks like a whore."

Without any trace of humor, Mike said, "So let's treat her like one."

"Good idea," Jane said. "But, first, a little make-up."

Tits bouncing, Jane dashed across the room and pulled out the stool in front of her vanity mirror. She patted the cushion. I sat down and looked at myself. I had a nice set of tits, for a guy.

Jane painted my face in the sluttiest colors she had: cherry-red lipstick, heavy mascara, black eyeliner. When she finished, she sprayed some perfume between my tits.

"Now let's go suck Mike's cock," Jane said.

He sat eagerly on a corner of the bed with his legs spread. He leaned back slightly, his hands planted on the mattress and his arms propping him up. About eight stiff inches of Grade A wiener awaited us.

Jane went first, eagerly diving into Mike's lap. I knelt beside her, outside of Mike's leg, and watched Jane wrap her lips around the head of the meat pole. She slowly slid her head down. About half of his prick disappeared into her mouth before she pulled her head back up. Mike's eyes rolled back into his head. My cock was ready to burst, even though no one had touched it.

Jane took more of Mike's cock each time her head went down. The pace picked up. Pretty soon she looked like a Saudi oil well, bobbing up and down for liquid gold. I was amazed. Jane was digging her nose into Mike's pubic hair, swallowing his entire rod, without gagging. She clearly had experience. Mike was breathing hard, like he'd just sprinted a mile. But he gathered himself enough to tap her on the head. Jane backed off.

"Your turn," she said to me, wiping her mouth with the back of her hand.

I switched places with her. Just inches from my lips was Mike's engorged penis, all flesh and veins pulsating with his heartbeat. A tiny pool of pre-cum filled the spout, a sign of what was to come. I looked up at Mike. He was watching my every movement with his big, green eyes.

"Suck it good, baby," he said.

I opened my mouth as wide as it would go and put my lips and tongue on his warm flesh. His hand fell onto the back of my head. He guided me gently but sternly all the way to his pubes. I gagged. I couldn't breathe. But he held me down until I got used to it. Air finally flowed into my body, along with the scent of his cologne. When the pressure came off the back of my head, I pulled back, dragging my tongue along the underside of his cock. At the moment my lips would've come off his fuckstick, Mike forced me back down.

Mike repeatedly jammed himself into me. He pushed harder each time. And he picked up speed. Mike was fucking my face at machine-gun speed, his cock slamming against the back of my throat. I looked up at him. Our eyes met. If he wondered how I felt about all this, he didn't show it. All I saw in those pupils was an animal intensity that told me he was going to do anything he wanted.

I knew Mike was about to cum when he grabbed me by the hair with both hands and forced me all the way down his pecker. His body shuddered. Then the nut came gushing. Mike exploded violently in my mouth. The first shot was nearly enough to fill me up. But he pulled his prick out of me as he came, creating more space in my mouth. By the time his prick left my lips, I had a mouth overflowing with salty, warm jizz. I felt a tiny stream trickling down my chin.

Jane said nothing. She didn't have to. What she did told me what to do next. Jane lay on the floor next to me and opened her mouth wide. Kneeling over her, I positioned my mouth about six inches over hers and let Mike's jizz trickle off my lower lip. It fell in a steady, slow stream from my hole to hers. Jane accepted every drop hungrily.

When the transfer was complete, she sealed her lips and kneeled next to me. Our faces were inches apart. Her eyes were ablaze. She just knelt there, staring at me with her mouth full. I was confused.

"What?" I asked.

Jane instantly sprayed Mike's cum all over my face. I felt his juices dripping down my face. Jane and Mike burst into laughter. It was so humiliating, yet the most erotic experience of my life. I refused to wipe myself off. My cock was about to burst.

"We're not done with you yet," Jane said. "Get on the bed -- all fours with your face to the wall."

Mike made room for me. So, there I was, in doggy-style position with dick snot pouring down my cheeks. I couldn't see what was happening behind me and couldn't imagine what was going to happen next.

"Mike, take care of those," Jane said.

Before I could turn around to look, I felt a burning sensation at my hips. Mike had torn the thong off my ass. Jane was rummaging around in a drawer. She came back to the bed. I heard a squirt and then felt a finger rub a cool gel on my bunghole. Then there was a humming sound. Suddenly, something was going up inside my ass.

My initial reaction was to clench my butt muscles. But I slowly loosened up as I realized that Jane was fucking me with a vibrator. She started with slow, shallow strokes and gradually increased the depth and speed. She also dialed up the intensity on the vibrator, which went from a low hum to a high-pitched buzz. A small drop of jizz dripped from my pecker.

I was about to bust when Mike said, "OK, that's good. Let me get in there."

Jane pulled out the dildo. Seconds later, Mike forced himself into me. Not one for subtlety, he gave me all eight inches at once. I felt a new emotion, one that I didn't know existed until that moment. It was pain and ecstasy all rolled into one great big "Uh!" that popped out of my mouth. Mike pulled out and gave it to me again. I'd fucked guys before, but never like this. Mike did me harder than all of them combined. I didn't count the strokes, but it couldn't have been more than a dozen before he thrust himself all the way inside me and let himself shoot his wad.

I couldn't hold it anymore. I had to cum.

Jane flopped on the bed next to me with her mouth open.

"Cum on your sister's face!" Mike yelled.

Kneeling next to her, I happily obliged, jizzing harder than I ever had before. The first squirt made a diagonal line from Jane's right cheek to left eyebrow. The next, hit her hair. Her face was covered by the time I shook the last drop onto her lips.

"Now clean it up," she said.

I laid my body on top of hers and passionately lapped the cum off of my sister's face. I swallowed every drop.

Mike was sitting on the bed with his back to the wall when I finished. Jane got up and sat next to him. I stood up and began stripping off Jane's lingerie.

"That was fun," Jane said.

She tried to give Mike a peck on the cheek. He blocked her with his hand.

"No kisses Cum Face," he said.

I shook my head with a satisfied smile.

"How'd you know I'd be into this?" I asked.

"You fucked a friend of ours," Jane said. "He came to this house a few months ago to do you and remembered I lived here. I used to fuck him, so he knew what my lingerie looked like. He even recognized the bra and panties you were, uh, borrowing from me that day. "

"Small world," I said.

"Very," she said. "Now get the fuck out of here. We got shit to do."

I carried my jeans and T-shirt in a ball, as I head out the door. Before I left, Jane stopped me.

"But don't worry, we'll do this again," she said.

Mike was smiling and nodding.

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