Cum Planet


This story was inspired by one penned by the author know as Cumfountain.. I enjoyed his story but I am not into the urine drinking. Hence, I decided to write one of my own without the pee. I am a buttman, so I injected my love of the female ass. Enjoy...

Within the multiverse there is a never-ending supply of universes that parallel our own. The planet is the same, but the evolution and the circumstances under which society has structured itself are often vastly different. Often these worlds contain populations that mirror ours, often with more or less people. More often, different universes with different versions of ourselves. On this world the population is greatly outnumbered by women on the average of 50 to 1. Also, on this world, the women are in the ruling majority, but the men hold something of great value that has become the sexual desire of almost all of the women on this parallel earth. The value is something that few men have the resources to supply. For those who have, it is a resource that, with the help of science, has fostered into a business where a few men, like myself, can become rich in a matter of years, yet happily continue in their profession for years to cum...

A large, thick pool of milky white cum glistened off the eager reflection of the two young women. Meagan dragged the spoon across the mirror and scooped up a generous spoonful of their creamy desires.

"Oh my god, there's like so much left", Meagan said lustfully.

At 8:30 it had been my first load of the morning, and as is typical, it is somewhat larger than what the following 40 or more ejaculations would be throughout my business day. Although most would be close to a full cup, this load was closer to two full cups.

Meagan poured the cum from the spoon between her full red lips onto her jewel like tongue and began swirling the semen around in her mouth to savor my cream. Jena impatiently dropped her face into the pool of cum slurping noisily.

"Hey, save some for me, I should get half." "Sorry, Meagan, I, I lost control", said Jena.

"Now girls, Jena's mother admonished, after releasing my cock from her mouth, "Why don't you take turns feeding it to each other?"

Jena took the spoon from Meagan and scooped up another portion of the huge cumload and poured it over Meagan's perfect, large 18-year-old breasts, and together the two licked it from her nipples and between the cleavage as they continued to rub their clits.

Meagan's mother, Iris, was an older client of mine and, as is customary among the elite upper class, she had brought in her daughter and her daughter's friend Jena, as an introductory course in the privilege of the rich. Most of my clients were wealthy, and at least minimally good looking (although I did do some charity work on occasion), and were quick to get their daughters on my insanely full schedule. Although, like the few other gifted men in my profession, I sold my semen by the bottle in several upscale boutiques around the world, most women preferred to extract my cum by sucking, or at least be there in person for the fresh hot load. Iris on the other hand, always seemed to enjoy it when someone other than her finished the task at hand.

"Shall I ring for my secretary?" I asked Iris.

"Please do", Iris replied as she lay down on the cot and began to masturbated slowly.

Katie, my secretary, is a cute young blond with perky tits and a tight round ass. She is also a runaway. She claimed to be 18 when I first met her two years ago, but I think she was fibbing a bit. I took her on my staff partly to help her out and also because of how she was always willing to extract a load for a client, even when that meant no cum for her (although on lunch break I would often let her suck my cock and swallow my load as I ate lunch).

"Good morning, Iris, how would you like your cum this morning?" Katie smiled cheerfully.

"Good morning dear, why don't you use that delicious little ass of yours and milk that cock for me."

"I'd be happy to ma'am".

I knelt down onto my old style computer chair (the kneel and sit kind), which I use primarily for these kinds of clients. I allowed Katie to suckle the precum dripping from my cock before going to work. As usual, she greedily sucked it up then, without swallowing, turned around, arched her back and bent low at the knees.

Jena shivered with her third orgasm as she licked the last of the cum from Meagan's tongue, which caused Meagan herself to explode her fourth and most powerful orgasm.

"Meagan, honey?"

"Yes, mm, mom" Meagan panted.

"Be a dear and loosen up young Katie for us will you?"

"Happily mom, thank you!"

Meagan knelt before Katie's open ass and marveled at the perfection of Katie's cheeks and asshole (I must confess it was one of the reasons I hired her). Her tight pink little hole winked expectantly at Meagan who, gaping open mouthed, unconsciously began to drool. Suddenly she plunged in, lapping noisily at Katie's young asshole, driving her hot tongue into Katie's willing asshole. Katie rubbed her clit, swallowed, and came.

While Meagan eagerly ate Katie's asshole out, Jena began to suck my cock until Iris told them all to stop.

"Alright Katie dear, milk that cock for me" Iris ordered as she briskly continued to frig her clit.

Young Katie eased her ass back until the large head of my cock began to lubricate her tiny hole even more with the flow of my precum. Unflinchingly she eased back on my dick, pushing further until her supple cheeks were pressed hard against my stomach. Slowly at first, then with a nice medium pace she milked my cock while moaning in pleasure. Gyrating her hips side to side and up and down, her ass sucked at my cock like a hungry machine.

After about ten minutes of Katie sucking my cock with her ass, I could feel my load ready for release.

"Katie, it is time" I said.

With a cute little "plop" Katie pulled off of my cock, positioned it above Iris's open mouth and began licking the underside of my engorged member.

"That's it Katie...good girl...okay, now give Iris her load".

Katie removed her tongue and began to slllooowly pump my cock as huge, thick white cord, after cord of hot cum spurted into Iris's mouth. Meagan and Jena knelt to either side of Iris's cheeks and began to lap up the overflow from her open mouth while Iris continued to work her clit. After twenty large ejaculations into her mouth, I went to take another "stamina" pill as the girls finished. Iris was on the verge, as Katie took over for Iris's fingers and began to swirl her tongue around the engorged clit. Iris began to orgasm. As she came she swallowed, and the intensity nearly left her unconscious.

Iris and the girls still had half an hour in their hour-long session and chose to take turns sucking my cock and saving the loads. Although I sold it by the bottle, Iris wanted fresh cum to sip on throughout the day, and the girls were more than happy to share. The session went over by about ten minutes, but I knew my next session would be with Michelle, who had scheduled a 10:00am 'til noon appointment, so we had some time and the girls pleaded for a full load of their own to enjoy during the day. I complied.

Michelle arrived early at about 9:50. Katie led her into one of the session rooms and asked her to wait for me. I sat in my office pouring over nude pictures of potential client candidates when Katie knocked and entered with the week's supply of "stamina" pills. The pills were difficult to obtain if you weren't in the business, as they were federally regulated and only those in the profession could obtain them. Also, they were really only effective in increasing cum production in those who already had an incredibly profuse production rate. Like me.

"UPS just arrived with these." Katie beamed.

"Thank you kiddo, does Michelle have any special requests today"

"She wants to be fed load after load of your cum for two hours while she lays on a bed and masturbates" smiled Katie.

"Fine, by what means does she want the loads extracted?"

"By the most efficient means of course" she giggled.

"What ever happened to enjoying the process" I smirked.

"I guess she just wants it as fast as possible".

The Cliteronics Corporation had invented a stellar machine that could increase the cum extraction process by nearly 75 percent. It had various "orifices" which felt exactly like whatever part of the female body you could possibly want to penetrate, and it's virtually reality sex "theater" was actually a highly sophisticated tool that isolated the pleasure center of the brain and stimulated powerful orgasms, and it was the fastest method know for producing repeating male orgasms.

Although the machine completely encased my cock in it's pseudo orifice sheath, it was also useful for aiming the cum loads. It would pump the shaft until the sensors indicated impending orgasm at which point the tip of my meat would be exposed to ejaculate into the mouth of the waiting girl(s). Although most of the women who came to see me didn't like the cold mechanicalness of the machine, Michelle had been paying good money for years and wanted to eat as much of my cum as possible during her two hour session.

I entered the session room to a familiar site. Standing in her very high heels and nothing else, Michelle was slamming a thick dildo into her incredibly large and shapely ass. She was in the throes of a mighty orgasm.

"Hello Michelle, good to see you this morning. Anything you want to talk about before we get started?"

"Strap that beautiful cock into the machine and help me with that buttplug!" Michelle was never one to waste time.

As I sat in the machine and inserted my dick into the orifice, Michelle walked over, rolling her nipples between her fingers. I noticed that the large dildo was still protruding from her ass at an obscene angle. As she approached she withdrew the dildo and began to lick and suck the shaft. On the bed beneath the machine was the buttplug she had mentioned. Already strapped in I retrieved it and motioned for her to turn around. She turned and spread her ass cheeks while I jammed the five-inch diameter plug into her amazing ass. She stood and rolled her hips for me, then leaned forward and gave me a long, slow deep tongue kiss before laying her body down, with her head directly beneath my cock. I came within seconds. Generous white ropes of cum splashing against her tongue and the roof of her mouth, spurt after spurt, she swallowed and worked her pussy.

Michelle is a loyal customer who always tips well, so I try to improve on the speed in which I can feed her the cum that she so craves.

"Katie!" I shoot another load into Michelle's mouth as I call for my secretary.

She responds via the intercom, "Yes sir, what can I do for you?" "Did you give yourself the enemas yet."

"Yes sir, four of them, even though the water was running clear on the third one, they kinda get me off."

"Good girl, come in here and get into the machine, we're going to try and speed up the process for dear Michelle her"

"Yes sir, thank you sir!"

Although the machine's virtual sex theater was adequate, I found I could cum even more often with the aid of one of my staff. Today, I felt like treating Katie, she always came more then the client while I ate her ass out and she simultaneously frigged her clit.

She climbed onto the machine and sat the back of her thighs on the cushion. She arched her back and I hit the button moving a cushioned support into the small of her back. Then the machine rotated slightly and Katie's young ass lowered onto my face. Using a small lever located by my left wrist I could raise and lower her at will. Presently, I had her in close, fucking her tight ass with my tongue while she brought herself to a swift orgasm. I shot a third load into Michelle's eager mouth as she came with Katie and I.

Michelle swallowed 10 loads of cum that morning. Even though I had shot a total of twelve. Michelle had been generous, and Katie, who normally was very professional, couldn't help but plead for some cum after the first hour. Kindly, Michelle allowed Katie to suck two of the loads from her mouth using a long straw attached to the machine.

Afterward, I took a quiet lunch alone in my office, going over the afternoon schedule...

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