tagCelebrities & Fan FictionCum with Me If You Want To Live Ch. 01

Cum with Me If You Want To Live Ch. 01



This story is fictional. All characters depicted in this story of at least 18 years old. This story should not be viewed by minors.

This is my first time writing an erotic story. I will appreciate any feedback i get. The story I have written is a fantasy I know is shared by others here on Literotica. The fantasy is the relationship between the Terminator, Cameron and John Connor.



I was mesmerized staring at her out in the yard. Cameron was wearing dark jeans and a tee shirt both of which clung tightly to her slim body. She was beautiful; she had a slender figure, nice sized Breasts and a gorgeous face which usually had a blank look on it. Today however she had an almost flirtatious expression that seemed so welcoming.

She turned her head and looked right at me. She must have known I was staring at her. I quickly diverted my gaze. I focused on a bird on the ground, but I was still trying to look at her to see if she really did notice me looking at her. I could tell she knew I was staring at her, but I don't think she knew It was much more then staring.

Still looking at the bird on the ground I noticed Cameron's right hand jerk. Something clicked in my mind; I started to think there was something wrong. I began to examine the scene in front of me questioning everything. I glanced up to the sky it was a nice sunny day, no odd weather. I looked at the shed, it was fine, a little old and in need of some repair but nothing unusual. I slowly scanned Cameron, examining every perfect curve of her body. Again I saw the twitch in her hand. I decided to go ask her what was wrong with it.

"Is there a problem with your hand?" I asked, looking into her hypnotic brown eyes.

"I noticed you watching me." She replied.

"So there is no problem with your hand?" I asked, now not able to make eye contact.

"There is a problem with my hand." She said.

"Is there a problem with your eyes?" She quickly inquired.

At that question I couldn't hold back the embarrassment, my face started to heat up. Not only had she caught me looking at her, but now she must know that I was bothered by being caught.

Cameron took my hand and led me to the work shed. She told me there was a malfunction with her wrist and she needed me to help repair it. I followed her out to the shed with apprehension because of the awkward situation we just had. Once inside the shed Cameron started to describe the problem with her wrist.

"One of the control rods has been bent it needs to be replaced." She said.

"Aren't you supposed to be able to fix these problems yourself?" I replied.

"Yes. But I am supposed to teach you how to work on machines, and it is time for you to start learning." Cameron replied.

Cameron led me over to the work bench. She handed me her pocket knife and laid he right arm, palm up, on the desk.

"Use my knife to cut across my wrist and then up my arm so that you can access the control rods." Cameron instructed.

I stepped closer to Cameron, coming from her left side, so that I could work on her wrist. I was now between her and the bench. I could feel the warmth of her body on mine. Her soft cleavage pressed into my shoulder blades. I grabbed her arm to prevent it from moving while I cut it. I don't know why I did that because if she wanted to move her arm there was no way I could stop her.

I began to cut her wrist when she breathed past my neck "you have to cut deeper, don't worry about hurting me."

I plunged the knife into her wrist as hard as I could until I felt it hit metal. I then dragged it across feeling it scrape the metal all the way.

"Good, now you need to cut up the arm." She whispered in my ear.

I did as I was told and cut up her arm. She told me to stop about halfway up. I could still feel her body on mine but she was getting hotter, almost too burning temperature.

I had to ask. "Why are you getting so warm?"

She replied "My artificial metabolism is speeding up to heal the incisions on the arm. We need to work faster."

With her wrist and arm exposed I could see the bent control rod. Replacing it was a simple task, because Cameron had some spare parts stored in the shed. After completing the repair, I was amazed at how fast her skin healed. Once I closed the incisions, in less than a minute, her skin began to regrow and cover the cuts.

I thanked Cameron for the lesson and started to walk to the door of the shed. She quickly moved to the door blocking my path out of the shed.

"Wait there is more I need to teach you today," she said.

"What else do you need to teach me?" I asked.

Cameron replied "you need to learn the details of this body. What it is capable of doing and how it is capable of doing it."

Cameron gently pushed me back from her and then removed her shirt. He body looked incredible, Slim and slightly muscular. Seeing her in front of me with her breasts only covered by a thin lacy bra was the most erotic situation I had ever experienced. I was staring at her now and there was no way she wasn't going to notice that.

She began to run her hands up the sides of her waist.

"I am going to identify for you some of the core components of this chassis." She said as her hands continued to slide up her body, finally coming to rest on her bra covered cleavage.

"Beneath this surface, I have an incredibly strong rib cage designed to protect my vital components from most forms of attack." Cameron said looking directly into my eyes, her hands slowly caressing her breasts.

"My skin, unlike other cybernetic organisms, allows me to feel everything your skin can feel; however I can turn those senses off if they are not needed." Cameron mentioned as her hands crept back down her chest and over her abdomen, revealing her hard nipples still covered by the thin lace.

It was starting to become difficult for me to breath and I had to forcibly swallow the saliva that had built up in my mouth.

"My abdomen is a weak spot. There are no vital cybernetic components in here but through the abdomen you can reach the sensitive equipment in my chest area." Cameron said as her hands again slid up her sensitive skin, this time tracing up the middle of her body, coming to a rest cupping her breasts again.

She unclasped her bra from the front and turned around. While she removed her bra, her hands covered her breasts from sight through the entire turn. Once she finished turning her hands fell to her sides and her bra fell to the ground.

Her un-obscured back was breathtaking, not that I had much breath to take at the time. He skin was flawless smooth and creamy. I traced my eyes from her shoulders down her back following the channel that traces her spinal column. Getting to the bottom of her back I could see the strings of her panties rising out of the waist line of her jeans.

I began imagining her butt keeping in mind the perfection of the rest of her body. I knew there had to be vital components in that area of her body, I couldn't wait for the tour to get to them.

"My back is built to serve as a dense armor providing superior protection then my rib cage." She said, snapping me out of my reverie.

"There are no access ports on my back, because locating access ports there would make self-repair to difficult." Cameron said as she flexed her back muscles accentuating the image I had been seeing.

"I think you have learned enough for now." She said, while bending down to pick up her shirt.

She slid her shirt back on covering her body and not giving me a chance to see her from the front. She then opened the door and left the shed without ever looking back. Leaving me standing in the shed with an aching erection, shallow breath, and her bra as a souvenir.

I cleaned up the shed to try and take my mind off her, but every few minutes I found myself looking at the bra she left behind. That visual reference always dragged my mind back to her standing in front of me, fondling that delicate body of hers. It was getting late by the time I finished cleaning up the shed. I still could think of nothing but my first lesion on cybernetic anatomy. Dinner should be ready by now, so I grabbed Cameron's bra, stuffed it into my pocket, and headed back to the house.

"Derek and you mom are out on a reconnaissance mission. So I made us hamburgers and fries for dinner." Cameron said as I entered the kitchen.

"Thanks for making dinner." I said.

"Did they say when they would be back?" I asked.

"They said they were going to be out of town for a few days." Cameron replied.

I couldn't think of anything else to say or ask her, so I just sat and ate my dinner and she did the same for a few minutes.

Then she said, "You feel embarrassed around me now, because of what happened this afternoon."

Again I felt the blood flood into my face as I began to comprehend her comment.

"Future john said it wouldn't be easy teaching you." She said.

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"He knows you well; to him you are fairly predictable." She said.

"Does that make me predictable to you?" I asked her.

"No." she said.

That reply at least made me feel a little more secure, at least now I knew she didn't know me as well as my future self does.

"There are other reasons why you can be predictable to me." She said.

This situation was beginning to become more then I could handle. It seems she knows every way to manipulate me. I needed to find a way to turn the table on her. I reached into my pocket to fetch her bra. I placed the lacy cloth on table.

"You left your bra out in the shed." I said.

"You must know by now that you can't embarrass me, John." She said.

"Yes, because you can't feel" I replied.

"No, it is because I can choose not to feel. I told you this earlier. Don't you remember the lesson?" She said.

"lesson! You mean that strip tease you performed." I said.

Again there was no reaction from her. She just stared back at me with a blank unreadable face. Then her expression changed back to that flirtatious smile she had out in the yard. I couldn't take it anymore. I got up from the table. I quickly thanked her for dinner and went to my room.

I laid on my bed thinking about the conversation we just had. Thinking about the little bits of information she did reveal. That comment of how it wouldn't be easy to teach me. I have no problem learning about the machines. Why didn't she just show me with one of the other bodies we have collected? Why did she have to show me using her perfect body for the demonstration? I could feel my cock coming to life as I thought about her body again.

I closed my eyes and began imagining her body again. This time Instead of her hands gliding across her smooth silky skin, she was holding my hands to her body. Gliding them up her sides and bringing them to a stop on her breasts. Then I felt her hands force mine to move in little circles caressing her nipples bringing them to attention.

I reached down and rubbed my cock through my jeans. It was hard now and it felt uncomfortable to keep it contained in my pants. But, It felt so good to just rub my hand over my crotch; I wasn't ready to release it yet.

Her hands slid down to her abdomen tracing a path down her sensitive skin; leaving my hands to continue teasing her hard nipples. Now that my hands where left to explore her body on their own I used them to unhook her bra. As I began to peal the fabric away from her skin, I felt her hand move over to my body. Slowly her hand moved down to my crotch and began to rub my cock through its denim cage.

Finally her perfect breasts where revealed to me. It was so exciting to rub my hands over her bare cleavage. I loved Feeling her smooth skin in my hands. Her hard nipples dragged across my hand as I explored this amazing territory. As my hands explored her breasts and hard nipples, she continued to explore my hard cock. It felt amazing to have someone else's hand rubbing my dick.

She traced the outline of my cock using her thumb and index finger. She forced the fabric to mold tightly around my cock making sure every nerve felt contact from the moving material. Down the shaft her hand traveled, changing directions at the base and coming back to the top. My pole was too long for space I had in my pants. The shaft bent outward as the head of my cock strained against the belt around my waist. My body shuddered as her hand forced the fabric to rub against the ridge of my cock head.

I started to pinch her nipple between my thumb and index finger, like she was doing to me just on a smaller scale. I couldn't help but feel that my touch was clumsy and inexperienced compared to hers. She was causing a reaction all over my body and I had to be content with only getting a reaction from a small patch of skin on hers.

I had to find a way to increase the effect I was having on her. I could only think of one way. I lowered my mouth to her breast, puckered my lips, and sucked in her nipple. Her flesh tasted like heaven. I licked and swirled the tip of my tongue around the hard bud of flesh in my mouth. I began to suck hard on her nipple like I was trying to drink out of a sports bottle.

I heard her moan my name. "mmm John."

Her hand changed directions again heading back down my shaft. She continued exploring every part of my cock. This time when she got to the base of it she pressed harder and cupped my balls rubbing them gently. The feeling of her hand on my balls, the taste of her nipple in my mouth, the sound of her moaning my name; was too much for me to handle I pulled my mouth free of her breast and groaned out her name.

"Oh yes Cameron!" I groaned.

I felt my cock grow larger and pulse with the rapid pace of my heart beat forcing my jeans to tent out destroying the denim tunnel she built for my cock. I clenched my ass and lifted it up of the bed forcing my nuts further into the palm of her caressing hand. My cock began convulsing, spewing streams of cum into my underwear.

"Oh Cameron your making me cum."

I moaned out. She continued to gently caress my balls as my cock continued to fire off in my pants. I continued to knead my nut sack, as my sweat covered body began to slowly recover from the intense orgasm. I could feel the slimy mess my cock was lying in, I'm sure it was the biggest load I have ever produced in my life.

I still had my eyes closed when I heard Cameron whisper "John."

Holly shit she is in my room I thought, as I flashed my eyes wide open. I was still not able so see as my eyes took some time to readjust to the light in the room.

"How long have you been in here?" I demanded.

"mmm, not long, John." She moaned in reply.

"I think it is time for your next lesson." She said.

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