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Cumfort & Joy


Joy arched her back with pleasure, letting out a low moan as the pine needles brushed her cheekbones. She gasped as she came, her fingers gently guiding the vibrating dildo across her clit. It was dripping with warm wetness as she let it drop to the floor, both hands caressing her exposed stomach, traveling aimlessly toward her hardened nipples.

Joy rubbed her pale breasts while her pulse slowed down and she caught her breath. In her excitement, she had sent wrapping paper and ribbon flying, eventually climaxing while staring up into the Christmas tree. She smiled to herself as she remembered how this had started, a last minute trip to the mall for a final present. Joy had been killing time in Victoria's Secret while the lines grew shorter at the calendar kiosk and had then stumbled across it... the black velvet bustier that would bring any man to his knees. The whale bones melted against Joy's curves and her white breasts popped temptingly over the subtle black lace at the top. She imagined an inevitable fight with Patrick ending when she simply dropped her bathrobe and stood before him in the bustier. Joy had become wet simply trying it on, imagining the black satin garters sliding temptingly down her smooth thighs. Onto the credit card it had gone and while wrapping it to go under the Christmas tree, Joy couldn't help herself.

At home, she had pulled it out of the soft pink tissue paper and felt the wave of excitement gush into her panties. Joy reached for her vibrator and gripped its firm plastic shaft. She imagined it was Patrick, not waiting to take off her skirt, but forcing it up around her waist and thrusting himself into her wet, waiting pussy. He was huge, or so she imagined, and Joy closed her eyes, imagining biting into this tight shoulders as he throbbed deeper and deeper.

Joy shivered at the fantasy and brought herself back to her living room, now covered in a post-hurricane-like chaos of paper, ribbon, and tissue. Joy began to clean up when she heard her doorbell ring. She smiled, imagining it was Becky, Joy's best friend, coming to her rescue after hearing Joy's voicemail about the latest fight with Patrick. After two months of dating and still not sleeping together, Joy and Patrick seemed to be fighting about everything. Joy sighed, attempted to smooth her rumpled skirt, and headed for the door.

Joy threw open the door and to her surprise, found Patrick. His dark hair was rumpled and his cheeks flushed. Without a word, Patrick grabbed Joy's hands and rapidly backed her into a wall. With one strong hand, Patrick gripped both of Joy's tiny wrists and pinned them against the wall above her head. Before she could utter a word, Patrick's lips pressed against hers, insistent and strong. Joy felt her body give in to his as Patrick pressed against her. She felt his already present erection press against the warm wetness she felt spreading between her legs. With one hand, Patrick tore off Joy's shirt and bra, simultaneously turning Joy to face the wall. With hands still pinned above her head, Joy felt Patrick's tongue sweep slowly but intentionally across her neck. His hand reached around her, fondling her nipples. Joy heard Patrick unzip his pants as he said, "Joy, I think this will solve all our problems."

As in her fantasy, Patrick took no time in raising Joy's skirt to her waist. His fingers explored the hem of her lace panties, cautiously and then confidently thrusting three fingers into her warm, anxious pussy. Joy let out a wail of pleasure, willing Patrick to shove his cock inside her. "Please, now, please..." she begged. First, his fingers dripping with her cum, Patrick fondled Joy's clit, responding with his own body to her arching back. While his fingers drew her closer to climax, Patrick pulled her panties aside and thrust his hard dick into Joy's trembling pussy. She gasped, it was larger than she imagined. Patrick was confident and forceful and Joy gave in to his strength. His wide cock drew in and out of her, covered in both their liquid while Joy was still pinned to the wall. She wailed as she climaxed, his fingers playing and teasing her. Without seeing Patrick's face, Joy could only feel his strength as he thrust deeper within her. Both his hands traveled to her breasts, gripping them and pinching her nipples as Patrick panted, and thrusting deeper and faster, finally came inside her. Exhausted, they dropped to the floor.

Covered in sweat and with clothing rearranged, Joy and Patrick began to laugh. The front door hadn't even been closed before they began their fuck. In the midst of their laughter, Patrick took Joy's face in his hands and kissed her. When she opened her eyes he said, "I think that's all we needed." Joy smiled her agreement. As she lay back down, resting her head on his broad chest she thought, 'Just wait 'til he opens that bustier.'

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