tagIncest/TabooCuriosity Filled the Cat

Curiosity Filled the Cat


8:45. Shit! I'm late! Lauri thought, annoyed. She needed to get to her Saturday morning college class. First, though, she had to print her essay, but her printer was refusing to work. With a sigh of frustration, she ejected and yanked her USB from the computer.

This was her first semester of classes. The 18-year-old coed had graduated high school 4 months ago and been accepted to a college close enough that she could live at home, instead of the dorms. She loved both not having to deal with roommates and saving money.

She quickly changed from her green yoga pant set into tight jeans and a blue spaghetti top. The color set off her blue eyes and long, wavy red hair to perfection. She smoothed the fabric over her natural F-cup breasts and flat, toned stomach. She was fit, but not too skinny, with ample curves. She kept in shape with yoga and bi-daily jogs in the park. Satisfied with her appearance, she grabbed her school bag and USB.

The only other computer with a printer was in her stepdad's study. She checked the door. He usually kept it locked, but it was surprisingly open today. She slipped inside, unworried about getting caught. She was the only person home. Her mom was visiting family and her stepdad was at work.

There was no password to gain access to the computer. She slipped in the USB and waited for it to load up her essay. As it started printing, she noticed a file on the lower corner of the screen marked "Special". Her biggest fault was curiosity, and she acted on it now, clicking on the folder.

Inside were dozens of pictures and videos, each featuring a young red-headed girl similar to herself and an older man. She clicked on the first one, then scrolled to the next. The first several pictures were a series. A girl on her knees with a fat cock touching her lips. The cock inside her mouth, making her cheeks bulge. Sliding between her large boobs. Pre-cum drizzling from the cock-head onto her nipples. The fat shaft splitting her pussy open. Cum shooting onto her boobs as she stared up, mouth open to catch stray shots.

Lauri closed the picture viewer and tried a video. It started in the middle of a sex scene: an older man pounding into a young woman's wet pussy.

"I love your tight, 18-year-old cunt!" He growled, slamming into her.

"Yeah, Daddy! Fuck your little girl's tight, wet pussy!" She moaned back, arching her back into him.

Lauri gasped, clicking X quickly to close the video. She opened another, then another. Each one featured a girl and her "daddy". And each girl looked just like her, although very few had boobs as big as hers.

She squirmed on the desk chair. Her pussy felt wet and tingly. She had never had a daddy fantasy, but the images of older men pounding into the slick, tight pussies of their 'daughters' was exciting her.

Scrolling down further, she found a document. Soon she was engrossed in an erotic story of a stepfather seducing his stepdaughter into a threesome with her best friend.

By now she had soaked through her jeans and had one hand under her shirt, rolling the nipple absentmindedly between her fingers as she read.

Her text notification going off startled her.

"Where U @?" It was from her friend, Sarah.

"Oh, shit! Class!" She grabbed her printed essay, stapled it quickly, and rushed off to class, 30 minutes late. At least it was a 3 hour class.

All through the teacher's lecture, Sarah's chatter over lunch and a trip to the mall, Lauri couldn't shake the images she'd seen and read about that morning. She was curious if the reason her stepfather had them on his computer was because he fantasized about her, since all of the models and actresses looked like her. Her mother was taller, thinner and blonde. Several times she caught herself thinking about his cock and wondering if it was as big as the one in the pictures she'd seen. The only penis she'd seen in real life was her last boyfriend's, but it had been dark in the car when he'd taken her virginity, and he'd wanted the lights off the few other times they'd had sex. He had been of adequate size, but nothing special. He was also very self focused. She could get more pleasure from her vibrator.

It was late when she got home. A note on the fridge from her stepdad let her know her mother would be an extra day visiting family out of town and to heat up leftover pizza from the box left on the counter for dinner. She was pleasantly surprised to find a supreme under the lid. Normally he ordered all meat.

She decided to eat it cold, sliding 3 medium pieces onto a paper plate, and grabbing a can of Coke to wash it down, leaving both on the table to run up and change into more comfortable clothes.

Apparently her stepdad had been in to collect clothes for laundry, because her yoga pant set was missing, and she couldn't find any other pants. She did find the shorts she would wear to bed at sleepovers. So short she had to be careful not to let her cheeks show, the pink fabric sported darker letters across her butt, spelling out "Kiss this". She paired them with another spaghetti top, leaving off her bra. Her big tits were still firm and perky, so she liked to go without the restrictive garment whenever possible. Her fat nipples poked through the thin, pale-pink top. They'd been at least half erect ever since she'd been on the computer that morning and she barely noticed anymore.

She jogged down the stairs, tits jiggling on her chest. She would never understand girls who wanted breast reduction due to back problems. A few exercises to strengthen her back, done 3 times a week, and she had never even had a twinge of pain.

With half her dinner gone, her stepdad, John, came down from his study. She watched him, trying to keep him from noticing. She had never looked at him as a man before, just as her mom's husband.

John was just under 6' tall. He owned his own construction business and liked to do the actual work, so he kept fit and tan. He had shaggy red-brown hair and brown eyes. Today he was wearing lounge pants low on his hips and a black t-shirt, which clung to the muscles on his chest. She snuck glances at his crotch, but his pants were too baggy to see anything.

He grabbed some pizza and sat next to her.

"How was class?" He took a swig of beer.

"It was fine. I was late because my paper wouldn't print."

He glanced her over, chewing some pizza. "Did you change after you got home?"

She nodded. "Why?"

He raised an eyebrow. "You seriously have to ask?"

She glanced down at her clothing. "What's wrong with this?"

"You look like you just crawled out of bed."

"If I'd just crawled out of bed, I'd be totally naked," she answered without thinking.

His eyes narrowed. With a sharp grunt, he stood, tossed his trash out and left the room. Lauri heard his study door slam upstairs.

With an audible gasp, she suddenly realized the effect her words may have had on him, knowing what she knew about him and his fantasies now.

She finished eating and cleaned up, heading to her room, which was next to John's study.

Feeling bad about her comment, she tapped lightly, then entered, speaking as she did so.

"John? I wanted to apologize for..." Her voice trailed off.

Her stepdad was sitting in front of his computer, watching the video she had found first that morning. He had been facing away from her, but turned the chair toward the noise of the door opening. His pants were around his ankles, his hand wrapped around his hard cock, the head glistening with pre-cum.

"Fuck! Lauri!" he gasped, reaching frantically for his pants with one hand and trying to cover his cock with the other.

Without knowing what had come over her, Lauri moved forward, dropping to her knees between his legs.

"Stop," she said softly, pulling his hands away from his body. "Mmmmm!" she moaned. "You have suck a gorgeous cock, Daddy." She put emphasis on her little used nickname for him.

He gasped and groaned, his cock jerking in front of her.

She put out one finger, running it around the base of his turgid cock, then along the bottom of the shaft. It jumped again under her touch and a fat bead of pre-cum ran down from the circumcised tip. It was at least 8" long and very thick.

"Is this for me?" She cocked her head innocently, biting her lip as she looked up at him.

"I saw what you looked at today," he said in way of answer.

Her face turned red in embarrassment.

"I...I'm sorry," she stammered, pulling her hand back. "I was curious."

"Did it turn you on?"

She turned redder.

"I don't know," her voice was soft.

"Oh, really?" He grabbed her hand and wrapped it around his cock. "What about this then? Does this turn you on?"

Her hand moved on its own, instinctually, sliding softly up and down.

"This is wrong," she whispered, suddenly shy. "You're my stepdad."

"Your mother and I haven't had sex in over a year," John informed her. "She's been talking about separation. And, seriously, baby, I've been lusting for your luscious body for years!" he ran a hand up the side of her body, cupping her boob, his thumb sliding back and forth over her nipple, which quickly jumped to full attention. "Look at that!" He flicked her nipple. "So responsive to me! And such amazing titties!" Leaning forward, he used both hands and pressed her boobs together. "Every time I see these, I just want to fuck them until they're covered in my cum!"

The imagery sent tingles over her body, wetness pooling between her legs. No one had ever talked to her like that before. Her one and only sexual partner hadn't even cared about her boobs in his rush to get into her pants.

"Do you want to fuck my tits right now?"

"Yes." Short and to the point.

She reached down and pulled her shirt up and off, then wiggled out of her shorts, kneeling naked in front of her stepdad.

He let out a strangled groan, his hands caressing the soft skin of her generous naked mounds.

"God, Lauri! They're amazing!" He rubbed the tip of his cock, smearing streaks of pre-cum across her skin. "Get my cock wet, sweetie."

The first touch of his dick on her lips felt electric. She swiped her tongue across the tip, tasting the salty liquid gathered there, then moved down the shaft, moving her tongue in a zigzag motion as her mouth enveloped him. She couldn't take all of it, moving back up before it gagged her and beginning to bob her head up and down. John's fingers burrowed into her hair, pressing her to take more, deeper. She tried, getting almost all of him into her throat before she gagged, muscles spasming around his cock.

"Oh, babe, your mouth feels so good! Have you done this before?"

She paused just long enough to say, "Just once or twice." and then took him back into her hot, wet mouth, sucking hard to take him deep in a smooth, fast movement.

"You suck like a pro." He pulled her head back. "I think my cock is plenty wet enough. Let me see your tits."

Resting her butt on her heels, Lauri pulled her shoulders back, pushing her boobs forward on her chest. Her stepfather slid his cock between the massive mounds, using his hands to squeeze them together around him. They wrapped completely around his thick rod and he began sliding in and out of the tunnel created between them. He was slick from her blowjob and easily thrust in and out. The fat, purple head popping up and down through her cleavage was too much too resist for long. She let her tongue slip out and licked across the tip each time it came near her mouth, enjoying the taste of the pre-cum leaking out onto her tongue.

"Fuck, Lauri! You're going to make me cum!" He pulled away, releasing her boobs. "Stand up." he helped her to her feet, pulling her close until her breasts smashed into his chest. His mouth pressed down on hers, tongue sliding inside and twisting with hers. Tingles spread through her body as her stepdad kissed her and she kissed him back.

"I want to fuck you now," he whispered, his breath hot in her ear. She moaned, nodding against his neck.

With a quick spin, she was pressed against the edge of the desk, her stepdad's firm hand pushing her down and forward onto the cold, hard surface. It was a sharp contrast to his hot, hard flesh poking into her ass.

He slid his hand up her thigh, fingers dipping into her juicy wet pussy to find her clit, flicking over it lightly.

"You're so wet, my sweet." He pulled his fingers out and tasted them. "Mmmm, my sweet indeed! I definitely want to spend some more time there. Another time."

He used his hand to guide the head of his cock to her lips, parting them slowly and sinking inside until his balls rested against her mound.

"Ooooh, Daddy! You feel so good stretching me open!" Lauri moaned, arching her back up to let him sink even deeper. She had never felt a cock this big.

"Your pussy's like a glove!" her stepdad hissed through clenched teeth. "I could fuck this tight little pussy all day long!" He pulled out slowly before slamming back in, starting a rhythm: slow out, fast in.

Lauri's fingers scratched ineffectually at the shiny surface of the desk as he pounded into her body. Each stroke felt as though it touched every part of her, building pleasure in each nerve until she could hardly bear it anymore.

"Oh, Daddy! Fuck me! Fuck your little girl hard and fast, Daddy! Fill me with your hard, thick dick! I want to cum on that hard cock, Daddy! Make me cum on you!"

"Shit, Lauri! Fuck! Your pussy feels so good on Daddy's cock, baby! Squeeze that tight fucking pussy on me, sweetheart!" He left off the rhythm and started slamming into her pussy hard and fast, over and over, burying his cock in her wet slit, her juices starting to drip down his balls onto the desk.

"Dadddyyyyyy!" she squealed, body thrashing between his hands on her hips, her pussy clenching tighter. The driving, pounding rod filling her over and over made her body feel electric. Fiery tendrils of pleasure stroked and spread all through her body, spiraling her pleasure higher and higher until she fell over the top.

"Oh, fuck, oh, fuck, ohfuckohfuckohfuck..." Her words ran together and ended in a scream of ecstasy as her pussy clamped down tight, pulsing around his dick as she came harder than she'd ever cum in her life.

John drove two more times into her, then pulled his dick out.

"Wha..." she started, then gasped when he grabbed her arm, pulling her away from the desk.

"Knees!" he said forcefully, pushing her down, his hand wrapped around his red, pulsing member.

She obediently dropped.

"Hold up your tits!"

She wrapped her hands around the bottom of her breasts, cupping and presenting them to her stepfather, her fingers automatically pinching and twisting her nipples as she looked up into his face, licking her lips.

"Oh, fuuuuck, baby girl!" Cum shot from the tip of his cock in white ropes, splashing across her breasts, one hitting her in the mouth. Spurt after spurt, until her breasts looked glazed like a donut and it was dripping from her nipples. She ran a finger through it and sucked it into her mouth, looking up at John the whole time. He moaned, his eyes falling shut as his drained cock gave one last throb.

"You are so fucking hot, Lauri!" He pulled her up and gave her a deep kiss. "I haven't cum that much since I was a teenager!"

She kissed him back, letting him taste his cum in her mouth. "I'm really glad I found those things on your computer, Daddy."

"Me too," He grinned, swatting her butt. "Now let's go shower, baby. I want to get you nice and clean and then eat your pussy until you cream on my tongue!"

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