tagIncest/TabooCuriosity Started It All

Curiosity Started It All


I couldn’t believe my ears when my 18 year old daughter came to my wife and I and started talking about sex. I am not talking about the way a child should talk about sex to a parent. I am talking about hot steamy nasty type talk. She informed us both that she has been having these funny feelings for a few years and sometimes she gets real gooey sticky down there. So I asked her what do you mean down there she said you know dad my private parts. I informed her that she was eighteen now and not a little girl. (Although she was petite 5’6” and weighed 135 pounds with a nice little pair of tit’s) She said ok daddy I mean my pussy it gets all wet and I get this funny feeling. So my wife and I asked her if she has ever had sex? She said no, that she had let a few boys lick her down there but she has never let them stick their finger or their penis in her. I was glad to hear that. So the next question floored us, we asked her if she has ever masturbated before. She said what is that? So we told her that is when you play with yourself, she said no way that is gross! Her mother informed her that it was not gross it was perfectly normal and everybody has done it or will do it sometime in their life. She looked puzzled, so we asked what she was thinking about. She replied that she as starting to get that funny feeling that she was talking about.

I asked her to leave the room for just a minute. After she left I told my wife that I could not believe that we raised a child that was so naive toward sex. She couldn’t either. I asked her what she thought we should do? Her response floored me even more. She said that we should show her everything she needs to know about sex, I said EVERYTHING? She said yes everything.

I called to our daughter and told her to come back in. As she came back in the air temperature in the room seemed to rise fifteen degrees. She had this puzzled look on her face, as to say what was that about. About that time my wife told her that daddy and I had a talk, we think that it is time for you to learn about sex. She smiled actually she started blushing. What do you mean mommy? What I mean is that daddy and I want to teach you everything about sex so that you understand what you are going to be getting into as an adult. There was a sense of relief in her face and voice. OK she said I think that would be special. When can we do that mommy? I think that since we are all here right now would be perfect baby girl!

Jenny asked what should I do? My wife answered nothing just relax. We told her to come over and sit on the bed. As she walked toward the bed I couldn’t believe that I was going to get a chance to finally after all these years was going to not only get to break a virgin hymen, but I was going to have my own daughter’s hymen. I always said that if I was given the chance to have the privilege of taking a virgin that I would take the most time in the world and never hurt her. I guess now was my chance to prove it.

My wife instructed me to undress our daughter and that if I acted in any other way than she was my lover that she would beat the shit out of me. My daughter just looked dumbfounded at my wife for saying that. After I undressed her down to her panties, my wife instructed me to stop. So I did as I was told. My wife went over to the DVD player and put in a video. She put in the classic video for what was about to take place, Taboo! Our daughter at the age of eighteen has never seen a man’s penis erect before. As the movie started she was kind of squirmy and couldn’t sit still. As the movie went further and further she started to moan slightly and finally she asked why she had a wet spot in her panties? I took this as my queue, I moved over next to her and my wife got on the other side of her.

We informed her that we were about to teach her how to masturbate. She started to breath hard and she had the biggest wet spot I have ever seen in the crotch of her little panties. My wife took my daughters hand and started to rub her breasts with her, she started to moan real low and couldn’t sit still at all. My wife then moved her hand down her belly and rubbed all around her pubic area just above her virgin pussy. I took off her panties and I looked at my first virgin pussy of my entire life. She started to rub her clit and my wife told her not too hard just rub it gently. My daughter could not take it she started to moan loud my wife told her that she was starting to feel what it was like to get excited, my daughter said you mean I am Cumming my wife said no you are just getting excited, you will cum after while. I took out a vibrator and my wife’s feather crop. As my wife worked on our daughters tits and erotic spots with the vibrator I was teasing her belly and tits with the feather she squirmed like I have never seen before.

My wife told me that it was time, I looked at her kind of funny. She said it is time for our baby to become a woman. I asked what she meant, she said that it was time for Jenny to have her first orgasm. Jenny could not believe that her mom was touching her pussy the way she was. As the vibrator got closer to her vagina she closed her eyes and her head fell back and she was starting to cum all of a sudden she started to scream and her whole body went stiff. My wife had a look on her face that was worth a million buck’s.

Jenny started to come back to earth, and she was shaking and couldn’t stand up. My wife looked at me and smiled I just smiled back. She told me that was enough for this evening that if I was a good boy that I would get my Cherry in the near future and she would guide my cock into our virgin daughters little pussy. I can’t wait because the same curiosity that started it all was killing me.

Definitely to be continued...

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