tagSci-Fi & FantasyCurse of the Incubi Ch. 01

Curse of the Incubi Ch. 01


Hey All, as always, any feedback is always greatly appreciated. This has been an idea that I've been toying with for awhile now. Finally had some time to get it all down and written out. If you have any ideas on how the story should progress, please send them my way!

This story does contain some non-consent, so if you are not fond of such, please read no further. If you are under the legal age of reading a story of sexual nature, please exit now! All people portrayed in this story are over the age of 18.


Chapter 1

Spring break... I've never really done much during school break, or any other break for that matter, other than a few church camps here and there during high school.

This year, my dorm mate, Jeremy, invited a bunch of people down to his dad's condo, or penthouse as he puts it, in Cancun. From what I hear, his place is ginormous, with plenty of room for over a dozen people. Honestly, the whole situation sounded a bit uncomfortable, but interesting at the same time.

It's been a rough first year at school. College is a totally different beast than high school. Paying my own way through college really takes a beating on you, not to mention the workload of papers, tests, and assignments.

After numerous attempts from Jeremy trying to me to go down, he finally offered to pay for my flight. Must be nice having a dad who's rich...

Depleting all of my PTO from work, and taking a small advance, I had just enough fun money to get me through the week.

Throughout high school, I never really had many good friends. I was the 'pastor's' kid. Most of my friends were from church.

I was never allowed to go out late with friends or even have a girlfriend for that matter. I was liked by many, but most of my relationships at school never grew past the acquaintances stage. I was always the nice, quiet, modest and awkward kid, 'Mr. Goodie-to-shoes' you could say. I had 'Christian' stamped in my forehead.

Going to college away from my family was one of the hardest things I've ever done. I loved my family. Being thrown into such a liberal school all at once was overwhelming. It was hard to connect with anyone. Thankfully, possibly just due to the fact he was my dorm mate, Jeremy became a pretty good friend. We had a few classes together and hit up the gym every morning.

Never been much of a gym guy, but I recently took a liking into it. I didn't really have much of a gym body yet. I'm pretty tall and skinny, wouldn't go as far as saying lanky, but I think I look decent, average as you would say. I'm in decent shape, I even have the subtle onset of a six pack coming in. From what I've learned through sex ed at high school, I'd say I'm dead center average.

As to girls, I wouldn't even know where to start. Sure I fantasized about them, but I had no idea how to have a conversation with one, nonetheless go out on a date with one. I think a few of the friends I've made so far, that are girls, think I'm either gay, just disinterested in them, or that I actually enjoy just being in the 'friend's zone'. I was hoping this trip would get me out of my bashful, awkward shell. I think that's why Jeremy wanted me to come along.

With the flight leaving in the early afternoon, our day would mainly be full of just traveling. The trip to the airport was pretty quick, there was a full van load of us, I was already starting to get a bit overwhelmed.

I was sitting in the back of the van with Stephanie. She was gorgeous. At just over 5 feet, she couldn't have weighed more than 90 pounds. Her long blond braided hair reached all the way down to her small, yet firm looking backside. And geeze did she have a pair of melons. The amount of cleavage she was showing would never be allowed at my dad's church.

For most of the ride, she leaned up against the row in front of us, chatting with one of her friends, Rachel, and Brett, who lived in the room next to me and Jeremy. For most of the ride, I couldn't help but bashfully watch her backside, getting glimpses of her bright red lace panties.

Finally making it to the airport, we were met with an hour and a half long line at the airport security line. Thankfully, we arrived with plenty of time.

Stepping away from the group I gave my dad a quick call.

"Hey Ben," he said quickly picking up the phone.

"Hey Dad!" I replied somewhat relieved to hear his voice. "Just wanted to let you know I made it to the gate. Should be boarding the plane here soon."

"Glad to hear," my dad said, "Have fun on your trip. Should be absolutely beautiful down there."

"Yeah!" I replied. "I'm looking forward to it..."

"Well, have fun kiddo," he replied, "Just remember, be responsible, and always ask yourself, What Would Jesus Do. I trust ya."

"Will do dad," I replied, "Tell mom and Jess I love them for me."

"Will do bud," he replied. "Love Ya!"

"Love you too," I replied, feeling ever so slightly less homesick.

The flight started boarding right on time. As they started calling those in first class to bored, Jeremy waved me over.

"Dude!" he yelled, "Let's go!"

Looking down at my ticket, I didn't notice it was first class. "Dude!" I said walking towards Jeremy throwing my backpack over my shoulder. "Seriously?!"

"Yeah man," he replied with a smile. "Only way to travel!"

Man did Jeremy have it all. Money, good looks, and a swagger about him that all the ladies loved. I could only imagine what it would be like to live his life.

Taking our seats, we were quickly welcomed and offered a drink.

"Can I get you guys anything to drink?" the flight attendant asked us.

"We'll both take a Jack and Coke," Jeremy blurted out before I could have a say.

"Two Jack and Cokes coming up," Replied the flight attendant with a gleaming smile.

"I thought you had to be 21 to get a drink?" I asked Jeremy softly.

"They really don't care on international flights in first class," he replied, "I do it all the time."

"That's cool..." I replied hesitantly, never actually having a sip of liquor in my entire life.

Yeah... I know, 20 and I've never had a drop. First, I've never been offered before. Second, I've never really wanted anything to do with it in the first place. My dad is always talking about how it leads to bad things. And lastly, my dad has always said, don't even think about it until your 21. I know what your thinking. How's that even possible? I don't really know. That's just how I've been raised I guess... I guess that also explains the whole... virgin thing too. That's one of the biggest no-nos in the church. One should never until there are married. I've always agreed, but, lately, I haven't been sharing my views as much with others as I have in the past.

There were a total of 8 of us on the plane together and another 5 meeting us there. I think the total count that was staying at the condo was 7 guys and 6 girls. I didn't know that going in... I told my dad it was just gonna be a bunch of us guys.

From what I can tell, 8 of them are couples. Rachel, Stephanie, Jeremy, and Brett were the only single ones. Jeremy and Brett are your average frat pledge guys, I just knew I was going to be the odd one out on the trip.

As the flight attendant dropped by a couple cans of coke, she gave each of us a couple extra Jack's to mix in.

Pouring half of the little bottle into my glass of cola, I offered Jeremy my remaining bottles.

"Dude, they're all yours," he replied as he set the bottles back down on my tray while pouring what's left of the half empty bottle into my glass, "Loosen up a bit, you could use it."

"I- I, ok..." I replied hesitantly. "I suppose I do..."

"Cheer's," he said raising his glass to mine, clinking them together, "To a fun and relaxing 5 days in paradise..."

"Cheers!" I said taking a sip of the potent drink.

It wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be. It was actually pretty good. As the movie played I continued drinking, getting more and more used to it. Adding more and more whiskey as I added more coke.

About an hour into the flight I was really starting to feel it. Geeze did I feel like the plane was spinning. I couldn't get my eyes to focus on the movie.

Making my way to the bathroom, stumbling down the aisle, I quickly shut the door behind, vomiting into the toilet.

I felt horrible. I can see why my dad was against the stuff.

Cleaning myself up the best I could, I made my way back to my seat, closing my eyes trying to stop the spinning.

Waking up with Jeremy tugging at my arm, I caught the last bit of what the pilot said over the speakers. We were getting ready to make our descent.

"Dude," he said laughing, "you were out. We're almost there."

"I... what?" I said waking from my dazed state, head pulsating in my skull, "Did I fall asleep?"

"Haha!" Jeremy laughed, "Yeah bud, I think you tossed your cookies earlier too, you gotta pace yourself next time."

"If there's a next time..." I said rubbing my head.

Grabbing a cup of coffee from the flight attendant, I tried to pull myself back together.

Opening my window share I nearly blinded myself. As my eyes slowly focused, all I could see was miles and miles of blue glistening water. It was stunning.

During the decent, there was a bit of turbulence. That didn't help my already sore aching head.

I've never been so glad to finally be back on the ground and back in fresh air.

Customs was a hassle, eventually making it to baggage claim. Walking towards the conveyor belt, there was a well-dressed man in a black suit and tie holding a sign that read 'Jeremy'.

In a confused looked I glanced over at Jeremy.

"That our ride?" I asked Jeremy pointing to the man.

"Sure is," he said, excited to get out of the airport.

Grabbing our bags, we followed the driver out of the airport. Awaiting us on the curb was a pristine black limo.

"Duuuude," I said as we walked towards the car.

"My dad's known the driver for years," Jeremy told the group.

Loading up the limo, we all got in. There was a bottle of champagne sitting in a wine chiller with a bunch of glasses along the side wall.

"Alright guys," Jeremy said popping the cork on the champagne. "To a fun week!"

Pouring everyone a glass we all clank our glasses together.

With the car full of small talk and random explosives being thrown around, I sat back and enjoyed the view of the drive.

It didn't take too long to get to the resort. By the time we pulled in the sun was just over the horizon, getting ready to set over the water.

Everyone was psyched. The resort was nothing but amazing. Fountains were everywhere, marble covered everything, there was more staff then there were patrons in the lobby.

Making a stop at the front desk, Jeremy grabbed a bunch of key cards from the hostess. Walking towards the back of the lobby, we all boarded the elevator as Jeremy passed out key cards to everyone as the elevator took off to the top floor.

As the elevator door opened, we were greeted with a stunning sunset. Walking out of the elevator, directly into the penthouse, the living was floor to ceiling glass, looking out over the water. Everyone gathered around in the living room and headed out to the patio to watch the sunset.

With the sunset, we made our way back inside to look around.

"What's mine is yours," Jeremy said to everyone. "There's plenty of beds along with a few hammocks outside."

This place was ginormous. At least three times larger than my house. It had 5 bedrooms, bathrooms, a huge living room, a TV room and a kitchen that deserved to be in a 5-star restaurant.

Looking around the place I decided to set up my stuff near a hammock outside on the patio. With the temperature never to drop below 70 tonight, I thought it would the perfect place to sleep.

"When you guys are all settled in," Jeremy announced, "Head on downstairs, we'll grab some dinner and drinks. Tonight is on me."


Making my way to the restaurant, the place was bumpin. Music blaring and a few people dancing by the pool.

The setup was a bit more family style or buffet-like. Grabbing a plate, I dished up and grabbed a frozen drink from the bar. A Miami Vice, as it was labeled.

Taking a seat at the table with Brett, Rachel, and Stephanie, we made a bit of small talk as we ate.

As the night went on, so did the drunkenness. I had a few drinks, but I tried to stay as lucid as I could. As people danced, the more wild things got. Especially when the others arrived. It was like a whole new energy was brought upon everyone. Everyone but me that is.

I was exhausted. Sneaking back up to the room, I was snuck up on by Lexi and Craig.

"Done with the party too?" Craig asked me as the elevator door closed.

"Yeah, I think that's enough for me tonight," I said laughing.

"Yeah, us too," replied Lexi, sinking in deep into Craig's arms. "I think I wanna watch a movie and relax."

"Oh yeah, looks like Jeremy has quite the movie room up there," I said, "A movie sounds pretty good right now."

"Yeah!" giggled Lexi.

Lexi was, well, Craig was quite the lucky guy. She was pretty cool. I took a class with her last quarter, and she's pretty cool. She actually helped me through an English project. She reminded me of some of the other girls that stopped going to my dad's church after they started their 'rebellious' phase as my dad put it.

She was tall, slim, and pretty darn white. Her short brown hair fit her face perfectly. Her arms, covered in tattoos, made her look a few years older than she really was. The best thing about Lexi tho was her upper body. She was one of the girls that should most definitely be wearing a bra but doesn't. It revealed way to much. It was hard to not keep my eyes away...

Making our way into the theater room, we looked through the collection of movies on the Apple TV. Lexi ended up picking the Pixar movie, Wall-E.

Let's just say I was pretty happy about that, considering most of the movie's on the list looked pretty raunchy.

As the movie played, the closer Craig and Lexi got. The closer they got, the more and more uncomfortable I got.

Keeping my focus on the movie, it finally came to an end. I doubt Craig and Lexi watched more than half of it, they were still making out, unaware the movie had even ended.

Quietly getting up, I made my way out to the porch, getting up into the hammock ready for some sleep.

As I tried to sleep, I kept getting woken up as people started making their way back up to the room. At one point, things started getting really loud and crazy.

Peering out from the comfort of my hammock, I noticed a few people passed out on the living room floor and a few others walking around chugging from bottles of booze.

It was a mess. One of the girls inside was even walking around waisted with her top off. Closing my eyes once again, I tried to keep my focus on the sounds of the waves crashing, trying to fall asleep.

Drifting in and out, I was awakened again by the sounds of moans coming from an open window down the way.

Falling back asleep, my mind kept repeating, what have I gotten myself into?...

The next morning I was the first one up. Hanging around my hammock I noticed another couple, Amy and Dan, up as well.

"Mornin," I said stepping inside.

"Mornin!" they both replied almost in unison.

"I wonder if there's any coffee up in this bitch," Dan replied rummaging through the kitchen.

"There sure is," I said opening one of the cupboards, finding a coffee pot and coffee, "I'll get some going."

"Yesss," Dan moaned in relief. "We got pretty wasted last night didn't we?"

"We sure did," I said getting the coffee going, "It was a fun night..."

"Oh, Eggs!" Amy spoke in an excited giggle as she opened the fridge. "Let's make some breakfast!"

"That, sounds, great," I said as my stomach rumbled.

I was actually having quite a bit of fun cooking with Amy and Dan. We worked pretty well together. We even got past the small talk bit. I knew Dan from the gym but didn't really know Amy at all.

She's actually a transfer student from Canada. And yes, she's got the iconic accident to go along with it. Her complexion was as white as white could be. At a pretty petite figure, her fiery red hair fit her booming personality well. She definitely was afraid to flaunt what she had. Not as busty as the other girls, but she had an amazing backside.

As other people started waking up, we had breakfast pretty much all prepared.

"Geeze guys," Jeremy said through a deep yawn, "That smells fucking amazing."

As we all ate, we started talking about what was on the docket for today.

With snorkeling at the top of the list, Jeremy couldn't stop talking about it. I could tell it was one of his favorite things to do here, other than drink that is.

"The beach outside has some of the best reefs in the area, so you're all in for a fucking amazing experience." he continued getting people excited. "There's a bunch of gear here in the closet, so throw on your suits and grab some gear and let's get the fuck outta here!"

Grabbing my trunks out of my suitcase, I ran into the powder room and changed.

I grabbed a mask and snorkel along with a pair of fins from the closet as we made our way back to the elevator.

"The reef is a few minutes walk that way," Jeremy said pointing up the beach, "Then a 10 or so minute swim. The water is only a few feet deep for most of the way."

As we made our way, I was like a kid in Disneyland, looking at everything with such amazement.

Making our down the sandbar, we set up camp for the day.

As people started putting their gear on, I was already in the water ready to go.

It was beautiful. Everything, everywhere. You could see parts of the reef underwater from a distance. As others joined in, we started swimming in that direction, my head already sunk, looking at everything the outskirts of the reef had to offer.

The closer we got to the reef, the more and more fish surrounded us. Fish I've never seen in my life before. I couldn't help but just watch in amazement, watching God's beautiful creation up close.

Taking a dive down, I swam towards a large colorful coral reef. Having to swim through a rainbow of a school of fish, I made my way just feet from the reef.

As I made my way back to the surface for another breath of air, I couldn't help but notice something shimmer on the ocean bed below me. Taking note of where I saw it, I returned to the surface to take a breath.

Swimming back down, this time heading straight for the light shimmer, my hand reached out and blew away some of the ocean floor, revealing the source of the shimmer.

It was a round golden disk, maybe the size of a hockey puck. Grabbing it, my palm started to constrict around it, grasping it tightly. As I held it, a warmth slowly started emitting from the gold talisman. It looked old, really old. It had some strange, greek, like marking all over it, a subtle image of some satanic looking creature.

Repulsed at what I saw, I tried to drop it. Unable to open my hand, the warmth grew to a near burning like sensation as the talisman shimmered more and more bright.

Starting to freak out, I wailed my hands around the water, trying to detach the talisman from the palm of my hand.

As the burning sensation grew tenfold, scorching my skin, I screamed as I let our most of my remaining air.

Looking down the talisman started dissolving, melting into my skin.

Kicking myself off the ocean's floor, I quickly started swimming to the surface, my hand still waving about, trying to toss it off my hand.

As I made it to the surface I let out a yelp as I gasped for air. With the look of fear struck against my face, I yelled looking at the palm of my hand. The talisman was gone, but in its place was that of a burnt scared outline of the contents of the talisman.

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