tagSci-Fi & FantasyCustom Pt. 08 - Her Own Words

Custom Pt. 08 - Her Own Words


Her Own Words


The trio camped where the treeline met the shore, knowing that the goal of their adventure lay just a few miles away. Tonight was intended to be a night of relaxation before entering the elven mausoleum; the adventurers wanted to be well-rested if they encountered any defenses designed to foil any would-be tomb raiders. Elves rarely left their vaults unguarded, after all.

The night had, so far, been anything but relaxing.

Casiama was turned away from her two companions, her body feeling far too warm for the snug furs she currently occupied. She had originally pretended to be asleep when the sorceress had mounted the man of her dreams behind her, but was now moaning audibly as she fucked herself with three fingers to the same rhythm as her tent-mates.

She had been riding him for ten minutes now, screaming loudly to the heavens as Talos filled her, wet slapping noises coming from between their sweating bodies as she rose and fell on his staff. Casiama was getting close, so maddeningly close, when the noises halted abruptly behind her.

"Are they done? Already? Now?!"

"Casiamaaa," she heard in a faintly-mocking moan behind her, the elf's ears twitching to the noise. Casiama panicked briefly before rolling over, meeting the sorceresses eyes. Alanna was unmoving, the mans cockhead still buried in her dripping cunt as she spoke.

"Casiama. Doesn't this look like so much fuuuun..." the sorceress moaned as she slid down Talos' shaft with an audible slurp from her pussy. Casiama felt light-headed, but was entranced by the woman's words and actions.

"Answer truthfully," Alanna ordered, rising and falling slowly on the pulsating pillar of meat once more as she did. Casiama wondered briefly why the sorceress was acting so strangely before responding to the question she hadn't intended on answering.

"Yes, it does," Casiama muttered, faint and distantly. Talos' hands fell to Alanna's hips now, gripping them as she fucked him with excruciating slowness.

"Hmm," the girl purred, lifting and lowering herself once more before continuing, "it is. Casiama - no, Cass - why don't you show us how much fun you're having on your own."

Show us rang in the princesses head as she removed herself from her sleeping furs, standing up daintily to the side of her two companions as beads of girlcum drifted down her legs, glimmering in the candlelight. Her panties were around her ankles, her body flushed with color.

"No, what am I doing?!" Casiama cried internally. Her traitorous fingers were still playing with her clit as she blushed profusely in front of two pairs of eyes. She parted her lips, only a lusty moan escaping. She couldn't speak.

The elf looked down at Talos, his face frozen with confusion as Alanna continued to ride the man's cock sensually, giggling cutely as Casiama pleasured herself in the open. Talos' eyes then shifted quickly to the sorceress as if he suddenly remembered something.

"What the fuck, 'lanna?!" he shouted as the sorceress slammed down on his cock and wiggled her hips in excitement. The elf noticed the curvaceous woman shooting her mount a quick glance before he responded to an inaudible question. "Nope. No way."

Casiama moaned as her fingers danced over her slit, not willing her hand or mouth to do either. Talos lifted the woman off of his rigid member and pushed her away from him with his foot, gently but firmly.

"Okay okay. Just one more thing," Alanna giggled, turning her attention back to the elf. "Look into Talos' eyes and tell him how he makes you feel," she commanded, both hands raised as if to prove her innocence.

Casiama looked into the man's eyes as if peering deeply into a calming forest of trees as he lay on the ground before her, before parting her lips once more. A soft, comfortable sigh came first.

"Cass, you don't have to-" Talos quickly interjected, confusing the elf but failing to stop her as the words poured uncontrollably from her mouth and tears freely down her cheeks.

She had to. Her eyes were transfixed to his.

"Talos I... lose myself in your eyes. I dream constantly of sharing my everything with you, just as I dream of entwining with you each night before bed. I shake each time you speak to me, and find my soul filled with anticipation, anxiety. Fear. And with regret, knowing your heart belongs elswhere and it will never be mine. Yet I still dream of a different life, one where you ask for my hand at my coming of age, knowing that all my fears would wash away instantly in your arms. I constantly worry that I may not be to your standards, Talos. But I swear to you, I would give up all the aetherium if it would ensure that I did."

Her mind suddenly lost its haze before she choked out the last words of her poetic confession.

"And I think I'm in love with you," she whispered redundantly.

The princesses' heart raced as she looked away from him, noticing her hands had stopped moving on their own.

Talos' eyebrows lowered as the avalanche of emotion subsided, his eyes shifting back towards Alanna. He rose from the furs as the sorceress mewled, her hands still in the air.

"Her own words. Promise," Alanna choked out, a single tear running down her cheek.

Talos' piercing green eyes shifted back to Casiama's own, the elf clutching the hem of her dress with both hands. Casiama read the heavy look of sympathy on his face.

"Talos I'm sorry I-I didn't intend to say those things!" the elf exclaimed, the tears blinding her sight as she began to realize what the enchantress had done.

The man closed the two impassable steps between them and placed his thumbs on her cheeks, wiping her tears away.

"I love you too."

His lips met hers in a passionate kiss as their souls entwined; a bright, shining light enveloping the pair as they winked out of existence.


Talos' eyes opened slowly before a clear, pink sky. Casiama, still weeping, smiled happily as she took a step back and outstretched her arms. She twirled daintily for a single rotation, skirts of white and gold flowing around her majestic form. Talos' mouth was agape in amazement as he suddenly forgotten the troubles of a distant world miles beneath his feet.

"Where... Where are we, Cass?" he asked incredulously, looking over his own form to discover that he, too, was wearing the same whites and golds of the elven goddess before him. An intricate doublet, patterned with the flowing lines of the elves.

Casiama stumbled lightly, intentionally, as she gripped his arms and gazed deeply into his soul.

"We're at the steps of the Eternal Lady's castle, Talos," she softly answered to an ever-growing look of worry on Talos' face. "In the heavens."

The man looked down, past his shining white-gold boots, to see that he was floating on nothing but clouds and air. He instinctively reached for the elf in front of him, gripping her arms tightly before he could fall. The princess giggled, then reassured him.

"Not the real one, silly. This is..." she tilted her head to the side and looked around in amusement before returning to his gaze, "This is all mine. My dream." He just noticed the towering, glorious structure of gold rising proudly behind her.

"Ever since I was a little girl I wanted a castle just like the stories. I was saddened, weighed down as the reality of the world made itself known to me as I grew older." She spoke softly, beautifully. Perfectly. She kissed him once before releasing herself from his grasp and turned away, hips swaying to a silent, beautiful song as she strode atop pink clouds.

"So I built my own."

"Are we... are we still down there, Cass?" Talos asked her, pointing to a world that lay leagues beneath his feet. It was round, a beautiful shining sphere of rich blues and greens. Talos had never realized that a world filled with so much grief could look so exquisite from afar.

Casiama shook her head, still facing away from him.

"No. I built that too."

This was all making less and less sense to Talos as his hand met his forehead, worried that he suddenly found his religion.

"Did you ever wonder where all my possessions came from, Talos? Did you think I materialized them anew each day?" the elf giggled, spinning to look at the man, her skirts flowing over a non-existent breeze.

"We're in your... plane. Aren't we Casiama?"

She nodded with an adorable smile. Talos felt his head spinning and tried to collect himself, his eyes wandering over the limitless expanse of sky surrounding him. He felt small, like an insect before the gods. Talos finally understood that she had teleported them far beyond the world, and the one beneath his feet wasn't real.

He hadn't liked teleportation a minute ago. An era ago. However long his mortal form had been floating in the divine sky. It must have shown on his face.

"Don't worry, Talos. We're safe here. This might be the safest you have ever been in your life," Casiama softly reassured as her perfect form swayed nearer. She clasped his hands softly, delicately, lifting them between twin souls with unimaginable grace.

"I would never let harm befall my prince."

Talos believed her unquestioningly as they made love in heavens, forcing the sun to rise once more over the world.

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