tagLoving WivesCut of the Cards Pt. 01

Cut of the Cards Pt. 01


Part 1 -- The challenge

It was that time of the evening again; late, just after ten, the time Laura would finally climb out of the pool and call it a day. Whenever she left the pool she appeared to glide rather than walk, like she was parading before an audience on a clothes show catwalk. But except for me there was no audience, and there were never any clothes; just two thin gold bands on her right wrist and a Rolex on her left. But that was how she was; five foot eight without any shoes; one hundred and thirty five pounds without any clothes, she had a body as tight, taut and toned as the strings of the finest guitar. Looking at her now it was difficult to believe her age; thirty seven in two day's time

She stretched right out, made herself comfortable on a low reclining chair, took a sip of wine from the glass by her seat. It was all part of the same ritual she went through every evening before bed; the swim, the glass of wine and finally the late night trim. She favored a landing strip no more than a centimeter wide, and last thing at night, as regular as clockwork, out would come the scissors, the small razor with the foam and bowl, and finally the trimmer with the grade one blade; she preferred something you saw rather than felt, something that would look little more than an overnight shadow.

The evening was like most others; quiet, relaxed, reflective. That is, it was until that question.

"Do you ever have fantasies Steven?" she asked

The question came right out of the blue. There had been no prior warning, no hints, and no background; just suddenly there it was, out in the open and up for discussion.

"Sometimes I guess; everybody must do occasionally." I replied

Laura had put the trimmer down and was now looking neat and cute, showing nothing more than the lightest growth of stubble. And that's when she started to tell me about a fantasy that had been playing around in her head for a while, about a game she dreamed of playing; a game of chance and consequence.

I was intrigued by what had brought it on, but she did not say. Maybe it was something she had seen in a film, read in a book; if it was, she was not letting on.

"There you are, it could not be simpler" she purred after she finished. "We give each other three fantasy challenges. We write them down, we read them, and then give each other five minutes to decide; if you don't like one of my challenges then you can rule it out, but if you do, then I get the right to rule out one of yours. If you want to rule out more than one, fine, but of course again I get to match you; with it so far?"

I nodded

"To pick a winner we simply each take a playing a card, highest number wins - - - then it's just a matter of the winner making one more decision; picking which challenge is to be carried out; simple huh"

It all seemed so simple, so easy, and so impossible to argue with

Laura sat up and turned to face me, smiled as she watched me take in the splendor of her body; the full firm breasts standing out unaided from her chest, the toned arms and legs; the firm and deliciously round butt.

"I know it's a little presumptuous," she simpered, knowing that now she had my fullest attention, "but I began thinking about how it might work. The wording of each challenge can't be too detailed" she said. "Otherwise, with six challenges, even if it was practicable, which I doubt, it would take an eternity to prepare. But if instead we go with just a reasonably detailed outline, then that should work out, after all, if the wording of the challenge is too vague it will simply get ruled out - - - what do you think?"


"What do you mean maybe, I'm only putting a hypothesis to you?"

"Well okay, maybe it would work."

"You don't seem that keen"

"I'm open minded"

"So would you at least think about it?"

Again I nodded; she seemed to have it all worked out, like she had been thinking about it for quite a long time.

But I was intrigued, and detecting a slight twitch in my crotch, thought over what she had said

"Just one question" I said, "as each challenge will only be an outline, presumably the person who has to perform the challenge will have to wait a day or two before they are provided with full details?"

"Right, a day or two is probably a minimum; could be a week if a location is distant and the itinerary intricate."

For a moment we just relaxed in our own space; then she slowly lowered herself down into her reclining chair again and turned her head toward me.

"So are you up for it?"

I looked her in the eye

"Why not," I said raising my glass

She returned my salute and our glasses briefly touched; "So when shall we play?"

"I'll let you decide."

She smiled

"Let's play tomorrow evening; bring your three challenges with you and I will have my own neatly typed out.

With that Laura emptied her glass of its few remaining drops and wished me good night.

I guess you would say we are a couple of our time; independent, focused, disciplined, driven, insular and largely disconnected socially from those around us. We live well; a house set in ten acres with five bedrooms and three bathrooms and, as our very own personal indulgencies, a games room (me); a pool (both) and a gym and sauna (mostly her). We live an hour's drive from Edinburgh, where she works as a senior commodities broker. I'm an ideas man, working mainly from home designing computer games. As you can probably guess, we both have trophy vehicles; no indulgence is too great for either of us as we search for the new "must have."

The next day, Laura had an early start; she needed to be in Edinburgh by eight for one of those fashionable breakfast business meetings. After ninety minutes in the gym, she had showered, dressed and had her usual breakfast of a slice of whole meal bread, a kiwi fruit and a glass of water, before my feet had even hit the bedroom floor

I showered, dressed and started to think about the previous evening, but nothing new came to mind; I had absolutely no clue what had brought it all on. I remained confused, intrigued but mostly strangely excited as to how her game would play out in the cold light of day

Three challenges, three levels of difficulty, that's how it would work I decided. Strange thing was, one of the challenges was already forming in my mind, brought about by a one off incident that had occurred the previous week.

That morning Laura had used my car to take her to work and I had taken her car in for a small routine replacement of a light bulb. Collecting it later, I got into conversation with Alan, one of the mechanics. After discussing the car, football and the weather, he went off at a tangent to talk about his niece. Apparently she was organising a party for her boyfriend's eighteenth birthday party and wanted to surprise him and their friends with a stripper. I think he told me all this, a relative stranger, simply because his niece had just been on the phone to him and it was on his mind. Anyway, the point of the story was that try as she might, she just could not get hold of a stripper for that particular evening.

Apparently she had taken him into her confidence because on one occasion she had seen him coming out of a strip club. When she brought it up, he quickly assured her it was a one off visit and he too would have no idea where to find a stripper at short notice.

The memory had me thinking though, and it wasn't long before I picked up the phone and called the garage.

"Wilson's Garage, George speaking, how can I help?"

"Hi George, Steve Harding, is Alan about?"

"Hang on, I'll get him"

The phone went dead for a few moments, and then I heard Alan's voice

"Alan here, nothing wrong with your wife's car I hope?"

"No it's fine. I'm phoning about that conversation we had the other day about your niece."

For a moment there was silence

"My niece huh - - - give me a clue, at the moment it's not registering?"

"She was looking for a stripper."

"Ah right, now I remember."

Did she find one?"

"No I think she gave up, tried everywhere; you would think in these tough times there would be plenty about, but apparently not; at least she couldn't find one."

"That's why I was phoning, I may be able to help"

"Really, shall I give her a ring, let her know; her name is Lisa by the way?"

"Yes by all means, if she is still interested get her to phone me, you have my number somewhere."

It was less than thirty minutes later that the phone rang and I heard a female voice on the other end

"Hallo Mr. Harding its Lisa, Alan passed on your message. I believe he has told you the story; it was just something to surprise Grant, my boyfriend, on his eighteenth. I keep looking but just can't find anybody, bit disappointing really, but Alan says you may be able to help."

"First of all call me Steve. Next, tell me what sort of person you looking for and what you expect from them - - - don't be shy, I'm an adult and I've seen my fair share of strippers; the good, the bad and the ugly."

I heard her giggle as only teenagers do.

"Well it's like this Mr - - - "

"Call me Steve"

"Sorry, well Steve as I was saying, it's like this. It's Grants eighteenth birthday on Saturday and I wanted to give him a real good surprise, you know something he would remember for a long time." She started to giggle again, "and maybe embarrass him just a tiny bit too."

She paused for a moment to collect her thoughts and focus her mind

"Since you asked, I guess I'm looking for someone that's young, good looking, and has a real fit body."

She sounded a little diffident, like she was finding it a bit embarrassing going through her mental checklist

"And I suppose, if it's possible, we would really like someone that will go all the way, you know, be naked at some point"

"That all sounds very reasonable," I replied, "and the person I'm thinking about ticks all those boxes, except possibly one; how young is young to a teenager Lisa"

"Never really thought about it - - - teens, early twenties I suppose."

"Lisa, this woman is thirty seven, but don't be put off. She looks great and has a body to die for - - - I know, I've seen it, and maybe, because she has a little bit of experience, she might even show you teenagers a new trick or two as well."

Again Lisa giggled, went silent for a few moments, then, in almost a whisper replied

"Do you think she would do it for us Steve?"

"I know she would Lisa; now give me the address and the time you want her there and leave everything else to me - - - oh and don't worry about payment, call it my treat."

"Wow thanks Mr. Smith - - - sorry, Steve,"

After she had given me details of the address and the time, I put down the phone, slumped into a chair and allowed a wide smirk to pass across my face. One down two to go. Thirty minutes later and I had the outline for the other two.

First challenge

Go to the main shopping mall in the centre of Perth. Wear a loose, sleeveless, low cut top, with no bra underneath; together with a cotton skirt to reach midway down your thigh and underneath a pair of silk panties. Order all these items from the Teenagers Party Gear website and show me the voucher. Proceed to the menswear department of one of the department stores -- I will decide which later. Take off your panties, roll them into a ball, and carry them in one hand back to the main concourse. There you will deposit them in the first trash bin you see. Return to the department store, go down to the basement and take the up escalator, right up to the top floor, so that, unless you are very careful, anyone who is interested can see the top of your legs. Then return to the menswear department and select a half a dozen pairs of men's briefs .Go to the men's changing room and ask the male assistant which one he likes best. When he has chosen, you will insist that before paying for them, he sees you in them to confirm that they suit you -- you can justify this bizarre behavior as you wish; I will be in the department to watch

Second challenge

You will go to Murphy's Bar by the docks in Edinburgh. Wear a sleeveless cotton top that will stop at your midriff, a mid thigh length leather skirt, and stilettos with three inch heels. There are several open nights coming up when they will be recruiting pole dancers and lap dancers -- I want you to go to one looking the part. I vaguely know the man recruiting and he will recognize you by what you are wearing and will make sure, that not only do you get to be a contestant, but he will also arrange the scores so that you get through to the evening's final -- I will be in the audience in support!

During the day my mind alternated between the three challenges, but I kept coming back to Lisa and the stripper; I knew this was the challenge I would choose. But I needed to find the right dress for Laura to wear. Finally I found what I was looking for; a website called Naughty Teenagers Party Wear. I slowly worked my way through the scanty clothes on offer, and then suddenly it was there in front of me; on a page of its own under the banner -- WOULD YOU DARE WHERE THIS DRESS.

Below, its special attractions were featured.

This halter neck dress, in fine silver silk thread, is for the girl with the courage of her convictions. It is made up of hundreds of small loops, each one produced from three strands of fine silk thread twisted around itself and knotted to the adjoining loop; each loop is a centimeter across. A small cotton pad in matching color is sewn into the bust of the dress to provide some support underneath the breasts and extends to around the nipples.

The dress is fixed from just below the shoulder blades to the bottom of the spine, by two sets of four eyelets and a row of hooks attached to the tapes on either side of the open back of the dress, the rows of eyelets being set two millimeters apart

The halter straps can be adjusted to arrive at the right height/amount of cleavage desired

The dress weighs only two ounces and can be folded and carried to and from a party in a small evening bag

The dress comes with a silk G String in matching silver color.

I had a partial erection simply looking at the model shown on the website, so incredibly bare was the dress, with the wearers nakedness barely concealed by the minimal G String and small under breast support which left most of her albeit small breasts fully on display.

There would be no argument; this was the dress Laura would wear.

I phoned the contact number shown and a young woman answered

"Lorraine, can I help?"

I told her about the garment that interested me.

"First of all" she said, "this dress is a limited edition and only made in a very limited size range. As you can see from the picture, I think it is fair to say that it leaves very little to the imagination, and for that reason, and at a price of £250, this dress is for a very discerning market. The demand for it comes from people who have money and are usually people who rely on their appearance for their livelihood," she did not specify who she had in mind, before adding, "and whose figures are nigh perfect. You can imagine that any surplus flesh will be readily apparent and that the tolerance in fitting is that between the two rows of eyes and hooks; two millimeters. I am telling you all this because we like our customers to fully understand the nature of our products. Who would you be purchasing the dress for Mr. Harding?" "A Friend."

"Is your friend an entertainer?"


"But you feel, to use the phrase on our website, that she will be able to "wear it with conviction." she paused for a moment. "She must have a wonderful figure Mr. Harding"

"She does."

"So you would like to proceed with the order?"


"Good. Now as I said at the beginning, we have a limited size range for this particular dress and the fitting measurements are more extensive and more precise than for, shall I say a normal day dress."

I provided all the details from memory; it was helpful that Laura had an obsession about her personal statistics and would often ask me to help measure her waist, hips, chest, ass, thighs and calves.

There was silence for a few moments while she checked my numbers against the specifications retained on her computer.

Then she was back to me. "Yes Mr. Harding, whilst those measurements are at the edge of our range, we can help you. The details you have provided indicate a slightly curvier figure than the typical teenager has; fuller breasts, more rounded ass, if you understand, frankly a figure more like that of a fully developed woman, yet obviously in great condition to be able to fit into the dress.

"Quite, so I can place an order?"

"Of course Mr. Harding, would you like delivery today by courier, I sense some urgency in your voice and the charge, bearing in mind the cost of the dress, is very modest?"

"You read my mind like a book Loraine."

And with that I completed my order.

The courier delivered the small package just after six in the evening and immediately I put it away at the bottom of my sock drawer.

It was just over an hour later, a little after seven, when I heard the crunch of Porsche tyres on gravel, then the echo of stilettos on stone slabs. The front door opened and I heard Laura call up that she was home.

We kissed briefly on the cheek, and while I finished preparing the evening meal, she changed into a short robe ready for the pool later.

Little was said over dinner. We spoke briefly about a business trip to South America she had coming up and that was about it. When she had finished eating, she slipped off her robe and made her way to the pool; no talk about any game to be played.

I decided to read while I waited to try and block out the images that kept entering my head; sexual images of Laura naked with teenagers their hands all over her body, her hands round their cocks. Thirty minutes passed, then forty five and still she was in the pool and still the images were filling my head. Just over an hour had passed when I heard the soft sound of her feet. As on the previous evening, she stretched out in the reclining chair, and filled her wine glass from the bottle in the chiller I had left by her chair. Then she picked up the razor and sprayed on some foam, before slowly shaving it away into a small bowl. Finally she took hold of the trimmer and started to neaten her strip. Then it was over, the job complete. She looked up, her face completely relaxed, not a care in the world. She smiled as she went to the robe lying over the back of her chair and fished a small piece of paper out of the right hand pocket.

"Do you have your list?" she asked

She moved to sit on the rug that lay in front of the hearth and as she lowered her body and sat with her legs pulled back underneath her, I joined her; we were no more than two feet apart

I took my list out from the pages of the book where it had been kept as a bookmark, and exchanged it for the list she was offering. Instead of immediately reading it, I watched her eyes skim over my list of challenges, then saw a small smile playing around the corners of her mouth when she let it fall on the rug.

The outline of her challenges was much briefer than mine, and because of that much vaguer. I skimmed the text and then also let her list fall to the carpet. Now I knew her challenges, now I had to decide whether to rule any out. Her eyes looked straight into mine, they held no clue, and her face gave nothing away.

Four minutes passed before the silence was broken

"One more minute then we have to decide" she said

Then she announced that time was up; that decision time had arrived, and that she wasn't ruling out any of my challenges. A small smiled played around the corners of her mouth as she spoke, she knew she was testing me; did I have the balls not to rule out any of her challenges. I knew the answer and she knew the answer; she had backed me into a corner, knew however apprehensive I might be about her challenges, that I would not want to appear a wimp.

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