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Cutting Room Floor: Armageddon


(The first part of this was in the original release of the movie Armageddon. The deleted scene follows.)

"DAMN IT AJ!!" Harry Stamper could be heard shouting at the top of his lungs all around his oil rig. The oil drilling roughnecks on the far side turned around thinking that he was right there beside him.

Harry was pissed. The no good son of a bitch AJ had fucked him for the last time. Rig number 2 chewed 180 feet last night, all due in part to AJ's ignorance in the field of drilling oil. Actually that wasn't true. It wasn't ignorance. AJ was one of the hardest working, experienced drill men working for Stamper Oil. Even at his young age of 25, the boy knew what he was doing. The problem was his arrogance. His cocky attitude was always getting him into trouble. Always taking risks, always pushing the envelope, and always fucking up because the stupid kid would never consider the negative consequences of his actions. This wasn't the first time AJ had cost the company thousands of dollars.

"AJ!!" Harry shouted again as he jogged up the stairs to AJ's crow's nest. When he reached the door, Harry took the golf club he had in his hand and batted it against the metal walls.

The sound of his boss's voice and the echo of the metal clang jolted AJ upright on his bed.

"AJ!" Harry burst the door open of AJ's shack and a few items fell off the shelf next to it.

AJ blinked his eyes rapidly trying desperately to rouse.

As the door flung open, AJ suddenly remembered who was in bed next to him. In a flash, AJ had thrown the covers over Grace, Harry's only daughter.

"AJ you in here?" Harry asked while bursting in, "Oh that's just perfect, in bed, get up!"

The tired yet nervous kid was up like a clumsy cadet who got caught napping by his drill Sargent. He stood up in front of his bed, blocking the lump from Harry's view.

Harry walked up to him and shut the door.

As quietly as possible, Grace pulled her exposed feet up underneath the blanket.

"Uh, hey…you wanted to see me?" AJ asked innocently.

"Yeah I was looking for ya." Harry stated matter of fact.

"You're pissed, okay, I can see that." Said AJ looking for Harry's goodside.

"No, you know what AJ? I'm not pissed, you've seen me pissed. This is way, way beyond pissed. You know I shut down number 2 last night right?"

AJ's face reddened, "Yeah, I had a hunch on that."

Harry shook him off, "Let me tell ya something. Some day, many years from now when you're all growed up, and you got yer own oil company, and 8 million dollars of your own money on a contract…you can do whatever comes into that little AJ idiot mind of yours that you want. But as long as it says Harry Stamper Oil on the rig, you will not disobey my rules. You got that?"

AJ answered quickly, "Yeah. I do got it."

Harry continued, "Right now I need to hear 5 words from you."

AJ started, "Uhhhh…"

"I'll…" Harry started, "Never…" he continued as his fingers began a count off to five.

AJ followed suit, "Never…do…that…again. I'm a fool! That was…idiotic. That was stupid. I know…I'm an idiot," Aj rambled.

Suddenly, Harry's face contorted into suspicion.

"What's goin' on?" Harry's eyes squinted at AJ.

The kid repeated ignorantly, "What's going on? I screwed up. I'm a little edgy."

"How long you work for me?"

"Five wonderful years."

"In five years you have never apologized to me this quickly. Something's going on here, and I'm gonna find out what it is."

"No, no, no…" AJ countered, "I'm turning over a new leaf. I'm trying to learn from the man. What would Harry do?"

Harry's attention was drawn away from the boy down to the floor and raised his hand to the kid's face. He opened his hand like a duck's bill and closed it slowly, indicating to AJ to shut up.

Harry extended the golf club down to the floor and hooked a small, see-thru bra, with little black designs on it.

AJ's pulse increased. His heart felt like it was about to explode out of his chest.

The boy tried to cover, "I'm…at a loss for words."

The bra slipped down the length of the club and landed on Harry's hand.

AJ quickly reached for the white lingerie and picked it up.

"Okay, I can explain this."

Harry jutted the end of the golf club into AJ's throat, "You can explain this? I would really like an explanation." He pushed the kid back till he was out of the way of the bed.

"You wait right here."

He then took the end of the club down to the sheet and pulled it back from the pillow.

As the blanket was pulled back, the body of a young, naked female came into view. Her long dark hair rested all over the pillow. Her small lips came into view and she was frowning at him.

"Grace?" Harry looked at his 18 year old daughter in dismay.

She eased herself up off the bed slightly and up onto her elbows.

"Hi Harry." Grace looked up at him with resentment.

"I have asked you repeatedly to call me Dad."

As she brought herself up, the blanket fell down exposing her naked tits to her father's view.

"Sorry Harry."

"Get up and put yer clothes on."

Grace just sat there in all her glory and stared menacingly back at her father. She then turned her attention over to AJ who was standing idly by waiting for some sort of punishment.

(This next part was cut from the original release of the film.)

Harry looked up at AJ, "Why is she looking at you?"

AJ shrugged, "I…I…who knows. I'm just…"

Harry continued, "Let's see now. I give my daughter an order and she turns to…you?"

Grace rolled her eyes, "That's right. I disrespected my father. Big fucking deal!"

The second she finished her sentence Harry's hand grasped hold of his daughter's face. His fingers gripped her cheeks and squeezed causing her lips to purse. Her arms tensed.

"Uhhh…" Grace gasped.

"Don't talk back to your father." Harry glared at her.

AJ winced at Harry's behavior towards his little girl.

"Hey, Harry…come on, don't…" AJ cowered as Harry turned his glare to meet his eyes. The roughneck gripped his daughter's face harder and brought the golf club up into AJ's neck.

"Is it my mistake? Or did you just try to tell me what to do?"

Panicked, AJ stuttered, "Naw…I mean…no, I didn't…"

Grace struggled to get out of her father's firm hand.

"Harry…let me…go." Grace's anger increased as she attempted to shake her face away from his fingers.

Harry's clutch intensified on her soft skin and caused Grace's eyes to squeeze shut.

"What's my name?" Harry insisted.

Grace didn't want to give in to his power struggle.


Harry smirked, "Is that so?" His strong arm shoved Grace flat onto the bed and onto her back. Her young tits flopped back and forth as she landed. She massaged her chin and pivoted her jaw.

Harry's eyes suddenly zoned in on his lovely girl's young tit flesh that jiggled before him. He brought his eyes up to AJ who was sweating profusely as the end of the golf club pressed into gullet. Then he looked back down at Grace on the mattress.

After what seemed like an eternity of silence, Harry looked Grace in the face. Her cheeks were red with anger, fear, or just malice at being treated with such disrespect.


Her breathing was heavy and she looked up at her father, "What…Harry."

"You're…a big girl now."

She held her breath and just stared. Harry looked back at AJ.

"AJ…why didn't you tell me my little girl was getting so…developed?"

The nervous employee raised one eyebrow, "Harry…I don't know what to say."

"I didn't ask you to say anything."

"Yes you did…"

"AJ-No I didn't. Have a seat." Harry stared the boy down until he leaned back against the wall and slid down to the floor.

Grace turned her head to AJ. They shared a concerned stare.

She started to rise. Harry placed his hand in the center of her chest, right between her breasts. Her breathing became staggered as his palm pressed into her sternum.

"I didn't tell you to get up."

"Fuck you Harry. You're not"

"You're father?" Harry interjected. She rolled her eyes at him. He continued, "I am your father little woman, and you will obey me. Especially since you're under my roof."

AJ spoke up, "Actually, it's my…" Harry glared, "…shack. Or yours. Sorry Harry."

"Such a pussy." Grace stated at AJ.

AJ frowned and twisted his head towards the bed bound girl, "What?"

Grace, "Why don't you stand up to him? Instead of sitting there like a lump on a log."

Harry slid his hand down and cupped one of Grace's tiny tits.

She gasped, "Aahh. What are you doing, Harry?"

"What's my name?" He squeezed her mound lightly. She gasped again.

"Harry, stop it."

He squeezed it harder, "What's my name Grace?"

She fell back on the bed and grabbed his hand with both of hers. His body fell with hers and he sat on the edge of the bed, his hand still squeezing her.

Her face turned even redder and the fear was clearly spread across her body. Goosebumps formed all along her arms and stomach. Her areolas were prickly and her nipples were pointed to the sky.

"Please…let me go." Her voice cracked a little and she started to whimper.

"I will Gracie." Harry said, "First tell me…what's my name?"

"Please…Harry…let me go…this isn't right."

"It's very simple honey…just tell me my name. What have I asked you to call me?"

Harry could feel her pulse through her chest. Her heart was racing.

"I can't…uhhh…" Harry raised his other hand up to her other breast and started squeezing both of them together. He pushed them together and started to roll them all around.

Grace held the top of both her father's hands as he kneaded them roughly.

He could feel the tension in her hands. He watched her eyes open and close tightly and enjoyed the sensation of her hardened nipples in the crease of his palms.

"Harry…please…stop…this can't…I can't…" Grace whined.

AJ sat off to the side, he rocked back and forth nervously as he watched Harry Stamper practically molest his own daughter. Finally AJ spoke, "Harry! Listen. I'm gonna have to stop this."

Harry interrupted, "AJ…you should know as well as I do how nice this feels."

The boy sat there, his face filled with anxiety.

"Am I right AJ?"

"I'm at a loss for…" AJ started.

"AJ…I can't see under the blanket. Is my little girl wearing panties?"

Grace started to whine again.

AJ hesitated then said, "No sir."

"Of course not. I guess I walked in after a hot night. How many times you fuck my little girl AJ?"

"Uummm…" AJ didn't finish as Grace jerked her head towards him.

"That's okay, AJ." Harry began, "You just sit tight. You had a turn."

Grace's breaths were so heavy that Harry could feel the air brush past his face with each caress of her tits.

"What's my name Grace?" Harry asked of his baby daughter.

"Uhhh…Harry…I…Uuhhh…God…" Grace moaned as the surreal feelings overtook her. Her father had walked in on her in AJ's crow's nest and then started to play with her tits. She didn't know what was going on, but she didn't want to give in to him.

"No Grace. What's my name?"

Suddenly Harry released her tits. Grace opened her eyes wide and saw her father stand up before the bed. As quickly as she could she clasped her own palms over her tits to hide them from his view. She didn't know why she covered them. He already had his fingers all over them. It didn't really make a difference now, but she was still frightened.

Harry undid his belt and dropped his pants. He then removed his boxer shorts and revealed his stiff pole to his daughter's gaze. It stuck straight out towards the ceiling.

She gasped, "What are you doing?"

"SSsshhh…Gracie. Relax." As he said this, he climbed up on the mattress and straddled Grace's belly.

She started trembling and tears started to form up in the corners of her eyes. AJ sat there, mouth agape and watched the scene unfold in front of him.

Grace, "Please…don't…whatever you're thinking…I…"

Harry inched himself up along her smooth belly and up to her chest where her hands still covered her tiny tits. He stroked her long black hair and rubbed the side of her face gently.

"What's my name Grace? It's just a simple question. It requires a simple answer." Harry continued to caress her cheek. He softly rubbed the tears into her skin until they evaporated.

"Don't do this…please don't…Harry…"

"Awe. Wrong answer Grace." Harry pointed his hard cock down between his daughter's firm tit flesh.

Grace gasped as his foreskin touched the skin in the center of her chest.

Harry lifted his hand up to her mouth, "Grace, open your mouth and lick my hand. Lick it really good."

"What?" Grace didn't understand.

"DO IT!" He yelled at her.

Grace shook with fear as her father's words rattled her ears. Her mouth opened and she extended her tongue. She kept her eyes locked with her father's and proceeded to lick up and down his hand. His hand became visibly moist as he flipped it to the other side and let her lick up and down some more. Her tongue darted back into her mouth and came back out with refreshed moisture. Harry kept his hand by her mouth until her tongue made his hand nice and wet.

With his wet hand he lathered up his cock real good and placed it back between her pert breasts. He rubbed the sides of her tits with his wet hand making a slick surface.

"Grace, press your tits together." Harry commanded.

"I…can't…stop please…" She responded as her trembling hands continued to cover her nipples.

"Don't make me ask again Gracie." Harry instructed.

Defeated, Grace pressed her small tits together and wrapped her father's erect penis between them.

"Oh yes baby girl." Harry sighed and started to slide his cock back and forth enjoying the feel of her tit flesh.

"I…can't…believe…this…" Gracie whined as her father titty fucked her wildly. Her body jerked with every thrust of her father's shaft. The head of his penis kept bumping her chin. Her head twisted on her neck and looked from side to side trying her best not to make eye contact with her father.

AJ watched the event before him. He was completely stunned and had no idea what to do. There was no way he could possibly go up against Harry. Harry would waste him in a heart beat.

Harry was banging away between her tits like a madman. Her young flesh felt so tight wrapped around his member.

"What's my name Grace? Uhhh…What is it baby girl?" Harry moaned.

Grace lay on her back pressing her tits together around her father's hard cock and hoping that AJ will put a stop to this. But he just sat there gawking. She didn't understand why he would allow this to happen. Why didn't he stand up and defend her honor?

"I said, what's my name Grace?" Harry persisted.

Tears rolled down her cheeks and she stared angrily at her father's face.

Grace, "What…do…you…want…me…to…say?"

A smirk appeared on the side of Harry's lips, "Oh I think you know."

His cock didn't slow in the least as it continued it's slippery attack on her flesh. As her eyes burned daggers into her father's, the head of his cock kept bashing into her chin causing her to shake. But her eyes never left his.

"Do I?" Grace asked.

"Oh yes."

"Is that so." She continued.

As his pounding proceeded, Grace dipped her head down slightly and opened her lips.

Harry's eyes opened widely. His thrusting slowed down as the head of his cock started to bump into her bottom lip.

"Harry." Grace chided.

Harry suddenly stopped as his cock rested there on that bottom lip. The anger was evident on his face. He handled his prick and started to dip it closer and closer to her face. He brought it up and touched it to her top lip.

"That's not my name Gracie." The stubborn father stated.

Her lips pursed and clasped around the head of his penis.

"Ohh God Grace." Harry said.

She flicked her tongue and licked his slit wildly. She started to suck on the head of his cock and slid her tongue all over his bulbous knob.

"That's it Grace. You know my name."

Grace blew so hard that his cock came out of her mouth. Almost like a spit.

"Fuck you Harry. You're not going to get to me." Grace said with determination and spite.

Harry's rage was setting off a fuse inside him, "Gracie," he stroked her hair, "I already have you."

She gasped as her father inched forward and shoved his cock into her mouth.

"Uugh!" Gracie tensed as the length of his penis slid down her lips and touched the back of her throat.

"Uhh-uhhgh-aahuhgh…" Gracie gagged and winced as her lips opened around the large piece trying to get air.

"This will teach you my name baby girl." He placed his hands on either side of her head and arched his hips above her head. In a blink of an eye he began to pound into her mouth. Back and forth, back and forth, her lips skimmed up and down his shaft as he guided it in inch by inch.

AJ finally stood up and over the bed. His arms down at his sides, he watched the father mouth fuck his daughter…in AJ's own bed.

"Harry! This is enough! I have to do something." AJ announced with fear in his voice.

Harry's head shifted over to AJ and stared at the boy. However his intense attack on Grace's mouth did not relent in the slightest.

"You going to do something AJ?" Harry asked the young fuck up.

"Yes." He stood there with mock conviction and watched as his love was disrespected in the worst way. He watched Grace's face contort and tremble as tears rolled down her face. She looked up as AJ watched. He could see the complete lack of hope in her eyes.

"Uuhh…Uuhh…Uuhh…" Grace grunted every time her father's cock touched her tonsils.

The feeling that her tongue was giving Harry was that of an incredibly wet, and warm vice. Her tongue unknowingly licked the underside of his cock with every penetration. It was heaven.

Harry got an idea, "AJ. If you want to help…take the blanket away. I wanna see what my little girl has down below."

Sweat started to pour down AJ's face. The hairs on the back of his head began to stand at attention.

"I don't think I can do that," AJ said softly and without conviction.

Harry simply replied, "Do it or your fired."

AJ's head dropped. Slowly he walked around to the end of his bed where Grace's feet were sticking out from under the blanket. He watched as her toes clenched every time her father intruded her mouth with his stiff pole.

"Sorry Grace." AJ said to his girlfriend defeated. He saw her crying face between his employer's legs. She watched him with as much disappointment in her face as his own. He grabbed the end of the blanket and pulled it off like a magician unveiling a vanishing mistress.

Harry immediately turned his head back and beheld his daughter's quivering legs. And between those sweaty extremities was her smoothly shaven pussy lips.

"You shave…oh shit Grace…so nice…" He stated in between thrusting. His hand in a flash jutted toward her small opening and inserted a finger.

"Ooohhh…" Grace moaned with some trouble with the long flesh rocket in her mouth.

Harry started to shove his finger in and out at the same pace that his cock entered her mouth. His fingering of her pussy caused Grace to groan sending vibrations all over his shaft.

Grace felt his finger slide in all the way up to the hilt. The sensation sent shivers through her body and she jerked her head to the side. Harry's cock came out and arched her head back into the pillow.

"NO!" Grace yelled.

AJ stood at the end of the bed helplessly and watched as his girlfriend protested. AJ felt ashamed that he too was becoming aroused by the taboo act in front of him. So far he did his best to hide his arousal. The last thing he wanted to do was show that he had any interest in what was happening. He also felt like chicken shit for not putting a stop to it.

"I'll stop," Harry began, "If you call me by the name I want you to."

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