tagIncest/TabooCvsN 21: Confession and Contrition

CvsN 21: Confession and Contrition

byTx Tall Tales©

Amie opens up, and Karen moves out

As usual, I was the last to wake. But this time I wasn't completely alone. Amie was clinging to me, arms and legs thrown across my body, strands of her tousled hair caressing my face. Unlike tiny Beth, or even the smallish Debbie, Amie was nearly 6' of long lovely torso, arms, and seemingly endless legs. When you'd been hugged by those legs, you certainly knew it!

I tried to be careful, pulling free from her embrace, but she grumbled her dissatisfaction, hanging on tight. "Not yet, just a little bit longer," she murmured.

"I'm not going anywhere," I whispered.

I relaxed, smoothed her hair out of self-defense, and embraced her. I glanced around the room, but we were alone, no malingerers hiding in the bath or closet.

Amie was a pretty thing and had been used hard, by nearly everyone, in every opening. Not surprising that she'd be exhausted. I kissed her forehead, reached down and pulled the sheets over us, so she wouldn't be cold. I checked out the clock. Only 9:10, it wasn't that late, especially considering the previous night's escapades. I guess it would be Ok to goldbrick awhile with the sweet thing in my bed. I leaned back, easing her more to my side, closed my eyes, and tried to relax, but the beautiful young girl at my side was a definite distraction. After a while, I knew sleep was hopeless, and turned my attention to my bedmate. She had calmed considerably and seemed to be back asleep, breathing in that slow deep pattern. She had ended up cuddled next to me, one knee resting on my thigh, her head on my arm, her hand on my chest.

I pulled her closer, letting my hand caress her side. Where she'd been clingy before, she was more amorous now, slowly awakening, touching me, kissing my chest and shoulders, pressing her hips and breasts against me. "Mmm, Good morning," she murmured. "I'm glad you stayed with me."

"Of course I stayed. I told you I would, didn't I?" I teased, doing a little caressing of my own.

"Boys don't always mean what they say. Especially about things like this," she said softly.

I teased her more, tweaking her nipple. "I'd be a fool to leave such a wild young thing in my bed. Especially after last night."

Her hand was on my cock by now, gently playing with me. In no apparent rush, just having fun. "I'm not a wild thing. Not really."

I lifted her lips and kissed her. "Please, Amie! I know a wild one when I've had her."

"I'm only wild for you, Jack. Wild in this house. Before this I was anything but wild." She was quiet and quite serious.

"I'm glad you're wild for me, beautiful," I assured her.

"Do you know I only had two boyfriends before? Two. Almost 20 fucking years old, and two relationships. Is that pathetic or what?" Her voice was soft but heartbreaking.

"No, it's not pathetic, it's chance and happenstance. Maybe a little pickiness."

She had managed to get me decently hard, and she was rubbing herself, getting warmed up for me, while she continued her tale. "Dad loved hearing Beth's story about her first time. I know I did. Pretty cool. You wanna know about my first time, Jack?" She was on her side, opening her legs for me, and guiding me home. I grabbed her hips and tugged her closer, lifted her leg, and settled in. So good, so right.

"I was sixteen. I wasn't beautiful like these girls; I was skinny and bony, with no boobs to speak of. When I finally started to fill out just a little, I was so surprised when Bobby showed an interest. He was so nice, so attentive, so kind. I'd been dating him for over a month, and was ready to take it to the next level.

"I made Daddy take me out and buy me some 'girlie' clothes, so I'd look good for the party he was having. His parents were going out, and a small group was going to be there. I was so excited, and I embarrassed Dad to death, taking him into underwear stores, and trying on skimpy dresses, shorts and tees, just to flaunt my new body." Amie was lying quietly beside me, seemingly content to just be filled with my meat. I on the other hand was doing a little movement of my own, slowly inching in and out of her.

"I knew it would be that party. I talked with my friends. I bought a rubber. I wore the sexiest underwear I could find. When I left the house that night, and kissed my dad goodbye, I think he knew. He looked sad, gave me a big hug, and told me, 'There's no need to be in a hurry with the rest of your life. Do things on your own terms, or not at all.' I gave him one last hug, so damned excited."

Amie pulled away and rolled over and laid on my chest, lifting her hips a second to reinsert our mutual friend, taking me deeply, putting her full weight on me. She clung closely, legs encircling me, and turned her head away, resting it on my shoulder. She was staring in the direction of the bathroom lost in thought. Or so it seemed.

"Do you want to know how I lost my virginity, Jack?" She was quiet for several seconds. "Me too. My dad found me on the doorstep, unconscious, nearly naked, after someone rang the bell and drove away. It didn't take a rocket scientist to figure out I'd been raped. I remembered having some drinks, and dancing with Bobby, and going upstairs with him. It took a while of sorting through rumors and gossip to find out they'd been feeding me grain alcohol and his mother's downers. He, his brother and his friend took turns on me. It was all so stupid. He was going to get to have me anyway, freely. Why would they do that?"

She sounded so distraught; my heart was breaking for her. Tears were rolling down my side where her head was turned. The excitement I'd felt being inside her was dwindling and I started to draw out.

"No, please don't," she gasped, clasping my legs with hers and squeezing her pussy around my shrinking hardness. "Don't feel sorry for me, Jack. Don't. I couldn't stand that. Just try to understand a little. And love me."

She looked so nervous, and so needy. I caressed her back, letting my hands slide down to her firm cheeks, squeezing them softly, kneading them. I also started to thrust back, concentrating hard on the feeling of entering her, being in her, screwing her, bringing back my full hardness. When she noticed how hard I was for her, she smiled wistfully, and kissed me. "I knew I could count on you. A girl can't count on many guys in this world. Her Dad, always her Dad, and sometimes there's that one special guy. Not like the others. A guy like you, Jack." She kissed me deeply, her lips salty from the recently shed tears.

When she broke away, she seemed to have calmed down. She pulled her knees in close and started rocking back and forth, taking me deep. "Dad took care of me. Took me to the hospital, put me in a private girl's school away from the whispers and vicious gossip. And somehow, I don't know how, those boys had the living hell beat out of them. When one of the mother's dared accuse us, she was found naked, trussed and unconscious on her own doorstep. That was the end of that."

She was so clingy, never pulling her body more than a few inches off of mine during all of this. I tried to get her to sit up a bit, but she resisted, instead raising her hips off of me and letting me fuck up into her, getting the movement and friction I needed to keep going.

"College was a little better. I wasn't eager to jump into the dating scene but I met a nice guy at the start of my second semester. He was a sophomore, handsome, and knew so much more about college then I did. He gave me advice on teachers, how to make friends with the sorority girls who kept copies of old tests, which frats to avoid. I'd been really nervous at first, but he was nice and easy with me. He wanted to get physical, but I was nervous and scared, and told him I was a virgin. Not so hard to believe coming from a private Catholic School girl.

It took me weeks to let down my guard far enough to even let him touch me on the skin. But he wore me down, persistent as hell, and slowly got access to these," she turned partially, still unwilling to allow any space between us, squeezing the yummy tit which appeared. "That distracted him for a couple of weekends. Then I learned the art of the hand-job, which can be quite a useful tool, if you know what I mean. I even learned to use my mouth on him, nothing like Beth you know, but it really doesn't take all that much talent to get a 19 year old off. Maybe 30 seconds of licking and stroking, and bang! Instant results." Her sudden giggle was unexpected and a relief.

"Don't misunderstand me. Martin was really nice to me, and treated me well. He was very patient. And for an introduction back into the world of sex, he was great. He wasn't the least bit intimidating, neither physically or between his legs. He was pretty small, probably only about half your size, but that was good, really. I was so scared to have a boy's thing inside me. But his patience paid off. We did it. It took a couple of tries. The first time he couldn't even get it in me before he shot his juice all over me."

Amie took a break, heaving a big sigh. She rose up on her hands and knees, lifting slowly off my cock. She reached between her legs, grabbed my wand and gave it a shake. "Nothing like this thing, huh? If a girl wants her sweet cream around here, she'd better be willing to work for it." She leaned in and gave me a kiss. "Jack, believe me, I'm more than willing."

The sweet girl rolled off of me, almost off the bed, and opened her arms and legs to me. I climbed between her legs, and entered her smoothly, leaning over her, my lips above hers, my weight on my elbows, our bodies touching for out entire length. I understood what she needed. I used my hips to take her deeply. But I couldn't distract her from her confessional.

"Martin and I had sex 5 times. Three times he actually got inside of me. Not once did he last more than about 1 minute. At his best it was a couple of dozen strokes and that was it. But I wasn't complaining. He was crazy about me when he was on me, and in me. He was going to love me forever, Romeo to my Juliet. Then he just stopped calling. And stopped showing up. He started avoiding me. When I finally caught up to him and asked him what was wrong, he had no excuse. He 'needed something else'. I still don't know what happened. After that I couldn't go back to school. But I couldn't tell Dad what happened. I just couldn't. I was really missing my Mom then."

I had risen up onto my extended arms and was fucking her a little steadier. Not hard or passionate, just a nice easy motion, enjoying her. She reached up for me and pulled me down for another kiss.

"So when Beth told me about you, I couldn't believe it. I had to know if it was true. When she was dating you, I was the one urging her to go slow, and look what that got her. Then she sucked and fucked you, and what do you know, she's living with a man who takes her to the most incredible heights, it seemed unbelievable. She's sharing him with the sweetest girl in the world, who cooks and cleans and fucks like an minx. And he's putting her in her own business, no questions, no strings, just to make her happy."

"Can you understand what this place is to me? It's a fantasy come true. Wild adventurous sex, where everyone's pleasure is the first concern. No meanness, no cruelty, no gossip, no judging. If a girl kisses a girl, she's not a lesbian. If she's with more than one guy, she's not a whore. If she's proud of her body, and shows it off, she's not a slut, she's hot. It's pure fantasy."

She pulled her legs back and encouraged me to fuck her harder. Which of course, under the situation, I had no choice but to accede to. "God, I love it. I love your fat cock in me, so thick, the feel of it rubbing down the sides of my pussy. The pressure of bone on bone at the end of every hard stroke. The wild feeling of your balls slapping against my ass, when you're fucking me like a wild man. Sweet Jesus, it's so, so hot. And when you make me come for you, God!"

Amie released her legs, wrapped them around my hips, and pulled me in. She reached up and kissed me, hard. She bit my lip, and nipped at my chin. "I took a chance, Jack. A crazy, fucked up, senseless chance. And on Beth's word, I just threw myself at you, swearing to myself that I would do anything, anything at all, and not hold back the smallest bit of myself. I'm not here to fall in love Jack. Although I guess that would be easy enough. I'm here to learn to love and be loved. Love me Jack."

Love her I did, leaning down and pressing my lips against hers, gently tangling tongues while I pounded her down below, faster, harder, more urgently. When I heard the moans and whimpers accelerating from her, I long stroked her, my lips to her ear, telling her how sweet she was, how beautiful, how much we all loved her, how much I needed to be inside her. When I finally came, it was like I'd set off a firecracker inside of her. She nearly threw me off, shrieking and gasping, hugging me close while her teeth and fingernails made hamburger out of my shoulders and back.

I let her go, rolling onto my back, and my sweet young lover following me. I slow stroked her, enjoying the feel of my still thick softening cock penetrating her sensitive pussy. She squeezed my cock with her pussy, and I stopped her. "Careful, you'll push me out. Just give me a moment." I eased in and out of her, letting my residual hardness keep me just firm enough to move inside her, letting the feel of her, and the thought of what I was doing to her, and for her, gradually restore my hardness.

She felt when my rod was strong enough for more play. "God Jack! Shouldn't we be getting up?"

"What do you thing I'm doing, sexy girl?"

"Oh my God, I can't believe you," she moaned. "Fuck me Jack, fuck me anywhere, everywhere, oh Jesus, just fuck me."

She sat up, looked at me lovingly, longingly, and started bouncing up and down. It was my first good view of her body all morning, sheets cast aside, her slender torso upright, breasts standing up. She grabbed her hair and pulled it back, in all its wildness, shaking her head.

Abruptly she stopped.

"Dad? WHAT THE FUCK! WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?" She screamed, and I followed her eyes, finally seeing what had her so riled. The top of her father's head was visible to me, just above the edge of the mattress.

"I can't believe you're SPYING on me! MY OWN FATHER. AND MY BEST FRIEND." Amie continued her tirade, still getting no answer.

Shit. The new roll-out bed, nearly two feet below our raised mattress. I sat up, pulling Amie's hips close, staying buried inside her, and preventing her from doing anything rash. I leaned back on one arm and took a look for myself. Ron and Beth were huddled together, abject fear and embarrassment fighting for control of their faces.

"Beth?" I asked softly.

She scrambled onto the bed, her eyes tearful, and went straight to my sweet lap-friend, hugging her, in spite of the red-head's resistance and anger. "I'm sorry, I'm so sorry. We weren't spying. Really. I wouldn't do that, tell her Jack?"

Amie looked at me angrily, waiting for me to take sides. As sweet and vulnerable as she was, it was going to be a long time before I took sides against my Beth. "I believe you, Beth, but can you explain things?"

Amie pushed against my chest and looked like she wanted to pull away. I reached one arm across her back, to her far shoulder and pulled her down hard, my perverse cock getting a rise out of her struggles. With my other arm I circled her waist, pulling her body close. Holding her, filling her, I waited for her to calm. Her tiny fists beat against my back and shoulders, wherever she could reach.

"I hate you, I hate you, hate you," she cried, but I could feel her heart wasn't in it.

Beth tried to calm her, pulling down on her arms. "We were sleeping, Amie, just sleeping. When we woke up, we heard you guys playing around, and talking about something. You're dad was up for some more fun, and we were getting off on getting together down here without you guys knowing. We thought we were just being naughty. Then I heard what you were saying, and I was so ashamed for listening in." Beth argued, still sitting behind Amie, stroking her back reassuringly.

Ron was now sitting on the edge of the bed, his hands covering his crotch, fearful of coming any closer. "It's true, Ames. We were playing around, trying to hide what we were doing from you, until I realized you were talking about the bad days. I'm so sorry; I'd never spy on you like that. And you were so far into your story, I didn't know how to let you know we were here, without embarrassing you."

She was hanging onto me for dear life, crying on my shoulder, yet her hips were rolling, grounding down onto my cock.

"I swear it Amie," Beth said. "We thought we could wait until you finished and left or went to the bathroom or something."

"But you just kept on going, kept on talking, kept on screwing," Ron said, sounding exasperated.

"You had to finish sometime, right?" Beth whined. "We thought we'd almost made it."

"And finally everybody came, and we were just moments from getting away," Ron argued anxiously, sliding closer, putting his hand on her shoulder. "It was going to be alright."

"Then Asshole here gets another hard-on for you, and we just knew we were doomed. Fuck! And so close," Beth bemoaned.

For my part, I was just holding Amie, supporting her, and maybe grinding back into her a little. Just a little.

Suddenly, the vixen bit down on my shoulder hard, hanging on hard enough to draw blood.

"Oww!" I barked, and then pulled her head back by her hair, until she released me. The little she bitch!

"It's all your fault! I would never have told that to anyone else. You've done this to me. Look at me, clinging to you, fucking you, in front of my Dad, when I should be furious. Why can't you be fucking human?"

The bite hurt like the dickens. I was so shocked; I didn't know how to respond. I think everyone was surprised, and concerned, until Beth finally snickered, snorted and almost choked trying to hold back her laughter.

Amie was looking at me in fear, her eyes like saucers, staring at my shoulder in complete surprise. I don't think even she realized what she'd done. I looked at my wound and saw the red blood swelling to the surface, her evenly spaced teeth, clearly etched in my skin. A few drops were even straggling down my chest. She reached to her mouth, and I could see the bright red tinge on her lip, where my blood had leaked.

"Oh God, I didn't mean it," she cried, pulling me close, kissing my shoulder, "I'm sorry, I'm sorry," she gasped kissing me softly. "Don't be mad, please."

I just sat there looking around at Beth, who was trying so hard to stop laughing, and Ron who looked fearful that he might have to break us up.

"I can't believe I'm fucking a vampire," I finally said to all present, not knowing how to respond to the insanity.

That made Beth absolutely crack up, and Amie chuckled along with her, her giggle becoming a full belly laugh, before collapsing into an hysterical crying jag.

Somehow, my erection survived the entire ordeal, including her bouncing up and down on my cock while crying her heart out, the salt in her tears burning as they splashed over the half dozen places where her teeth had pierced my skin.

With both her father and my girlfriend hugging her and consoling her, it was getting harder and harder to actually get any leverage behind filling her pussy. Fuck. What was I thinking? The poor thing was distraught, and I just wanted to stay hard inside of her.

When she finally started to calm down, I heard Ron ask, "Why didn't you tell me about college, baby? You could confide in me?"

She wrapped her legs tightly around my waist, pulling me deep before turning her torso to face her father. "I couldn't Dad, not after high-school. I was worried you'd do something stupid, something dangerous. And Martin wasn't bad; he was just a stupid jerk man, like all men." She hesitated, "Not like you guys, I mean. I mean he was bad, but you're not jerks. Or stupid. Oh shit, shit, shit, SHIT!"

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