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Cyber Sex Etiquette 101


Well, my friends, it is one of those times when I have to speak my mind about something of a slightly more serious nature. As much as I wish my sex life -- and in particular my cyber sex life -- could be all fun and games and laughs, there are some times when real life simply does not allow for it to be like that. Especially when you consider the way men and women think about things in such a different light at times.

I feel I ought to try to explain myself as a woman a little bit here, so that you guys will show a little bit more of that silly, smoochy stuff we gals call SENSITIVITY. Start acting like you actually have some RESPECT for the woman you are fucking at any given moment, unless you happen to be paying her to do what you want her to do. But even if that were the case, a modicum of respect and consideration for any female should be in order, whether you personally consider her to be a lady or a slut. So read on, my guys and my gals, just a bit further, and try to give it some thought before you go Instant Messaging the next gal or guy you want to have cyber sex with, ok?

The other day a younger man who I have been chatting sexy with of late, messaged me on Yahoo and said he was horny.

I said, "What else is new, baby??? lol"

And he told me nothing. The problem was that I was not in a particularly horny mood myself that afternoon. I had just been stiffed by a guy who had promised me the moon in coming here for a visit, and essentially simply suckered me into my most hated way to spend a first date -- that forever-dreaded one night stand.

I was feeling kind of used and abused by his actions, not to mention insulted and taken advantage of, too -- and I was trying to explain my hurt feelings to my chat buddy -- except he was not in the mood for hearing it. So he wound up insulting me even further along, by telling me flat out to stop RANTING at him, and acting disgusted with me for not concentrating on what he was interested in at that moment, which was -- of course, JERKING OFF! lol

Like the polite and considerate lady that I am, I apologized to him for neglecting his needs, tried to forget my troubles, and get down to some cyber sex fun with him. But, alas, my heart was not in it. The fact of the matter was that my chat buddy had just pretty much pissed me off to the point of my exploding. So rather than hurt his feelings or get him angry at me, I made my excuses, said my goodbyes, and signed off.

Needless to say, I was reminded of that old phrase my counselor of many years ago had often used when describing a guy's seemingly constant state of mind: ALL MEN THINK WITH THEIR DICKS! hahaha

You know, I hate to sound like an old, fuddy-duddy fart, but what the hell ever happened to common consideration of the person you happen to be with at any given moment, for their feelings and emotions? And just exactly what calendar year did manners and common courtesy toward another person go flying out the window? Could it have anything to do with the computer age, and the fact that just because we cannot see the person we are conversing with in the flesh, that they become too much like an object for us to use for our own tawdry pleasures? Do we forget so easily these days that we are all human beings out here in cyber space, with genuine, sensitive feelings that maybe cannot be seen through the screen, but surely they can be perceived??

Come on, everybody, and stop treating your cyber sex partners like the cold steel and icy glass that your computer monitors are made of. Start remembering that we all have our moods, we all have our emotions, and we all can have our hearts hurt by rough and crude words typed into the message window. And the next time you go Instant Messaging someone with the thought of sharing in a cyber sex session, and you find your cyber partner is not quite in the same frame of mind as you are -- have a little compassion, people. And show some good old-fashioned manners, and demonstrate a little bit of courtesy and respect. Because those things can surely go a long, long way in assuring that the next time you Instant Message that person, it just may turn out to be a fabulous time. After all, isn't it much better to be thought of by your chat buddies as being sweet, sexy, and understanding -- then it is to be remembered as a selfish prick and get no reply the next time you go Instant Messaging them??? Think about it.

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