Cyber Toys


Mary turned on her computer that evening, same time as usual. She had an 'appointment' to keep. She had a glass of wine this evening though, which was out of the ordinary for her. She clicked the small icon on the task bar, and the connection window popped up. She clicked the button and could hear the familiar sounds of her computer, dialing and connecting to the Internet. She nervously sipped the wine, which was actually her second. She felt she might need a bit of 'liquid courage' to help her get through this evening.

Mary had been online for over 2 years, discovering chat rooms rather by accident when she signed up for the internet. Living alone, she had a lot of free time on her hands. She wasn't involved in any activities, and she immediately became absorbed by the Internet, and all the excitement that it could offer. She found herself quickly swept into the thrill of the chat rooms. Inside the chat rooms you could meet people basically from all over the world, and from all walks of life. You could learn about other people's world, and how they coped with the everyday stresses of that world. The only drawback was that you never knew who was telling the truth.

Mary had been chatting in one particular room for "adults only" for over a year when one day a stranger appeared in the room. Now there were always newbies (newcomers) coming and going all the time. But this stranger, "Texas Ranger" was the nickname he had chosen stayed quiet and didn't participate in the chats going on in the open areas of the room. Of course, there were always lots of little 'private chats' happening between people, but you never really knew who was talking to whom. Mary had learned a few lessons regarding 'private' talks, and now avoided them all the time.

If she got a private message, she would not reply, but answer in the room to the person who had 'privated' her that she "only talked in the main room." In other words, no privates for her anymore. She had quite a few good friends, male and female, who would meet here regularly here most every evening if they were free. They would often carry on conversations that only they would completely understand, but they never shut anyone out, so long as they were polite to the other participants in the room.

Mary never knew why she noticed the Texas Ranger, but she did, almost from the very first time she saw him in the room. After about a week or so, of his coming in, and not saying anything other than simple one word replies to questions put to him by her friends, Mary decided to see if she could draw him out. From the beginning, the first time she said "hey there, Tex" something had seemed to happen between them. He gave her his usual short answers, but Mary was persistent. He finally asked her if Mary was her real name. And when she said yes, it was, she had decided to not hide behind silly nicknames any longer, than he started to respond to her questions.

Now, when Texas Ranger came into the room, it was always to Mary that he spoke first. He did gradually warm up to her friends, and begin making friends there of his own. He participated in the silly games they would play of trivia. After a month or so of talking nearly every day, he sent her a private message. Mary paused, and then answered him back in private. From that point on, things changed just a little. They began talking about more personal things, sharing things more intimate in their daily lives. He learned she was single, 38 and lived alone, never married; though she did come close once. She learned he was 48, divorced, with a teenage daughter, and a son in college.

He traveled occasionally for business, and those days that he was out of town, he would not be online, and Mary was shocked to learn that she was missing him the days he wasn't around. She found she was mopier on the evenings he wasn't in the chat room. The first 2 times after he returned, she wasn't sure why she felt so funny, but she did. The third time, he said hello to her, but she did something she rarely did - she flirted with nearly every man in the room that evening. When Tex asked her what was wrong, in private, she told him, nothing. But then, in the privacy of her home, she started to cry, not understanding the emotions she was feeling. She turned her computer off abruptly, and forced herself to go to bed. The next evening, she left work and went to dinner by herself, and then out to a movie. She got home late, and went straight to bed.

The next evening though, she felt drawn to the computer. She couldn't stay away. She entered the room and found Tex was there already. She greeted everyone the same but almost immediately, she received a private message from Tex. For a few seconds, she just sat and stared at the screen. She wasn't sure what she was feeling, nor what she really wanted to do. But finally, she replied. He asked her to go to a private room with him. He said they needed to talk, and they couldn't do it here, being interrupted by everyone. Mary deliberated for several moments, and then agreed. She followed his directions to the room he had found for them.

She felt nervous as she typed a simple 'hi' when she entered the room. But Tex, as she had become used to from him, wasted no time, and wanted to know what was bothering her. She considered lying, but she was too honest with herself to do that. She admitted that she didn't know what was wrong with her. She had missed him while he was gone, and then when he was back, she had just felt even crazier. Tex didn't reply at first, and then he simply said, 'I missed you too, Mary.'

Slowly, over the next weeks, they opened up even more to each other. They shared photographs of each other. Bill had wanted to hear her voice, so she had finally consented to call him collect. His voice had been deep, and the sound of it had set off little tingles down her spine. They had talked for awhile, but Mary had insisted they cut it short, since it was more expensive to talk this way, than over the computer. But Bill had gotten her number from her after that, and he began calling her. They would set up special times to talk.

They still mostly talked in the chat room, carrying on little private conversations all the while. And then, she didn't know who did it first, but a definite sexual undertone entered their banter. From there, it grew, getting bolder, flirtier each day. Mary felt herself getting more and more aroused every time she talked with him. Finally, on the phone, late one night, Bill called her from one of his business trips. He was lying alone in his hotel room, he had said, and kept thinking of her. He finally picked up the phone and just called Mary.

Mary was already in bed. And as things often do, the conversation, in the dark, soon turned to intimate talk, in soft, husky voices, that turned them both on. Bill admitted that he was so hot and hard, he could hardly stand it. He told her he was stroking himself, and just hearing her sexy, sweet voice was making hornier by the second. Mary had blushed in the dark quiet of the night. She had been aware that her own nipples were peaked up tight in the cool of the air, and between her legs, her pussy lips were getting wetter by the moment. At his words though, her own hand moved down over her full, tender breasts, pausing at her taut nipples, and then down between her thighs. She stroked her pussy lips lightly, then spread her thighs, searching out her clit. A soft gasp escaped her parted lips when she touched herself.

Bill was quick to ask her what she was doing. She whispered back huskily that she was touching herself. Just hearing that was nearly enough to push him over the edge. But he held himself in check, and began talking softly, suggestively to Mary. Asking her to touch herself in certain places. Over and over, his deep voice enticed her in the blackness of the night. And when Mary cried out, her body jerking in response to her orgasm, Bill found himself erupting explosively, hearing her, and imagining what she would have looked like.

After that, they often would meet in a private room, and enjoy some verbal cybersex together. Or, they would talk on the phone, enjoying long, hot steamy conversations, which always ended the same way. Both of them would whisper good night, and fall asleep, sated. Bill wanted to meet her for real, but their schedules didn't permit anything soon. And then, one day, out of the blue, Bill told her he had bought a camera, and was sending the duplicate to it to her in the mail. This way, they could see and hear each other, instead of just sharing typed words or whispered phrases in the night.

Mary was scared at first. She managed to install the camera herself. They had some problems at first though. Every time Mary appeared online with the camera software, men wanting to chat would bombard her. Obviously, a lot of men had cameras; she had joked with Bill. Finally, they got all the kinks ironed out, and enjoyed their first conversation 'on camera.' Mary was nervous, fidgeting as she talked with Bill, messing with her hair, unsure of what to do or say. But slowly, after several times of using the camera, she relaxed, and began enjoying seeing Bill's face as he told her something funny his kids had done, or discussed a problem at work.

After a few weeks, they both felt completely relaxed, but they had been confining their more sexual conversations for the phone still. And then, Mary decided that she wanted to do more, on the camera that is. She knew that is what Bill had gotten the camera's for after all, and she had had enough time to think about it, and she wanted it also. She had bought a new nightgown. It was sheer, quite short, and had lace for the bodice, which barely constrained her full, taut breasts. Bill had often appeared in just shorts, or boxers, but she had always covered. When Bill saw her sensuous body on the camera, Bill nearly choked.

Mary whispered into the microphone that she was 'his to command' that evening. She would do whatever he wanted her to do. To say that Bill nearly 'popped his cork' would have been a gross understatement. He had an immediate hard-on, which was threatening to break free of his boxers any second. Finally, he got his composure back, or at least enough of it to take command. He asked Mary to turn up the lights so he could see her, and then to step back from the camera, so he could see her body, and the sexy nightgown. Mary did as he asked, stepping back until he could see from the tops of her thighs to her face. She smiled nervously. Bill's voice same as always, though perhaps just a bit deeper and huskier reassured her. She then told him she had a secret to share with him.

Bill wouldn't have thought it possible, but his cock got harder at her provocative words. As he watched, she slowly took the lower edge of her nightgown, and slowly raised it up. And then, Bill nearly choked as he saw her surprise. Mary had shaved her pussy. She had talked about it when he had told her about his shaving, but she had not mentioned it again. Oh God, Bill stroked his cock faster, and harder, as he watched Mary continue to pull the gown up and over her head. She tossed her hair back over her shoulder, which caused her full breasts to jiggle and bounce most exotically. She moved one hand to her right breast, and lightly touched the tightly beaded nipple.

Bill's voice was very husky, as he asked her if she was wet. Mary moved her legs apart, and touched herself. He nearly lost it, seeing her small hand and fingers lightly touching her shaven pussy. God, he would give anything right then to be able to touch her himself. Mary shifted and tilted her hips forward, and slid her fingers between her freshly shaven lips. She had never felt so sexy before, doing this for her lover. That is how she considered Bill, even though he had never touched her in real, she loved him, and would gladly share her body with him. Her voice was a whisper that barely reached his ears as she whispered that she wanted him.

As Bill watched, her hips jerked several times as she touched her clit. And then, she pulled her fingers free, and showed Bill the wetness that clung to her fingers. He couldn't stop it; Bill shot his cum wildly, barely avoiding his keyboard at the last second. Mary saw his reaction to her own erotic actions, and she continued touching herself until she climaxed herself, while he continued to watch.

Mary collapsed into her chair at the computer desk, in front of the computer. Bill laughed softly, as he told her that really did him in. He watched the soft smile curve her lips, and wished he were there to kiss that sweetly curving mouth. He wanted to taste her mouth, feel her tongue stroking his own. But their time would come, and they soon whispered good night to each other, and signed off for the night.

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