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Cynthia's Submission



Just the word sends a spasm to Cynthia Moore's cunt. At only 19 years old, she was an unused submissive, just waiting to be taken down a journey of humiliation and degradation.

But she didn't fully realize that when she first met David Abraxas, a handsome 34-year-old stockbroker. They met in Southwest Ohio, near Cincinnati but not in the city. Cynthia, who had yet to realize her real destiny in life was taken with David and their dates quickly blossomed into a full-blown and lovely romance. Cynthia, although not a virgin, was inexperienced sexually and David began screwing her regularly and she got more and more into it as the months went along.

Cynthia was a world-class cutie, 5'3" tall, 115 pounds and shoulder length brown hair and hazel eyes and a face that reminded others of Shania Twain. Her modest 33b-22-32 figure was also cute and David thought her bubble butt bottom was her very best feature, even better than her pretty face.

For his part, David knew what Cynthia was. He knew he could make her a fucktoy, get her to do whatever he wanted. But Cynthia had no idea of the cesspool of depravity David was going to bring to her life. David was indeed a pervert and had a very warped view of how Cynthia should spend the rest of her days. But he didn't let on a bit of it during their courtship.

And when he proposed late on a Saturday evening near the river, she was overjoyed; Cynthia thought she had met her Sir Galahad, instead she had met her Dr. Frankenstein who would turn her into one of the great sluts of world history. The wedding was a relatively small affair and they left on their honeymoon right after the wedding. One of the odd things Cynthia noted about the wedding was that David's former wife, Dee Abraxas, had been in attendance. Cynthia had not fully understood why David would divorce Dee, who was 26 and, Cynthia had to grudgingly agree a very, very sexy girl. As opposed to Cynthia's modest proportions, Dee was a voluptuous 36C-23-36, arranged very neatly on her 5'8" frame. To top it off, Dee had long brown hair and was a double for Sophia Loren in her younger days. Cynthia had to acknowledge that Dee was a fabulous looking woman, very pretty and stacked with a body to respect and admire. Well, Cynthia thought, once we get back from the honeymoon, I'm sure I'll never have to see Dee again. Cynthia couldn't have been more wrong, but that was to come later, when her submission was in full swing.

And David had arranged a fun-packed honeymoon vacation in Las Vegas. Upon their arrival, Cynthia was taken with Las Vegas, she absolutely loved it, from the people mover at the airport to the roller coaster in front of New York, New York, their honeymoon hotel. Cynthia was taken with the faux New York skyline at the strip hotel. They arrived late on their wedding night and went straight to their room. Cynthia thought David seemed really horny and she was anxious to please him.

"Ok honey, I really want to control things tonight so I'm going to handcuff you to the bed," David began awkwardly. "But don't worry, I won't let anything bad happen to you."

Nevertheless, Cynthia was taken aback and asked why.

"Well, this will be the first lovemaking during our married life and I want to control every part of you, I'm sure you will love it," David said.

Cynthia, however, wasn't sure, but, surprisingly, she felt herself getting wet and then when the deed was done and she was naked and securely cuffed to the four posters of the bed, she couldn't believe how sopping wet her pussy had become. She was looking forward to the delights David had in store for her. She had particularly come to hope he would eat her pussy and hoped he would do that for her as she was secured to the hotel bed. She hoped he was a wonderful performer of cunnilingus and she had carefully studied such techniques to help him better eat her pussy. By now, she considered herself an expert in this particular sexual art, but she had never experienced it and of course never practiced it. Oh yes, she thought, I hope this is quite a night and David eats me to a half dozen climaxes.

But, suddenly, her view of the evening was shattered. Without so much as an "I'm leaving", David turned on his heel, opened the hotel room door and walked out.

Cynthia was devastated. Her high hopes for the evening's sex fun seemed to have disappeared. And now she was left alone in the hotel room with all sorts of anxious thoughts.

Why would David suddenly leave? And what was going to happen next? What if room service came in and found her this way? What if David never came back? Her mind was really all over the place trying to identify the possibilities and what her fate would be. She wouldn't have long to wait.

In fact, it was only half an hour and she heard the door opening, even though she couldn't see who was entering. Shortly, David's face moved into her view, blocking anything else from her eyes and she smiled and began to babble about how glad she was to see him. David, however, cut off her ramblings by covering her mouth with his hand.

"No need to talk dear Cynthia, you see I have quite an evening planned for you, but it may not be what you had in mind," he said and laughed evilly. "But, then again, with what I have learned about your submissive nature, you might like it. A lot. For you are going to be this evening's entertainment and I have brought a few new friends for you to entertain."

Entertain? Cynthia's mind reeled, what did David have in mind. Here she was planning on an evening of sex with her new husband and now she was going to entertain his friends. Cynthia could barely comprehend the implications.

With that, David waved his hand, stepped aside and allowed Cynthia to see six women standing around the bed. It looked a little like a United Nations convention, two were black, two were Asian, one Mexican and a white women. Their body types ranged from obese (one of the black women) to stunning (the Mexican woman was gorgeous with a Barbie-doll-like figure and a beautiful face).

Without further comment, the obese black woman turned to David and asked, "So you said anything we want, is that right?"

David just nodded and then took a seat in a chair near the bed where he could watch everything. And watch he did indeed, he had dreamed of this moment from his first meeting with Cynthia. He knew deep in his heart that this was what she really wanted and, more importantly, what he and Dee wanted. For this was part of his plan with Dee. Their marriage had been one of convenience, allowing David to show his superiors at work that he was married and stable. While David loved women, he really had little interest in sex with them, what really turned him on was to see a woman or women dominated by other women, he loved to sit and jackoff his big fat penis while viewing lesbian domination videos or, even better, watching it in person. And he was a perfect match for Dee. For while Dee could enjoy a cock now and then, her true mission in life was to dominate, degrade, humiliate and debase women who craved, or abhorred, that kind of domination.

Dee and David married and began to pursue their joint passion with David helping Dee procure willing and some unwilling victims for her to dominate. She shared her depraved sessions with David, allowing him in some cases to view them live and in other situations videotaping them for his review at a later date.

After David had been married long enough to Dee to allow him to prove his stability to his employer, they decided to divorce, but not to end their partnership. They devised a wicked plan to have David find a young, submissive slut, marry her and then work with Dee to bend the new slut to their joint will. It was only a few months later that David met and began to romance Cynthia.

Cynthia, David had thought, was the perfect sub for his fantasies and Dee's reality. And now he had her where he wanted her and would find out if she could be the girl of his dreams or not.

The obese black woman looked over at David, who by now was seated with his pants around his ankles and his huge cock in his hand, slowly jacking himself off, and asked again, "So you say we can do anything to her or with her that we want?"

David just nodded.

At the direction of the fat black woman, the Mexican beauty grabbed Dee's hair and pulled it back. One of the Asian ladies was directed to pull Cynthia's mouth open and to pinch her nose. Thus properly restrained, the ladies were ready for the evening's first event.

"This fucking piece of shit cunt is going to have to get ready for taking all of our bodily fluids and waste so let's start by giving her a little of our saliva, some spit from our lovely mouths," the fat black gal said. It was obvious she was becoming a leader in the plans for degrading the hapless Cynthia.

The black woman then leaned over Cynthia's open mouth and deposited a large helping of spit in poor Cynthia's open mouth.

For her part, Cynthia was horrified as this scene began and, yet, as the first of the woman's spit entered her mouth, she again felt her pussy getting wet, very wet. My god, she thought, this is turning me on.

Cynthia took the black woman's saliva into her gaping mouth and knew that there was no use fighting it, she was going to swallow this foul liquid. Something snapped in her mind and she decided to join in the fun and participate in this abuse of her. Without thinking much, she began to roll the spit around in her open mouth, allowing all of the ladies to see her swishing the spit in her mouth and then she suddenly swallowed it and stuck out her tongue to show all she had swallowed it without begin asked.

And her pussy continued to froth. Gawd, she thought, I am becoming a real pervert, a weirdo; and I like it.

David just continued to jack himself off, thinking what a good choice he had made in selecting Cynthia, who he felt was rapidly becoming a stinking piece of shit cunt who would gladly give service to any and all women.

The black woman noticed that as Cynthia stuck her tongue out to show them all that she had consumed the spit, that the slut's tongue was a real work of art.

"Holy shit," the black woman bellowed, "that fucking tongue must be long enough to touch her nose. Do it slut, touch your fucking nose with that piece of shit tongue."

And Cynthia, who knew about her special talent in this area, slowly rolled out her lingual muscle and tapped the top of her nose with it. There was an audible gasp from the women and David, who had never tapped this feature of his new bride, but knew that this capability would make her even more sought after.

The black woman told the other ladies that they would all be able to take advantage of that special tongue shortly when "you sit on her fucking piece of shit face. Oh yeah, that tongue is going up your pussies and shit holes ladies."

Pussies and shit holes, Cynthia shrieked in her mind, she had been prepared for some abuse but she had not realized that she'd become a facial fucktoy for all of these women's private and nether parts. But, again, her pussy betrayed her shock and deep in her mind, she knew that she was going to gladly provide these services.

But first, they had to finish spitting in Cynthia's mouth. And the black woman had noticed that Cynthia was a little too eager to get that spit in her mouth so she made her beg for it. Each of them, in turn, deposited their spit loads after Cynthia had begged and Cynthia dutifully swallowed all of it.

"Ok, who's first to get this slut's tongue, that big fucking tongue, in their holes," the black woman announced, "well, hell's bells, it might as well be me."

The ebony colored woman quickly stripped off her dress and was not wearing any underwear, no bra, no panties, no nylons or pantyhose. She was ready for sex and she clambered up on the hotel room bed and in short order her crotch was poised over Cynthia's face.

Cynthia looked up and saw the gash of the black woman poised over her face. The thick-lipped cunt was already frothing with cunt juice and she could also see the black woman's anus blinking, but unseeing, readying itself for that devilish tongue. And amazingly again, Cynthia felt her mouth begin to water at the fleshy feast that was poised just above her face. The drool began to well up in her mouth as the black lady's crotch was lowered to her waiting mouth.

The snatch that smacked into her face was really a giant cunt, it felt like the gaping pussy was swallowing her head, but Cynthia was determined to service it. Cynthia could not see at that moment, but she was eager to begin her first pussy loving. Although Cynthia had sampled her own pussy juices, she wanted to taste another's juices and she did. The taste of the black woman was different than her own, somewhat sweet pussy juice. This was like eating tuna raw from a can. The musky smell and taste was overwhelming, not at all like she had expected, but she found that she was drawn to it and she scooped her tongue deeply into the black woman's vagina. She soon was hooked on the taste and was lapping up the black woman's juice like a pro gash eater. The black domme was thoroughly enjoying the combination of control she was exercising and the sexual loving Cynthia was providing. Her orgasm, she realized couldn't be far off and she vaguely realized that the cunt underneath her twat was shaking like she was about to come, even though nothing had touched Cynthia's private parts. The black woman knew that she couldn't allow Cynthia to orgasm, lest she lose some of the enthusiasm she was showing for her new role as a sex slave.

The black woman knew she had to do something quickly and she snapped at one of the Asian ladies that they should punch Cynthia's cunt before the twat lapper could come. The Asian woman didn't hesitate a moment as she had experience with the black woman of breaking in new sluts. She balled her hand into a fist and smashed it down into Cynthia's cunt, not so much to cause pain for pain's sake as to cause Cynthia to break her move toward an orgasm. And the punch worked. Cynthia felt her orgasm breaking off and she was about to remove her mouth from the hot black cunt that was plastered to it, but the black domme was a step ahead of her and had grabbed her nipple and was twisting it.

"Don't you dare back off of eating my pussy," she said. "Keep eating or I'll tear off your fucking nipple."

The harsh move worked and Cynthia continued eating the pussy on her face. The black woman groaned in bliss as Cynthia swabbed her tongue all over her sex and nipped at her clit and pussy lips. The black woman groaned and moaned as the new sex slave was initiated into the special world of pussy worship. When Cynthia's head fell back and her tongue gave out, the black woman unceremoniously rolled off her slave and took a minute to calm down. When she had caught her breath, she announced that the slut mouth of Cynthia was "open for business."

"This slut can really eat pussy, girls, give her a full meal of hot cunt," the black woman yelled out to the others.

The next domme up was the Mexican woman, who moved her face close to Cynthia's and told her that she obviously knew how to eat pussy, but that now she was going to get a chance to eat shit hole.

"I hope you like it as much as you obviously like cunt," the Mexican said.

The woman told Cynthia to stick out her tongue and that she was going to impale her anus on the fleshy stick. Shortly, Cynthia's tongue was buried far up the Mexican's shitter and she was tasting some really foul contaminants, but again her pussy was betraying her disgust and she continued to orally stroke the hot hole that had captured her tongue. Soon, the Mexican was getting off on just the anal stimulation, shuddering to an orgasm with Cynthia's tongue flailing away inside her shit hole.

All of the other women used Cynthia as well, until her tongue could barely move and her face was covered with their cunt and ass juices. Each of the women had come and Cynthia had noticed a video camera being passed around the room, indicating to her that her domination was going to be shown to someone else, but who?

After her perverted dining experience, the women took Cynthia off the bed and got her on all fours, placed a collar around her neck and attached a leash to it.

Her principal tormentor, the black woman, took the leash and walked Cynthia around to all of the now sated women, making her lick each luscious bottom. Cynthia found that she liked licking each of these shitholes as much as the first one she had tasted and she was forced to face a new truth about herself. She liked shithole, she liked licking the terminal end of women's digestive tracts. She shuddered with the acknowledgement, with the perversity of it all.

The Mexican was really into Cynthia licking her shithole and announced to the gathered group that she felt like her bean burrito from lunch was going to make its presence known.

"Stand by for a Mexican fart," she said.

And with no further waiting, the Mexican cut a juicy fart, loudly and sloppily into Cynthia's probing mouth.

"Now thank me you fucking piece of shit," the Mexican yelled at Cynthia.

Cynthia bowed her head and humbly thanked the Mexican for letting loose a sloppy fart into her hungry mouth. A week earlier, Cynthia would have been revolted at her behavior, but now, she was truly grateful that the Mexican was helping to show her what a worthless piece of shit she was and would remain for the rest of her life. But for tonight, the women were hardly done with Cynthia. Another of the women let loose with a fart into her mouth and had her repeat the thank you ritual.

She heard the black woman's voice ring out again, telling one of the other dommes to bring her over to where she was standing in front of a couch. The black woman told her to get her face in front of her pussy as she was going to make Cynthia a toilet.

"Open up your pie hole honey, I'm going to urinate in your mouth and don't spill a drop you piece of shit," the black woman said.

Cynthia hustled to place her mouth over the black woman's hole and was not surprised as the urine began to flow. Cynthia, for all her eagerness, could hardly believe what she was doing; serving as a urinal for the dominant black woman. Her descent into this depraved world had happened so quickly that she hadn't yet had time to think about what, if any, limits she might have. She was afraid she would have none, that she was simply so submissive that she'd do anything her controllers commanded. The piss began to flow into Cynthia's mouth, and the black woman would stop as the lowly cunt's mouth filled and allow her to swallow.

As Cynthia's mouth filled again and again, the blak woman laughed, telling Cynthia what a good porta-potty she was.

"Yeah, and I'll be using you regularly when you are in Las Vegas cunt, you are going to be my toilet whenever you are in town."

Finally, the party began to wind down and Cynthia finally noticed that her husband had jacked off until he came and was sitting in the chair with his sperm all over his dick and stomach.

"Tell the girls thanks Cynthia and kiss their feet as they leave."

After the girls were gone, Cynthia and David sat and talked. Or David mostly talked, telling Cynthia what her future was going to be like.

"We are going to take you down a road of lesbian slave humiliation and degradation. You are not going to be able to refuse any woman's sexual request when we are done with you and we'll make you into a true cunt worshipper, it will become your religion."

Cynthia was still reeling from the evening's depravity and she couldn't respond, but she did wonder what he meant by "we." When she asked him, she learned of his plans with Dee and how Cynthia was to become Dee's slut as well.

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