tagExhibitionist & VoyeurCynthia's Submission Ch. 07

Cynthia's Submission Ch. 07


For the rest of the evening I wandered my house naked and unsure of what to do with myself. Sage had only left a few hours previously and I was already lost. The only thing I knew was not allowed was masturbation; anything else was left up to me. I remained naked simply because I had learned to love the way it felt, and I did not even wash off the message that was tagged across my abdomen. I was just lost.

I couldn't remain still for more than a few minutes. I kept thinking about Sage, about the pictures she took, what to expect from her in the future, and how much I already missed. There would be no way I could go an entire day with seeing her. Eventually, I came up with a plan to relax and drew myself a warm bubble bath.

Soaking in the tub, my anxious nerves melted away, and I was able to just enjoy the warming sensation of the water and the calming of the lavender scented bubbles. It was if nothing else was of importance in my world, and everything just simply melted away as I allowed myself to fall into a deep relaxation. So much so that I drifted off to a peaceful sleep, and did not awake until I heard phone ringing from inside the bedroom.

Somewhat startled back awake, I slowly lifted myself out of the tub, and dried myself off as my cell finished ringing. Wrapping the towel around myself, I went to retrieve my phone to see who had called; it was my mother, so I called her back. We spoke for awhile, catching up with each other, and discussing what was going in our lives. Of course I purposely left out my budding relationship with my student mistress, but to be honest, I don't think that is really something you share with your mother.

Our conversation drew on for a while and after that while, the activities of the week and the past day began to catch up to me. I found that I was becoming rapidly tired, and had to end the call with my mother, as to not to fall asleep on the phone. After hanging up I rolled over on my bed, still wrapped in the towel with my hair wet, and drifted off to sleep once again.

I slept so well that I didn't wake up until late the next morning. The towel was long gone, and I was lying naked on top of my bed spread; however, I felt rejuvenated and refreshed. Pulling myself out of bed, I headed straight to the bathroom to clean myself up; falling asleep with wet hair never results in a good look when you wake up. When I exited the shower, I still felt renewed and decided to catch up on some grading I had put off during the week with Sage. However, I decided to do it in a way that I had not done before; I was going to do it in the nude. With the new injection of energy I had, I felt compelled to spend the day naked, and to enjoy the day off from my submission.

Since I had begun submitting to Sage, a lot of my other students work had gone ungraded, which meant I had a lot of work to do to get caught up. In a way though, the idea of doing it naked made it seem exciting, and I actually jumped right into it, losing myself in the process. By the time I got caught up and finished all of the grading, it was late afternoon, and my stomach was screaming to be fed.

I thought about making something to eat, but out of the blue a wicked idea popped into my head. I immediately went in search of the yellow pages to find a number for a pizza delivery. I don't know where the idea came from, but once it got into my head I was determined to go through with it. Once I got the number from the phonebook, I eagerly dialed it and ordered a medium cheese pizza. The operator told me it would be about twenty minutes, and instantly my heart began to flutter with anticipation.

At first, I thought about answering the door in a towel and having it drop, exposing myself, but thought that seemed too cheesy. Then I thought about wearing skimpy clothing as I opened the door, but that just didn't seem as though it would give me the excitement I wanted to receive. I finally decided on just plain answering the door nude; make it seem as though nothing was amiss with doing so, that it is completely natural to answer the door to a delivery man naked.

Set and satisfied with my plan, I began to put away all of the papers I had graded and eagerly waited for the pizza to arrive. The wait felt excruciatingly long, and I thought for a moment that it may never arrive; that I possibly gave the operator the wrong address by mistake. Fortunately, those thoughts were pushed aside when the sound of the door bell rang out, and signaled it was time for my-self imposed exposure to begin.

I took one final deep breath and slowly stood up from the chair I was waiting in. I only had a few nerve racking step to make before reaching the door, and with each one my heart raced faster. As I reached out for the door knob, my body began to tremble and my arm began to shake a bit. Taking a moment to steady myself, I took another deep breath before finally reaching out and turning the door knob.

In the brief seconds of remaining cover that the opening door provided for me, I almost backed out; I almost slammed the door back shut and ran to hide. However, I did no such thing; I simply allowed the door to swing open and expose my naked form to the unsuspecting delivery person. As I came into view of the younger, somewhat attractive, delivery boy, he almost dropped my pizza and was in a state of frozen shock. I was equally shocked for just how daring I was being on my own, but I knew I wasn't quite out of the woods yet. In my nervous state to answer the door, I had forgotten to grab the money to pay for the meal. With the delivery boy still in shock, I spoke to knock him out of his daze.

"Oh, thank you for getting here so quickly; if you can just wait here for a second I have to go and grab my wallet."

He said nothing in response, but simply nodded his head as his eyes were transfixed on my nude body. I turned back towards the inside of my house and left him standing there to stare at me as I walked back to grab my wallet. It was in my purse which I had left on the table it clear view of the door way. I quickly grabbed the wallet and returned to the statue of a delivery boy at my front door. Reaching into my wallet I pulled out the money and extended my hand to pay him. It took him a moment to pull himself together enough to grab the cash from me and hand the pizza over to me. I told him to keep the change and swiftly closed to door, finally breaking his gaze.

With the door shut, I braced myself on the wall as I regained my composure. My heart was racing, and I had a buzz of electricity running through my body. I had to catch myself from reaching down and playing with my dripping wet pussy. It would have been against Sage's orders, and I in no way wanted to disappoint my mistress.

The rest of the evening was relatively uneventful; I ate a few slices of pizza while I remained nude, and simply tried to busy myself so that time would pass. After watching a made for TV movie, I decided to surf the internet and check my emails. Once logged in, I was pleasantly surprised to see an email sent from Sage sitting in my inbox. Upon opening the message, I realized it wasn't actually a message at all, but simply a link to a private online photo account.

Needless to say, I quickly click the link and was brought to a simple photo album of myself from the day before. At first the online album scared me; how was I to know that no one else had access to it. Sure it was set to private, but that doesn't mean Sage hadn't shared it with anyone else, or that it couldn't be hacked. However, after my initial reaction I was able to can myself; knowing that I had to trust my mistress to truly have my well being at heart. If I want to submit to her, I was going to have to completely do so and not second guess her.

With my nerves steadied, I began to go through the album picture by picture. I was fascinated by not only how sexy and submissive I looked, but also just how daring I was. It is just amazing to think about the level of danger, in the sense of my career, that I am willing to get myself into to prove my devotion to Sage. As each pictured passed over my screen, the more daring and risky it looked, and the more into it I appeared. In fact, just looking at the pictures I began to create a puddle of arousal on my chair.

There were literally hundreds of pictures of me in various poses and states of arousal, and with each one I carefully examined it; looking for any reason why I was willing to serve Sage so willingly. By the time I had gotten through them all, two hours had passed and all I could determine was that Sage just simply was able to pull my submissive behavior out of me; from somewhere deep down inside my being. Understanding that, I became happy that she had, for I could not remember a time in my adult life that I felt so open and free. Even though I was under the control of another, I was happier than I could believe and was craving to have more.

Finishing my viewing of the very erotic pictures of myself, it was thankfully late evening and I had successfully managed to have the hours fly by. Remembering the only other instruction Sage had left me with, I searched out my phone to call her before attempting to go to bed. When she answered after the second ring, I was filled with joy to hear her voice.

"Hello my slut, are we going to bed already?"

I looked at the clock and noticed it was only 8:00pm, and answered in a way I hoped would please her.

"Well mistress, I hadn't really noticed the time, but I do deeply wish to see you and feel that if I go to bed now I won't have to continue to agonize over not being able to until the morning."

"I can understand your reason for wanting to get to bed early, but unfortunately I think you should be required to complete another task before calling it a night. Does this sound reasonable to you slut?"

"Yes mistress, anything to please you."

"Good, I just hope you keep the same attitude once I tell you what is expected of you for tonight. I want you to treat yourself to a late movie; I believe there are a few showing at 11:00 pm at the multiplex tonight. Pick one you don't think will be too crowed because you will being having a bit of fun during the viewing. You are to wear a tight, form fitting dress with your highest heels, and nothing else. Once inside the theatre, go to the back row and wait until the movie begins. Next, you will remove your dress, and toss it a few seats over to your left. How does this sound so far slut?"

"Anything you order me to do sounds good to me mistress. I am simply your slut to have do as you wish."

"I'm glad to hear that slut; you are really becoming a good little whore. Anyways, once you are naked in the theatre, you will remain so until I text you with further information. Get yourself ready slut, you don't want to miss the previews. Oh, and remember, no masturbating. Have fun."

With that the phone went silent, and I was left to ponder my new adventure for the night. There was not a single doubt I would do as I was ordered, but I did wonder what else Sage would have planned for me. I replaced the phone and went to my closet to pick out my tightest dress and my highest heels. What I pulled out was a snug, black cotton dress that went to about mid thigh with a simple swoop neckline and spaghetti straps that went over the shoulders. I had not worn it in such a long time, that I was surprised I still owned it. It was, at one time, my go to dress in college when I would go out clubbing with my friends. Since then it has faded some, but I knew it would still fit me like a glove.

I slipped it over my head and pulled it into place. Looking at myself in the mirror I noticed that not only had the black faded some, but the material had become for sheer than I had remembered. I most have washed it to many times back in college on the wrong setting, or something. I could just barely make out the outlines of my nipples, and if standing in the right light my mound could also be seen. Fortunately I was going to be inside a dark theatre so no one would really notice anyways; plus I would be taking it off once inside anyways.

The heels I grabbed to go with the dress were five inch, black, stilettos and they had an open toe. With them on, they really elongated my legs and made the dress seem even shorter. I was happy with the way I looked, and with it only being 8:45pm I figured I should get something to eat and get myself made up before I left for the movie. I peeled the dress and heels off, and headed to the kitchen to reheat some pizza for dinner before showering.

After my shower, I did my hair and makeup, (a girls got to look good even if it is for a late night movie showing), and got redressed into the tight black dress, and erotically high heels. It was a little before ten o'clock when I was finished getting ready, and I decided to heed Sage's advice of getting to the theatre early as to not miss the previews; also it would allow me to better decide which movie would be the least crowded.

I only lived a few minutes away from the movie theatre, and when I arrived I only counted ten cars in the parking lot. Figuring that at least four probably belonged to people working in the theatre, I assumed the rest belonged to other patrons. Making me feel even better was the fact that there was nobody outside buying tickets, which I took to mean they were already inside watching a movie, and would not be seeing any of the eleven o'clock films.

I waited in my car, which I parked a few rows to the left of the main entrance, for another fifteen minutes to see if anyone else would show up before getting out of my car to buy a ticket. No one else was showed up while I was buying a ticket, but it was still thirty minutes until the showing started and I knew there could be a chance of someone arriving close to the start time. There were only two movies showing at eleven o'clock, and I decided on the one that had been in theatres the longest; figuring it would be the one most everyone else had already seen. I got some looks from the girl taking my ticket as I strolled inside, but nothing I wasn't use to. I simply thanked for her help and made my way to my movie. Since I was the only one for the moment, I was able to pick my seat in the back row, dead center.

As I waited for the movie to began, and answered the silly trivia questions to myself, I started to become more and more aware about what I would soon be doing. I was going to be watching a movie, in a public theatre, completely nude. Who in their right mind does such a thing? Will I guess I knew the answer to that question, but while on the one hand I was pondering the insanity of the act, on the other hand I was becoming rapidly more excited in anticipation of doing such a forbidden task. My pussy was becoming saturated with arousal, and my nipples were poking out so much I thought they were going to punch holes in my dress.

About five minutes before the lights went down and the previews began to play, an usher came in to check if anyone was actually inside. I took that to mean I should not expect any other patrons to arrive. He must have been hoping to close the film room early to save time, but when he noticed me all the way in the back he just smiled and turned back out. I smiled back and let out a sigh of relief in knowing there was a great chance I would be alone for the movie.

Sitting through the previews in the dark theatre, my legs began to shake nervously up and down. My heart began to race, and my arousal grew further. I couldn't even tell you what previews were shown; I was too wrapped up in the idea of removing my dress and sitting naked as I waited for Sage to call while I watched a movie.

The moment of truth finally came; the movie began to play and had to steady my nerves. Taking three quick breathes I removed my dress as if it were a band-aid; in one swift motion. Once it was off I had to quickly toss it away to my left, as to not have the opportunity to chicken out. I sat stoned still in my seat; unable to move or relax. My heart was racing and a body temperature rose even in the air conditioned theatre.

It took a few minutes, but eventually I was able to sit back in my chair and begin to calm down some. I was basically a waterfall of sex by that point, with my seat cushion getting rather damp. Five minutes into the movie and still no one showed. I looked over to where I threw my dress, but I could not see it in the darkness. With each minute that passed and no one came in, I became more and more relaxed. However, I wasn't focused on the movie either; in fact I think I may have been just staring blankly at the screen for the most part while I pondered just exactly the risk level of my task. I had to keep mentally reminding myself not to touch my over-charged pussy, as it would have been against Sage's direct orders.

Forty five minutes had passed, and I was still alone. I had become so comfortable in my nude setting that when my phone rang with further instructions from Sage, I had my feet up on the chair in front of me and was slouched down enjoying the movie. The sound of the phone startled me, but I quickly retrieved it from my purse and answered it to the sound of Sage's voice.

"Hello my little teacher sub-slut; how is the movie going, are you the only one their?"

"Hello mistress. To be honest mistress, I haven't been paying too much attention to the movie, but I am indeed alone."

"That is to be expected, this is the first time you have ever attempted watching a film in a theatre completely naked. As for you being all alone, it might make completing your next task that much easier. I want you to firstly, upon getting off the phone with me, to take a few pictures of yourself sitting naked in your seat and send them to me. After that, you are to stand and make your way to the exit; leaving your dress and purse behind, but taking you phone with you. Once you reach the exit you will take a few more pictures of yourself by the inside of the door, as well as outside of the door. It will probably be best if you make sure the coast is clear before doing so. Once you have completed that, you are to scurry over to one of the 'coming soon' movie posters and take another picture in front of it. After that you will have the option between two possible scenarios: first one being that you return to the theatre and finish the movie while remaining naked and then getting redressed before going home, or the second option of returning to the theatre to get your purse, exiting out the back door naked and leaving your dress behind before walking around to your car and taking one final picture of yourself in front of the multiplex. It is up to you which option you choose, but after each you are to call me once you arrive home, and it should be noted that whichever choice you make will determine a different result when you call me. Is all of this clear my slut?"

With my mouth agape, I responded as I knew she wanted, and the way I knew I truly felt.

"Yes mistress, everything is completely understood, and your slut is happy to comply."

"Very well then; have a delightful time slut."

As usual, the phone went silent, and I was left to mull over what was expected of me. I already knew the first two steps in my new task could be easily accomplished, and was actually looking forward to getting them done. The picture in front of the movie poster was a bit scary, but I knew that were my theatre was located it wasn't in clear view of the employees working in the front. The only thing I would have to worry about would be anyone walking through the corridor, and since it was late the chances of that were even slight. As far as the last step went, my option between more or less exposure, it seemed obvious to choose the first option of getting home fully dress and not risking any further exposure. Then again, I did like the idea of going through with the second option; the idea of arriving at a place dressed and then leaving completely naked filled my body with shock waves of arousal. Also, if I did choose option two, it would make Sage happy, and maybe even impress her. That alone would be reason enough.

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