tagExhibitionist & VoyeurCynthia's Submission Ch. 11

Cynthia's Submission Ch. 11


My dreams of submission and pleasure faded away as the chirp of my phones alarm clock buzzed me awake. I at first was a bit disoriented, but soon remembered I was sleeping naked in my classroom as Sage had ordered. Slowly, I stirred back to an alert state, doing my best to prepare myself for the run around the track I was about to impart on. To wash away some of the sleepiness, I decided to make a stop by the restroom to wash up a bit.

I grabbed the towel and toiletries I would need for after the run and then exited my room to head off towards the girls' restroom down the hall. Upon entering, I quickly splashed some water on my face to liven me up some before checking myself out in the mirror. It still was a stir to see myself completely nude in my place of employment. Who in their right mind would ever spend an entire night naked at the school they teach at? I obviously had a problem, but it wasn't one I wanted to be solved; I just wanted to continue on my path of submission to Sage.

Once I felt as awake as I could get, I left the restroom, and made my way towards the outdoor track. Being a regular runner, I wasn't too concerned about the exercise aspect of this task, but the fact I would be outside with nowhere to hide while naked was more of a concern. The track was located behind the school and away from the streets, but it still was open to viewing from anyone who would happen to be around. The only thing that helped calm my nerves some was the fact that it was the middle of the night, and the lights to the track would be off; meaning one would have to be pretty close to the track to see anyone running on it.

I got outside the school and felt the slight chill of the night air on my skin, causing goose bumps to form. Running on this cool night would feel great, and help me free my mind some. I continued my way to the track, with the towel and bag of toiletries in hand. As I reached the boys' locker room I dropped off the bag and towel to focus on loosening up my body some for the quick one mile jaunt that lay ahead of me.

As I walked closer to the track, I took my time to stretch out my muscles, get my blood flowing some, and pump myself for the run. Eventually, I reached my destination and was stunned by the silence that surrounded me. It was void of any sounds, completely peaceful, and it was calming enough for me to forget I was about to be running naked on my school's track. I stepped out onto the running surface of the track, did a few more stretches, took off my heels, and then proceeded to start jogging.

Four laps is all I had to complete; one mile in the silence and the darkness. It felt freeing to be out in public, jogging naked. The chill of the air engulfing my skin, the warmth of my body from the exercise all felt amazing. I had never run naked before, and it was an experience I felt I good get use too. Halfway around for my first lap, I good feel myself begin to perspire, and my heart rate was rising to a good aerobic state. Running barefoot also was new; I could feel every inch of the track on my soles and could adjust to subtle changes. After completing my first lap, I just let myself get lost in the experience, and enjoy the run.

I took my time to finish the four laps, and when I was done I had a feeling of achievement and excitement that I have only felt when submitting directly to Sage. This too was at Sage's wish, but in a way was different. It wasn't overtly sexual in any way, but made me feel sexual and excited. My skin was coated in a light shine of sweat, and it felt amazing when the midnight air breezed across it. I picked up my heels and began walking back towards the locker room, for another new experience. To shower in the boys' locker room was going to be new and exciting.

Picking up my bag and towel, I opened the locker room and proceeded towards the showers. Looking at the lockers, I couldn't help but think of the number of boys that change in the room on a daily basis and what it would be like if I happened to walk in like I was when they were in here. I shook the thought from my head, and got myself stationed at one of the shower nozzles. Lay my bag and towel on a bench as the water heated up, I grabbed the soap and shampoo Sage had supplied, as well as my tooth brush and tooth paste. Returning to the shower now, I indulged the feeling of the hot water cascading over my body and imagining what I must look like to an outside viewer. Doing so, my body ached for release, but I knew too well that release was not to be had in my near future.

I concentrated instead on the feelings of the water, the soap, and the heat on my naked body. Warming my body, cleaning it, and heightening my level of arousal were exactly the feelings my mistress must have had in mind for this entire night. To get me to a level of sensuality that only I could achieve without the any obvious sexual interaction. This revelation only caused me to linger in the shower, and take in all I could from the experience.

However, I knew I had to end the moment and get my rest; for I knew that Sage would have plenty in store for me in the coming hours. I turned the shower off, dried myself, and returned to my room. I was now cleaned of the day, completely, even the message written on my back by my mistress had been washed away and I was ready to take on the day that lay ahead. Though Sage had noted I was to sleep after my shower, I knew there was no way I was going to be able to sleep. Instead I decided to get my room prepared for the coming day's lesson to get it out of the way while Sage played with me and my mind. I only had about three hours until her arrival, and with my earlier nap I felt confident that sleep would not be an issue.

Those few hours crept by, but fortunately I was able to get things in order, and even wrote on the white board what Sage wanted me to. I found myself with nothing to do for the last hour, and then I decided to write; I began to write my feelings and experiences over my time with Sage in a spiral notebook from my supply closet. I wrote out everything, every thought, every meeting, every feeling, getting it all out and on paper was therapeutic in a way. I was able to truly relive my experiences, and come to some sort of understanding about what I was experiencing.

I lost myself in the writing and soon found that it was time for me to get into the proper position to await Sage's return. Grabbing all of my supplies needed, I rushed to my door and knelt down outside in the hall. Quickly, I put the ball gag into my mouth, securing it behind my head. Next, I applied one of the cuffs to my wrist before putting on the blindfold. Finally, I brought my arms behind me and fastened the other cuff to my free wrist, sufficiently lock my arms away. Now all I was able to do was wait for my mistress to return. The amount of time she wished for me to wait must be part of the test to earn my trip; it is extremely difficult to wait thirty minutes, blindfolded, gagged, and restrained.

It was an agonizing wait, and felt like an eternity. The idea that maybe she wouldn't show kept creeping into my mind, and I had to fight the urge to try and move. Suddenly, my wait was over as I heard the sound of heels clicking on the hard tile floor of my hall. I had no way of knowing for sure if it was Sage, but at this time of the morning it was unlikely to anybody else. The steps grew closer, and I grew more anxious, more aroused. I could feel my wetness grow and spread to my upper thighs.

The sound of the steps stopped as they stood in front of me. I felt a hand grasp the front of the blindfold and pull it away from my face. As the rush of light swarmed into my eyes, I heard her greet me.

"Good morning slut. Did you have a good night, and complete everything I wanted you to do?"

I answered while still adjusting to the light with a nod of my head.

"Excellent. I'll check the camera to see the pictures, in the mean time you should probably go pull the pictures from your administrators' doors. However, to keep it interesting, I am not going to ungag you or un-cuff you. You will have to figure a way to get them down without the use of your mouth or hands. Good luck slut."

She left me kneeling in the hallway as she entered my room carrying her book bag, and another medium sized duffle. It was a bit of a struggle to stand, but once I did I took no time to ponder my new task, but simply made my way to the front office to get those pictures down before anyone arrived.

Reaching my destination, I was thankful that I had taped them up at head height. This meant I could use my head and face to try and peel or pull them down to the floor and then squat down and pick them up with my hands. This was however, easier thought up than actually being able to complete. The first picture took some time, and eventually after really pressing my face into the photo, I was able to create enough friction to pull it down. Quickly, I squatted down and picked it up. With each picture, the task became a bit easier, but my face began to feel as though it was being rubbed raw. On the last one, after picking it up of the floor, I looked back at the door and noticed that a portion of there was still attached. I had only ripped some of it off, and there was still a piece left. The portion that remained was out of reach to pull down the same as the others, so to quickly pull a chair from the reception area to climb atop of. It was at this moment, I realized I could have done this to begin with and cursed myself for not coming up with it earlier.

With the last piece finally off, I pushed the chair back to reception as best as I could, and hurried back to my room and Sage with the pictures in my tight grasp. On my return I noticed that Sage had erased the message from my broad and had replaced it with more pictures of me in humiliatingly naughty poses. My entire white board was covered in the lewd photos of myself, and all I could do was stand in my doorway looking at them dumbfounded. It isn't until Sage moves that I scan over to look at her and see that she is standing behind my desk completely nude. She notices me look to her and speaks.

"I see you like the new temporary room decorations, but don't worry you should have plenty of time to take them down before students arrive. In the meantime, how about we have a bit of fun? Come over here and kneel."

I did as told to, and was soon kneeling before my mistress. Once in position, Sage began to rub herself into my face. I could feel her warmth as she slid her wet slit up and down me. If not for the gag, I would have instantly begun licking her. This though was more to use me; to humiliate me. Just rubbing her crotch across my face to provide pleasure to her, made it as though I was just a piece of furniture or tool she could use at her disposal. I didn't mind that feeling however, in fact I felt more aroused by the idea that being used. Sage however, didn't seem to worry one way or the other. She just seemed to be focusing on getting off, and didn't care what or how that would make me feel.

She only rode my face for a few minutes before finishing with a crashing climax that covered me in her juices. Breathing a bit heavily, she pulled away and allowed herself to come back down from her high.

I just remained kneeling, feeling the juice of my mistress' orgasm dry on my face, as she recovered. After a few moments, she was back to normal but continued to remain silent. She began to go through the duffle bag she had brought as if looking for something. Finally, she stopped and pulled out a tube of lube, and a medium sized glass butt plug. Grabbing me by the upper arm, Sage pulled me to my feet before bending me over my desk. Within seconds, I could feel the cool slickness of the lube being applied to my rear, followed shortly by the firm pressure of the plug. Thanks to Sage's training of my ass, the plug went in without much effort, and wonderful as it did. I truly loved the feeling of having an object in my ass. With the plug in place, she then unfastened the cuffs from my wrist, followed by the ball gag. She then had me turn back to face her as she spoke.

"Well slut that was quite the enjoyable experience. I hoped you found some enjoyment in it as well. As I told you earlier, I would give you plenty of time to remove the pictures from your white board, and then dress. You are to put all of the pictures, including the ones pulled from the administration's doors, into a file labeled 'Slutty Behavior in your filing cabinet. Then put on the clothing I provided for you in the duffle bag. I will be sending you further instructions via text message, so keep your phone nearby. Have a good morning my little slut, and I will see you soon."

I watched as she dressed in a simple t-shirt and jeans combination; noticing that she did not put on any underwear. Once she had on her clothes, she slipped on her sandals, grabbed her bag, and made her way out of the room. I stood motionless for a moment, before walking over to begin taking down the pictures covering my whiteboard. As I did, a memory from each picture would penetrate my mind and cause my sex to heat up. There were 32 all together, and I neatly stacked them, along with the ones I pulled down earlier as I walked over to my filing cabinet. From the bottom drawer, I pulled out a new blank folder to slip the photos into. With them tucked into an appropriately labeled folder I pulled out my top drawer containing all of my reproducible materials for my classes. I slid the new folder into one of the back spots near some old worksheets that I had not used in ages before closing the drawer. Knowing that such graphic material of me was just inside that drawer added a level of excitement for the day.

Making my way back over to my desk, I looked into the duffle Sage had brought to pull out what I was to wear today. It contained only a pair of white, patent leather heels, with a 3 inch heel, and a simple cotton dress that hung to mid-thigh, and buttoned up the front with 8 buttons. The dress was navy in color, and rather conservative in nature compared to some of the past outfits Sage has had me wear in school. Quickly, I put on the dress and heels and actually felt sexy in it. The buttons where spaced enough apart that if I bent over, or moved in certain ways, the fabric would bunch to show a bit of skin. Plus, the cotton felt soft and smooth on my naked flesh.

I got things in order around my room as I waited for the morning bell to ring. With all the time I had last night, everything was prepared for today and I actually had time to sit and relax at my desk. I hid the duffle, that now contained the ball gag, handcuffs, and lube under my desk; allowing myself to drift off into thought. It wasn't long however, until I was startled back to reality with the ringing of the morning bell.

Students began filing in, and the morning started off as any usual morning at school. After getting the kids settled down, and started on a task, I returned to my desk to see if I had any text messages from Sage. I was pleased, excited, and a bit nervous to see that I in fact did have one from my mistress.

"Okay slut, your class should be occupied with a task by now so I think it is time Teacher gets daring. Cut off the bottom button of your dress and put it in the water bottle I left on your desk. Text me when you have done as I have ordered."

Looking atop my desk, I realized that there was indeed a bottle of water sitting there; I had not noticed it before due to the haze of sexual excite in my mind. It was a full, unopened bottle, which meant putting a button inside would keep me from getting it back out and also keep it somewhat visible to anyone happening to look.

I hurriedly pull a pair of scissors from my desk drawer, and slyly snip off the button at my desk. Doing so caused the dress to fall open more as I sat, and meant that when standing the open flaps went up till just about an inch from my sex. Putting the shears away, I twisted open the bottle, took a quick swig, and then nonchalantly dropped the button inside before twisting the cap back on. Once done, I immediately text Sage to inform her of my completion. In a matter of seconds I receive a reply back.

"Very good my eager little teacher slut, let's see if we can't step it up a bit more. Go and get the file you just stashed away in the cabinet. Once you have it, walk to the back of the room so you are facing the backs of your students and begin to go through the pictures. As you are going through them, order them in terms of sluttiness with the least slutty on top, and most slutty on bottom. When you complete this task, put the file back and text me."

This was certainly stepping it up a bit; looking at such pornographic material in my classroom is one thing, but to do so while my students are also in the room is another. However, I knew I was going to it. I knew that I needed to do it. I could feel my pussy drip with the idea of it.

Setting my phone down onto my desk, I stood and made my way over to the filing cabinet. As I did, a few students looked my way to see what I was doing, but soon were back working on their assignment. Reaching the cabinet, I could feel a bit of a tremble in my body as I began to pull out the drawer. The excitement and nervousness of the moment was affecting me. I was able to power through though, and retrieved the naughty labeled file; bringing it with me to the back of the room. I made sure no one was looking before I opened the file and began to sort through the extremely erotic and arousing images of myself. As had happened when I took them down from the broad, each time I looked at an image, a sexual spark jolted through my mind and body.

I took my time to go through the pictures, taking my task seriously and also taking time to look up occasionally to check on the students. After about three minutes I was satisfied with the order of which I sorted the photos, and proceeded to return the reorganized file back into the cabinet. Unlike the first time however, I chose to slide the file into the front section of the drawer rather than the back. I don't what caused me to do that, but it certainly added to the level of arousal I was experiencing. Once back at my desk, I shot off the confirmation text to Sage and sat to await a reply as first period drew close to an end.

The dismissal bell rang before I received a text back from Sage, but once I was back at my seat from greeting second period at the door I had her reply waiting for me. I however could not read it right away, as I again had to get my class prepared for the period, and started on their assignment. I had to really restrain myself once the students got to work, to keep from running over to my desk to read the message.

"Cut off the top button, and put it with the other."

It was a short and sweet message that had the desired effect of causing me to quake with arousal. Unlike the previous button, I was going to have to be a bit more creative in cutting off the top one as I had no cover from desk. I decided to do as I had with the file, and take the scissors to the back of the room, and cut the button off there. Happy with my solution, I retrieved the scissors and made my way to the opposite side of the room. Once I made sure no one was looking, I quickly snipped off the button, effectively opening up the top of my dress to show off a good bit of cleavage. I then returned back to my desk to drop it off in the water bottle as I had with the previous one. When I returned to my desk, I had another message waiting for me from Sage.

"I'll assume you have completed my previous task, and am letting you know that it will be the last until my class period arrives. Hope you can manage on your own until then."

I was a bit disappointed to read the message and to know I would not hear from my mistress for another period and a half. However, I did believe that the wait would mean she could possibly have some truly wicked in mind for me when that time arrived. Until that moment though, I was left to wade through the remaining period, and a following one until I would find out what Sage did have in store for me. I was a slippery mess with the endless possibilities.

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