tagIncest/TabooDad and Daughter

Dad and Daughter


It's the weekend, and I get a call from my daughter. She is going to swing by before work, and grab some lunch with me by the pool. I make a couple sandwiches, and cut up some fruit. I set it all out, and go change into my swim trunks.

As I drop my clothes to the floor I notice someone standing behind me. It's my sexy little girl. She just turned 20. Her 5' 2" frame is filled out. She always says that her breasts are too small, but I think that they are perfect. Her smile could make any mans heart melt, but she only has eyes for me right now, seductive hungry eyes. She notices that I see her, and blushes, and smiles an evil little grin. I grab my towel to cover up, and shoo her away.

Her giggles ring in my ears as she runs down the hall. I finally get into my shorts, and out to the pool. My daughter is in the pool when I get there. She set the food and her clothes on the table.

I jump in, and swim up to her. She turns to me and wraps her arms around my neck, and pulls her legs about my waist. Then she kisses me with passion that I don't expect. After her kiss, she speaks in my ear. Telling me how she likes watching me. How every time that she has sex she is thinking of me. She tells me how she wants to show me all that she has learned, from the boys in school.

Then I notice that she is naked. I realize that she is rubbing against me, against my now hard cock. I didn't know what to say, but "YES". I kissed her back harder now. Pulling her soft body closer to me, I rub my hands over her ass, and through her hair. I pull her head back, and kiss my way down her neck to her perfect breasts. I lick and bite her nipples, hearing her moan lightly as I begin sucking them. Her soft skin, and hard nipples feel great pressed against my face.

She tells me that she wants to taste my cock, and climbs off me. Pushing me back to the stairs, she pulls my shorts off. My cock springs to attention before her. Her eyes widen as her hands wrap around me. I feel her hot breath on me before she swallows my cock in her sexy mouth. Her tongue slides over me, and I moan with delight. She stops to smile up at me. Her eyes have a wild in them that I didn't see before. She strokes my cock as she licks, and sucks my balls. Then she runs her tongue up my shaft only to swallow me all the way down. I see her playing with her pussy in the water, while she sucks on my cock. I grab her hair, and fuck her mouth before I pull her up for a deep kiss.

As I kiss her I pull her close, so I can help her play with her clit. She moans into my mouth, and I pick her up out of the water, and set her on the pool's edge.

She lies back spreading her thighs so I can eat her young, pretty, shaved pussy. I start by kissing my way down her belly, and the crease of her hips. Then I blow softly on her clit. She responds by running her hands through my hair, pulling me closer to her. I let my tongue tease her flesh, before I devour her. I flick my tongue over her hard clit, switching between sucking, licking, and kissing. Her hands are still in my hair as she grinds against my face. Her orgasm building as I devour her sweet pussy. I feel her hands tighten, and her legs wrap around my head as she climaxes. She tastes so good, sweet and fresh. I hardly notice that I can't breathe.

When she releases me, I look into her eyes, and know that she wants more. She wants me to fuck her, and fuck her hard. I stand and she swallows my cock before I can do anything, but she has other plans for me. She lets my cock slide from her hungry mouth, and lays me back next to the pool. Her smile turns wicked again, as she climbs over me. She takes my cock in her hand, guiding it to her dripping pussy. I feel her velvety softness surround my cock, she is so tight. I feel her pussy tighten on me as she comes again. I watch her perfect tits bounce, and body shutter as she rides me coming over and over again. Feeling her come, and watching her enjoy every minute of it makes my balls tighten. She comes one last time before I can't hold out any longer.

I yell "I'm Coming", and she jumps off. Just to swallow my spasming cock before my load works its way from my balls. She swallows every drop as she cleans me off, smiling the whole time.

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