tagIncest/TabooDad Asked Me To Stay With Mom

Dad Asked Me To Stay With Mom


As often I do after 9PM, I was browsing through porn sites, happily wanking over the beautiful mature ladies playing with younger dudes. It has been a newly found interest, it did not take much longer to become an obsession.

Last month has been a hell of a revelation. As it is inevitable not to stumble on incest porn on internet, I too have known incest porn exists, but I always did skip incest as it felt gross. But I suppose all young guys like watching mature women in action. Their mature bodies are very excitable to us. Perhaps Freud would say it has something to do with the boys subconsciously desiring their mothers.

I unknowingly watched a video which turned out be an incest sex movie of the mother and her son, Wow! boy was it not hot? Kay Parker broke my boundaries, from that day I have gradually fallen into the lure of forbidden fruit. All I watch now is mother son incest. Incest videos, incest chat/ roleplay, incest stories and everything incest has robbed me of my work time, as I have an online business I can afford to skip work now and then.

I was watching one of my favorite Videos when I received a call on my phone, it was my mom. I was already aroused and working on my shaft, I said "Hello mom," I still had a hand on my cock and pulled down were my pants when I said hello to my mom.

"Hi honey, how are you doing?" said mom lovingly as usual.

But I was so aroused that I found mom's voice sexually exciting, I gave my John a slow and full length wank hearing mom. "I'm great, what are you guys doing?"

"Dad has some news to tell you, he will talk to you in a minute, how is your business going? You are always busy even to call your mother once a day, please come home once in a while honey," mom complained in her sweet persuading way

I continued playing with my dick, my mom's voice got me more and more hard, I was silently at it when mom said "Honey, you there" after the long pause from my side.

I was already beyond the border line, I was conscious my mind wanted to talk dirty to my mother, "Ya, maa, I'll try to cum in, in fact very often I imagine it, I like to stay in your sweet home. Would you let me in if I cum?"

"Yes honey, I'd gladly let you in" said mom, thinking I was playing a child.

"Oh I'd gladly stay in, I'd run in and out of your sweet house..."

"Wait dad's here", "Hello Jimmy. How are you?" I heard dad's thick voice after mom's.

"Hi Dad, I'm fine, mom told me you were about to tell me something."

"Oh, Yes, It is kind of a request" said dad.

"what is it?" I asked.

"I'm going to Paris for a month on business."

"Congrats dad, that's awesome."

"Thanks Jim, I want you to come home and stay and keep mom company till I return, anyway your business is online and you can work from here."

After the college I had started my own business, so I had plenty of time and I could not argue.

"Well, I don't know" I wasn't thinking right, then it suddenly struck me that I get a month to stay with mom without dad around, it sounded adventurous, I was feeling adventurous, it comes as one of the advantages of having a hard-on, "All right dad, I will stay for a month but not longer."

"Thanks Jimmy, I'm sure mom will be glad to hear this, So you coming home tonight?"

"When are you leaving?"

"Tomorrow morning, at 4.55, I was hoping you could come home tonight."

"Um,, little busy right now, I'll be home after you leave."

"Okay then, bye son, good night."

I spent the night planning for the unthinkable, learning of the things that led to first time sex with mother and son. Part of me resisted at the thought, the strong but evil part somehow justified my thinking. I was determined to try it, but I had promised my good part that I would only take mom if she too was willing to eat the forbidden fruit together.

Next morning I woke to the phone ringing, it was already past 8, it was mom on line. "Hi honey, you coming here for breakfast? I have eggs for breakfast, you favorites"

"Ok, I'll be there in an hour."

"You want anything else to eat?"

'Yes your pussy, mom' that's what I wanted to say. "I'll eat anything of you," I said, taking the cheap pleasure of talking dirty to own's own mother the way she wouldn't doubt.

"Alright, see ya soon."

I was excited at my new mission, packed a few things of mine; trousers, Ts, Laptop, some other things and condoms. The dirty thought of taking condoms to my mom's house intending to score her was giving me a hard-on already.

I knocked at my mom's door at around 9Am, hoping to knock at her personal door pretty soon.

"Hi honey, ummmmah, missed you love," said mom kissing me all over my face, mom was wearing a short nightie. "This is gonna be exciting," said mom, hugging me tight, I hugged her back pressing her chest on to mine with some power.

"Wow, dear you have grown big," said mom

"You have no idea, how big." I grinned, mom smiled back.

Mom was really excited, she served me the breakfast she had carefully prepared. As she raced between the dining table and kitchen I had good glimpses of her body. She wasn't wearing a bra on her rounded and firmly sitting breasts. Her nightie was short enough to reveal some part of her inner thighs above her knee.

I was ready to go upstairs to my room, mom came near me and started kissing me on my cheeks, on my forehead... I held mom's face in my hands and kissed her on her lips, she smiled back at her innocent son,

I went to my room and started planning my moves, At around 12 I heard mom coming upstairs to my room, I put on a headphone deliberately to make her think I wasn't aware of her coming, I opened a porn video hurriedly and glued my eyes on it. The door was already half open and I had turned the laptop screen towards door.

'Jimmy' mom called, as she came closer, I didn't reply. Mom knocked on my half open door, I still didn't reply. Mom opened the door slightly and stood at the door, she could see what I was watching. Mom probably thought it wasn't appropriate to disturb me and stood there for few minutes.

Mature lady in the video was sitting on the guy's cock and was riding him, video was in HD and it was very enjoyable. Mom came in from behind me and shook me, I minimized the screen as if I was being caught and turned towards her "Heyy mom"

"What would you like for lunch?"

"Anything is fine."

"You like to watch a movie together after that?"

"Okay, but it better be a good movie."

I was glad now my mom knew my taste. We had a good lunch, I was still horny at the table. Holding hands mom and I sat on the sofa. Mom played a movie from her collection. I tried to watch it, but it was boring.

"Mom, this is just boring, I'm gonna go watch my porn." I said with a smile.

"That's what you do when you get bored?" said mom with a smile.

"Good for me, anyway not as boring as your movie, you wanna watch?" I smiled.

Mom started laughing "Eww, gross. I have never watched porn."

"You are missing a lot, I'm telling you." , I ran upstairs and brought couple of CDs, mom was still laughing, I put a CD inside, 'A sex guide for Lovers', "This is better than your movie, enjoy." I ran back upstairs smiling.

Mom was still laughing, I checked on her from my room above, half an hour passed and mom was glued to the screen. She suddenly took the CD out and switched the TV off and and went inside her room and locked it behind her.

The next day we sat again on sofa after lunch, holding hands as usual, we put TV on this time, 'Unfaithful' was playing on TV. Mom placed our hands on her thigh.

This was a decent chance to make a move, my hand was still in mom's, I gently took my hand out of her's and placed it on her thigh just above her knee, few minutes passed, as the movie continued the scenes were getting erotic, I slightly moved upwards feeling her thigh, mom was laid back, she was silent and glued on TV.

Mom was breathing heavily when sex scenes were played, and I moved my hand up and down on her thighs once in a while. She wasn't sure of my moves, mom's nightie had moved up to her waist.

Mom was visibly sexually excited, but I knew I still had to wait. After dinner mom came to my room, and we talked.

"So you watch a lot of porn don't you?" mom smiled.

"Umm, you can say that, I get bored very easily." I smiled back.

"Okay I will leave you to that." mom was going downstairs.

"Wait" I held her hand and gave her couple of CDs "have a very Good night." I grinned handing them to her.

Mom took CDs to her room and watched them, It was exciting to corrupt my mother. I gave her few more CDs every day.

"Mom, how do you like porn now?" I asked.

"Its alright." said mom, hiding her shyness.

"Well, at least they are handy in dad's absence I guess."

"Oh my god, Jimmy," mom blushed.

"Anyway have any CD for me after lunch?" mom asked.

"What kind do you like most?" I asked.

"Umm, I don't know, something like a cheating wife, neighbor." mom laughed.

Alright, lets watch it together I said, I brought 'My friends mother' series and played it. Mom was still blushing at the idea of watching a porn movie together. We sat together next to each other, i was looking for a chance to pounce on her. Mom crossed her leg, "Its getting hot in here" she said. I smiled, and reduced the temperature on AC.

When I came back I sat very close to her, laid my hand on her thigh, her body twitched at my touch, mom was busy watching the movie. I slowly moved my hand on her thigh, mom was very horny, I increased my pace and I was freely moving my hand on her inner thighs.

Mom gave a moan "Aaahh", we looked at each other, mom has been horny all week, all she could do was spread her legs wider. I continued to play with her thighs, she pretended to be watching the TV. I placed my hand on her mound over her panty, another "aaaaah aaaahhhh" was mom's reply. I gently teased mom's slit line over her panty.

I teased her pussy over her panty for a couple of minutes, she was already wet and her panty had a big wet spot in the middle. Then pulling her panty to the side, I slid couple of my fingers into her pussy, mom was well lubricated and my fingers had no problem moving in and out whatsoever.

"You want to take this off?" I teasingly pulled the string of her panty gently.

"Umm" mom nodded, she stood up and lifted her nightie upwards and I pulled her panty down, she sat back on the sofa on her bare ass, I turned her crotch towards me,"Oh Jimmy" was all mom could say.

I put my face on her pussy, gently working my tongue on her pussy lips. "Oh Jimmy" mom moaned again, I increased the pace of my tongue, mom's mound was short trimmed, it was sexy, I ran my fingers through her short and neat pubic area, mom's hip jumped up against my face.

Mom was very excited and was closer to her climax, her son's tongue working on her baby making hole must have excited her like hell. I put my fingers inside her for added excitement, I licked her and finger fucked her simultaneously, "Ahhh ahhhh, oh ohh, ummm, Jimmy" mom moaned as I increased my finger fucking sped.

"I'm cumming, I'm cumming Jimmy." mom cried. Mom's pussy shot loads of fluids of orgasm on my face, she poured it out for many seconds.

"Oh god, Jimmy, it was wrong of us." said mom, I went to the bathroom to wash my face. Mom rushed back to her room and locked her door.

"Mom, you alright?" I knocked on her door, she did not reply. I called her couple more times and she said "I'm okay"

I went to the bed thinking how she might have taken it, I fell asleep very quickly, and for long time too. I woke to the voice of mom calling me, I came downstairs, mom was placing plates on the tables with her back to me, wrapping my arms around her waist I kissed on her cheek.

"Stop it honey!" mom pushed me gently thinking I might be planning to go further.

I sat on my chair and ate my dinner. Mom wasn't keen on talking neither was I. It was a quiet night.

Next morning at almost I woke to mom's cheerful and usual voice "Oh Jimmy! Jimmy dear, aren't you up yet?"

"Yup, I'm now."

"Hurry up then, get down here for breakfast."

"Okay, mom", after 15 minutes of cleaning myself I went downstairs to see mom in her joyous self, it seemed like she had decided to forget the happenings of yesterday. It probably also meant that I might not get another chance to play with her mature, motherly pussy. But it was alright, she seemed happy after what was a painful night for her.

Mom stood by me as I ate the breakfast, she caressed my hairs, her motherly hormones seemed to be working over time.

I went to my room after I finished with my food. I was browsing through some hentai stuff when I heard mom entering my room, I was already playing with my thing and I continued not minding mom

"tuk tuk" sounded the door "Honey, can I come in?" asked mom.

pushing my stiffness inside my pants in front of her, I replied "sure mom" my bulge was still very noticeable, it was pointing right at her crotch as we stood face to face.

"Honey, I am sorry for what happened yesterday."

"Oh no mom."

"Now you just hear me out, I am not blaming you, it was my fault as much as yours, I am not unhappy about it anymore, and I don't want you to feel bad about yourself either."

"Oh no mom, I rather enjoyed it" cheerfulness in my tone made sure I really meant it.

Mom's face was all red "Honey you don't mean that!" she blushed, mom was like a virgin teen girl blushing before her first sex. I was of course encouraged.

"I had a wonderful time really."

"Oh well" she was still blushing, "It was fun, but it is not like we had sex right?"

"Um, you can say that," I was still trying to figure what she was trying to say.

"Well, then I must get going?"

"Wait" I held my mom by her hand, the same hand which held my cock couple of minutes ago was now holding my mom's hand. "I was in the middle of something, would you like to join me?"

Mom looked at the hentai porn that was paused on my laptop, "No thanks honey, I will go now" mom blushed her face was still red.

I have some special stuff if you want to check, it is the hottest I have.

mom walked couple of steps but stopped "alright, it doesn't hurt to watch, give it to me then,"

"Its in my laptop, we can watch it here in my room if you don't mind,"

I was thinking 'perhaps that was too big a step after yesterday', but to my delight mom said 'Alright' with her teen curiosity evidently back in her.

Mom sat on my bed with a pillow to her back and the wall. I played the famous TABOO movie and sat next to her, mom was silently watching until the scene where the son sneaks on his mom in bathroom.

"Oh I see where its going?" said mom, expecting the mother and son on screen to have sex.

"Just wait, don't spoil it," mom was apparently absorbed into the scenes, it was the orgy scenes and mom was visibly horny. I took out my cock from my pants and starting working my fingers slowly along the length of my shaft. Mom noticed it with a surprise but she was too horny.

Then came the most exciting mother- son sex scene, music was amazing, mom was literally sweating, she put her hand on her crotch and started squeezing it, she continued it for some time, she finally dared to lift her nightie up, pulling the string of her underwear aside she started playing with her pussy.

I minded my own business. Mom started moaning as her pussy got hotter and hotter. It felt like good time to do something, so I grabbed mom's hand and put it in my mouth.

I put my hand on her wet pussy, mom moaned loud and arched her head back. I took her hand and placed it on my cock.

I ran my finger in her slit, teasing her pussy lips, pressing and massaging her clitoris. Mom slowly started to work on my cock. We masturbated each other for a long time until the movie ended. I jumped out of bed and played the second TABOO movie and jumped right back beside mom.

We continued pleasuring each other where we left it, "Mom would you like to try 69?" I asked.

"What is it?", mom was a mature amateur.

"Let me show you!" I moved my head towards her crotch while moving my crotch to her face.

"Oh, I get it." mom put her mouth on my cock for the first time, first of the plenty to come, It took me few minutes to lick mom's pussy juices that are flowing out of her red hot vagina.

Mom was tickling my dick with her tongue, "Oh mom, you really know your moves." I smiled and gave her tickles back through her pussy.

We face fucked each other for an hour more, mom was waiting to burst so was I. The 2nd movie ended, I played the 3rd, meanwhile we forgot our lunch.

"Honey we haven't eaten lunch yet?"

"I am eating mine." I said continuing to lick mom's pussy. "Aren't you having any?"

"But it doesn't fill my tummy?"

"Tummy? no. but can certainly fill you couple of inches below." I fingered mom making my point.

"Oh, I'm starving very badly" mom winked spreading her legs. It was more than enough for me. I jumped between mom's legs. Placing my cock on her pussy lips, I teased her pussy lips, slapped mom's pussy with my cock. Mom thought I wasn't keen on pushing my manhood inside her female-hood. She grabbed me by the balls and shoved my cock inside her.

Mom was wet and ready, my cock felt her velvetness as it moved inside her, I moved my hips pulling my cock out and then pushing it inside again, deep into her honey pot.

"Home sweet home!" I hit her cunt repeatedly. Mom looked at me with surprise in her eyes "This is what you meant by Home Sweet home?"

I stretched my hand to grab her breasts, squeezing her tits in my hand, I banged her sweet hole few more times, I was so hard by our long and sensual play that I could thrust inside her without the fear of cumming soon. My cock surveyed corners of mother's pussy for some time.

Mom was climaxing, "Oh Honey, I am close," I rammed my stick faster and harder inside her honey well,

"Oh fuck, I'm cumming, tell me you love your mom," my started pulling my hairs hard

"I love you mom."

Mom started shooting loads of her juices.My cock was still pleasing her pussy walls. My cock felt hot from her fluids.

"Alright, cum in now," mom urged.

I increased my speed so much that the bed started squeaking, "Oh mom, I am cumming...." I finally shot my loads inside mom, one after the other I repeatedly swelled inside mom's pussy and cummed loads of it. We almost finished at the same time and we were very tired.

Crossing her bare legs around me mom kissed on my lips "You are the best fuck, honey," she was very happy from the orgasm.

"I have never cummed like this ever," I made sure sure the feeling was mutual.

"I know, I felt your sperms deep inside me, they must be on their way to make babies," mom winked

"You mean, you are ovulating?"

"Naa, just kidding"

We stayed in each other's arms while our genitals were still locked. After few minutes mom got up "Alright, lets eat something," it was already 5PM

Mom and I got dressed, mom ordered three big pizzas and coke and chips and other stuff over phone.

"What for? we don't need that much mom."

"For the night honey" mom winked. It was only ten days and there were 20 more days to come, I was a happy man.

We went on a long walk in the evening and returned home late. We jumped onto the bed and fucked our brains out while night.

Whole of next week I never left mom free to cook, so we ordered food from outside and fucked rest of the times.

After a week of amazing time, mom said "Honey, we can not do this anymore, I mean we can only fuck in the morning, afternoon and night. Not all the time, we will die otherwise."

Dad came after a month as he had promised. "Thanks Jimmy for taking care of mother for me."

"It was my pleasure dad." I winked at mom.

"My pleasure too, darling." she winked back.

Dad was just happy to see us happy. "You know, you don't have to leave just because I have come, please stay as long as you want.", Dad's words were nectar to our ears.

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