Dad Deserves the Very Best


"Here, dad, you haven't licked or sucked on these yet," I said, lowering my breasts to his face. He took them in his big hands, caressing and squeezing them sensually as he licked, then sucked the stiff, corky nipples.

"Oh yes, suck on my titties, they're so sensitive, dad."

He sucked on them okay, in fact he could hardly stop sucking on them as he thrust upwards into my body and I rocked up and down on his sweet, meaty pole.

"I want to feel you on top now, daddy," I said, suddenly rolling over so I was flat on my back and he was between my thighs, on top of me. I wrapped my legs around his waist and pressed him close, kissing him again as he did the work now and I just laid back, my legs spread wide, taking in his rugged, furious thrusts.

We kissed again then I pulled away from his face so I could look into his eyes.

"This is so amazing, honey," he gasped. "What we're doing. It's beyond the pale--"

But rather than outrage and guilt, the sly, wicked smile on his face told me that dad enjoyed going beyond the pale with his adult daughter, enjoyed it one hell of a lot!

"We're fucking, dad, we're actually fucking!" I hissed, needing to say it, to hear it, to put into words.

"That's what we're doing, baby," he said, kissing me again.

I was so excited and my dad was screwing me so beautifully that soon I could begin to feel those sensations building up inside me. Some women have trouble achieving orgasm, they have to strain, really concentrate to bring themselves over the edge. A lot of them can only do that with their own fingers or when they're being touched or licked, not just from having a cock inside them. But luckily I've never had such problems. Orgasms have come to me as naturally as breathing, right from the time I had my first one, beating off furiously one night, wondering what that experience I'd heard so much about would be like.

In fact, I can pretty much control my orgasms, holding them back if I want to delay them, urging them on by concentrating on my feelings and thoughts.

For a few minutes I had been on the brink but had held myself back. Now I was ready to go over the top. So I closed my eyes and concentrated on the exquisite feelings brought on by my father's savage thrusts. I pictured that thick cock of his completely filling my vaginal canal, pushing back the walls with his thrusts, the tip of his cock slamming against my womb. The image of all that was so wonderfully intimate, and yet so obscenely twisted, knowing that it was not the tip of any old penis pressing against my cervix, but my own father's!

When I'm right on the brink of my pleasure spasm, as I was now, I like to have the guy stop moving. That's when I just want his whole thing inside me as I make all the moves. So that's what I did, sinking my cunt over the full length of dad's cock, pressing down so he was buried inside me, filling my cunt to the hilt.

"I'm close, dad, I'm almost there..." I gasped, pressing down on it hard, twisting my pelvis to massage my innards with dad's love stick, just the way I like doing at the final moments before lift off.

"Any second, dad, any second..." I panted, beads of sweat pouring off my forehead. I looked down at dad who was staring up at me intently, knowing I was about to explode. His own daughter was about to climax, impaled on his big prick!

"Oh fuck!.... Oh shit!"!" I howled, feeling the magic surge, feeling a million little rockets of pure, sweet carnal pleasure explode between my legs.

"Ahhhhh..... ohhhhhh.....n- n- now! Nowwwww!!!!" I howled at the top of my lungs, bearing down on it, my vaginal walls throbbing against the pressure of dad's thickness as the climax erupted like a volcano blowing its cap.

"Oh God, dad! Oh God! Oh God! Oh God! That was so good!

That felt so damned good!"

My dad had seen me climax when we beat off together. Now he had witnessed me climax a second time, this time courtesy of his skilled, rugged lovemaking, courtesy of that beautiful boner of his, still wedged deep in my throbbing, quivering pussy.

Slowly I lifted myself off my dad and lay beside him, immediately taking hold of his cock, as hard as ever, and now slick and wet from my cunt.

I looked into his eyes.

"That felt so wonderful, you made me feel so good!" I couldn't stop telling him, overwhelmed with the sheer joy, the deep, profound satisfaction of the moment. Every woman loves it when a man makes her cum, especially with his cock, his screwing. But to have it be my own dad who did that to me made it seem infinitely more extraordinary.

Now I just lay close to my father, kissing him tenderly as he gazed at me, no doubt seeing the radiance in my face, the happiness I was feeling. Then I suddenly brought my face down to his cock and sucked it gently. I always loved doing this, sucking a cock after I'd been fucked with it, tasting myself. Usually it's after the guy has cum too, so I taste a little of his semen together with my own juices. But dad hadn't cum yet, so all I was tasting was myself. That's long been a little vice of mine, savoring my own essence. When I first started masturbating, I'd always suck on my fingers after I'd jam them up my wet pussy. Sometimes I'd even suck them after fingering my asshole. I guess I'm just outrageously oral. Plus I'm a real narcissist, so naturally I love tasting myself.

"Yum, yum!" I purred, coming back up to dad. "You taste just like me, dad."

"Wonder why?" he said with a smile, caressing my hair.

Now I lifted one of my dad's hands to my face and sucked on his middle finger, making it wet with my saliva, then brought that hand back behind me, between my cheeks.

"Stick it up there, dad, finger my asshole with it," I urged him as he worked his finger into my crack, finding the rubbery sphincter and gently working a finger inside.

"Feel all nice and warm and tight?" I asked.

"Sure does, honey."

"Bet it would feel all nice and warm and tight for your prick, huh daddy?" I said.

"Yes, I'd bet it would," he growled, his cock pressing against my thigh, his finger working its way deeper into my ass.

"How about it, then? How about I get myself prepped and you stick that big, hard thing of yours right up my asshole?" I said as I squirmed away from his probing finger, reaching around him to my night table where, in a drawer, I kept a big tube of lubricating jelly, there expressly for this purpose.

"I always like to keep some of this in arm's reach," I said, letting him see the tube, unscrewing it.

Then I got up on elbows and knees, sticking my butt out so dad could see it, just like I had last night when we were beating off and I wanted to show off my bottom to him after letting him have an eyeful of my pussy and my tits.

I squeezed a big dab of the clear, cool lubricating jelly onto my fingers, then slapped it back between my buns, looking over my shoulder to see dad staring at me doing this, his jaw hanging slack, his eyes wide and unblinking, his dick, still slick and shiny from my cunt, held in his hand.

"Are you sure it's okay, me doing it to you like that, honey?" my dad asked me. "I mean, that is going pretty far."

"Hey dad, I wouldn't have suggested it if I didn't think it was cool, if I really didn't want it that way," I told him, rubbing the jelly into my crack, spreading it around my sphincter, working it inside my anal canal with a couple of fingers, something I'd done countless times.

"That is pretty freaky, Wendy, you'll have to admit," he said, smiling. "My own daughter asking me screw her up the ass."

"Well dad, like I told you, freaky is my middle name!"

I hadn't been fucked in the butt in a couple of weeks, so I needed to make sure I was thoroughly lubed, especially since dad was so thick.

"Here, dad," I said, handing him the tube. "Work some more in there. I haven't done it like this for a while, so you've got to make sure I'm good and greased."

I had loved having dad watch me work the lubricant into my crack, prepping myself. But now having him help out, having him lube me himself, that I really found exciting. I looked over my shoulder at him as he squeezed some more between my cheeks, rubbing it around with his loving fingers.

"Work it inside too," I told him as he squeezed some right into the hole, pushing it up inside me with his fingers. To feel my father's stiff fingers digging into my rectum send a chill racing through me from head to foot. Talk about intimate! Talk about taboo! Daddy was fingering my asshole, getting it ready for his big cock! What could have been more intimate and more taboo than that?

"I can't believe I'm going to be doing this to you, honey," he said as he twisted his fingers inside me, working the jelly deep in there, where it would ease the way for his awesomely thick penis.

"What, dad?" I said, teasing him. "Sticking your cock up my asshole, is that all?"

He laughed, amazed at my brazen audacity, amazed at his own.

Normally, when I'm fucked up the ass, the guy comes at me from behind as I kneel down and stick it out for him. But this being my own father about to do that to me, I wanted to face him, I wanted to look into his eyes as he buried his penis in my rectum and sodomized me.

"Okay, that's probably enough," I said, whipping around and laying flat on my back, but this time grabbing two pillows and wedging them under my buttocks. That had the effect of raising up my bottom. When I flexed my legs and pulled them back by the ankles, my asshole was sticking up and out, poised and ready for dad's entry.

He looked down at the exposed, vulnerable and thoroughly greased hole, holding onto his cock as he knelt between my thighs. Now we looked into each other's eyes again. There was love in dad's gaze -- deep, tender love. And passion. And desire. And pure, electric lust!

"I'm ready, dad, I'm ready for your cock," I whispered, staring into his big, liquid brown eyes. "My asshole is ready for your cock."

He brought the tip up against my slick sphincter. I gasped as I felt the slight pressure of his knob against my anal ridge. I was ready for that pressure, eager for it. I reached down to take hold of his shaft, working it inside my hole, pushing outward to meet him, forcing his cockhead past my anal barrier, the ring opening, dilating to make way for his thickness. Sometimes when I do this with a guy who's real thick it can be an effort and we have to go about it slowly and carefully. But though dad was thicker than just about any guy who had done this to me, I was so excited, so thrilled, that all I wanted to do was to open up for him completely, I wanted to welcome every last inch of his cock up into my waiting, willing ass.

"Oh yes, dad!" I hissed, wrapping my arms around his neck, as I felt his cockhead, the thickest part of his penis, pop inside me, the shaft following. I looked deep into his eyes. There he was on top of me, my own father, sliding more and more of his cock into my rectal depths as I urged him on.

"Do it to me, dad! Do it! Fuck my ass! I want you, I need you, dad, I need you in there, in my hot, funky, young bottom!" I hissed. "So slam it in there!"

I slid my hands down to his buttocks, gripping them, feeling them move against me as he thrust forward. I don't know how many women do it like this, but I know that me and a lot of my girlfriends have loved taking it up the ass. It's nasty and it feels so damned good to be violated like that. Before I started doing it anally I used to wonder how faggots could be faggots, how they could let themselves miss out on fucking. But after that first time I took it up the ass I suddenly understood. And from talking with some of them I learned they actually think they have it over straight guys. They can fuck and be fucked, they say.

Anyway, I'm a woman so all I can do is be fucked (though naturally, like many babes, I sometimes fantasize about what it would be like to have a cock of my own). But unlike a lot of women, probably most, who only make one hole available, I love to have both of mine penetrated. And never did I enjoy that backdoor penetration more than now, with my own father pounding it up my butt.

"Let me know if it's too much, honey, if it starts to feel uncomfortable," my dad said and I appreciated his concern, his thoughtfulness. With that cock of his being so thick, I was sure he'd been told by lots of babes that they'd hit their limits, taken all they could take after dad spend a little time forcing open their bottoms with his relentless hammering.

"You fuck me there all you want, daddy," I told him and meant it too. I was all greased up and rarin' to go! Nothing makes you able to tolerate excess like deep arousal. And the arousal I was feeling at this moment couldn't have been any deeper. When I was on top of my dad, right on the verge of cumming, and I sunk down hard over his shaft, feeling the tip pressing against my cervix, I revelled in the recognition that my own father's presence was wedged deep within my body. Now it was happening again, dad's prick buried all the way in the dark, humid depths of my bowels, his balls slapping against my buttocks!

"Oh God, honey, I don't think I can hold out much longer," dad said, his breathing suddenly becoming heavier, the veins on his forehead bulging, the sweat beginning to pour off him.

"Yes, dad, yes!" I barked, pressing him tightly against me, squeezing him with my anal muscles until, suddenly, I felt that unmistakable throbbing in my rectum. My father had his eyes closed, his face screwed up in a grimace that looked like pain, but which I knew reflected sheer pleasure. And now I closed my eyes too, reveling in it, feeling dad squirting his liquid bounty inside me, depositing a pool of his spunk deep within my bowels.

"I love you dad," I told him, kissing him tenderly, caressing his forehead. "And I love your big, thick cock."

"And I love you, honey," he said, "And I love your wonderfully tight ass."

"How about my pussy, dad?"

"That too, sweetheart."

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Never had my dad but my uncle on the day I turned 16. I'd worked it teased him and planned it since I was 12. I know I will take a lot of flack about that alone but it's true. He never encouraged it alwaysmore...

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