Dad, I Have a Question Ch. 03


"I don't know that I'd sleep with anyone's father, dear," I deadpanned. "Now, some of the mom's out there might be a different story."

"Oh my God, do you know what Melody told me today?" Jamie asked. "She caught her mom and dad doing it yesterday. They must have thought she wasn't home, 'cuz when she went past their room, the door was open. She said her mom was on her hands and knees and her dad was behind her. Melody say that's called "doggy-style," cuz it's the way dogs do it when they're mating."

The image of Melody's cute little mother, taking it from behind from her fat pig of a father, was both hot and disturbing. Idly, I wondered what it would be like to take his place. Melody got her looks from her mom. They were both hot as hell, little pixies with trim bodies, bright faces, and fiery red hair.

"Can we try that?" Jamie asked.

"Try what?"


"You want to?" I asked, feeling renewed life in my penis which was still lodged inside her.

"Yeah. What do we do?"

"Get on all fours in the middle of the bed, and I'll show you," I said.

Reluctantly, I pulled out of her, and she got into position. What a sight! My gorgeous teenage daughter was posed naked on my bed, her perky, full breasts hanging below her, her firm ass presented to me, a dribble of my cum on her thigh below her bare pussy, and her tight little anus glistening with our combined moisture.

I moved behind her and began massaging her pussy and ass.

"Wait, Dad," she said. "I want to lick you again." She turned around, still on her hands and knees, to face my cock. "Oooh, we sure made him messy," she giggled, taking my manhood in her hand. She held it up against my belly and licked from my sack to my crown. "Mmmm," she said, and then she opened her mouth and took me inside. She fondled my balls as she bathed my prick with her tongue, sucking, kissing, making me as hard as she could. "We taste pretty good together," she murmured between mouthfuls. "Do you think you're ready for me?"

"Hell, yes," I moaned.

She turned around again, and I rubbed my cock against her leaking pussy. Before I entered her, I slapped my penis lightly against her little asshole. She wriggled a little, and said, "Wrong hole."

I knew it was. I just couldn't do that to my own daughter, no matter how much I wanted to, so, after a few more strokes and prods against her pucker, I moved down and parted her lips with my cock. Even after having been inside her just a few minutes earlier, she was still almost painfully tight. Her warm tissues parted slowly to allow me inside. When I was finally balls-deep, Jamie flopped down onto her elbows.

"This is almost painful," she sighed. "You're so deep inside me."

"Should I pull out?" I asked.

"No," Jamie said. She pulled partway off me, and then fucked herself back onto me again, taking me all the way inside. "That feels so good," she breathed.

Holding onto her slender hips, I stroked in and out, keeping my pace slow, savoring the delicious sensation of my daughter's tight little cunt on my cock. The tender skin of her opening, innocent a few days before, flexed and stretched as it dragged wetly over my shaft. Each time we pulled apart, her pink pucker winked at me, pulled by the surrounding tissue.

With my thumb, I teased her anus, massaged it, and, as Jamie gasped, eased inside it to the first knuckle.

"Why does that feel so good to me?" Jamie whimpered. "I would never have thought of touching myself there."

"They say there are more nerve endings in the rectum than in the vagina," I said.

Jamie hissed some sort of response and began thrusting herself against me faster. After a few minutes, she whined, "Daddy, make me cum again."

I grabbed her nipple with one hand, and massaged her clit with the other, pushing into her hard. Her muscles grasped my shaft firmly, milking me with her orgasm. When she had stopped, I used both hands to pull her onto me as firmly as I could. Each burst of my cum was answered by a moan from her..

Dinner was pretty late that night, especially since we took a long shower together. Jamie did her homework, and I paid some bills, just as we had done for so many years. When we were done, we cuddled on the couch to watch TV. Jamie went upstairs to get ready for bed, and when she was done in the bathroom, I got ready, too. I found her under the covers in my room, naked.

"Tomorrow is a school day, honey," I said.

"I know. Lose the pajamas, Dad."

We both slept soundly that night.

Jamie did spend a few nights that week in her own room, but our shower made her late for school one morning. I got to be more comfortable with what we were doing. Jamie had been right when she had said, "Nothing that feels this good, with someone I love this much, can ever be wrong."

The school year was coming to an end.. Melody and Kiersten visited us together a few times in the weeks before graduation, and the girls persuaded me to allow them to start the sleepover Thursday night, after graduation practice was over. Melody then learned that her family had made plans for that evening. The girls decided that Kiersten would still spend the night with us, and Melody would come over Friday night, after the graduation ceremony.

It was Jamie's turn to do the dishes that Thursday evening. Kiersten helped her. I was on the couch, flipping through the channels on TV when they got finished. Jamie plopped down on one side of me, and Kiersten sat on the other.

"Can we watch a movie, Dad?" Jamie asked.

"Okay. What do you want to see?"

"The remote's next to you," Jamie said to her friend. "Why don't you pick something.?"

Kiersten started scrolling through the movie listings. "Here's one I haven't seen. 'Fast Times at Ridgemont High.' Can we watch that?" she asked.

"I don't know, Kiersten, I'm not sure you kids should be watching that, especially with me in the room. It has an 'R' rating," I said.

"Which means that if it had been in theaters last year, we could have gone without you, Dad. Play it, Kiersten. It's pretty good, especially if you like old-school stuff," Jamie said.

Things went pretty well until we got to the scene where Judge Reinhold is fantasizing about Phoebe Cates while he jerks off.

"My God, is he going to cum?" Kiersten giggled. I glanced at her, and saw she was looking at my lap.

Jamie grabbed the remote and paused the scene, just as Brad looks like he's ready to get off. "You'd like to see that wouldn't you, Kiersten?" my daughter said.

"Jamie!" Kiersten hissed.

"Well, wouldn't you?" Jamie persisted.

"Um, well, yeah, I guess," Kiersten said, blushing. "I bet you would too."

"Girls!" I said, grabbing the remote from my daughter. I looked at Kiersten. She was blushing, her fat nipples erect under her shirt. Her eyes were flicking back and forth, from the still image on the screen to my daughter's face, and then to my lap. I glanced down, and saw the bulge I had felt. Then I looked at Kiersten. Her gaze had stayed on my lap.

"Can we all behave and finish the damn movie?" I asked.

As the movie played, the scene between us seemed to be forgotten. By the time the ending credits played, I had two warm, tired girls, my daughter and her best friend, snuggled against me. It felt nice. The three of us had done this before many times. Jamie had always been allowed to bring her friends to the house, and I had often found myself with one sweet young girl or another falling asleep on my arm.

This time, though, it was different. My daughter and I had become lovers, and her best friend had been looking at my dick.

The girls decided to get ready for bed. They were going to sleep in my daughter's room. When Jamie had decided to go to a local college and commute, we shopped for new furniture for her. There was plenty of room for the two friends in the new queen-sized bed.

They came downstairs to say goodnight. Jamie was in her usual t-shirt, and Kiersten was in a football jersey that came almost to her knees. They sat cross-legged on the sofa next to me, Jamie on my left, and Kiersten on my right. We talked for a few minutes about our schedule for the next day. Suddenly, I noticed that I could see up my daughter's shirt. No panties.

She saw me looking, and smiled. I turned away, and found that I could see a portion of one of Kiersten's puffy lips, too. She seemed unaware of it.

The girls continued to chatter for a moment, and then Jamie leaned over and kissed me on the lips. "Good night, Dad," she said.

Jamie has done that countless times before in front of her friends. It's just how we usually say good night. Of course, usually I haven't been peeking at her pussy, remembering how it tastes.

When my daughter stood up and headed for the stairs, Kiersten leaned in for her good night kiss. It's something she and I have done for years, too, and I expected her usual light, goofy peck on the lips. Instead, I got a much slower, warmer kiss. When she pulled back, I saw that her jersey had shifted so I could see her womanhood completely.

She stood, glanced at my now quite obvious bulge, and murmured, "Good night, Daddy Bill."

When I went upstairs to bed, I saw that the girls had left their door open. It was a warm night. The breeze through the open upstairs windows in our bedrooms would be welcome, so after closing myself up in the bathroom to change, I decided to leave my bedroom door open, too. The girls were pretty quiet, and I lay down on my bed on my back and relaxed.

Then I heard Kiersten whisper, "Do you think your dad does that?"

"Does what?"

"Masturbates," Kiersten said.

Jamie giggled, "Of course he does. All guys do."

"How do you know? Have you seen him?"

Both girls giggled, and Kiersten said, "Oh my God, you HAVE seen him, haven't you?"


"I would so love to see that. He had a hard-on tonight, you know," Kiersten said.

"There were some pretty hot scenes in the move," my daughter answered.

"Not only then, though. It happened again when we went down to say good night."

"Little wonder, Kiersten. You kinda look like Phoebe Cates, but with shorter hair and bigger boobs. You know he could see right up that football jersey of yours, don't you?" Jamie asked.

"You mean he could see me? I thought this shirt was long enough. I sure as hell could see your little coochie, so there's no way he didn't see you," Kiersten said.

"Maybe, but I didn't notice anything in his lap until you moved and showed him everything of yours. I looked to see if Dad had seen it, and it was obvious he had."

"His cock looks really long."

"He says it's not much bigger than average, but what do I know?" Jamie remarked.

"Wait! What? You've actually talked to your father about his penis?" Kiersten gasped.

"Well, yeah. I mean, who else would I talk to about dicks? It's not like I have a mom to ask about this stuff."

"Yeah, but I could never talk to my father about that. That would just be weird. Especially if I had seen it," Kiersten said. "What's your Dad's dick look like?"

"I don't know. It looks like a penis, I guess. He's circumcised. He trims. I remember when I first caught him doing that."

"But Jamie! You've actually seen him cum?"

"Yeah. It's pretty cool," my daughter said.

"Wow, I've never seen a guy do that," Kiersten said.

"Have you ever even seen a penis?" Jamie asked. "I mean in real life, like close-up. And not some kid you babysat, a grown man's penis?"


"Go look," my daughter said.


"Go look. Dad's been in bed long enough that he's sound asleep by now. If you're quiet, he won't wake up."

"I can't do that!" Kiersten hissed.

"Yes you can. It's time you grew up, girlfriend. Come on, you're going to get a look at a cock."

I could hear the girls giggling as they got out of bed. What should I do? I was just wearing pajama bottoms, and I was half hard from listening to them. They tiptoed to my door. "I'm going to turn on the bathroom light so we can see a little better," Jamie whispered.

"What if he wakes up?" Kiersten whispered.

"Duh. We'll tell him we had to go to the bathroom,"Jamie said.

I closed my eyes, anticipating the light. When it came on, I knew I could be seen pretty clearly from about chest level on down.

"Look, he's lying on his back." Jamie whispered. It sounded like she was at my doorway.

"Is that a bulge under the sheet?" Kiersten asked.

"It looks like it. Go in and check it out."

"I can't! What if he wakes up?"

"I don't know. Tell him you heard a noise or something. Now, go on!" my daughter said.

"Come with me, okay?" Kiersten begged. "If he wakes up, we can say we both heard a noise."

"All right."

I tried to keep my face as relaxed as possible. In a moment, I could tell they were standing next to my bed.

"I wish he didn't have the sheet up," Kiersten whispered.

"Help me pull it down," Jamie said.

"You're joking."

"No, I'm not. If we're careful, he'll never feel it."

I felt the sheet being lifted off me and laid across my knees.

"Oh my God, I can see a little of it! See, right there, through the fly opening?" Kiersten giggled.

"Watch this," Jamie said.

I could feel hands moving the fabric covering me, and the knowledge that my cock was now visible to these girls made it twitch.

"It moved!" Kiersten said. "I wish I could touch it."

"He's asleep. Go ahead," my daughter said.

I worked hard to keep my breathing slow and natural. As well as I could, I continued to fake sleep. My cock, however, was waking up. Quickly.

It felt like a single fingertip on the side of my shaft. "It's getting hard," Kiersten breathed.

"Just wait. It'll get a lot bigger," Jamie said. "Touch it some more."

Kiersten did. She ran her finger up to the head of my cock. It rose, pushing against her finger. "It moved again."

"Just keep doing that," my daughter whispered.

Her friend got more bold, carefully wrapping her whole hand around it. Slowly, very lightly, she moved her hand up and down, barely touching me, grazing my sensitive skin with her soft hand. By now, I was approaching full hardness.

"It's so hard, but it feels so soft," Kiersten whispered.

"I know. It's really cool, isn't it?" Jamie remarked.

"Will he have an orgasm if I keep doing this?"

"Probably. Do you want to see that?"

"Yeah, but I'm afraid to. What if he wakes up?"

"He'll be happy and messy, I guess," Jamie giggled.

This had gone far enough. I had to do something to get these two out of my room before I got into real trouble. I decided to roll on my side.

Kiersten let out a little squeak when I did that, and Jamie giggled. The girls quickly left the room.

When they were back in Jamie's bed, they were quiet. Finally, Kiersten said, "I am SO horny right now."

"Me too," Jamie giggled.

"You don't masturbate, do you?" Kiersten asked.

"I didn't, but I do now," Jamie said.

"So do I. I love doing it. Do you get off?"

"Yeah, I learned how," my daughter replied.

"Do you think about anything when you do it?" Kiersten asked.

"Yeah, I guess."

"If I was going to do it right now, I'd think about your dad."

"You mean about how nice his cock felt in your hand?" Jamie asked.

"Yeah. And how awesome it would be if he was licking me."

"Your pussy, you mean?" Jamie asked.

"Yeah, I bet I'd cum so hard," Kiersten sighed.

"Have you ever had your pussy licked?" my daughter asked

"No. Have you?"

Jamie was quiet.

"Have you? Oh my God, you have! Who was it?"

"I can't tell you."

"Jamie! You're my best friend. Best friends are supposed to tell each other when stuff like that happens! Now who was he?"

"I really can't tell you. We'd get in so much trouble," my daughter said.

"Jamie, this is me you're talking to. You know, your best friend? The one who just gave your father half a handjob, remember? You have to tell me. Was it a kid at school?"


"A teacher?"

"Ewww, God no!" Jamie whispered. "Look, I just can't tell you, okay?"

There was silence for a moment, and then Kiersten said, "I wish I could get a guy to lick my pussy."

I was lying there in my bed listening to this. My daughter, with whom I've been having wild sex, and her best friend, a young Phoebe Cates look-alike (but with bigger boobs and meaty, puffy pussy lips!) were down the hall, both with nothing on their delicious bodies except for thin shirts, discussing cunnilingus. My erection wasn't going down any time soon, even though Jamie had come perilously close to revealing our secret.

Kiersten said, "Jamie, I want you to be honest with me. When we were in your dad's room and I was touching him, I said about how his penis was hard but felt soft at the same time. You almost sounded like you knew what I was talking about. You said something along the lines of, 'I know. It's cool.' How would you know how it feels?"

I held my breath, waiting for Jamie to answer. Dead silence. Finally, Kiersten said, "You've touched it, haven't you?"

Oh, shit.

"Jamie! You have! You've played with it! Did he have an orgasm?"

I strained to hear my daughter's answer. I imagined that I heard police sirens coming, but I heard nothing from Jamie's room.

"You jerked your dad off, didn't you?"

"Kiersten, please, you can't tell anybody. You just can't!"

"Why would I tell? I think it's cool. I think it's great. I'm jealous," Kiersten said.

"Jealous?" Jamie asked.

"Hell yes! Right down the hall, you have a super-hot guy with a big dick, and you got to play with it. Did he wake up?"


Kiersten said, "For real? I can't imagine how he wouldn't wake up. I'd sure as hell be awake if someone made me have an orgasm. Are you sure he didn't wake up?"

"He wasn't asleep," Jamie whispered.

"You gave him a handjob while he was awake?" Kiersten exclaimed.

"You can't tell anybody!" Jamie hissed.

"I won't. Don't worry.... Oh! Oh, shit! He's the one that licked your pussy, isn't he?"

I was trying to think of places without extradition agreements when I heard Jamie call out, "Dad, are you awake?"

I'm officially screwed. I wondered if I could get a job when I got out of prison. Hell, when WE got out of prison!

"Will you come over here, please?" Jamie called.

My penis, the cause of this trouble, had shrunk back to normal size. He was hiding, but I couldn't. "Be there in a minute," I answered.

I put on my robe and walked in to face the girls. "Jamie, I'm so sorry," I said. "I knew we shouldn't have done anything. I've ruined your life and mine."

"No, you haven't, Dad. We've been through all that." Turning to her friend, Jamie said, "Kiersten, look, we could be in real trouble here if anyone finds out. Try to understand, please. Dad has never done anything with me that I haven't asked him to."

"Asked him to? What, you just came home from school one day and asked your dad to eat you out?" Kiersten asked.

"It wasn't like that," Jamie said. "Remember when we were at the pool when Brian and Paul were there? You and Melody were teasing me about how hot they looked, and how I acted when I was talking to them. I thought about that, and finally I asked my dad."

"She had questions about stuff they don't teach in health class," I said.

"Yes, I wanted to know why I get the feelings I sometimes get. Remember when we were texting about orgasms, and you and Melody were making fun of me 'cuz I'd never had one?" Jamie asked her friend.


Jamie continued, "Well, I've always been able to talk to Dad about everything, so I asked him how I could have an orgasm and how to masturbate, and finally I had him show me. We've kinda been doing some stuff. Please, Kiersten, please promise us you won't tell."

"I absolutely won't tell! Jamie, Daddy Bill, I love you guys. I would never say anything. Trust me," Kiersten said.

"I hope we can," I said.

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