tagIncest/TabooDad is an Exhibitionist Ch. 03

Dad is an Exhibitionist Ch. 03


"I hope you understand, Dave. This job is what I've been working for all of my life and I can't mess it up." Sitting across from me in the restaurant, Dad had explained that, for the remainder of the year, he would be engaged nearly exclusively in work. "A lot of eighteen hour days," he had said. He apologized that he wouldn't have much time for me and that I'd have to fend for myself.

Offering to help any way that I could, I explained that I understood how important the job was.

"I appreciate that offer Dave, but it probably won't be necessary since I'll be bringing on some experienced tool workers." He told me that I should just keep cleaning up and helping the way I had done. "After all," he said, "it's your last summer before college. You deserve a little free time." After a moment he added, "I think that you'll need to use the car. Take it up to Dallas or down to Houston some weekend if you want to."

There had been no mention of sex during the entire meal. In fact, it was as though nothing had happened since I had arrived. I wondered how easily my father could turn the subject on and off. "Maybe I'll be that way some day," I thought to myself.

We stood up to leave and he left money on the table to pay the bill. As we walked to the car Dad slowed and appeared to have something to say.

"What is it Dad," I said stopping beside his pick up.

"Well, maybe I shouldn't mention this, but" he paused, "Hank told me that he stopped by the house the other night." Then he looked at me and appeared to be testing for a reaction.

After looking at the pavement I shrugged and said, "Yeah, he did. He surprised me stopping by," I paused before adding, "I guess we had a pretty good time."

Sounding relieved, Dad broke into a laugh followed by, "Well, I suppose I should have warned you about him. Hank's a pretty randy guy." He turned to unlock the door and shaking his head added, "But he sure manages to keep that wife of his pregnant on top of everything else." Apparently his wife was going to have another child. Nothing else was said on our drive home.

Later that evening in bed I recalled my experiences with Dad and Hank and wondered what to make of it all. I couldn't decide if they were in league together to bring me out to my true nature, or if everything was as unplanned and happenstance as it appeared. Finally, with images from each encounter in my head, I pleasured myself to relief and eventually sleep.

The weekend came with Dad away at the shop so I decided to drive up to see my grandparents. I thought that spending time with them would help keep my mind from idle thoughts. I stayed until dinner but, by the time I was ready to leave, I was thinking more of a trip to the bar that Hank had told me about.

Hanks' directions had been precise and in half an hour I was pulling into a gravel parking lot in front of the gaudy façade of a country bar. The lot wasn't full, but random autos and pick ups, as well as a couple of motorcycles, showed that it had customers.

Other than sneaking into a bar with some high school friends, I'd never actually gone into one before. Once inside of this one I was instantly taken aback by the dim lighting and shadowy figures huddled at the bar. They had all turned to look at my arrival. It took a moment to get my bearings before I heard, "Welcome honey, come on in."

The voice had come from a large man standing behind the bar. I approached awkwardly and pondered what to do since I was underage.

At the bar I was greeted by who turned out to be Miss Kitty. He was a large, heavy-set man with a face clearly made-up to include bold eye liner. "What'll you have, doll?"

"A beer," I answered in a near question.

"Got some I.D.?" Miss Kitty responded.

"I forgot it," I replied hesitatingly, lowering my head. "Give me a Coke instead."

Miss Kitty came back holding a mug overflowing with foam. Leaning towards me he said, "Just be careful who sees you drinking this, honey."

I dropped five dollars on the bar which was greeted by a big smile and, "Why thank you Sweetie Pie." Miss Kitty swooped up the bill and, after simulating putting it down his décolletage; he dropped it in a tip jar with a hearty laugh.

Retreating to a table along the wall and near the juke box, I took my seat to survey the scene. There were seven men seated at the bar and all had returned to their conversations. At one table were two Mexican men and a woman. One man and the woman rose when a new song began on the box and took the barely lit floor to begin dancing. It wasn't until then that I realized that the woman was actually a man in drag. The couple embraced and began a slow, undulating dance to the music.

From the corner of my eye I caught movement as a man, soon followed by another, came out of a door marked "Gents." Both took seats at a nearby table. It was on this distraction that I caught sight of a solitary figure seated at another table looking in my direction. A large, white cowboy hat rested on his table.

Turning to stare at my beer, I felt the back of my neck burning. After a few seconds and a deep breath, I turned to look over my left shoulder and found him still staring at me. This time he nodded his head and lifted his beer in a small salute. I nodded back, then turned quickly away and found myself reddening as I repressed a smile. The pleasure I felt from this attention superseded my awkwardness.

Before I could gain the nerve to glance at him again, I saw a pair of blue jeans with a large bulge in the crotch standing beside my table. I looked up to find the man smiling as he dropped his hat on my table. Sitting down across from me, he said "Mind if I join you?"

Despite my efforts to stay calm, I felt another smile erupt across my reddening face and I responded, "Sure, why not."

A large hand suddenly whipped in front of me from across the table, "My name's Roger," the man said.

I felt my own hand trembling as I took his and said, "I'm Dave," then mumbled, "Nice to meet you Roger."

Roger was a little taller than me. He was slender, though his shoulders were wide. He wore a denim western shirt half unbuttoned to reveal a swirl of chest hair.

"Well, Mr. Dave," he continued unreserved, "Judging by the excitement you created amongst the swishy crowd at the bar, you must not come here much." He then added, "First time?"

"Uh," I stammered, "yeah, first time." I was unnerved by the directness of his smile and look. He was very handsome, probably in his early 30s. He was younger than my father but obviously mature. He continued to grin back at me as I surveyed his angular face. His dark hair was pushed back behind his ears. I saw ringlets around his collar.

He spoke in a distinct but unfamiliar twang. "I don't either," and after pausing said, "I drive a rig across country. I've been here only a few times over the past couple of years."

I asked, "A rig? Where did you park? I didn't see one when I came up."

"I carry a motorcycle, it's parked in front. It helps me get around when I'm stopped. My rig is at the big truck stop just outside of town."

I had passed that truck stop, all lit up, on my way to the bar.

"I'm pretty much on the road all of the year, so I need an occasional diversion." He broke into an even larger grin accompanied by a wink.

"Do you like it, being on the road, I mean." I quickly lifted my beer to cover my mouth, since every comment I made seemed to set off another wave of blushing and grinning.

"Yeah, it's a good life for me," Roger replied. "What about you Dave, what are you up to?"

"Oh," I answered feeling awkward, "I'm working this summer at my Dad's. He has a machine shop south of here." Not knowing what else to say I blundered on, "I start to school this fall," then added, "community college."

"School, huh," Roger answered immediately, "that's a good thing. I figured you were young but hadn't figured that I might have a chance to land me a school boy." With that he broke into a loud guffaw while I blushed again. His teeth were white and very straight. I sat nervously looking at him.

"Tell you what my friend Dave," he said leaning forward over the table, "I'm not a man who likes to waste time. And frankly," pausing he grinned at me, "You don't seem to be a man with a plan, so why don't we go back to my rig? I have something in the cab that I think might interest a school boy out doing some research." He smirked and added, "You are interested in some 'research' ain'tcha Dave?" He sat back pleased with his humor.

I stammered hesitatingly and said, "Your rig? Is that okay?"

"Sure," he replied. "I've got it parked at the back of the lot where it's real private. My cab is extended and has a small room off the back where I sleep and wash up," adding with a grin, "among other things."

Soon we had agreed that I would follow him to his truck. We rose to leave and as we walked out I heard someone at the bar say, "That was quick," and Miss Kitty call out, "Y'all come back boys."

He sped off toward town spewing gravel in his bike's wake and I gunned the car to catch up with him. Apprehension as well as excitement filled me and we were soon turning into the lit up truck stop. I followed him through the lot until he stopped at an enormous black cab towing a trailer and parked on the back row where the light was dimmer, just like he had said.

By the time that I'd shut down my car, Roger was at my car opening the door for me. "This is a man who wastes no time," I thought. .

"Welcome to mi casa, Dave," he said with a swooping arm gesture before turning to walk past the motorcycle, its engine still crackling from the drive. He opened the door to the cab. "Step on in my friend. Between the seats there's an opening to the back." As I climbed in I felt his hand on my ass.

I climbed over the seat and stepped into a small room perhaps six or seven feet deep behind the cab. In front of me was a mattress built over some sort of chest with drawers. To my left was a sink above which hung a vanity mirror. On the other side of the opening was a clothes rack with several shirts and pants on hangers. A small refrigerator sat on the floor beneath the clothes. The truck hummed with sound.

"Built ready to roll," he said, suddenly pulling me to him and adding, "just like me." I felt his arms go around me. He leaned down to plant a kiss on my lips. Surprised by this abruptness, I felt heat rise immediately from within me. We ground our lips together, his tongue pried open my mouth then darted in.

Enflamed by his touch, I responded, placing my arms around him and grinding my hips into his. Both of our breathing increased sharply.

We stood grinding our lips together with slick tongues probing each other's mouths. I felt his hands on my ass pressing me into him. Bulging erections rubbed against each others through our jeans.

Roger pulled back and looked down at me. "It's been a long time since I've had a pretty thing like you in this cab Mr. Dave. Let's see what you've got under all that wrapping." With that he proceeded to lift my t-shirt up and off my head, tossing it to one side. Then in one unhesitating motion he quickly undid my belt then zipper before yanking down my jeans and underwear. I stood immobile, my breath gasping hard, while he squatted down to take my stiff cock into his mouth.

As he aggressively sucked and slurped on my shaft I felt my legs begin to tremble. In a very short while I was stripped of all my clothes and laid back on the mattress. My heart pounded with excitement while I watched him tearing out of his own clothes then pausing, naked and hard, to look me over like a hungry wolf surveying it's prey. "Fuck, you are a beauty," he said with a grin.

His body was lean with muscles wiry from exercise. His wash board stomach was cut by a small ribbon of hair to his navel. His cock was stiff and lifted vertically from his groin. Heavy balls dangled low between his legs.

"I sure got lucky tonight," he said to no one. With that he straddled my chest and pressed his rod toward my mouth. I opened wide and took it in to begin sucking the fleshy pole while he held it downward. His hand went behind my head and began pulling me toward him when he pushed his cock downward, then relaxing his grasp as he withdrew. I could hardly hear through the roaring in my ears and pounding from my heart.

After a few minutes he was on me kissing, rubbing his hands over my shoulders and chest. Our hard cocks ground against each other. I felt fingers flick over one of my nipples before he bent over to began nibbling on it. This was a new sensation and I yelped like a puppy from a combination of pain and pleasure.

My fingers gripped his buttocks and squeezed the flesh. It was small and tight, like the asses I had observed on runners. I pulled to spread his cheeks and pushed my finger between them, feeling the warm puckered hole. I probed into its moist stickiness.

Roger licked downward over my stomach and once again took my cock in his mouth. My fingers clutched at his hair. It was long and thick and clean.

Spreading my legs while he sucked on me, I pushed my hips upward, arching my back as I let out a moan. My rod was throbbing with the suction of his warm mouth.

He withdrew his mouth and licked around my shaft and over my balls. Using his tongue he toyed with them as I gave in to the new sensation. I felt his mouth take one of my balls and the tugging sensation of his gentle suck extended up into my stomach.

Without a word Roger flipped me over and lifted me onto my knees. I let out a small cry when his hot tongue began licking at my hole. He spread my cheeks and lapped around the opening like an animal at a bowl. I groaned from the feel of wet tongue probing my anus hole.

I heard him spit and then felt a finger pushing inside of me; I flinched from a short but brief pain. Glancing backward I said, "Roger, "I haven't..."

"I know Baby Boy," he whispered, interrupting my timid protestations. "I know how to take care of you." Once again I gave into the new sensation, stranger than others before, but one that quickly became a welcome invasion.

My buttocks rolled with his finger probes. In my mind I let go of any nervousness over what might come and give myself over to him. My sphincter muscle began to relax as his finger continued to probe my slowly spreading hole. His mouth and tongue covered the root of my body from my anus to the base of my balls with intense attentions that rendered me powerless.

After what seemed an extremely long time, Roger flipped me over to my back and was suddenly on top of me kissing; his mouth now had a flavor of musk from my hole. The rich aroma of my own ass hole filled my nostrils, exciting me even more.

In a while he sat up to reach beneath the mattress; I heard a drawer slide open and the sounds of retrieval. Then I felt the cool smoothness of lubricant as his finger probed me again. He reached again and I watched as he drew his hand to his mouth to began tearing open a small package and extracting the rolled latex. Smoothly he unrolled it over his hard shaft.

"Just relax Dave, I'll tell you what to do," he said as I felt a push against my anus, which instinctively tightened from the unfamiliar sensation. "Relax now, boy, push against me with your hole, don't tighten, instead push outward," he instructed.

I did as he said and felt his fullness enter me abruptly. I was startled by the sharp jab when my sphincter muscle spread open, "Oh," I cried, "that hurts."

"It will for a second, boy," he said, "just relax to it." He then reached down to begin kneading my cock, which had softened at the pain. Soon warmth began to flow and I became rigid again.

Roger pressed deeper and the pain began to subside. I felt myself loosen and a new feeling of deep penetration filled my lower torso. He hooked my legs under the crook of his arms and lifted above me. "Take hold of yourself down there, boy. Stroke that pecker of yours."

He rode me while I stroked myself, aware of an unfamiliar tingling filling my groin. Closing my eyes I moaned while giving into this new pleasure of being impaled by his tool. He leaned over to press his mouth against mine. Our tongues met amidst the hot gasps of our breathing. I felt his body's smooth rhythm with each thrust and withdrawal of his rolling hips.

Shortly a surge began to rise from my tightening balls and I stroked myself harder. Muttering "I'm going to cum Roger," I knew that it was impossible to resist the rise of feeling from my balls. With my words his probes became more abrupt, accompanied by the music of his deep moans. I gave a loud cry out when the tingling of hot spray shot outward through me splashing onto both of our stomachs. At virtually the same moment, he began uttering a series of grunts accompanied by the sharp thrusting of his hips. I knew that Roger was delivering his load.

Afterward we both relaxed while his kisses became softer and our breathing slowed. Our lips brushed when I felt a gentle release as his cock slipped from me accompanied by the sensation of my anus muscle relaxing. I slipped back onto the mattress flat on my back and dropped my legs.

Roger rested above me on one elbow while with his other arm he reached again into the drawer to withdraw a package of cigarettes. Rising to sit beside me with his legs on the floor, he lit a smoke and inhaled deeply.

"Something about that calls for a cigarette," he smiled and offered me a drag.

I shook my head and then asked, "Was that okay, since I'm so new at this?"

"Dave," he leaned towards me, "you have no idea how beautiful that was. It was an honor to pop your cherry." Then he laughed and I grinned even while blushing like the proverbial school girl.

We both grew quiet while he smoked and I softly ran my fingers over his back. He was handsome in a wild sort of way and I knew that I could become lovers with a man like this.

"Well, Dave boy," he said, putting out his cigarette, "I hate to end this little party of ours but it's late and I've got a lot of driving to do tomorrow." He stood to strip the condom off his flaccid cock and drop it into a container attached to the wall beneath the sink.

"Where do you have to be tomorrow?" I rose and began locating my clothes.

Roger tossed his own clothes into a corner, obviously intending to remain naked. "I have to head out early for LA. I want to get into California before I have to stop for the night."

"And then, what there, where do you go?" I asked.

"Up to do a drop in Seattle. Then I pick up a load in Vancouver afterward," he answered.

"Do you come back this way often?" I said, hoping that he would say "Yes."

"Not really boy, probably not, but it's pretty unpredictable." Looking at me I supposed he read the look in my eyes. He said, "You'd probably better not count on us meeting again, though it's possible, I suppose."

I turned away from him to finish my dressing with the feel of a small weight suddenly around my heart.

"I can't tell you enough what a special time this was for me, Dave," he spoke touching my shoulder. "But the problem with my job is that my life is pretty unpredictable and all situations are temporary." I supposed that my disappointment showed and he added, "But I won't forget my Dave, I truly promise you, I won't," as he hugged me to him.

It was late when I drove back home. The evening had turned cool and rain had been forecast for tomorrow. On the dark road I thought of how my life was changing. First my father, then Hank, and now Roger, and I knew that I was becoming a different person.

Over the next few weeks I seldom saw my father. He made several return trips to Houston for meetings, but even when he was at home his time was exclusively dedicated to the shop. I spent most of my own idle time either reading or watching television before retiring to bed and a prolonged masturbation session every evening. I missed the company of my father and I definitely missed seeing his naked body around the house.

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