tagExhibitionist & VoyeurDad Voyeurs Daughter's Sexy Friend

Dad Voyeurs Daughter's Sexy Friend


My daughter and her friend came home drunk at 3am. They were out celebrating my daughter's birthday. Worried, I was relived that they made it home alive and was glad that they, at least, had the commonsense to call a cab and not drive.

My visiting daughter was staying with me over the weekend but I did not know that she invited her drunken friend to sleepover, too, that is, until I heard them coming in the house so late and trying to be quiet. I only have two bedrooms and a couch in the living room for emergencies, such as this one. Their giggling and crashing into things woke me up.

"Shh, be quiet," I heard my daughter say in a strained whisper. "You'll wake up my Dad."

I waited a respectable amount of time listening for them and when it was quiet, I got up to go to the bathroom. I passed by my daughter's bedroom and saw her passed out asleep on her bed fully dressed. I closed her door and passed by the mirror that reflected into the living room as I headed towards the bathroom.

Her reflection in the mirror caught my attention. There in the dimly lit living room was my daughter's 25-year-old friend undressing to ready herself to sleep on the couch. I stood there frozen watching her. The vision of her removing her tight wool sweater over her head startled me and was a sight to behold.

I had met her a few times before and she is absolutely gorgeous. She works as a hostess at one of the hot nightspots downtown. The first time I met her was last year at a barbeque that I had at my house. My daughter asked me if she could bring a friend and I figured she meant a boyfriend until she showed up with Maureen.

"Dad, this is my roommate from college, Maureen." She turned to Maureen, "This is my Dad."

"Hi, Maureen, how are you?" I shook her hand while holding back my dog, a Rat Terrier that strained at the leash to smell her. I stepped back pulling him away and she squatted down.

"It's okay, I love dogs," she said.

When she leaned forward extending out her hand to the dog, so did her blouse. I had a clear view down her blouse and her low cut bra gave me a great shot of her ample cleavage. She had nice tits. She made me wish I was 25 years younger. Polo, my dog, lunged at her licking her face and bowling her over on the lawn. She wore white panties. I love white panties. Good dog, Polo, I thought. A sudden flash of embarrassment brightened her face when she caught me looking. Quickly, she composed herself and stood.

Now, here she is, a year later, undressing before my eyes in my living room. Her white blouse lifted with her sweater exposing her flat, white stomach and the underside of her white bra. Normally, I do not like it when my daughter drinks to an excess but it was her birthday and I was so happy that she was passed out drunk and that I was rewarded with this spectacular sight of watching her hot friend undress.

But for a tiny nightlight in the hall, where I stood was in total darkness and she could not see me even if she was sober. She was mumbling to herself as she fumbled with the buttons of her blouse. Watching her unbutton her blouse made me wish that I could do that for her. I imagined kissing her lips with my hands around her waist and working my kisses down to her neck before slowly unbuttoning each button and stopping to look to see what each unbuttoned button revealed before continuing. I stood amazed by her beauty and by her body. She was 5'7", about 120 pounds, and had B cup breasts with a most perfectly proud ass. Her hair was as dark and shiny as her eyes were big and blue and her complexion was as Irish as her name, Maureen.

There is something about Irish women. I think that they are the most beautiful women on the planet. Even when their line is mixed with another nationality whether it is Italian, French, Canadian, whatever, they still retain that beauty. I have a thing for Irish women, especially when they speak with a bit of the Irish brogue, which she did.

I watched her struggling with the sleeves of her blouse fumbling to unbutton her cuffs and I felt my penis beginning to stir. She stood not twenty feet away from me in her revealing white bra that was cut nearly as low as her nipples and her hip hugger jeans. Watching her undress was better than any strip show that I have seen and better than any X rated, late night, pay-for-view sex show that I have watched. She made me wish I had a secret video camera in the room so that I could replay this scene over and again when alone and lonely late at night.

Finally, she removed her blouse and stood stretching and swaying. I wished that I could walk up behind her and feel her ass pressed against my cock with my hands around her flat stomach before reaching up and cupping her tits through her bra while kissing her neck. She unzipped her jeans and slowly wiggled and tugged them down over her hips. Her jeans were so tight, they looked painted on her. I watched as her jeans pulled her bikini panty down a little exposing the top of her ass crack and a tattoo of a shy flower that looked like a violet before it blossomed. Yet, this girl was no shrinking violet. I so wanted to kiss her flower.

Faced away from me, I had a clear view of her shapely back. She sat to extricate her legs from her jeans and once her legs were out, she stood and turned facing me. Boy, there is something about a woman who has a great body wearing only a bra and panties. She looked like she wore a tiny bikini. She reminded me of Nicole Kidman but with darker hair and bigger tits. She neatly folded her jeans before taking a step forward and hanging them over the chair. I stepped back in the shadow of the hall and, as a reflexive move, hugged the wall. She could not see me even if I walked closer, which I did, eventually.

She turned again, picked up her blouse and, folding that too, placed it gently over her jeans that hung on the chair. Then, it a quick movement while still facing me, she reached both hands around her, undid her bra, and slid the straps off her shoulders.

My cock ached. I reached my hand down my boxers and stroked myself. She made me want to cum. I wish I could shoot a load of cum across her tits and down her sweet belly.

Her breasts were perfect, pink, firm, and high up. It took all the self-control that I possessed not to step out from the shadows and take her in my arms, kiss her, and make love to her. My cock was throbbing for her.

I could not believe that I was so blessed to witness this sudden strip show. Although she appeared a bit unsteady on her feet, she was so deliberate in her movements, in removing her clothes, and in taking care to remove the wrinkles before folding them and carefully placing them that I wondered if she could see me. I wondered if she knew I was standing there in the dark watching her. Wouldn't that be a kick in the ass if this was nothing but a show for my benefit? Wouldn't that be something if she wanted me as much as I wanted her? Wishfully thinking, the thoughts of her wanting me and me being intimate with her was such a hot dream that I wanted to jerk off and shoot a load right there on the hall carpet.

There before me stood my daughter's friend topless. I could not believe it. I could not remove my eyes from round, shapely breasts and her delicate, puffy nipples. Her figure was breathtaking. I wish I could stand before her and feel her body against mine. I wish I could run my hands all over her sexy body.

She looked up at the ceiling while continuing a private conversation of unintelligible mumbling before slowly peeling and rolling down her panty and stepping out of them. Again, she unrolled them and gently placed them on top of her bra which hung over her blouse and that lay on top of her jeans.

She was naked. She stood there in the light looking down at her body facing me. She twisted to look at her ass and ran her hand down along the curve from her waist to her hip. She twisted the other way and repeated the process. She had a wonderful ass. Her ass made me wish that I could bend her over and bury my cock deep inside her pussy. Her pubic hair was as dark as the hair on her head. Neatly trimmed, she had a rectangular patch. Clearly, I could see her slit. She had wonderfully thin thighs that were shapely and that allowed me a clear and unobstructed view of her pussy.

She lifted her left tit in her right hand, squeezed it and examined. Then, she repeated the process with her right tit in her left hand. The way she did this made me wonder if this was a nightly ritual. Then, I hoped that she knew that I was standing there in the dark and was doing it for my benefit. I thought I was going to cum right there in the hall with the thought of that scenario. My cock was standing straight out and straining against the fabric of my cotton boxers. I needed relief. I reached in my boxers and put my hand about my cock slowly stroking it to her movements.

She sat on the couch and then, without turning out the light, I saw her head lean back. I took another step forward and then another. I could see her from the top of her head down to the tips of her toes. I stood there frozen for what seemed like hours but was only a few minutes. She was lying on her back with her arms over her head and her breasts lifted up high. I stood there staring at the naked sight of her, wishing I was lying on top of her, beside her or under her. Now, I was trapped. I was afraid to leave for fear that she might hear me. I did not breathe. I did not make a sound.

I listened until I heard her breathing regularly. She was dozing. Every now and then, she would give a little snore before catching herself and then her breathing returned to regular. She was sleeping.

This was my chance to either leave or to get closer for a better look. My penis made the decision for me and I stepped closer for a better look. The sight of her gorgeous body made me wish that I could take a photo of her to remember this moment, but there was no way. I could not risk the chance of waking her and of her seeing me. I had the cold sweats. My cock was so hard and I desperately wanted some relief. I could not wait to masturbate over the sight of her. I wanted to masturbate over her naked body and shoot a load of warm cum all over her face. If ever I wanted to give someone a cum bath, it was she.

Then, I got the idea of getting a blanket to cover her so that I had a valid excuse to get closer to her naked body and maybe even touch her, accidentally on purpose, as I covered her nakedness with the blanket. That was my excuse, if she woke up. It would not be so bad if she did. How could she be mad at me? Besides, she was the one who stripped naked in my living room without turning off the light. I imagined her sitting up and taking my erect cock in her mouth as I covered her with the blanket.

I slowly and lightly backpedaled tiptoeing to the closet and pulling out a cotton blanket. Slowly without a sound, I walked to where she lay on the couch naked. I stood there holding the blanket and looking down at her beautiful body. She was so young and her body was so perfect. She made me ache with lustful desire. I wish that I could have—"

"Are you just going to stand there and stare at me or put the blanket over me?"

"What? Oh, God, I'm sorry. It's just, oh God."

"Stop, it's okay."

Afraid to touch her, I handed her the blanket at arms length. She took it and tossed it aside.

"A mirror works both ways, you know. I saw you watching me undress. It turned me on knowing that you were there in the darkness watching my every move." She looked down at my cock pitching a tent in my underwear. "It was very erotic. You made me horny. You made me wet."

"I am so sorry, I didn't—"

"What? You did not mean to get an erection?"

She looked down at my cock again pushing against the thin cotton of my boxers. She reached out and touched the head of my cock through my boxers with her fingers. I thought that I was going to explode. I thought that I was going to die. This cannot be happening but it was, it really was.

"Step closer." She looked up at me with those big blue eyes. "I want to see what you have there."

She wrapped her hand around my cock through my boxers and pulled me forward by my prick. I did not know what else to do so I followed her lead and stepped forward.

She looked up at me, again, before looking down at my protruding dick. She stuck her hand in the fly opening and pulled me out. The feel of her warm hand around my hard cock felt like nothing I have ever experienced. She started stroking me while looking up at me and staring in my eyes.

"Do you like the feel of my hand on your cock?"


She rubbed my prick on her cheek and across her lips. She kissed it and gave it a small lick.

"Is this what you want?"


"Does it feel good to have me stroke your cock?" She slowly stroked my cock with a tight hand.


"Do you like it when I kiss your cock?" She showered it with kisses.


"Do you like it when I lick your cock?" She flicked her tongue around the head of my cock licking off my precum.


"Would you like me to put it in my mouth?" She said slowly stroking me, looking up at me, and then looking back down at my cock.

"Oh, God, yes."

"You want me to blow you?" She said kissing my prick and running it across her lips while flicking out her tongue and licking it.


"I will suck you off if..."

"If what? Anything, I'll do anything."

"...If you promise to cum in my mouth?"

"Oh, God, yes, I promise, definitely, you have my word."

She leaned forward as I took another step forward. The feeling of her warm, wet mouth around my stiff, hard cock felt wonderful. With her hand caressing my balls, she took me all the way in her mouth and down her throat. Never have I received such a blow job as this. I played with her hair as she sucked my cock. She was so beautiful and her hair was so soft. Then, I reached one hand down and cupped her tit before reaching my other hand down to cup her other tit. Her tits were so wonderfully firm. I hardened even more once I started fingering her nipples. They were both erect. It excited her to blow me and she was getting turned on by my caressing her tits and fingering her nipples. Now, she was really sucking my cock. She was making those suction noises with her mouth and her head was moving back and forth at a steady and regular pace.


I exploded such a violent load of cum that it hurt my pee hole. Yet, it felt so good and I continued to cum in her mouth. She took all that I had to offer and swallowed it.

She pulled me from her mouth but before letting me go, she licked me clean.

"There," she said. "I could tell that you enjoyed that."

"Yes," I said breathless. "How could you tell?" She licked a drop off cum off her lips with her tongue and laughed.

"Oh, I could tell."

I leaned down and kissed her. The feel of her lips, the touch of her tongue, and the taste and smell of me in her mouth was all such a huge turn on that I started getting another erection. We made out. She made me feel young, again. Not that I was old but I was old enough to be her father and old enough to know better than to mess around with my daughter's friend. Still, I could not say no. No one could say no to her. She was so gorgeous. Besides, she was the one who knew that I was watching. She was the one who did not turn off the light. She was the one who exposed her perfect body to me. She was the one who reached out to touch my cock and pulled me forward to take me in her mouth.

All of this was going through my mind as we kissed and kissed and kissed. She pulled away, suddenly.

"Now, what can you do for me?"

She looked up at me with a sexy smile. She was so damn beautiful.

She spread her legs, allowing one of her legs to fall from the couch. She reached down and started fingering herself. Never have I seen a woman masturbate before. She fingered her nipple with her other hand. Then, she closed her eyes as her finger went at herself deeper and at more of a frenzied pace. She came within seconds.

She looked up at me, again. Man, she was so pretty.

"Eat me."

I looked towards my daughter's room, afraid that she may awaken.

She pulled me down and toward her by my arm.

"Eat me. I want to feel your mouth on my pussy and your tongue on my clit. I want to feel your fingers inside of me. Eat me, please. Eat me before we fuck. I need to cum again before I fuck you like you have never been fucked before."

I needed no other convincing than the promise of a fuck of a lifetime with her. I assumed a comfortable position between her legs. My cock was quickly hard again as it rubbed against the couch while eating her. She was delicious. She had no unpleasant odor or taste. I finger fucked her as I ate her. She was so tight. I sucked her clit while reaching up with my other hand to finger her nipple. I had her squirming and screaming. I mean, she was really screaming.

"Dad! Dad!"

Startled, I stopped stroking myself when I heard my daughter banging at my closed bedroom door.

"Dad! We are leaving now. Maureen is taking me out for my birthday. We won't be home until late. Don't worry. We are taking a taxi there and home. Oh, and is it okay if Maureen sleeps over?"

"Sure, yeah, no problem, I'll make up the couch."

It all seemed so surreal, yet so real. It was a dream. I had jerked myself off while dreaming of eating Maureen. What the Hell is wrong with me?

Then, I thought, maybe, I'm psychic. What if when they come home this happens exactly as I dreamt it?

I was sleepy after jerking off and fell back to sleep. I woke up an hour later and showered and shaved. I had something to eat, watched television, and went to bed around 11:00pm. I heard the key in the front door and looked at my watch. It was 3am.

"Shh," I heard my daughter say in a strained whisper, "you'll wake up my Dad." They giggled and laughed, as they crashed into furniture.

I waited until I heard my daughter go in her room. I heard her bedsprings and knew that she was passed out drunk. I got up and closed her door. I stood in the darkened hall looking at the reflection of Maureen in the living room through the hall mirror. She was undressing.

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