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Daddies Little Girl


I was the happy father of a small family, just the one daughter and my wife. I had a good job, a reasonable income and the mortgage was almost paid off, then luck took a turn for the worse.

My firm had a bad year and several redundancies were forecast. I felt reasonably safe as my department was the most successful in the entire company, but the hand of fate was against me. I had my redundancy notice in my hand and my world came crashing down around me.

Jane, my wife and I, sat and talked for hours. How could we stay in this wonderful bungalow we had loved as our home ever since our marriage some twenty years ago? The redundancy payment would take care of most of the outstanding mortgage but not all of it, and how would we survive after that was gone?

Unemployment in our town was rife and the chance of getting another job was very, very slim. Jane had a part time job and decided to ask if it could become full time, but her salary was less than half of mine.

There was no other choice, so she got a full time job. She enjoyed it and it brought in enough money to survive. The hardest thing was the cuckolding effect it had on me. I was no longer the bread winner and reduced to house husband. My appreciation of women went up a long way after a few months of cleaning, ironing and vacuuming. These were not very interesting jobs to start with, but the monotony of doing them over and over was mind numbing.

Our teenage daughter, Angie, didn't help, with her cute remarks, such as "Have you dusted yet, daddy?" With that cheeky grin in her eyes, she thought it was funny: her big strong daddy doing the housework.

She was a pretty little thing, at the age where their bodies outgrow their minds. Her 18th birthday just over, she could pass for anything from sixteen to twenty five. Her figure was as near perfect as it could be, a very pretty face and a pair of wonderful titties; not to mention her legs.

Oh my god! Did her legs ever ever stop? In her bikini, sunbathing in the garden, even I had to tear my eyes away from her body. From her toes to her red hair she was the perfection of womanhood. If only she wasn't my daughter!

Angie had boyfriends coming out of her ears - a different boy most days. She was obviously very popular at college and it was quite obvious why; any boy would be so proud to have her on his arm as he walked around town.

I started to wonder if she was sexually active. She seemed so sure of herself and so grown up, that it was probably a fact of life those boys got more than the pride of being seen out with her. I couldn't help wonder what she got up to on her many dates.

Monday morning came and the washing was to be done. Jane and Angie were off for the day, leaving me to do the chores. I emptied the big linen basket in the bathroom, collected the stuff from our room and went into Angie's room to collect her dirty washing. I picked up her clothes from the floor.

She was a typical teenager who thought that parents were there to be her personal slaves. Why I looked at her panties I will never know; it had never happened before but there was a stain - so obviously spunk - right in the crotch. She had been fucking the previous night and here was the irrefutable proof. I looked for a while and then lifted them to my nose.

I had never even thought of sniffing her panties before, I grew out of that in my teens. Yes, I sniffed a few of my sisters panties and even a few of mums as well, but soon grew out of that disgusting habit.

As soon as the strong, slightly acid smell invaded my nose, my cock responded instantly. It lifted in my trousers, getting harder by the second. Why on earth did her dirty panties affect me like this? Was it the fact that she had been fucked last night by some very lucky young man, or was it a regression to my teens when anything of any sexual interest made me randy as hell?

The smell was working so well that my cock ached from the hardness of the best boner I'd had for years. I released it from the confines of my clothes and it sprang up like a rod of iron.

I turned to her dressing table to look in Angie's mirror. Oh god! It looked wonderful, I've always been justifiably proud of my cock, long and straight and plenty thick enough; but today it looked magnificent, so hard my foreskin had pulled back exposing my hot wet knob, all shining and slippery.

If only my wife were still at home, she would have enjoyed this big hard cock and so would I. I could imagine feeling it reaming deep inside her still very sexy body, and hear her moans of delight as it found that special place deep in her cunt.

But I was alone, and I would be for the next eight hours or so. What to do?

It had been a long time since I had wanked. On the odd occasion my wife wasn't in the mood she would do it for me, either wank or suck me off. I felt my length and decided something had to be done, and as I was the only one here it was down to me to do whatever it took to relieve this huge magnificent erection.

I stroked its length, pulling my foreskin right back, holding my daughter's panties to my nose and breathing in the perfume of her debauchery, mixed with the strange smell of pee and her own secretions it was a heady mix of sexual pleasures.

It only took a few strokes to bring me off. It was a shock; I can't remember coming so quickly for many years. Perhaps as a teenager I might have had what was almost a premature ejaculation. I tried to pull my foreskin up to hold the flood of cum pouring from my cock, but I was so hard my foreskin wouldn't cover the end.

I held Angie's panties and filled them with my spunk. It felt incestuous, wicked to cum in my daughter's panties, her best pretty little pink ones she only wore for going out on date. I should have known what she was doing, shouldn't I?

I got on with the housework, but the thought of her panties now in the machine being purged of my incestuous actions and her sex last night as well, my cock didn't subside completely. It was a semi all day, despite spending half an hour on our bed wanking off again.

It wasn't quick this time. I made it last long and satisfying, hoping it would prevent it from showing when my girls came home. How could I look Angie in the eye knowing I had cum in her knickers, especially with a half hard on? I put a pair of tight pants on hoping it would cover my embarrassment and stop it from showing. It worked to some extent but I had never been so big, so fat, so excited, for many a long year.

Dinner over, washing up done, Angie was off on another date. She wouldn't be wearing those pretty little panties tonight as they were still in the dryer.

I wondered what she would wear instead. She had quite a lot of panties; some for work, some for the wrong week, some for going out and then a few pairs that were exclusively for going on dates. The prettiest and sexiest ones were mostly a little triangle of lace held together with a ribbon so thin it looked as if it might break. This served not to hide but more to enhance its contents.

All evening I sat and wondered what she was doing. Was she in some guy's bed or in the back of his car? She wouldn't do it outside in the open would she? Jane and I did when we were courting if there was nowhere else to go; we had risked it many times and been caught a few times as well. That had given both of us a big thrill. I wondered if Angie took after us.

We went to bed, Angie still out somewhere with her date. Was he fucking her pretty little ass off right now? I turned to my wife and stroked her belly. She was naked, so sexy and we soon got at it, fucking like mad things. She even complimented me on my performance, saying I was really turned on tonight.

"What got you so randy, sweetheart?" I didn't tell her, as you might imagine. Can you imagine her response to "Oh I shot my load in Angie's panties today and sniffed her dirty panties before I washed them?" She wouldn't have been terrible impressed would she?

I eventually drifted off to sleep dreaming about Angie and her smelly panties, wondering if they would show the signs of her naughtiness again the following day.

I think I heard the door go at about midnight but not sure if it was real or just part of my dream. Breakfast was on the table as usual for my girls, then quick kisses and off they went leaving me to my own devices again. I thought about the dirty washing but didn't usually wash on consecutive days, leaving it for two days to make a full machine. Even the cost of a load of washing had to be considered now, but that didn't stop me having a look and perhaps a sniff,

I hated myself for invading my daughters privacy, but couldn't stop from going into her room. There on the floor was her last night's panties, a small red pair all crumpled and damp. I scooped them up and held them to my nose, the strong aroma of sex filling my head, making my cock respond exactly as it did yesterday, achingly big and oh so stiff, I looked and yes there was the evidence of her wickedness. She had spunk stains in her panties again and I wondered if she realised just how obvious it was to her father that she had been fucking her date last night. Did she care that I held the evidence in my hand and pressed it to my nose as my cock throbbed with pure lust?

Day after day passed. Only on the odd occasion did her panties tell of a night without full sex; five or six times a week and she didn't have a regular boyfriend. Was she getting a bad reputation as a slut? She was certainly putting it about; maybe a different boy every night and having sex with him on their first date. The lucky young devils! She was a stunner and obviously as hot as hell. It didn't come any better did it?

I wondered on the nights she didn't get her panties in a mess, did she suck those guys instead? Her mother loves to suck cock; did her daughter take after her? I wondered all the time, my cock throbbing and actually hurting from so long, and so hard an erection.

I wondered if she was being careful of getting pregnant and I investigated her bedside drawers, something I had never even thought of before. But here I was going through her private things, trying to find the pills she ought to be taking if she was having unprotected sex five or six times a week. At last, there they were; a part used packet of birth control pills. Thank god she was at least being careful about something.

I looked at her toys: a big dildo all red and lumpy; wasn't that one I bought for her mother? Were they swapping toys?

I compared her toys with her mother's. They were obviously swapping some of Jane's toys in Angie's bedroom and some strange toys in Jane's bedside cabinet. Jane never bought toys; it was always my responsibility to keep her up to date with new and sexy toys from simple dildos to electrosex machines, and all the gadgets that attached to them.

We were adventurous and always looking for new thrills but I hadn't bought her anything new for a while. It didn't seem right as she was earning all the money now and my job applications were all falling on deaf ears, or blind eyes. Not one reply in months. Was I destined to be a house husband for the rest of my life, with two sexy women bringing in the bread?

Angie did her share. She had a good job and insisted on paying her way. It was very well accepted in our impoverished household.

One Saturday we went out for the day, leaving Angie at home. We went into town to do some shopping; it didn't take all that long on our limited budget. Then we bumped into some of Jane's workmates. They soon got the idea of a day out drinking, not shopping. Five women with just me wasn't very appealing, I excused myself and went home.

I opened the front door I was just about to shout "I'm home" when I heard the unmistakable sound of a girl in the throes of sexual pleasure. I carefully closed the door. As we live in a bungalow I listened for a while, then crept forward as quietly as possible. The hall was carpeted so I was virtually silent, any noise I might have made being covered by the constant moaning from Angie's bedroom.

Her door was partly open but I daren't peek around the door, my head would be in her line of vision if she was the right way up in her bed. The hinge side had a gap of about quarter of an inch. I looked through the gap it was just big enough to see most of her bedroom; she was laying on her bed her legs wide open, her flaming red pubes so obvious.

She had the cutest red hair, her boyfriend was between her legs, dipping his head into her crotch, obviously licking her pussy - probably her clitty if the noise she was making had anything to do with it.

Her cries of "Oh yes, more, do it harder," and then that whimper of pure satisfaction as her boy did as she asked. His hands were massaging her tits; they looked so good, perfect, not the slightest droop.

She was so young and so sexy the lucky young sod didn't know how lucky he was. She became more verbal as he worked on her clitty; she moaned and writhed on her bed in pre-orgasmic delight, then she screamed out loud as he took her over the top. Her cute young body lifted off the bed as she soared into a heavenly climax, pure lust, unadulterated lust.

She turned him over and sucked his ample cock, taking it deep in her mouth. Oh my god she really was her mother's daughter; she deep throated him as well as her mother did me, taking him in to his balls.

It was his turn to moan and writhe on her bed. She was giving him the best head any woman could ever give. It was like watching a high class porn film, except it was my little girl in there, he didn't stand a chance. I felt for him; she was going to make him cum so quickly his head would spin.

I would have loved to be in his place, yes, even if she was my daughter she was a mirror image of her mother twenty years ago. It was like watching us before Angie was born.

He soon came. I wondered how or what I should do, slip out quietly and come back in or just sit in the lounge and brazen it out. I needn't have worried just yet, his cock was still at full strength. He flipped her over and drove his cock up her. She cried out in ecstasy as he filled her with his, as I said, ample cock. He was a lucky boy in many ways he was well endowed and had a very pretty girl under him. She was as hot as any woman could ever be, how lucky can you get?

I watched as he fucked her; long strong strokes, just the way a girl likes it. She was crying out his name, begging him for more, she was almost delirious, obviously coming continuously on his big cock. He kept up his long strokes, driving her ever higher.

She begged him to cum inside her. "Fill me with your hot sexy spunk please."

What a thing to hear as you're fucking a pretty young girl. He eventual stiffened after about half an hour of continuous fucking. He was good; bloody good. He made me a little jealous to be honest, he had been sucked off immediately before but even so he was so bloody good and he shot his come into her, to her wonderful praise, telling him he was a fantastic lover. Why hadn't he fucked her before? Where had he been all her life? That, and other such wonderful things, are music to a man's ears.

I decided it was time to beat a hasty retreat and went out closing the door quietly behind me, then opening it loudly and shouting my arrival. She would have plenty of time to tidy up and make herself presentable before she greeted me, and introduce her latest conquest to her dad.


More perhaps later if you really like this story.

My sincere thanks to grumpyg for editing my story.

I love feedback and hope to hear from my readers real soon.

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