tagNonConsent/ReluctanceDaddy and Babygirl and More

Daddy and Babygirl and More


*all participants are consensual adults over the age of 18. this is a story. a fantasy. do not continue reading if you can't distinguish fact and fiction*


...things were certainly going pretty well for Daddy and babygirl. They bought themselves a really nice house outside of New York City and had spent a lot of time renovating it to meet their needs. A nice 3-story place located in a quiet area. Well, as quiet as you can get for being in New York. It had 6 bedrooms, 4 of which were currently being occupied...

Babygirl had met some really nice friends over the last year and they had gotten quite close. There were 3 girls in particular that she had taken a special liking to. Over the course of a few months they had all became such good friends and babygirl met with them each individually to propose an offer she didn't think they would refuse.

"I want you to come live with Daddy and me. We've got the extra rooms in our house, so you'll have your own place. You will be well taken care of, I assure you. There will of course be rules and responsibilities that you will have to take on. The most important of all, is that you will be assisting me in pleasing Daddy." Babygirl went on to explain some of the specifics of how their new lives would be and each girl, as she had suspected, agreed to take on the role that they were assigned.

Daddy was quite pleased to hear the news that night. They got the rooms all ready for the girls and moved them in that weekend. They installed locks on the doors that could only be unlocked from the outside, and only Daddy and babygirl had access to those keys. The house was set up quite nicely and the bedrooms each had a small private bathroom. There was no reason for the girls to need to leave their areas. Babygirl did all their cooking and errands for them, while she was taking care of things for Daddy. Their bedrooms were located in the bottom story of the house, which also had a rather large open room in it. They had everything they could want - tv, computer, fitness equipment, gaming systems ... anything they wanted, she tried to make sure they had. After all, keeping them happy and available for Daddy to use was her main focus.

One night babygirl was upstairs preparing supper for Daddy. She took dinner downstairs to the girls and then made her way back to the kitchen just in time to see Daddy pull in the driveway. She served him his dinner and they watched some tv while he relaxed. When he was finished, babygirl took everything back in to the kitchen and cleaned up. When she returned to Daddy he asked her "what's for dessert?"

"Whatever you would like Daddy" she smiled.

"Tonight, I believe I will have the redhead for a treat. Go get her and have her ready for me in 10 minutes."

"Yes Daddy."

Babygirl went downstairs and unlocked Tracey's door. She was laying on her bed reading a book.

"You are needed tonight, lets go" Babygirl took her hand and led her upstairs to the master bedroom. She helped her to the middle of the bed and grabbed four ties to secure her. Tracey was lying on her back and babygirl was kneeling beside the bed when Daddy came in the room. Babygirl quickly crawled to him and greeted him with a kiss on his cock, then she crawled behind him and placed another kiss on his ass, she crawled back in front of him and placed one more kiss on his cock, then kneeled before him and waited.

"Good girl."

"Thank you Daddy."

"For what?"

"For the opportunity to offer you this girl and myself to use for your pleasure this evening Daddy."

"Your welcome babygirl," Daddy grinned. "How about you start by getting Daddy ready to take his pleasure."

"Yes Daddy, i would love to." Babygirl stuck out her tongue and licked Daddy's cock from his balls to the tip of his cock, trying to get him nice and wet. She slipped her mouth over his cock and rubbed her tongue on the underside of his dick. His cock sliding further into her mouth. Daddy grabbed ahold of her head and pushed her down until his dick was throbbing in her throat. He could feel her throat tensing around him and he grabbed her by the hair and pulled her off of him, slapping the side of her face with his hardening cock. He leaned over slightly and spit in her waiting mouth before thrusting himself back in until her nose was touching his stomach. He could feel her throat gagging around him once more but he held her tight for a moment longer. When he finally let go of her she had tears in her eyes and her make-up was starting to run down her cheeks. That is what a slut's face should look like, he thought to himself.

Daddy grabbed a fistful of hair and led her over to the bed where Tracey was waiting. She climbed up on the bed and kneeled beside her. Babygirl slid her finger over Tracey's pussy, noting how wet she was getting. She slid one finger inside her pussy while she rubbed her clit with her thumb.

"She's ready for you Daddy." Daddy kneeled between Tracey's legs and babygirl helped guide his cock to Tracey's waiting hole. He wasted no time in taking her, and slammed his cock into her pussy so hard it took her breath away. Daddy started pounding into Tracey's tight pussy and within moments she was already moaning and whimpering. Daddy put his hand on the back of babygirl's head and pushed her towards his ass. She crawled over behind him and turned her head sideways so that she could lick Daddy's asshole while he was fucking Tracey. Over and over again he slammed into her pussy, babygirl could see how swollen and red her lips were getting. She could hear the slapping sounds as Daddy's body hit hers. Tracey started begging Daddy to slow down so babygirl got up and grabbed the pair of panties that was laying on the floor and shoved them in her mouth. Babygirl crawled back over to her spot behind Daddy and continued pleasuring his ass and balls with her tongue.

The muffled moans and pleads combined with babygirl's tongue on him were making him crazy. "Get her on her knees slut," he said to babygirl.

Babygirl quickly got up and undid the ties around Tracey's ankles. She helped her turn over and pushed her up so that she was on her knees with her face flat against the bed. She tied her legs back to the bed so she couldn't move away from Daddy. Babygirl was pretty sure she knew what Daddy was going to do, and if she was right - Tracey was definitely going to be trying to get away.

Daddy took ahold of babygirl's hair and pulled her up so she was kneeling beside Tracey. He pushed her face down to Tracey's ass and babygirl spit on her and rubbed it around. She guided Daddy's cock to Tracey's tight little hole and watched as he pushed the head in. Tracey was really trying to squirm now and the muffled moans were getting louder. Babygirl slapped her once really hard on her ass cheek. She slid her hand under Tracey and started playing with her pussy. Rubbing her finger quickly across her clit, then sliding two fingers into her abused pussy. Tracey's body started to involuntarily push back against her fingers. When she did that, Daddy thrust himself deeper into her ass. He laid babygirl's head down on Tracey's ass and she watched Daddy's cock pound in and out of her little hole.

"Keep your mouth open," Daddy said. Babygirl laid with her head down and her mouth open. Daddy would pull his cock from Tracey's tight ass and slip it into babygirl's waiting mouth. Then he'd pull it from her mouth and slam back in to her ass. Babygirl kept her mouth open for Daddy after that.

Daddy's pace started getting quicker and harder, Tracey's body was bouncing forward with each of his thrusts. Daddy slid his hand to babygirl's head and twisted his fingers in her hair, making sure her head stayed where it was. He pulled himself from her ass just in time for his cum to land in babygirl's mouth. She wrapped her lips around the head of his cock as the cum pooled in her cheek. After a few moments Daddy took his other hand and lifted Tracey's head up by her hair. He pulled babygirl over to her and pushed her head down. Babygirl pulled out the panties, then opened her mouth just a little and let the cum spill on to Tracey's cheek where it continued to slide down across her lips. Tracey's mouth opened and Daddy's cum dripped in to her mouth.

Babygirl kissed Tracey gently and then undid the ties on her wrists and ankles. Daddy laid in the middle of the bed and Tracey and babygirl each laid on one side of him. Kissing once more while Daddy watched them, before laying their heads down together on Daddy. He stroked their hair while their hands roamed over his chest.

"That was a very good dessert! Such good girls" Daddy said.

"Thank you Daddy, for using me" the girls said almost simultaneously. They looked at each other and giggled.

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