tagBDSMDaddy and Babygirl Ch. 11

Daddy and Babygirl Ch. 11


*the individuals portrayed in this story are over the age of 18. This is a BDSM relationship, if that offends you - don't read. Thanks to all my loyal readers and for all the great feedback!*

Daddy and Babygirl Ch. 11

Daddy was sitting at the computer doing some work when Babygirl came home from the store. She had gone out with a girlfriend to see a movie and grab some lunch so that Daddy could have the quiet house to concentrate on his work. Babygirl and her friend stopped by the mall after lunch and did a little bit of shopping. Babygirl decided that she would surprise Daddy with something sexy to wear that night.

Babygirl came in the door and noticed Daddy was still at the computer so she quickly walked to the bedroom to get ready. She ran the hot water in the tub and undressed quickly, throwing her hair up into a clip. She dipped her right foot into the water to test it and adjusted the temperature. When the tub had filled up she stepped in and sat down to unwind. She had a candle burning on the counter and some soft music playing in the background. She was getting excited thinking about showing Daddy her newest purchase!

After Babygirl relaxed for a few minutes she grabbed her razor and shaving cream and gave her legs a quick shave. When she was finished she let the water out of the tub and removed the clip from her hair. Turning the shower head she finished up with washing her hair and using her vanilla scented body wash. Babygirl grabbed the razor and shaving cream again and gave her pussy a quick shave too. She didn't have too much to do since she kept up with it frequently. Shaving the top of her pussy, the lips next and last around her tight little asshole. Using the warm water to wash away the remaing shaving cream she used her hands to check for any stray hairs. Satisfied with the job she turned the water off and stepped out of the shower and dried off. Babygirl lathered her legs, then her arms, then her breasts, and lastly her pussy with some baby oil.

Spending just a few minutes in the mirror to brush out her hair and apply just a tiny bit of make-up and a small splash of perfume, Babygirl was now ready to move back to her room and put on her new clothes. She grabbed the bag from the bed and pulled on her new items, gave herself one last check in the mirror and then made her way back to the office to find Daddy.

Approaching the doorway of the office Babygirl dropped down to her knees and crawled into the office until she was beside Daddy. She leaned in as best she could to place a kiss on his ass, then crawled between his legs and placed a kiss upon his cock. Babygirl patiently kneeled by Daddy's feet and waited for him to come to a stopping point on his work.

"Hello Babygirl, did you have fun this afternoon?" Daddy asked.

"Yes Daddy, lots of fun! Though I am more excited to be back home with you" Babygirl winked at him.

Daddy looked down at Babygirl and her new cami that she was wearing. It was a see-through black mesh material with hearts on it, and he could tell that underneath she was wearing a matching thong! Daddy certainly enjoyed the site of this and Babygirl noticed his cock twitch in his pants, causing her to smile and blush as she looked down at the floor.

"It appears to me that my Babygirl seems to be a little on the horny side" Daddy chuckles.

"Whatever gave you that idea Daddy?" Babygirl coyly asked.

"Well, the sexy cami, the matching thong, the smell of perfume, freshly shaved legs I notice, and the most revealing would be that look I see in your eyes," Daddy pointed out.

Babygirl knew that no matter what she could never hide the look she got when she desired to please her Daddy so badly. She always wanted to please him, she always wanted him to be happy, but there were those times when she could think of nothing else except kneeling spread on the floor and begging Daddy to use her. Tonight happened to be one of those times!

"I can't deny it Daddy, it is true. I want to please you Daddy. I want you to take me and use me for your pleasure. Soft, hard, fast, slow, rough, gentle ... anything Daddy. I just want to be in my place, serving you, pleasuring you Daddy. Please take me Daddy." Babygirl pleaded with Daddy.

"Daddy has work to do right now Babygirl. You need to sit here quietly until I am done. Maybe, just maybe, after that I will consider taking your body and thoroughly fucking you," Daddy teased. He knew it would be difficult for her, given the state of arousal she was in, to sit still and quiet for very long. It was a good lesson for her though, and one that he intended on using tonight!

Babygirl sat beside Daddy's chair for what seemed like an hour, though it had probably only been 5 minutes. She started to get ancy. Thoughts of Daddy fucking her any way he so chose to was really starting to get to her! Within a few more minutes Babygirl start to squirm on her knees, trying to get comfortable and trying to ignore that growing throb she was feeling between her legs.

"Daddy..." Babygirl started to speak but just as she did Daddy's hand came straight across her cheek. Babygirl gasped at the instant sting she felt. "But Daddy ..." before she could get another word out that sting was back on her cheek as Daddy's hand connected with it once more.

Just as Daddy's hand had hit her cheek for the second time, it hit her that she was told to sit still and quiet until Daddy was done. She looked up at Daddy to see that he was not looking at her any longer but back at the computer instead. She dropped her head and looked at the floor, willing herself to sit as quiet and still until Daddy decided that he was ready. She didn't want things to go badly, afterall - this was supposed to be about pleasuring Daddy. It wasn't about her own selfish desire to be fucked by him.

Several minutes later she felt Daddy move the chair beside him. He scooted back away from the desk and motioned for Babygirl to move in front of him. Babygirl stiffly sat up on her legs and crawled over to kneel in front of Daddy. It took all of her strength not to open Daddy's pants and just start worshipping that amazing cock that she knew was in there.

"Unzip me." Daddy stated matter-of-factly.

"Yes Daddy" Babygirl responds. She reaches her hands up and unbuttons Daddy's jeans and pulls the zipper down. When Babygirl reaches to pull her boxers away from his body Daddy slaps her hand and she stops to look up at him.

"Did Daddy say anything about trying to remove those?" Daddy questioned her.

"No Daddy."

"I didn't think so." Daddy lifts Babygirl up by her hair so that she is kneeling up on her knees. He leans in to her and kisses her forehead, then he kisses the tip of her nose, and then he kisses her lips. Daddy parts her lips with his tongue and invades her mouth. He pulls away and tells Babygirl "finish now".

Babygirl pulls off his shirt and tosses it to the side. She kisses Daddy's chin, then his neck, then his chest, and trails her kisses all the way down his stomach to the top of his boxers. She uses her hands to pull his jeans and boxers off as he lifts his ass up in the chair. Babygirl pulls them off his feet along with his socks and shoes and tosses them to the side of the desk with the shirt.

Babygirl takes Daddy's cock into her hands and strokes him. Slowly licking the length of his shaft and taking the head into her mouth. Daddy pushes the back of her head down so that she is forced to take more into her mouth. She pulls back slightly as she starts to gag.

"Oh no you don't Babygirl, you know better than that! Suck it!" Daddy demands as he forces her head back down onto his growing cock. With his cock buried in her wet, warm mouth Daddy leans into the computer and pulls up some of his favorite porn. He grabs her by the hair and pulls her up, spinning her around and forcing her over the desk. He turns the computer screen so that she can see the girl who is getting forcefully fucked by the guy behind her as she begs for more. Babygirl can feel her pussy dripping now!

"You like that baby? Does that turn you on? You want Daddy to fuck you like that? Do you want to be a good girl for Daddy?" Daddy leans in and whispers in her ear.

"Daddy please, please take me Daddy" Babygirl begs as she pushes her ass back towards Daddy. He grabs the side of her panties and rips them off.

Daddy growls in her ear just as he shoves the entire length of his cock into her tight, dripping pussy. "Just remember my slut, you begged for this!" With that Daddy starts pounding her pussy hard and fast. She grabs ahold of the desk with both hands clenched tightly around it.

Watching the computer screen just makes Babygirl hornier and she pushes herself back onto Daddy's big cock as he forces himself deeper into her. Babygirl is screaming like the girl on the computer screen. Begging Daddy to fuck her and use her. "Fuck me Daddy, use me. Use my body for your pleasure Daddy. Hurt me, rape me Daddy! Please!" Babygirl begs him.

"Open your mouth slut!" Daddy spits on the side of her face and it slowly slides down across her cheek and to her lips. She uses her tongue to lick at it. Daddy slaps her ass hard, leaving a bright red handprint on her right ass cheek.

"Ouch Daddy!" Babygirl whines.

Daddy slaps her ass again hard. "Shut up bitch, you asked for this!" Daddy growls at her. Daddy fucks her as hard and fast as he can. Leaving his fingerprints in her skin as he grabs her hips tightly.

Daddy slows down as he grabs a handful of her hair and turns her head to look at him. "Open your mouth." Daddy spits straight in Babygirls mouth and at the same time pulls his cock from her pussy and pushes against her tight, little asshole. He watches Babygirl's eyes go from glazed over with lust to wide open and frightened! There is nothing quite like the sight of watching her eyes change when she realizes what is about to happen to her.

Daddy leans back and spits down onto her ass and it slowly slides down her crack, resting on top of Daddy's cock. He uses his dick to swirl it around her ass and spits one more time, making it nice and wet. He tightens his grip in her and pushes her head down hard onto the desk as he forces his cock into her ass. Babygirl tries to lift her head but she is no match for Daddy's strength, and he holds her down tightly. She prances from one foot to the other at the intrusion and sting she feels. Daddy gives her ass one hard slap "knock it off".

Daddy lets go of her hair when the head of his dick pops into her ass. He places his hands on her hips and she sturdies herself on the desk, trying to relax her ass for what she knows is coming next.

"Beg for it" Daddy says.

Babygirl shakes her head no.

"Beg for it" Daddy demands.

"Please Daddy, fuck my ass. Please use what is yours to pleasure yourself Daddy." Babygirl slowly slides her hands back towards her ass and pulls herself open for Daddy. Daddy moves his hands to grab ahold of her arms, gripping them tightly.

"As you wish babygirl..." and with that Daddy forces his cock up into her tight ass with one hard shove. Babygirl lets out a loud yelp as her head flies back. Daddy wastes no time in taking his pleasure from her now tender ass. He starts thrusting his shaft roughly into her. Holding her arms back as leverage. He kicks her feet apart a little further and she leans into the desk for balance.

"Ohhh good girl baby, good girl. You want Daddy to cum baby? Here it comes" Daddy starts groaning loudly and she can feel his cock swell up in her sore ass. He pulls out and shoots his cum all over the back of her ass, some of it dripping down her legs.

"Thank you Daddy for using me for your pleasure" Babygirl winks at him.

"Go get cleaned up, and come back here." Daddy says.

She goes back to the bathroom and cleans herself up and freshens up a bit. Babygirl grabs a beer from the fridge for Daddy and goes back to find him in the living room flipping through the channels for a movie. She hands Daddy his beer and he gives her a kiss "good girl." She goes to sit down on the couch beside him, but decides it would feel better for her ass to lay next to him instead. She lays her head on his leg and he strokes her hair as they watch a movie.

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